The 9 Best Reasons To Avoid A Samsung Frame TV

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The 9 Best Reasons To Avoid A Samsung Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV is an innovative and stylish television that can fit seamlessly into your home decor and showcase beautiful artwork when idle. Is it a good investment? Well, the Frame TV isn’t without fault. Before you splurge, decide whether this TV adds value to your home. Here are the main reasons you should avoid Samsung The Frame TV:

  • Expensive Custom Bezels
  • Subpar Audio Quality
  • Limited Built-in Art Selection
  • Additional Subscription For More Art
  • Need Professional Installation
  • Stuck in Portrait Mode Issue
  • Requires Specific Image Dimensions to Avoid Matte
  • Automatic turning off in Art Mode
  • TV Switches Source By Itself

Let’s explore each reason in more detail for better understanding.

1. Expensive Custom Bezels

The Samsung Frame TV stands out with its striking design and customizable bezels, allowing users to add personalization to their TV’s appearance and bring life into any living room decor. However, to fully take advantage of the customization potential of this model, you must purchase these bezels individually.

Unfortunately, these custom bezels often carry an expensive price tag. This expense increases the already substantial cost of owning a TV. Be ready to dig deep into your pockets to benefit from Frame TV’s innovative features fully. While you have a range of bezel options that complement your living space best, such stylish extras come at a cost.

2. Subpar Audio Quality

Although the Samsung Frame TV features an attractive design, its audio quality needs to improve regarding audio performance. Unfortunately, its built-in speakers fail to produce the crisp and clear sounds you expect from a high-end television. The lack of depth and richness could ruin your movie-watching or music-listening experience. If audio quality is essential, there might be better models.

3. Limited Built-in Art Selection

Samsung Frame TV’s ability to showcase beautiful artwork while it sits idle is one of its major draws. Unfortunately, the built-in art selection is relatively limited, making users wish for additional choices that better meet their preferences. Users will either need to access alternate sources of digital art or rely on what Samsung TV provides. To begin with, the Frame TV’s limited built-in art selection may disappoint those with specific preferences. As a result, users might explore various platforms, like digital art galleries, to expand their collections. Unfortunately, this search can consume time and effort while detracting from its initial appeal.

If you rely solely on Samsung’s art selection, you may feel disappointed by its limited diversity. Transitions between art pieces are essential for an immersive experience. Unfortunately, limited choices inhibit this goal. Therefore, expanding Frame TV’s art repertoire to increase artistic capabilities and reach a broader audience is necessary to realize its full potential as a creative experience provider.

4. Additional Subscription For More Art

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Samsung Frame has a basic art collection, and you must subscribe to unlock more art to display.


As a potential user, you have to subscribe to Samsung’s Art Store to enjoy more art on your Frame TV. You are already paying more to get your hands on the TV, and any subscription requirements will certainly create doubt about the long-term viability of your investment. If the Art Store were to close down, you would lose access to many pieces of artwork. This can lock you in a lifelong subscription so you can continue to access more art on Frame TV.

5. It Requires a Professional Installation

A Frame TV has a unique design and requires professional installation for a flush wall mount, which adds to the device’s cost. While it’s possible to do a self-installation, the risks of damaging or nullifying warranties are real. So, be ready to fork out some cash to install the Frame TV professionally in your home.

6. Stuck in Portrait Mode Issue

Some users have complained about portrait mode issues on Samsung Frame TV, which frustrated them as their TV became inoperable until fixed. This issue significantly impacts those who use these TVs for daily entertainment or work. Although not widespread, it’s wise to consider this before buying one.

7. Samsung Frame Tv Requires Specific Image Dimensions

The Samsung Frame TV requires specific image dimensions to prevent its matte border from interfering with your photo or artwork displays. This may force you to edit images to adhere to their exact specifications manually. No one wants to tweak images to enjoy a smooth viewing experience when they have invested $1,000 to $2,000 on a TV touted as the best for displaying artwork. To avoid this inconvenience, steer clear of the Frame TV.

8. Automatically Turns Off in Art Mode

Samsung Frame TV’s Art Mode is one of its main selling points, allowing you to display stunning art pieces. However, reports of automatic shutoff during Art Mode can cause immense frustration if you want to enjoy a seamless artistic experience. To address this problem, you will have to adjust your TV settings.

9. TV Switches Source By Itself

Samsung Frame TV users have reported instances where its sources have suddenly switched, creating an unexpected and disorienting viewing experience. This problem could get in the way of watching your favorite shows or sports events and may require troubleshooting. We are not sure how frequently this happens, but it’s something that could put you off.

Wrapping Up

A Samsung Frame TV can be an excellent addition to your living space, allowing you to showcase artwork. However, this TV typically requires expensive custom bezels and an extra subscription to expand your artwork options. Because of its design, the TV may also need a professional installation to a flush mount. Some people report issues like being “stuck in portrait mode,” which makes their TV unusable.

These TVs also require specific image dimensions to prevent mattes from displaying personal photos or artwork inappropriately. Art Mode sometimes shuts off automatically, preventing your TV from displaying art consistently. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you need a frame TV. Think about the benefits and drawbacks carefully. Consider factors like budget, design, and functionality too.

The 9 Best Reasons To Avoid A Samsung Frame TV FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Why should I avoid a Samsung Frame TV?

One reason not to choose a Samsung Frame TV is its higher price point than similar TVs on the market, and support for specific streaming applications.

Is the picture quality of a Samsung Frame TV good enough for the price?

While Samsung Frame TVs typically produce excellent picture quality, some users have reported issues with color accuracy and backlight bleeding that can become distracting when watching.

Are there any limitations to the size or style of artwork I can display on a Samsung Frame TV?

Yes, there are restrictions to the size and style of artwork you can display on a Samsung Frame TV. It requires art tailored explicitly for its dimensions and settings; therefore, it may only work with some art pieces.

Can I customize the frame of a Samsung Frame TV to match my decor?

Samsung provides customizable frames for their TVs, but these options may only suit some decor styles or be cost-effective enough for everyone.

Is it difficult to mount a Samsung Frame TV on the wall?

Mounting a Samsung Frame TV to the wall may prove more complex than usual due to its unique design. For optimal results, it is advised to seek professional installation services.

Does the Samsung Frame TV come with a warranty?

Yes, the Samsung Frame TV comes with a standard one-year warranty; however, some users have reported issues or defects with their TV that require customer support and service support services to fix.

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