The Absolute Best PlayStation Portable Real Time Strategy Games of All Time

PlayStation Portable RTS games

The Absolute Best PlayStation Portable Real Time Strategy Games of All Time

Plenty of real-time strategy games have come out over the years, but some have stood out above other titles in this genre. So, if you’re looking for a great PlayStation Portable RTS game that captures your imagination and lets you experience what it’s like to command an army on the battlefield, then this article is for you. In this article, we have assembled a list of the best real-time strategy titles released on the PlayStation Portable.

What is A Real-Time Strategy Game?

A real-time strategy game (RTS) is a genre of video game in which players must manage resources to build and defend bases. In most RTS games, players spend resources to build units, construct buildings, and research technology. The goal of many RTS games is to destroy the opponent’s base while defending one’s own. The resource management aspect of RTS games can take many different forms; some games emphasize building new units while others focus on resource collection. Many RTS games also feature multiplayer modes that allow two or more players to take control of individual characters.

To be classified as an RTS game, a title must fit several criteria: 

  • The player must spend resources to build or upgrade units and buildings 
  • The player must attack or defend against an opponent in real-time
  • The player must manage resources between units and buildings
  • The player must win or lose within a set time limit
  • The player can select from different playable characters with unique abilities

Here is a list of the 10 absolute best PlayStation Portable RTS games of all time.

#10. Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

PlayStation Portable RTS games
Dynasty Warriors has many famous eastern dynasty characters.

In 2009, Koei released Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, a game created by Omega Force. It is based on the Dynasty Warriors video game franchise. It is a hack-and-slash game with many famous eastern dynasty characters, including the renowned warlord Liu Bei who established the great state of Shu Han and became its first king.

This game comes with new features such as Awakenings which significantly alters the character’s look. Players can also equip weapons and accessories, as well as orbs and chi, to change their stats. Orbs boost a weapon’s attack power, range, and other stats, whereas Chi items grant special skills like extra jumps, stronger attacks, and even floating.

In the online multiplayer mode of Dynasty Warriors, you may team up with up to three other players, participate in raids, or even compete against one another. However, players must prepare by resting in a modest fantasy hub equipped with an academy, workshop, blacksmith, storeroom, and shrine before taking part in any task.

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Sony PSP
  • Three powerful stories based on each of the Three Kingdoms from the "Dynasty Warriors" universe.
  • Franchise-transforming 2-4 person multiplayer support via PSP ad-hoc connection, as well as engaging single player campaign.
  • Epic quests featuring the conquest of heavily armed fortresses, infiltration of enemy strongholds and more.
  • Incredible customization of characters and modification of weapons via 'Mugen' and 'Sengyoku' Items gathered in-game.
  • Take on the new challenge of fighting both in the air and on the ground as enemies make clever use of the terrain and space, and attack from nearly every direction.
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#9. Generation of Chaos

Generation of Chaos is a real-time strategy RPG fantasy video game published by NIS America in 2006. It features kingdoms pitted against one another in a never-ending war as they seek out the Dragon King’s secrets in The Lost Grounds. Dramatic encounters and betrayals are commonplace, as well as intense clashes.

The game’s two main modes are kingdom administration and army combat, which involve the internal operations of the player’s kingdom and its military prowess. If players do not position their commanders properly, a catastrophe could occur; for example, if a crucial commander engages in combat and loses, the game could end. When two units collide on the map, they engage in a real-time battle. Each team consists of a commander and 29 soldiers.

The game has many kingdoms, each showing the player a new scene. Some of the most well-known kingdoms are the Moonlight Militia, where Zankou leads the Ninjas who reside in the secret village of Gekou; The Winged Cavalry, where Fiaz commands the Birdmen who live in the southwest’s mountain ranges; and the Beasts Arcane, where mysterious beasts are ruled by the black wolf Geo.

