The Absolute Best PlayStation 2 Sports Games of All Time

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The Absolute Best PlayStation 2 Sports Games of All Time

The PlayStation 2 era was a truly iconic period for gamers. The console rejuvenated the gaming scene with improved game graphics, controller design, ample storage, and many other desirable features. If you love classic games or want to relive the console’s glory days, the PlayStation 2 is a viable and enjoyable option.

With over twelve years of game production, the PlayStation 2 has a range of stable games available for gamers, including exclusive titles. Nonetheless, of all genres available on the PlayStation 2, sports games presented the most iconic games at the time, with exciting features that make them unforgettable. These games simulate various sports, including team sports, racing, and field and indoor games. 

While hundreds of sports games were designed and released over the decade, PS2 was available, some stood out, offering an elevated gaming experience. Let’s look at some of these games and the unique features that made them enjoyable. Here we go!

front cover of fifa 08
Officially released on September 27, 2008, FIFA 08 represents the crème del a crème of the franchise’s games available for the PlayStation 2.

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FIFA 08 is the eighth game from the franchise available on the PS2 console and the first FIFA game on the PlayStation 3. As such, it is a significant improvement from its predecessors. The FIFA franchise is arguably the most famous soccer game in the world, with millions of global sales over the years. The games were designed, developed, and distributed by a partnership between FIFA and Electronic Arts.

FIFA 08 was a fast-paced arcade game with amazing gameplay. From top-notch graphics to seamless controls, the game is one of the sports games you should try out if you haven’t played it. Unlike other games before, FIFA 08 has realistic graphics as the players have more human-like features that extend to their looks and movements. It does a commendable job resembling the physics of the actual sport in all aspects, including defending, passing, and scoring.

Improved controls gave this game a more realistic feel. Unlike other games in the franchise, FIFA 08 provided gamers with a manual pass option. This allowed them to direct their passes as desired, giving them complete control as they played. If you find playing challenging and need assistance from the game’s AI, you could turn off the option in the settings.

FIFA 08 is perfect for soccer enthusiasts, not only for the controls and great realistic graphics but also for the gaming options. For example, multiple teams are available at your disposal. Additionally, you can opt for a multiplayer game with a friend by connecting an extra controller, playing against the AI in single-player mode, or connecting online.  

FIFA 08 - PlayStation 2
  • New manual controls put you in charge of every aspect of the action
  • Be A Pro - Co-op Season - take on the role of a professional footballer, create your own player and test yourself in one position for an entire season
  • Design your own unique strategy to create the perfect formation and tactics
  • Enhanced AI
  • Manager Mode improvements with all-new training features
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front cover of nba 2k7 ps2 game
The best thing about the NBA 2K7 is the diverse modes available, contributing to the gaming experience.

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The NBA is the world’s best basketball league, and NBA 2K7 did it justice with its game simulation. It is one of the best games from the NBA 2K franchise on the PlayStation 2.

The first thing you realize when playing any game is the graphics. While the PlayStation 2 NBA 2K7 graphics pale to the franchises’ games on new ninth-generation consoles, they are exceptional for a game designed at the time. The game was developed by Visual Concepts and released on September 25, 2006, marking the first NB2K game available on PlayStation 2 and 3.

The graphics aren’t as realistic as the current basketball simulation games. Players look more animated than an authentic depiction of their physique. While the picture quality is clean, the graphics are a bit grainier on the PlayStation 2 version than on the Xbox NBA 2K7. Nonetheless, it has smooth gameplay supported by smooth controls. The players move seamlessly on command, and you may only experience a few glitches during replays.

NBA 2K7 include a quick play mode with a list of teams to pick from, a multiseason mode, and several tournaments. The online mode lets you connect to the internet and play with other gamers worldwide. The multiseason mode is especially popular as you are put in charge of an NBA franchise, and you are tasked with taking the team through the season, hiring coaches, making signings, and playing the game.

On its release date, the NBA 2K7 went for $29.99. However, the price has fallen due to the rise of slicker basketball simulation games and consoles. It now goes for as little as $7.

front cover of ncaa football 08
Like previous games in the NCAA Football series, the 2008 version has mascot games, scrimmage, and spring drills.

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As you would expect of sports games with the EA Sports logo, NCAA 08 offers football enthusiasts and gamers a superb gaming experience. Sitting as the 8th release in the PlayStation 2 NCAA series, the game captures the excitement of college football, as it strives to give gamers the simulation of fighting for school spirit and pride in a virtual game. This, among other factors, sets NCAA 08 ahead of different sports games.

