The 7 Most Expensive Nerfs

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The 7 Most Expensive Nerfs

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall (but most expensive) Nerf is the N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster.
  • Amazon once had a token with a button for auto-ordering Nerf darts but discontinued it.
  • The Nerf Crossover bow series borrows its name from a YouTube channel called “Dude Perfect.”
  •  The Terrascout Drone is among the hardest to find.
  • The N-Strike Vulcan weighs 7.7 pounds (3.5 kg) and is one of the heaviest Nerfs.
  • When buying an expensive Nerf, you’ll want to check its firepower, age limit, amo type, and cost.

The Nerf toy brand wave started in the 1980s, with the first Nerf, the Ball Blaster, being released into the market in 1989. Initially, the blasters shot Nerf balls before adding foam missiles and bows. 1992 was a deal breaker following the release of the first dart blaster. It was an instant hit.

Nerf blasters have since gained collectible value. You will be surprised at the most expensive Nerfs available today! Passionate collectors have rare unopened Nerfs in their custody. They sell them for a fortune, while others keep the collection as a hobby.

Nerf blasters are versatile play objects that you can use indoors and outdoors. You can take the fun everywhere you go. So, what’s going to be your favorite Nerf? We can help you select the first of your collection.

After painstaking research and review, here’s our list of the best, most expensive Nerfs!

#1 Best Overall Most Expensive Nerf: N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster

Best Overall for Sniping
Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster
  • Awesome air-powered dart blaster
  • Can store two quick-reload clips
  • One clip included
  • Blaster comes with barrel extension, flip-up sight, quick-reload clip, 6 Clip System darts, and instructions
  • Since been discontinued by the manufacturer
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09/27/2023 05:47 pm GMT

The N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster is our choice for the #1 Best Overall most expensive Nerf.

It resembles a military-issue standard rifle and is the longest blaster in the Nerf brand. The toy rifle is 3 feet (1 meter) long and has a non-removable shoulder stock with four rails. Two rails are on top and in tandem, while one is above the other underneath. It has two quick re-load clips ensuring you don’t fall short of ammo while in action. Besides, a flip-up sight enhances accuracy providing a decent view of your target. 

The blaster has a firing range of 35 feet (11 meters). This Nerf looks fantastic, especially when you attach the front barrel. Another aspect is that you detach the barrel extension to achieve better shots. The piece retails at $110.

Customizable with other accessoriesHasbro discontinued the production of this blaster
Its ability to hold two magazine clips is impressive
The hand grip has a firm feel compared to similar blasters

Most Quiet Blaster: Nerf Rayven CS-18 (Light It Up Series)

A Quiet Blaster with a Great Design
Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18 Blaster
  • Get your fill of night action with the RAYVEN CS-18 blaster and 18 glow-in-the-dark dart
  • Load the 18 included darts in the Firefly Tech clip to charge them for awesome glow-in-the-dark firepower
  • Blaster comes with 18 Clip System glow-in-the-dark darts, Firefly Tech clip, and instructions
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09/27/2023 08:51 pm GMT

The Nerf Rayven CS-18 (Light It Up Series) takes the slot as the quietest blaster with its whispering motor.

It features a Firefly Tech semi-automatic clip and two tactical rails. The clip system can accommodate 18 clips. Also, the darts glow in the dark, which is so cool. You can carry it on a sling attached to two holes at the top and bottom of the item’s stock.

A flywheel system powers the firing mechanism. An acceleration trigger activates it, which you must pull for the blaster to start firing darts. You need to maintain your hold on the switch for continuous operation. The Rayven has a battery-powered motor with a slot for four batteries. Its motor is tranquil, making it an ideal choice for indoor fun. The Rayven has a $200 price tag and is one of the most expensive Nerfs.

Attractive designThe rev-up time creates a lag in fast-paced games
The glow-in-the-dark darts are fantastic
Small, lightweight, and sturdy

Best Long-Range Bow: Dude Perfect Signature Bow

Best Long-Range Bow
Nerf Dude Perfect Signature Bow
  • 2 Nerf whistling arrows
  • For kids, teens, and adults
  • The Dude Perfect Signature Bow is the biggest Nerf toy bow, measuring a whopping 42 inches (122 centimeters) long
  • Fires arrows up to 105 feet 
  • Comes with a target to set up so you can practice your skills
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09/28/2023 11:57 am GMT

The Dude Perfect Signature Bow pleased us to place it in the best long-range bow category.

