The Absolute Best PlayStation 4 Sports Games of All Time

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The Absolute Best PlayStation 4 Sports Games of All Time

Is the PlayStation 4 era finally coming to an end? At least, that is how it looks with the arrival of the flashy PS5 on the scene. But hey, let us be honest: the final days of any system are the apex for gamers. Now is a great moment to dive into some of the best PS4 sports games of all time. The platform has a massive library of titles and a billion players (give or take) throughout the world.

It is natural to have a strong attachment to games you played growing up. People might take solace in playing these games again as they bring back memories from their youth. Tracking down and playing PS4 titles from the past 20 years has never been easier, thanks to the proliferation of digital marketplaces and backward compatibility. Potential players appreciate the games’ accessibility, low price, and high replay value.

Everyone has a preference when picking a genre, but more power to you if you want to make it to the big leagues. After all, billions of people throughout the world share your passion for sports. So, hold on to your joysticks, gamers, and let’s dive into the world of the best PS4 sports games. 

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

Credit: Playstation

Players have been hooked on the game since it launched in 2020. The game combines responsive controls, a throbbing soundtrack, and apparently endless levels. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 reintroduces the game to new players while satisfying the needs of veteran gamers.

This updated release merges the first game with its sequel, restoring the series to its former splendor. Thanks to its responsive controls, you can quickly chain hits together for an unlimited amount of time. But, hey, what about the visuals? You will notice a big improvement, as those nineteen maps are visually stunning. Moreover, the individuality and independence of each level are incredible, in all honesty!

Similarly, the revitalized and improved Create A Park is back. You can build your track with ramps, rails, and more and then show it off to the world. The game’s design provides numerous incentives to stick at it, such as secret skaters to find and unlock, remote locations to explore, and more.

Apparently, the game seems quite overwhelming at first, but it gets easier with time, as everything is quite organized. It manages to please both longtime followers and newcomers with its blend of retro charm and cutting-edge enhancement.  

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 – PlayStation 4
  • Rebuilt on incredible HD Levels
  • Insane trick combos
  • Upgraded Create-A-Park and skater features
  • Extremely rewarding gameplay loop
  • Smooth and consistent controls
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Credit: FIFA

FIFA 14’s visuals are stunning, with animation that looks ten times more realistic and detailed than in prior console versions. From their dexterity to their explosiveness on the field, the game perfectly portrays the biomechanics of the world’s top footballers. In addition, hundreds of new techniques and routines have been added, allowing football fans to marvel at the athletes’ creativity and skill.

What you will quickly notice is that the game has evolved beyond the players themselves. New 3D crowds that rise and fall in response to the action on the field look amazing. These 3D enhancements will give spectators the impression that they are part of a truly living, breathing stadium for the first time. You truly feel that energy, significantly enhancing the game’s immersive qualities.

Overall, improved animations and a captivating stadium setting elevate the gaming experience. If you are a fan of football video games, you should not pass up the chance to get your hands on this incredible find.

FIFA 14 - PlayStation 4
  • Competitive practice mode to hone your skills
  • Make quick, explosive turns and cuts  
  • Ball trajectories are based on real ball physics
  • Teammate intelligence for smart decision-making, marking, and tracking
  • Variable dribble touches and extended tacking zone

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016


Released on September 15, 2015, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 has always been a favorite among gamers, mainly due to the game’s simple method of forming teams. With a quick press of the ‘X’ button on your console, you can move around the screen at breakneck speed in PlayStation 4 games.

The moment you begin playing, you realize how awesome the “join the attack” function is. With this handy addition, you can give your dream side a scorching full-back who can make crossover runs à la Baines and Shaw.

The gameplay looks vastly improved, and this is additional evidence that the PES team (PES Productions) manages to master the FOX engine with each new release. It becomes a visual treat with 60fps in 1080p on PS4. There are still stutters, but they occur more during set pieces, and with so many players on screen, it is understandable.

The upgraded game entrances are another great feature of this game. Around them, security and ground staff mill about as the players form a line to enter the field. Amazing visuals are complemented by the enthusiastic movement and waving of the crowd.