If you are new to the game, trying out the spring drill is a great starting point, as it allows you to build and test your skills in every position before you set out to an actual match. For veterans, the controls are pretty much the same.

On cool thing with NCAA is the legend mode option, which presents an opportunity to experience college football in different dimensions. The mode starts you off as a promising high school player doing various drills on the watch of a scout from your preferred college. Once enrolled, you experience the virtual life of a college athlete as you play games and try to balance your academics, social life, and training. Your rise to stardom and legendary status depends on the decisions you make.

The game’s advanced features extend to the onfield gameplay. The game’s characters move at a real-life pace, and the controls give you significant autonomy over your team. Additionally, the game has a great visual appeal as it realistically captures the college football atmosphere. The players look life-like, and the arenas have a lively audience, with matching bands and cheerleaders. Overall, the developer’s attention to detail is a significant reason the game received acclaimed reviews upon its release.

For $50, it is hard to imagine that any PlayStation 2 owners never gave the NCAA 08 a try. Those who missed out can still enjoy the game if they still have their Playstation 2 consoles.

NCAA Football 08 - PlayStation 2
  • Take Control and Make the Play—Boost your Skill Performance and increase your overall ratings by making user controlled plays that elevate the team’s motivation levels
  • Integrity Matters—Make promises to recruits to gain commitments, but always remember that failing to live up to your word damages your coaching integrity rating and could cause players to transfer
  • The Most Complete College Game Ever—Home Field Advantage, composure ratings, and an all new fatigue system, plus new trick plays like the Statue of Liberty and Hook and Ladder make this the best...
  • Relive Your Highlights—Revisit your top accomplishments in My Shrine, your personal Hall of Fame that stores your trophies, custom photos, and more
  • Medical Redshirts—For the first time ever, save the eligibility of your collegiate stars if they are injured early in the season—medical redshirts ensure that you get the full potential out of all...
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front cover of ruby 08 ps2 game
Typical of any good sporting game, Rugby 08 combined excellent graphics with superb gameplay.

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was EA’s best stab at creating a Rugby simulation game in the PlayStation 2 era. The game was released on July 17, 2007, by Electronic Arts in preparation for the rugby world cup set for the following year. It is safe to say that the game developers did a splendid job capitalizing on the demand for a rugby simulation game before the globally anticipated event.

The game has crisp visuals, with the virtual players resembling real-world athletes. Similarly, the stadiums and pitches are well-designed, giving a semblance of a real rugby pitch. While the developer went over the top with the player’s muscles and physiques, Rugby 08 makes up for it with its gameplay. After all, that’s a feature sports gaming enthusiasts care about, as they can’t see players up close.

Rugby 2008 does a great job of simplifying the complicated sport into a playable simulation. The players move easily as they follow your direction, controlled by the left analog stick. Passing is easy as ever using the L1 and R2 buttons, and tackling is done automatically. However, if you increase the difficulty levels, you need to be more tactical and knowledgeable in the game’s rules to handle the heat.

Although Rugby 08 was tailored for the Rugby World cup, it has a club mode where you can play at the club level with a team of your choice. This incorporation and other game modes with cups and competitions from around the world were essential to the game’s longevity. To this day, PlayStation 2’s Rugby 08 remains one of the sport’s greatest gaming simulations ever made.

front cover of mlb 08 the show ps2 game
Gamers autonomously determine the success of their created players as they control them in every game.

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Baseball simulation games may not readily come to mind, but Sony’s MLB series has consistently given other sports games a run for their money. The game appeals to baseball lovers across the globe. The game was one of the most thrilling and enjoyable sporting games released in the PlayStation 2 era.

MLB 08 gives gamers, especially baseball enthusiasts familiar with the sport’s rules, a great gaming experience with its gameplay, modes, and visuals. The game is perfect, from pitching, batting, and fielding to the animation and atmosphere details. However, what is especially noticeable is the easy controls that make pitching and striking the ball more accurate. Additionally, players move smoothly in an almost life-like fashion, which goes a long way in making the game enjoyable.

The 2008 baseball simulation game also goes the extra mile to enhance your gaming experience through the Road to the Show gaming mode. The mode lets you put a personal touch on the game as you create a player, assign them a position, and control their career. The created players are given targets before every game and are awarded points based on their performance.

