The Absolute Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games of All Time

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The Absolute Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games of All Time

Key Points

  • Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that can be played as a handheld device or a home game console. It was released in 2017.
  • Sports games are designed to simulate a real-life sports experience with realistic audio and graphics.
  • NBA 2K19 and Windjammers are examples of popular sports games to play on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch has numerous games. So, how do you determine which ones are worth your time? To help you out, we have compiled a list of the absolute best Nintendo sports games ever released.

Was Nintendo Switch Known for Sports Games?

Nintendo Switch is one of the most exciting consoles, with many sports games added to its collection over the years. Since Nintendo Switch came out on March 3, 2017, fans have taken to the console to play both the original and updated versions of the Nintendo sports games ported for the Switch. Nintendo sports games typically feature superior controls and graphics, which is why they are popular worldwide.

Now let’s look at the ten best sports games on Nintendo Switch.

#10. MLB The Show 22 

screenshot of MLB The Show 2022 game
After launching the game, you can look at the tutorial and practice to either pitch or hit with the ability to alter the difficulty.

MLB The Show 22 is a Nintendo switch baseball video game by San Diego studio. The game came out on April 5, 2022. MLB the show 22 allows you to enjoy smooth gameplay with real-life graphics, soundtrack, and game commentary. The batting experience is recalibrated, bringing several swings into the game. Normal and power swings are some of them. Pitching accuracy is better, with the new Perfect Accuracy Region. Different features will improve your gaming experience, including metered pitching and advanced options and swings. 

As the previous game series shows, the Create-A-Ballplayer mode allows you to customize your player of choice and play through the league to reach the big competitions. Other available game modes include Franchise, Diamond Dynasty, and Online Co-Op. Another important addition to the game is Stadium Creator, free agents, and the ability to trade players. You can enjoy this superb game in both single-player and multiplayer settings. 

#9. Windjammers

screenshot of windjammers game
Yellow zone awards three points, and the red zone, five points in the game.

Windjammers is a Nintendo Switch sports game by Data East. It features a two vs. two gameplay, wjere you play offense and defense, trying to outscore opponents. Windjammers which allows you to throw a disk toward your opponents as you try to score. There are six characters in the game, and they all have different abilities. With your character of choice, you either have to score or prevent your opponent from scoring. The speed of throws gradually increases throughout the game, and it resets when a player scores. The scoring player will have several privileges after every round. You win a set by either scoring twelve points or being the player with the higher score when time elapses. If players have the same score at the end of the period, a win is awarded to both. Two concurrent ties will launch the special death round, where the game ends on scoring a goal.

The game comes with six characters representing a different country. H. Mita, B. Yoo, J. Costa, L. Biagg, G. Scott and K. Wessel have different stats and attributes. As discussed earlier, scoring a goal will earn you points. The points all differ depending on the goal zone.

#8. NBA 2K19

screenshot of NBA 2K19
The in-game currency, Virtual Currency, will enable you to buy card packs with which you can unlock your favorite players.  

NBA 2K19 is a simulation video game that lets players enjoy basketball. The game was developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K sports. The game was officially released on September 11, 2018, and players enjoy single-player and interactive multiplayer as they aim to build the ultimate team.

This game takes basketball simulation to the next level. Gamers have control over both teams and the basketball organization. With high-tech graphics and in-game commentary, the game lets you customize your basketball team, players, jerseys, team logo, and other game-related features. In this game, you play against different teams in a competition where the winners get to win a large sum of in-game money and participate in the NBA All-Star Game. 

The new NBA 2K19 comes with an endless list of upgrades. The three available game modes, MyPlayer, MyLeague, and MyPlayer, allow you to create and manage your players. The newly added MyTeam mode will enable you to create your basketball franchise and manage every aspect, including signing players, selling players, paying salaries, and many other managerial activities.

#7. Knockout City

screenshot of knockout city game
You can also play Knockout city in multiplayer mode and create a team of a maximum of 32 players. 

Developed by Velan Studios, Knockout City is one of the best sports video games on the Nintendo Switch. Electronic Arts published the game on May 21, 2021. Players team up and take on the challenge of knocking out other opponents. This game allows you to attack opponents using a ball and knock them out. The game features several types of balls, with each ball giving your player special abilities. The funniest part of the gameplay is the ability to throw your opponents like an actual ball. You can challenge your opponents more by throwing a high-velocity ball. Once a ball is thrown at you, you can duck it or catch it, depending on its velocity. However, you can die after being hit two times by your opponent while playing any of the game’s modes.

Knockout City has five different maps available. These maps look urban and come with dangerous traps. The game has various modes, including Team KO, Diamond, Dash, and Ball Up Brawl. These modes differ in terms of gameplay.

#6. Retro Bowl

screenshot of retro bowl
Playing games also earns you coaching credits, the game’s currency which can be used in the market. 

Retro Bowl is an American football video game by New star games. The game was officially released for Nintendo Switch on February 10, 2022. Players take the role of controlling the offensive side and also act as general managers of their teams.

This game allows you to play football matches and control your entire franchise. You can only play the offense, and the AI will play the defense. You will be responsible for buying and selling these players with other offensive players in your quest to win the Retro Bowl Championship.

Football enthusiasts can enjoy the newly added features of Retro Bowl. The game has an unlimited version which is customizable. The version lets you change player kits, weather conditions, and team logos. However, you will have to pay more to get the unlimited version. The game also features real player names and jerseys, which all add to its realistic nature. Furthermore, Retro Bowl comes with several difficulty levels, five in total, ensuring that all players can comfortably compete. 