A technically polished soccer game, PES 2016 successfully captures the sport’s energy and intensity. Despite a few minor issues, the refined gameplay and meticulous polish make it worth playing.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition
  • Better game physicality
  • New aerial strength for aerial battles
  • Enhanced 1 v 1 player control
  • Perfect defense for direct turnarounds & counters
  • Combo plays involving 2-3 players for team strategy
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NBA 2K17

Credit: Playstation

NBA 2K17 delivers the allure of the world’s most distinctive sport in a professional and attractive manner. The upgrades from NBA 2K16 to 2K17 are obvious and welcome if you love basketball video games.

The game’s mechanics have been improved to deepen the immersion of the experience. By pressing a single button, you may now execute previously convoluted button combos, allowing you to perform moves like the “bounce pass,” “skip pass,” and “chest pass” with ease.

One main bar allows you to pull back during the firing motion, which is wonderful because it removes the need to pin the meter between them. The fact that the thumb stick and the button can be used interchangeably caters to players of different preferences and emotional states.

Moreover, the MyCareer feature will help you understand what makes this game so special. The breakthrough story mode returns for a second year and is larger, better, and more engaging than ever. You can choose from a variety of performance-based shoe endorsements, hang out with your NBA buddies, and work out in your own private, fully-equipped gym.  

Overall, NBA 2K17 is a brilliantly produced basketball simulation game that any fan of the sport should play. It is true to the spirit of the sport while providing a fun and engaging gaming experience. So, wait no longer; go hit the court now!

MLB The Show 22

Just like its older versions, MLB The Show 22 works amazingly well to capture the real spirit of baseball. The hitting is far more satisfying, the fielding motions are more fluid, and the gap between strong and bad fielders is wider than ever before. The pitching is also quite good, and it has gotten even better at pinpoint accuracy.

For those looking for a rewarding solo experience, the return of Moments mode is great news. In addition, the new March–October option allows players to enjoy two seasons within the course of a single adventure. While the single-player campaign is fun, the game’s main lure is the online cooperative mode, Diamond Dynasty, where players can pool their resources and buy virtual goods with Stubs.

Overall, MLB The Show 22 is a fun and realistic baseball game for the PlayStation 4. Despite the lack of revolutionary changes, the cumulative effect is a game that seems old and modern. Everyone who enjoys baseball or video games should pick up MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 for PlayStation 4
  • Create and use multiple players
  • Diamond Dynastc is back and better
  • New Mini Seasons mode with exciting challenges
  • Cross-platform play with cross-progression
  • Customize your logos and uniforms, and create stadiums
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Madden NFL 16

Developed by EA Sports, Madden NFL 16 has everything going for it in the right way. The combination of many new features, such as playmaker controls, a risk/reward catch, and a pass/defend system, is sure to challenge even the most seasoned players.

In the thrilling Draft Champions mode, players may design their ideal team out of legendary NFL players. And for those who want to put together their fantasy team, Madden Ultimate Team is the best option. Accumulate coins to spend on powerful squad improvements or to use in auctions and trades.

Optionally play through a series of more than 60 tutorials and drills in the game’s Skills Trainer mode. Want it to get even more challenging? Try the Gauntlet mode, which introduces new Boss Battles and Extra Life tests. Moreover, the innovative Playmaker controls are among the most important update to the series to date.

More fun is added by the strategic freedom afforded both on defense and offense. And the icing on the cake? See high-quality broadcast-style photographs that always keep you in the middle of the action.

Madden NFL 16 - PlayStation 4
  • Play solo or online with friends
  • Build the ultimate team with a pretty cool draft mode
  • Over 60 tutorials and drills from passing to running 
  • A range of body-relative throws
  • New pressure avoidance & QB scramble controls
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Roller Champions

Credit: Playstation

Roller Champions is a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping mashup like the wacky offspring of roller derby and basketball. See yourself tearing around the spherical court, grabbing the ball, and slamming it into the hoop for a huge slug of points. What a rush of adrenaline!

But tread carefully! You would better hone your ball-hugging talents since the other squad will be on your tail, waiting to steal it by any means necessary. So, who wants to go for a rip-roaring ride?

In Roller Champions, you can choose from four different arenas, each with its own visual flair. While the backdrops have no bearing on the outcome of the matches, they do provide some visual diversity. Moreover, you can play with pals regardless of their device of choice, thanks to cross-platform connectivity, cross-play, and cross-progression.