MLB 08 The Show - PlayStation 2
  • Umpire Personalities - Providing even more realism to the diamond with unique tendencies and animations
  • My Sliders (Up/Downloadable) - Gives users the ability to create their perfect game settings offline by adjusting game sliders
  • King of the Diamond - A classic playground duel from childhood where a pitcher and batter from opposing teams will square off head-to-head
  • Home Run Derby - Lets gamers pick the lineup and set the rules for the traditional homerun contest of Major League All-Stars
  • Season Mode -Tests the true baseball fan's commitment and allows them to make a run for consecutive rings with multiple seasons
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front cover of pes 2008 game
PES 2008 animations and easy controls are entertaining as they add to the game’s fluidity.

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As Konami’s soccer visuals and gameplay declined, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 presented a quality game that could compete with FIFA series. Great visual features and realistic animations made PES 2008 one of the best sporting games in the PlayStation 2 era.

PES 2008 had incredibly seamless gameplay modes that put it ahead of the curve in its niche. For instance, while other soccer games felt stiff with limited controls, PES 2008 allowed gamers significant control over their players.

Besides the visual appeal and ease of control, the game enhances your gaming experience by offering a range of modes, leagues, and competitions. These provide different levels of difficulty and superb commentary that makes your experience worthwhile. 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - PlayStation 2
  • Improved long-range and close-range ball control, passing, and player-specific moves
  • Master League and Cup modes are built up even better than last year¿s game
  • New teams like club favorites Spurs, Newcastle, Anderlecht, and Basel
  • Jump into Community mode and play 2-on-2 contests with friends
  • Proprietary AI system TeamVision offering the most intelligent competition available
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7. NHL 07

front cover of nhl 07 ps2 game
Released on September 12, 2006, NHL 07 was an impressive game that remarkably improved the series’ gameplay.

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You can’t possibly pass up, NHL 07, one of best PlayStation 2 ice games ever made, when exploring the best sports game of all time. The game has a realistic feel that might take a little getting used to before enjoying its wholesome experience. If you are a hockey fan, you will especially enjoy the game’s accurate passing using the right analog stick and a range of skill sets, such as the ability to body-check opponents. The speed button is also quite effective, as players can easily maneuver across the field.

The available playing modes elevate the gaming experience. For example, the Dynasty mode gives you a range of league options to play in, spanning from the Czech Tipsport Extraliga, Finland’s SM-Liga, Germany’s Deutsche Eishockey Liga, and Sweden’s Elitserien, where you can manage a team of your choice. Notably, your team’s success is pegged on the chemistry between teammates and your tactics as manager, which adds to the game’s realistic feel. All in all, you will undoubtedly enjoy the game.

Summary of The Absolute Best PlayStation 2 Sports Games of All Time

DeveloperRelease DateLaunch PriceGaming Modes
FIFA 08Electronic ArtsSeptember 2007$42.49Online Mode
NCAA Football 08EA TiburonJuly 2007$39.99Single-PlayerMulti-Player
Rugby 08HB Studios 
EA Vancouver
July 2007$59.99Single-Player
MLB 08: The ShowSan Diego Studio
Sony Interactive Entertainment
March 2008$39.99Single-Player
NBA 2K7Visual ConceptSeptember 2006$39.99Single-Player
Online Mode
PES 2008KonamiOctober 2007$29.99Single-Player
NHL 07EA Montreal
EA Vancouver
September 2006$43.99Single-Player

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The Absolute Best PlayStation 2 Sports Games of All Time FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are PlayStation 2 games still in production?

No, the last PlayStation 2 game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, was released in late 2013. No other PlayStation 2 games have been released since then, ending over a decade of production of the console’s games.

How many PlayStation 2 games exist?

The PlayStation 2 boasts a vast library of games with over 1,800 games designed for the console. This includes a range of genres, including sports, adventure, and survival games.

Which is the best-selling PlayStation 2 sports game?

The Madden NFL 2005 is the highest-selling PlayStation 2 sports game of all time. The American football simulation game developed by EA Tiburon sold around 4.3 million copies worldwide.

Where can I find PlayStation 2 sports games?

Although the games are out of production, you can still find PlayStation 2 games in various gaming arcades and stores. The games are predominantly available in major online stores such as E-bay and Amazon.

Is it possible to buy a PlayStation 2 right now?

The PlayStation 2 production halted over a decade ago. However, you can still purchase it from online stores or from owners looking to dispose of the console.

How much does a PlayStation 2 console cost?

Depending on its condition, you can purchase a PlayStation 2 for around $30 to $120. Consoles in mint condition with all components intact usually go for more.

Does the PlayStation 2 have an online playing feature?

Unlike modern consoles, the PlayStation 2 does not have Wi-Fi connection capabilities. However, using a broadband connection and a compatible network adapter, you can play select PS2 games online.

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