The 2017 release comprises a firing bow and an arrow. The bow spans 42 inches (107 cm) long. It can fire arrows at 32 meters (105 feet). The toy kit includes two Nerf arrows. You will love the whistling sound the arrow produces as it flies through the air. You also get a target with a beautiful DP logo for practicing your firing skills.

The Dude Perfect is a befitting name, having been featured in a video by the Dude Perfect group that runs a sports YouTube channel with a massive following. You’ll have to pay $250 to purchase the Dude Perfect Signature Bow.

Has a big bow for an easy play experienceOnly suitable for the outdoors
A target is part of the product package
The bow easily snaps into place during launch

Best High-Capacity Blaster: Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-300

Best High-Capacity Blaster
Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 Red
  • High capacity blaster holds 30 high-impact rounds
  • Rotating barrel
  • Easy-load integrated magazine
  • Includes blaster, 30 rounds, and instructions
  • Slam-fire action
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09/27/2023 06:08 pm GMT

The Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-300 clinched top honors as the best high-capacity blaster owing to its ability to hold more rounds.

The blaster holds 30 rounds of ammo in a rotating barrel. It has three built-in magazines, each with a 10-round capacity and a firing velocity of 30 meters per second (100 feet per second). Its integrated magazine allows quick loading, ensuring you don’t take long before rejoining the action. A tactical rail, trigger lock, and a rotating barrel are other impressive features of the Artemis XVII-300. Besides, you have a choice of two colors, red and blue. The toy’s estimated value is around $75, not so much compared to others here, but it is still one of the most expensive Nerfs.

It is easy to load and fire amo on this NerfDarts fired at close range can cause eye injury
It has an impressive 30-rounds capacity

Best for Kids and Teens: Nerf N-Strike Elite TerraScout Recon

Best for Kids and Teens
NERF TerraScout Recon Toy RC Drone N-Strike Elite Blaster
  • With a live video feed
  • 18 official elite darts
  • Rechargeable battery
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The Nerf N-Strike Elite TerraScout Recon is the best Nerf for kids and teens who will love its remote-controlled tank drone.

The TerraScout Recon is a fabulous toy featuring a tank RC drone and a dart blaster. You also have a 35-dart drum loaded with official Nerf darts. Even more impressive is that this blaster toy has a camera to record battle photos or videos and monitor the drone’s movement. An LCD screen captures a video feed, enabling you to see out-of-sight targets.

You can scout a battlefield through the live feed feature, select your target, adjust the firing angle, and unleash firepower. The blaster has all-terrain tracks, a 360-degree rotation ability, and can hit speeds up to 215 feet per minute (66 meters per minute). The toy kit has 18 Elite darts, a charger, and a rechargeable NiMH battery.

It has impressive features that appeal to youngstersThe camera requires an SD card which is not a part of the product’s package
The screen has clear views and aims accurately

Most Efficient: Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25

Powerful and Efficient
Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster
  • The removable tripod folds for easy transport
  • The fully automatic blaster holds up to twenty-five darts and can fire up to three darts per second
  • Blaster comes with an ammo box
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09/28/2023 04:17 am GMT

The N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 grabbed our attention as the most efficient blaster.

It has a tripod that boosts your aiming efficiency. Also, you can quickly remove and fold the tripod when you need to evade enemy fire. Springs attached to the tripod provide an automatic fold-back motion. As one of the most expensive Nerfs, N-Strike has a commanding presence and is an excellent choice for dart battles. It boasts an impressive firing rate of three darts per second. N-Strike’s ammo belts carry 25 darts each.

The Nerf blaster has a top handle with a proper hand grip for easy carrying to your desired action location. Also, you can swivel the blaster at 360 degrees on its tripod with click-stops at 25-degree intervals. Even more impressive, the blaster has a back and forward elevation of 45 degrees. The package includes 25 Whistler Darts, a dart belt, a removable tripod, and an ammo box. Regarding the price, you’ll fork out $520 for this unit.

Outstanding designBatteries used on the product weigh it down, causing an imbalance
There are no flimsy or hanging parts
Bold and clear colors distinguish it from an actual weapon

Best Customizable Blaster: Original Nerf Crossbow (Purple Version)

Best Customizable Blaster
Nerf Rebelle Codebreaker Crossbow Blaster
  • Show your skills and style with Nerf Rebelle high-performance blasters, bows, and crossbows
  • Launch into spy missions with Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies bows and blasters
  • Unleash your inner warrior and soak your target in wild water battles with Rebelle soakers
  • Experience real bow action with Nerf Rebelle arrows and bows
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/28/2023 11:57 am GMT

The Original Nerf Crossbow (Purple Version) is our best customizable blaster.