There is no denying that combining roller derby with basketball makes for a novel and entertaining sport. But, some participants could feel limited by the lack of variety in arena layouts and potential hazards. Some players may also be disappointed that they cannot bring their characters across from other platforms.  Nevertheless, Roller Champions is still a must-play for sports lovers looking for something fresh and exciting.

Dodge Ball Academia

Using elements from Shonen anime, sports RPGs, and Saturday morning cartoons, Dodgeball Academy creates a story-driven sports RPG. It is all about you working hard to get a spot on the varsity team.

 Dodgeball matches take place in real-time, aiming to reduce the opponent’s health by pelting them with balls. The game also incorporates a novel introductory ceremony in which pupils unleash their dormant potential by touching a mystical ball.

The game’s cast of colorful personalities each brings their own flair and strategy to the table. Subtle but welcome changes in match dynamics are introduced by varying the composition of opposing teams, the location and nature of obstacles, and the elemental qualities and forms of the balls.

With its innovative blend of modern media clichés and sports game mechanics, Dodgeball Academia provides a fascinating experience. Fans of sports role-playing games should check out this title. It offers a unique experience thanks to its broad cast of characters, strategic team-building options, and subtle match diversity.

Dodgeball Academia
  • 8 chapters to play through with side quests, minigames
  • Play 1v1 or local multiplayer
  • Interesting RPG story mode
  • Unlock and upgrade characters
  • Action-packed dodgeball matches.
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11/27/2023 03:01 am GMT

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play PS4 sports games with multiple players?

Video games are more fun when shared with a companion. Whether you are working together to beat a co-op campaign or handling devastating defeats in a competitive multiplayer setting, gaming with your best friends is always a blast. And playing the greatest PS4 multiplayer games is one of the most fun ways to do that.

Many PS4 sports titles provide exciting online multiplayer modes where you may compete against friends or gamers from all around the world. Rocket League is one of the most exciting games available since it combines two of the most popular pastimes: soccer and rocket-powered automobiles.

Get into Rocket League, select your preferred ride, and race to the large venues for bouts that will have you gasping for air. Compete with other speed demons online against challenging AI opponents or up the ante with high-stakes matches against human players. You are sure to have a blast with your pals all over the world playing Rocket League.

Can you find motion-controlled sports games for PS4?

There may be fewer sports games with motion controls on the PlayStation 4 than during the PlayStation 3 era. But do not panic; there are still plenty of good games to choose from.

Take, for instance, SportsFriends, a multiplayer game that makes use of the PlayStation Move controllers and is a lot of fun in the same vein as Wii Sports back in 2006. Amazingly, SportsFriends manages to please both casual partygoers and serious gamers by combining four different genres of play into a single, unified package.

Similarly, Everybody’s Golf VR provides a lifelike golfing experience and is another excellent choice. In addition, PlayStation VR offers a wealth of motion-controlled sports simulations.

Is it possible to create custom rosters for sports games on PS4?

With many PlayStation 4 sports games, you can really take your experience to the next level by making your own team and players. By designing in-game versions of yourself, your friends, or even renowned sportsmen, you may let your imagination run wild and leave your mark on the game.

Creating and customizing players, tweaking rosters, and even constructing complete teams from scratch are all options in blockbuster games like FIFA, NBA 2K, and Madden NFL. You may get even more out of your gaming experience by downloading and using content made by the community for some games.

Can you find arcade-style sports games for PS4?

The PlayStation 4 does boast a number of arcade-style sports games. NBA Playgrounds (a fast-paced 2-on-2 basketball game), Super Mega Baseball (a more casual and fun take on baseball), and Rocket League (soccer with vehicles) are just a few examples.

Do all PS4 sports games get annual updates?

NBA 2K, FIFA, Madden NFL, and MLB The Show are just a few of the many popular sports video game series that regularly release new installments. The roster is changed, graphics are refreshed, the gameplay is adjusted, and new features are added in most of these revised versions. However, not all sports games are released every year; in fact, some may go for far longer periods without updates.

On the other hand, there are a number of reasons why it is crucial to always have the most recent PS4 firmware installed. In addition to possibly being insecure, a system that has not been updated may also be missing out on features that have since been added.

If you do not keep your PS4 up-to-date, you may find that you are unable to play online or that key features of games, such as multiplayer modes, are off-limits. So, maintaining a safe, feature-rich, and fun gaming experience on PS4 requires regularly updating both your games and PS4 system.

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