#5. What the Golf?

screenshot of what the golf game
You can never know what to expect next when playing this hilarious game.

What the Golf is a sports video game for Nintendo Switch came out on May 21, 2020. Players take on the challenge of completing different levels and progressing on the world map. This game combines the craziest ideas in a golf game, allowing you to hit weird objects like a car into a hole. The gameplay is straightforward. You have to aim at a hole and launch your ball or whatever bizarre thing you are hitting. Your objective is to hit the target in the different stages of the game. Generally, all rules of physics are broken in this game as you may be swinging, and the land disappears or moves. 

This game comes with a world map that takes you through different stages in the gameplay. However, you can only play the game with the AI, as it only comes in single-player mode. What the Golf additional comes with more than 500 levels, creating some suspense. 

#4. Lonely Mountains: Downhill

screenshot of lonely mountains downhill
In Lonely Mountains: Downhill you can customize several parts of your bike.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a sports video game by Megagon Industries. The game was published by Thunderfull and officially released in May 2020 for Nintendo Switch. The players go through different levels as they attempt to complete different courses and bike obstacles. In this game, you can control a character down a mountain track. The track has several timed checkpoints where you will respawn if you die. The game’s tracks are in four different mountains, each with four tracks. Each level has a challenge that, once completed, unlocks new bikes, bike kits, and clothes for your characters.  

The game allows you to change the appearance of your characters using newly unlocked clothing and headgear. The game also allows you to survey a newly unlocked level before you play it with challenges enabled. Daily Rides is also a new addition that allows you to compete in a randomly selected challenge and earn special tokens. However, you can play this game only in single-player mode. 

#3. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

screenshot of tony hawk-s pro-skater 1-2-screenshot game
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 has many special features which will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is a skateboarding video game made by Vicarious Visions and officially released for Nintendo Switch on June 25, 2021. Players enjoy different multiplayer levels and immersive graphics and soundtrack, giving them that realistic skating experience.

This game will certainly give any skating fanatic chills. You can play the game as you try to complete the game’s objectives and unlock some more levels. Every level comes with collectibles that you must pick to achieve a higher score. Anytime you successful performing some special maneuvers, you get points. Each special maneuver earns you a specific point, and the points earned increase with their uniqueness. Performing these tricks increases the level of the special meter. This special meter gives your character some special skill moves, earning you more points than usual tricks. However, you must land in the correct position to gain points after performing a trick.

Some special maneuvers like Wall Plants, not available in previous editions, now feature. The game also allows you to customize your skating character and location. You can toggle through these settings in the Create-A-Skater and Create-A-Park modes. You can also play with your friends or against the AI as you rise through the levels while unlocking special items in the games store. 

#2. Rocket League

screenshot of rocket league
For a more competitive experience, you can play the online mode and get ranked according to your victories and losses. 

Rocket League is a soccer video game for Nintendo Switch. The game was developed and published by Psyonix. The game was released for Nintendo Switch on November 14, 2017. Players enjoy multiplayer interactive gameplay soccer with rocket-powered cars, turning players’ fantasies into realities. In this game, you can drive a rocket-powered car on a pitch while tapping the ball toward your opponent’s goalpost to score goals. You have a lot of special skills at your disposal. Plus, the ability to perform aerial hits or boost your car’s speed by driving over a marked area which will increase the power of your shot. Every game lasts five minutes, and 1-4 players can participate.

Rocket League features several game modes. The snow day is an exciting addition because of the snowy state of the pitch as you play it. Mutators mode allows you to customize gameplay by changing ball characteristics and pitch features. The Hoops mode gives you the basketball feeling, while the Rumble mode features many power-ups. To improve your gaming skills, you can play Custom Training mode which allows you to set specific shots and practice making them. Rocket League is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes. 

#1. Super Mega Baseball 3

screenshot of super mega baseball 3
If you are good at timing, you can easily make home runs and strikeouts using power swings. 

is a sports simulation game by Nintendo and published by Electronic arts. The game came out on May 13, 2020. In this game, you get to enjoy a smooth baseball gameplay and challenge your eye-hand coordination by hitting dingers. You get to control your batter, pitcher, or fielder. The baseball hits look more realistic than most games, and if you time your swings well, your batter will deliver a variety of hits, including bloop singles. Do not be fooled by the cartoonish player appearances; the gameplay is on another level. You can also customize the difficulty setting if it is your first time playing, and if the AI is batting, the shots look more convincing than in previous editions.

Super Mega Baseball 3 houses tons of new features. A new Online Leagues Mode lets you play with online opponents. As in the previous series, the other available game modes include Season, Elimination, Pennant Race, and Exhibition. The game is also customizable, allowing you to toggle between different game difficulties, start your league anytime, and edit stadium light settings.

Summary of the Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games

NumberGame Title
#1MLB The Show 22 
#3NBA 2K19
#4Knockout City
#5Retro Bowl
#6What the Golf?
#7Lonely Mountains: Downhill
#8Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2
#9Rocket League
#10Super Mega Baseball 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sports video games?

sports video game is a video game that simulates the practice of sports. Most sports video games feature real-world players, and the game regulations are nearly identical to those of the actual sport.

Are there free games available for the Nintendo Switch?

While you can download dozens of titles for free through Nintendo, you’ll need a paid Switch Online account to access them.

How long do Switch batteries last?

You can expect between 4 to 9 hours on average depending on usage.

How many Nintendo accounts can you link to a Switch?

You can link up to eight accounts to one Nintendo Switch console.

Can you have multiple Switch consoles tied to your Nintendo account?

Yes, but you can only have one Switch listed as your primary console.

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