Generation of Chaos
  • When mortal existence was still in its infancy, the Gods waged a terrible war for their souls
  • Fighting to the death, they created ultimate weapons of Armageddon, the Dragon Kings, whose destructive power caused the extinction of the Gods
  • Now, Dravania has risen from the ashes to restore peace and prosperity to the rest of Lost Grounds
  • Your goal is to collect powerful allies and both protect your kingdom and invade enemy territory
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#8. Jeanne d’Arc

PlayStation Portable RTS games
The game Jeanne d’Arc is based on Joan of Arc’s battles against the English.

Jeanne d'Arc is a strategic role-playing game published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2006. The title’s plot is partially based on Joan of Arc’s battles against the English for control of France at the beginning of the Hundred Years’ War.

The player controls Jeanne and her entourage on a historical map of France as they travel between important cities and terrain. The majority of new places will lead to fights and cutscenes. Cities on the map allow players to shop for better weapons, armor, and skills, while other locations offer skirmish matches.

Each character in the game possesses various skill gems that can be bought, acquired through combat, or created by fusing other gems. These skills can improve the character’s stats and grant them offensive, defensive, or recuperation abilities. Everyone in the group gains experience once the combat is won, and they can go to battle and gather more spoils of war.

Jeanne D'Arc - Sony PSP
  • Command up to 7 characters at a time and embark on a crusade in a 15th century fantasy setting of ogres, dragons and magical powers
  • Explore ransacked villages and battlefields with visuals and cinematics that bring the world to life
  • Tactics style action with unique team-based strategy of attacks and defenses
  • Combine character skills to initiate special moves and generate powerful attacks
  • Control up to seven characters during battle sequences
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#7. Killzone: Liberation 

Killzone: Liberation is a run-and-gun strategy game that Sony Computer Entertainment published in 2006. In this game, large portions of the planet Vekta are still under enemy control, and the sadistic Helghast General Armin Metric, who is working for the Helghast Emperor Scolar Visari, is using harsh tactics to solidify his position further.

The player controls Jan Templar, who has access to the board and controls various vehicles, including a tank, a hovercraft, a jetpack, and heavy machine gun turrets. The player can unlock additional weaponry by doing multiple pickups. Once enough money has been accumulated, the updated V2 weaponry becomes available. Other upgrades include faster movement, infinite ammunition, better health, and even the ability to carry more goods.

This game is action-packed and offers many things for players to accomplish because it contains five chapters and multiple stages where they can defeat the Helghast resistance. In these chapters, Jan Templar is assigned with several high-level covert operations, including the rescue of hostages taken by Metrac and the hunt for the unidentified traitor who is giving Helghan information.

Killzone: Liberation - Sony PSP
  • Unique Third Person Camera - This new intelligent camera system gives the player the best overview capturing all of the intense action, enabling them to make tactical decisions before engaging in a...
  • New and Returning Characters - The player reprises the role of the battle hardened Templar (although other familiar characters appear including Rico) as he attempts to save ISA hostages taken captive...
  • Missions - The fight against the new, sinister General spans over 16 missions in a variety of new environments.
  • Weaponry - Players will be able to utilize a wide range of weaponry including sniper rifles and a crossbow with explosive tipped arrows and more
  • Tactical Command System - At specific points in the game, players will be able to use a new Tactical Command System to give orders to an AI buddy during frantic firefights
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#6. Field Commander

If you want to play as an invincible soldier, try Field Commander. It is a real-time military turn-based tactics game based on a fictional international military alliance. Field Commander was released in 2006 by Sony Online Entertainment.

In the game, the player takes on the criminal empire, Shadow Nation. Players can select a commanding officer to serve as their avatar. In the same grid space, a player can have a plane, a tank on a bridge, a boat beneath the bridge, and a submerged submarine. Additionally, the game includes units with ranged attack capabilities, enabling players to engage enemies from afar. 

Revenue is obtained by capturing buildings from combat works. The game also consists of a map editor that allows players to create and share maps with other users online.

Field Commander - Sony PSP
  • Take to the field and guide your division to victory by outsmarting, outmaneuvering and outgunning your opponents
  • Delve into the game's engrossing story while combating an enemy over 30 unique missions
  • Rule the ground, sea and skies by mastering 15 army divisions at your disposal
  • See each unique setting come alive with 3D graphics, stunning lighting, dynamic visual effects and highly-detailed terrain
  • Match wits with an increasingly clever enemy and survive the day to become triumphant
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#5. Fieldrunners

Fieldrunners is a tower defense video game published by Subatomic Studios in 2008. It involves placing turrets randomly, and the enemies must go around them. The game is exciting because enemies are forced to walk along any path chosen by the player.

