The 8 Best Paying Tech Jobs In Arizona

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The 8 Best Paying Tech Jobs In Arizona

Arizona is known for its warm, sunny weather and beautiful mountains. But did you know that the Grand Canyon State is fast becoming a tech hub? Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in technology may find the state’s fast-expanding tech sector and the chance to collaborate with the state’s top entrepreneurs, business leaders, and venture investors enticing. With all of that said, let’s take a look at the best-paying tech jobs in Arizona.

What are the Best Paying Tech Jobs In Arizona

Although Arizona is fast becoming a tech hub, the cost of living is still low. The average salary in the state is around $52,000 a year. Nearly all the jobs below are above this figure, which is why they’re considered some of the best-paying tech jobs!

Data Engineer – $114,217 per year

On average, a data engineer can make over $114,000 a year in Arizona, with many earning more at the level of senior or lead data engineers.

As a data engineer, you’ll create systems that gather, handle, and transform raw data into information that data scientists and business analysts can use. Your ultimate objective is to open up data so that businesses can utilize it to improve their performance.

Data engineering isn’t usually an entry-level position. Instead, a lot of data engineers begin their careers as business intelligence analysts or software engineers.

Working in this industry can be tough but rewarding. By making it simpler for data scientists, analysts, and decision-makers to access the data they need to conduct their jobs, you’ll play a crucial part in the success of a business.

A few companies hiring data engineers in Arizona include USAA, IBM, and American Express. However, small and local businesses need data engineers too!

Machine Learning Engineer – $130,279 per year

Another well-paying engineer and tech job is a Machine Learning Engineer. On average, machine learning engineers make around $130,000 a year in Arizona.

When you’re a machine learning engineer, you’ll research, build, and design self-running software to automate predictive models. In most jobs, you’ll build artificial intelligence (AI) systems that leverage huge data sets to generate and develop algorithms capable of learning and eventually making predictions.

Designing machine learning systems requires that the machine learning engineer can assess, analyze, and organize data, execute tests, and optimize the learning process to help develop high-performance machine learning models.

Most machine learning engineers are well-versed in C++, Java, Python, R, Lisp, and Prolog languages. Some also have experience with HTML and JavaScript, but that’s not completely necessary, depending on your job.

Some of the top employers of machine learning engineers in Arizona include American Express, Intel, and State Farm.

Technology Consultant Manager – $161,195 per year

If you’re already an IT professional, you most likely have the skills to become a technology consultant manager and make over $160,000 a year.

In this role, you’ll assess IT needs or requirements, look at IT capabilities, identify potential IT issues, offer technical advice and guidance, and integrate new technology and solutions. You will also improve process efficiency as a technology consultant manager.

To succeed, you’ll need to be extremely knowledgeable about the technology sector, programming languages, and system codes in order to spot potential discrepancies and bugs.

Accenture, Arizona State University, and Cox Communications are just a few places hiring technology consultant managers in Arizona right now.

Security Systems Supervisor – $61,741 per year

While a security systems supervisor will earn less than other jobs on this list, the job still makes more than the average salary in Arizona.

As a security systems supervisor, you’ll need to have knowledge of applicable technology (like CCTV), be able to curate security policies and procedures, work on budgeting and statistical data, and have excellent planning and management abilities.

One of the best parts of this job? You can break into the tech field with just a high school diploma. Many supervisors aren’t expected to have higher degrees. However, furthering your education in security management (specifically cyber security) can be helpful.

SRP, Charles Schwab, and American Airlines are currently hiring supervisors for security systems work.

Cloud/Software Architect – $195,540 per year

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that demands for could architects wil grow by 25 percent from 2021-2031.


As a cloud/software architect in Arizona, you will earn you almost $200,000 a year. It’s one of the highest-paid tech jobs in the state.

Cloud architects develop and oversee an organization’s cloud computing initiatives. They select the appropriate cloud infrastructure and services for their company and make sure those services adhere to the technical and operational needs of the firm.

The cloud architect offers advice on the security, scalability, and cost optimization of the cloud environment. In addition, they plan and execute the transfer of current applications and data to the cloud. When working on a project, cloud architects frequently collaborate with developers and DevOps engineers from the technical team.

A cloud/software architect usually has a bachelor’s degree in a technical field, software development experience, and cloud experience, usually in AWS or Azure.

Many jobs are hiring for this role in Arizona, including IBM, Accenture, and OneNeck.

Front-end Developer – $83,277 per year

Front end developers ensure visitors can interact with different parts of a website or app.


As a front-end developer, you’ll build the front-end portions of web applications and websites or what people see. You have to know multiple languages, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Most front-end developers earn at least $83,000 a year, with seniors and leads making over $120,000 on average.

A front-end developer’s primary duty is to make sure a website is easy to navigate and use. They accomplish this by combining programming, design, and technology to code a website’s aesthetic and take care of debugging. Everything people see, click on, or use when visiting a website is the result of your efforts as the front-end developer.

Some of the companies hiring front-end developers in Arizona include General Motors, Discount Tire, and Zoom.

UX Designer – $94,397 per year

Graphical User Interface wireframe
UX designers create interfaces for apps and websites.

Arizona-based UX designers can make upwards of $94,000 a year or more if they’re in a supervisory role.

UX design focuses on how daily products and services, like websites, applications, and smart appliances, interact with their human users. This role blends aspects of psychology, business, market research, design, and technology. As a UX designer, your responsibility is to make technology, services, and goods easy to use, fun, and easy to access.

You’ll usually be a part of a larger product team, helping bridge the gap between users, the rest of the development team, and the company’s stakeholders. However, it is your responsibility as a UX designer to speak up for the consumer or end-user.

Some popular jobs hiring UX designers right now are Arizona State University, the University of Arizona, and Go Daddy.

Sales Engineer – $117,106 per year

If you’re outgoing and love meeting customers, you can combine your technical skills with sales and be a sales engineer, making over $100,000 a year. Most salesmen earn a base salary and then earn commissions on what they sell. So the better you are at selling, the more you can make. And the best part? There typically isn’t an earnings cap.

A sales engineer is in charge of a company’s technical sales of its goods and services. You’ll collaborate with clients to identify their demands or needs and then create solutions to address them. Sales engineers will also collaborate with other divisions within a business. This ensures that any goods and services they oversee are correctly developed and produced to satisfy their customer’s needs.

To work as a sales engineer, you need a university degree. Most jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Employers prefer applicants with advanced degrees. However, being able to sell and be customer-facing is a huge plus.

Intuit, Paychex, PTI, and Edmund Optics are all currently hiring sales engineers in Arizona.

Best Paying Tech Jobs In Arizona Wrap Up

While some of these jobs don’t require you to be a “techie” to work in the technology field, most require a bachelor’s degree or time commitment. However, they pay really well, and you can live in a state known for its fantastic climate. We call that a win when it comes to the best paying tech jobs in Arizona!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arizona a good place for tech?

Yes, Arizona is quickly becoming a tech hub state and has added many jobs, including many in the tech sector.

What high tech companies are in Arizona?

A few companies include Axway, Go Daddy, Mesa Airlines, and Avnet.

What city in Arizona pays the most?

Tucson, Peoria, and Phoenix have some of the highest paying jobs on average.

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