The 8 Best Paying Tech Jobs In Rhode Island

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The 8 Best Paying Tech Jobs In Rhode Island

Rhode Island is naturally beautiful, has excellent schools, and experiences all four seasons. Not only is it a great place to live, but it’s also perfect for those looking to pursue tech-related careers. When it comes to the best-paying tech jobs in Rhode Island, here’s what you need to know.

What Are the Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Rhode Island?

Living in Rhode Island can be expensive due to high housing costs and utility bills. But you could make a decent living with jobs in the healthcare and technology sectors. Here are the top eight best-paying tech jobs in Rhode Island.

Computer Network Architect – $127,554 per Year

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A computer network architect designs and deploys an organization’s information systems and networks.


The job of a computer network architect is to design and implement reliable computer networks. A robust infrastructure is essential as it ensures communication and information flow across the network. Data saved in the cloud is accessible to all employees from any electronic device, courtesy of a network architect.

As a computer network architect, you’ll need to manage and expand a company’s data communication networks. To meet the demands of your business or clientele, you’ll need to create LANs (also known as local area networks) and network infrastructures. This job could earn you a minimum of $127k a year. Strong knowledge of hardware and routers is essential for this role. Of course, keeping up with trends in hardware and software will also be helpful.

A few companies hiring computer network architects include Citizen and KBR.

Solutions Engineer – $137,462 per year

If you’re confident and sociable, being a solutions engineer is a great sales position that can net you around $140k a year. As a solutions engineer, you’d have the technical knowledge of software solutions and be able to sell these to customers. You’ll also arrange demos and address technical questions. A big part of your job will be to keep in touch with clients to continue to meet their technical needs.

Some of your daily tasks will include designing software systems for clients and customers, presenting the software, using your computer skills to update and enhance the technology, and managing relationships with your clients and customers.

Airkit, Salesforce, and Eptura are currently hiring solutions engineers in Rhode Island.

Data Scientist – $123,592 per year

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If research is your jam, being a data scientist can earn you $123k a year, just as a start. As a data scientist, you will research industry and company pain points and areas for improvements, understand and extract data, clean it, model it, and then organize it all.

Your work is to find patterns and trends in your dataset, create algorithms to forecast potential outcomes and use AI and machine learning to improve data quality. Part of your job is to research innovations in data science. Tools like Python, R, and SQL are handy for this job.

CVS Health, FM Global, and Brown University are hiring data scientists in Rhode Island.

Information Security Analyst – $91,219 per year

If you want to be able to focus on cyber security, becoming an information security analyst can help you earn almost six figures a year. As an information security analyst, you’ll focus on the security and integrity of computer networks and systems. You should also be able to guard against online attacks and other security lapses within your company or for clients. You’ll also need to be able to maintain the security of sensitive data, including financial and personal information.

You’ll need to understand computer security, information technology, and potential security concerns like viruses, malware, and phishing scams. You will excel in this role if you’re meticulous, have strong problem-solving skills, and can operate effectively under pressure. Good communication skills and the ability to collaborate with other IT specialists are critical too.

RBS Citizens, Identity and Access Solutions, and Dell Technologies are hiring information security analysts.

IT Manager – $105,556 per year

An IT Manager typically works with other IT professionals and with multiple stakeholders. If you’re sociable, this job can be a rewarding career, earning you anywhere from $100k-$140k.

Your primary duty is managing the organization’s information technology (IT systems). In this role, you also oversee the organization’s infrastructure, ensuring it meets the needs of the business. Your team will need to focus on the goals and objectives of the company to keep all stakeholders happy.

You’ll also need to keep the IT systems of your company secure, organize and put new systems and technology into place, and focus on strategic planning to ensure everyone stays on task. A good grasp of business technologies, including networking, software, and hardware, is vital for the role.

UNFI, Care New England, and Zebra Technologies are a few companies currently hiring IT managers in the state.

Java Developer – $120,626

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A Java developer creates programs and apps using Java programming language.

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Did you know you could work on one specific tool or program and still make around six figures? Java Developers in Rhode Island can expect to make $112,000 per year.

As a Java developer, you create and manage Java-based software and application. You’ll perform Java-related tasks Throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from concept to testing.

Your work will span the software development lifecycle from designing and maintaining Java-based applications to understanding the software’s features and functionality. You’re also responsible for developing and testing Java software, solving technical issues that arise, and updating current Java infrastructure. From day to day, you’ll also be writing and testing your code and managing Java during and after launch.

CVS Health, SSTech System, or Radcom Software Services have slots for Java developers.

Tableau Developer – $103,258 per year

As a Tableau developer, you’ll focus on using the Tableau platform for business intelligence processes and data analysis. You’ll create, manage, and keep up your company’s BI system or manage the systems for clients. You can earn 100k per year in this role.

Your primary duties will be identifying patterns, designing dashboards, managing the Tableau server, and resolving potential glitches. You’ll also develop reference documents and create project reports. A strong understanding of data analytics and the Tableau platform is crucial.

Savi Technologies and Care New England are hiring Tableau developers in Rhode Island.

Product Designer – $93,910 per year

As a product designer, your work is to develop visually appealing and functional products. You’ll need creative skills and visualize the product from start to finish. In short, you have to turn a concept into a design and then a full-blown product. Most product designers in Rhode Island earn $93k to $140k a year in a supervisory role.

You will assume multiple roles as a product designer — manager, researcher, marketer, salesman, and designer. So you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively and have good time management, as well as negotiating and strategic thinking skills. Additionally, you must be a team player.

Before your product reaches consumers, you’ll need to be able to communicate it through engineering, code, and more. You’ll oversee the final design mock-ups, prototypes, and wireframes. You’ll also do testing and presentation and address any issues.

Product designers can apply for jobs at Hasbro, MojoTech, and G-Form, to name a few.

Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Rhode Island Wrap Up

Rhode Island has many sought-after tech jobs with fantastic pay. Employers typically seek candidates with strong academic credentials, real work experience, and good interpersonal skills.

The 8 Best Paying Tech Jobs In Rhode Island FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the average job salary in Rhode Island?

Most jobs in Rhode Island pay an average of $67,553 per year.

Is a job in tech worth it?

Yes, they can be, especially if a high-cost-of-living state like Rhode Island. And many positions also pay for healthcare, PTO, and more.

Is the tech field stressful?

Yes, it can be, especially if you’re in a supervisory role. This is why it’s important to understand what you’re looking for in any job.

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