This popular PSP game has three modes: classic, extended, and endless. In Classic and Extended modes, the player can only defend for 100 rounds, whereas in Endless mode, the player can defend indefinitely. All types allow players to play in Easy, Medium, or Hard modes.

If you enjoy playing in different environments, Fieldrunners is the game for you. The game has several custom-built maps, including Grasslands, Crossroads, Drylands, and Crystal Caves. Skyway, Frostbite, MudSlide, and LavaFlow maps are available as in-app purchases.

#4. Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign

Set in World War II, Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign recounts General Patton’s effort to overthrow the Nazi regime. It was created in 2010 by Enigma Software Productions and depicted historical battles as seen through the eyes of charismatic military heroes.

The game starts when the command of the U.S. Third Army is entrusted to Patton. The player takes on the role of General George S. Patton and has the chance to alter history by arriving in Berlin before the Soviet troops. The game’s campaign comprises over 35 missions spread across 22 different locales in which the player will experience every warfare scenario in Northern Europe, from the French countryside to the ruins of the city of Berlin. 

This real-time strategy game creates a beautiful atmosphere rich in specifics and visual elements. The maps and the missions’ designs accurately reflect the time of World War 2. Another aspect of the game is the weather, which includes thick fog, rain, and significant snowfalls to give the player the impression that they are on the battlefield.

#3. Worms: Open Warfare 2

PlayStation Portable RTS games
In Worms: Open Warfare 2, different teams of worms are pitted against each other.

Worms: Open Warfare 2 is another excellent strategy video game released by THQ in 2007. The game involves the player taking control of a team of several worms, which is pitted against other teams of worms. The winning team is the one that can kill the worms of the opposing team using various weapons and tools.

Battles take place on randomized, destructible terrain, visually distinguished by themes such as classic deathmatch, fort mode, and a jetpack/rope race mode. In some of the challenges, the player must use their available resources to achieve a specific task, such as getting to an exit or eliminating opponent worms that are difficult to get to. 

Open Warfare 2 has a unique feature that allows players to customize their worms’ hats and color schemes. It also allows players to customize their worms’ victory dances. If you use the level editor, you will be able to create unique race tracks and fortification layouts to add variety to your gaming experience.

There are also training demos available if you are new to the game. The training comprises a set of three missions to acquaint players with the gameplay and control system. Typically, the player has unrestricted access to all weapons during exercise, allowing them to create early-game targets to test their arsenal.

Worms 2 Open Warfare - Sony PSP
  • Turn-based strategy game mayhem
  • Multiplayer play both on console and online in Ad Hoc mode
  • Legendary Worms arsenal plus 11 all new weapons
  • New Puzzle and Campaign modes
  • ESRB Rated E10+ for Everyone Ten and Older
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#2. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

PlayStation Portable RTS games
The game Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together takes place in the island kingdom of Valeria.

The game Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together was created and published by Square Enix. This PlayStation Portable RTS game from 2010 takes place in the island kingdom of Valeria, where three ethnic groups once lived in harmony under the rule of King Dorgulua Oberyth. However, after the monarch’s untimely death without an heir, the tribes started battling it out for the crown.

Tactics Ogre uses a turn-based battle system with zones chosen from an overworld map. The game’s artificial intelligence manages opponent forces while players put their units throughout a grid-based level. The player uses a range of weaponry to move about the battlefield and can employ magic that accumulates through points earned over the battle.

Victory rewards and experience points are gained through winning and can be used to upgrade and unlock abilities, exclusive items, and in-game money. When a town is liberated or captured, the shop is used to create various weapons using materials obtained throughout the missions.

Players in this game can switch between a top-down view with flattened terrain and an overhead diagonal perspective. Additionally, multiplayer is permitted, in which case players can download the teams that each other has made and compete against them in a different arena. However, multiplayer is restricted to participants of the same level to ensure fair competition.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together - Sony PSP
  • Square Enix's Tactics Ogre series takes a major step forward as a lost tale of political intrigue, conquest, and rebellion, set in the Valerian Isles during the age of Xenegidea, is retold.
  • Choose, but choose wisely: The choices you make as you lead the Walister Resistance will dramatically change the fates of both your enemies and comrades
  • Master the nuances of the Non-Alternate Turn System battle engine and unlock the secrets of the Wheel of Fortune ? where time itself bends to your will ? as you lead your forces to victory
  • Hundreds of skills, dozens of complex characters, and a wide variety of job classes fill an epic tale that unfolds before you in a fully 3D game environment and cinematic sequences
  • A multitude of endings determined by side quest completion and player decision-driven plot changes provide nearly endless replay possibilities
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#1. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

PlayStation Portable RTS games
In Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions the neighboring kingdoms of Ordalia and Ivalice are at war.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions has topped our list as one of the most beloved PlayStation Portable RTS games ever made. Developed and published by Square Enix, it is a tactical role-playing game set in the fictional world of the Kingdom of Ivalice. It features a rich gaming experience around a war between the neighboring kingdoms of Ordalia and Ivalice.

The combat of War of the Lions involves party members in Ramza’s current roster of fighters, including swordsmen, archers, magic experts, dragoons, and even dancers. Each soldier is given a certain number of movements that they can use to move around the grid-like board, engage in combat with other fighters, or employ more powerful abilities. The terrain on each map restricts the warriors’ range and mobility.

The game allows players to travel the globe and engage in military recruitment and equipment purchases. Party members can also be dispatched on automatic missions, where they can gain extra money and unique gifts. Furthermore, poaching creatures during battles can also earn you additional rewards. Permadeath is another game feature where a character might lose the ability to ever fight again after taking too much damage, rendering them dead. The game also has a wireless multiplayer option where opposing teams can engage in combat by laying out traps on the battlefield. The team with the most HP remaining in the final round of each match is deemed the winner and is rewarded with a random prize from the treasure chest.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions - Sony PSP
  • Animated sequences combine hand-drawn style visuals with computer graphics
  • Enhanced widescreen presentation, new jobs and new characters
  • Challenge friends in head-to-head battles with the multiplayer function
  • team up in the co-operative mode and try to outwit the game's computer opponents
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Summary of the Best PlayStation Portable RTS Games of all Time

RankPlayStation Portable RTS Game
1Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
2Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
3Worms: Open Warfare 2
4Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign
6Field Commander
7Killzone: Liberation 
8Jeanne d’Arc
9Generation of Chaos
10Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are real-time strategy games popular?

Real-time strategy games are popular because they’re fun, competitive, and challenging. They also reward players with a sense of accomplishment when they succeed in battle or complete a goal. Additionally, you can play with friends or family in real-time, which will make it more fun and improve your social skills.

What does the RTS game stand for?

RTS stands for Real Time Strategy. RTS games allow you to manage several units simultaneously and are usually represented by icons, which you can move around on a map.

Are RTS games hard to play?

RTS games are not hard to play. They have a different learning curve than other game genres because they have rules and conventions. The key is to keep on practicing. The more you play, the better you’ll become. Don’t worry if you keep losing or making silly mistakes. If you keep playing and learning from your mistakes, you’ll get better over time.

What makes a good RTS player?

You should know the game mechanics and your units’ abilities to be a good RTS player. You should also pay close attention to the map’s details and features. Furthermore, you must be able to adapt to different situations and learn from your mistakes, especially when playing online matches against other players. Finally, an effective RTS player must be able to make quick decisions.

Do strategy games make you a better strategist?

Playing strategy games is an excellent way to improve your ability to think creatively. They can assist you in planning, thinking strategically, and making the best possible decisions. Strategy games also teach patience, especially when faced with slow progress. This type of training helps you become more patient, especially when dealing with problems daily at work or in life, and it also improves your ability to deal with uncertainty in life.

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