The Kenner Brand first released the Nerf Crossbow in 1995 before Hasbro acquired it later. It can store four Mega suction darts and three large arrows. Another design aspect is the rotating dart barrel which can fire eight darts in a row before reloading. It has a 22-meter (75 feet) firing distance. In addition, the toy features a comfortable grip section. Nerf fans adore the toy for its vintage value and customization ability. Its average price is $250 for the used variant. A new one goes for between $300 and $350.

It has a secret passcodeThe blaster occasionally jams, taking away the fun
The crossbow has fun colors
nerf blaster battle
There are great Nerf blasters out there, and some of them are quite expensive!


How to Pick the Most Expensive Nerf: Step-by-Step

Buying the most expensive Nerfs can be confusing as there are many options. Whether you seek a budget-friendly blaster, high-quality, or one with firepower, here are ways to go about it.

  • Firepower
  • Age limits
  • Ammo type
  • Affordability

Let’s examine each of these in detail!


Determine the best Nerf toys with the firepower that excites you. Furthermore, blasters load in different ways. Examples include chains, belts, clips, front load, internal magazines, hoppers, barrels, and trunks. Motorized blasters have faster firing rates than other types.

Nerf blasters have different age limits depending on the type, mode of firing, and reload. The Mega Series, for example, is for children above eight years (8+). They have a predominantly bold scheme.

Ammo Types

High-impact balls are for ball blasters. Mega blasters require mega ammo. There are also Nerf discs and elite ammo for premium toys. Foam missiles and arrows are other types you will come across.


Despite the appealing nature of the most expensive Nerfs, you still do not want to avoid buying impulsively. However, once you have zeroed in on the type of blaster you need, it becomes easy to determine if it is within your budget.

What to Know Before Buying the Most Expensive Nerf

Whether you are using Nerfs for the first time or are a pro, it helps to know these toys. Here’s a sneak peek of what to know before buying.


There are four leading brands you will come across, including:

  • Dart Zone
  • Zuru X-shot
  • Air Warriors
  • Adventure Force

The last category mainly comprises modified versions of the other three brands. But, again, it is exclusive to Walmart.

Blaster Types

Nerf blasters are in four categories, i.e., springers, flywheels, airpower, and stringers.

  • Springers: These are the simplest. They are easy to operate and don’t require batteries or an electricity connection. Springers are perfect for younger fans.
  • Elecro Flywheel Blasters: These are the most plentiful varieties. They operate on battery power, and you’ll need to replace them over time. Most of these Nerfs have a rev trigger and a common trigger. Other types feature an on-and-off switch in place of a rev trigger.
  • Airpower Blasters: An airpower blaster has a pumping mechanism that you activate to build pressure in a built-in tank. Once complete, you only need to press a trigger for the pressure to release the darts. They’re some of the coolest toys but are challenging to find.
  • Stringers: These resemble a bow and use string propulsion to fire darts or arrows. However, some models feature the spring bow design but utilize a plunger tube for propulsion.

Using the Most Expensive Nerfs: What It’s Like

Nerf blasters utilize harmless missiles that do not ruin your clothes or bruise the skin. They comprise foam-tipped discs, balls, or darts. Kids and adults will enjoy firing at each other or imaginary targets. Your backyard or a nearby local park are the ideal locations. 

Most importantly, Nerf solidifies bonds between family, friends, and enthusiastic fans. Using Nerfs is a simple affair. Most come with accessories and instructions for ease of use. First, read the manual before assembling the toy. After that, you can perform a few test runs by firing a round or two. It doesn’t take long for you to get acquainted with the toy.

The 7 Most Expensive Nerfs FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is there a clear distinction on what powerful blaster supersedes the other?

No blaster towers above others when it comes to power. The reason is that ability varies depending on the model, series, and ammo type. However, Dart Zone pro blasters are heavy on firepower and some of the most powerful. They are also accurate and recommended for outdoor fun.

Which Nerf blaster is the most expensive?

As we’ve seen in the case of firepower, no single blaster can take credit for being the most expensive. However, we have numerous pricey Nerfs, including the ones in this review. Examples are the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25, which goes for $520, and Nerf Dude Perfect, which retails at $250.

Which is the best long-range Nerf blaster?

We can bet our money on the Dude Perfect Signature Bow. It fires arrows for up to 105 feet (32 meters).

What’s the Nerf with massive firepower?

Take a keen look at the Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-300 in our review. It blasts 30 rounds at a speed of 100 meters per second. With it, kids and adults can rain ammo on targets and derive much fun. 

Which is the coolest but most expensive Nerf?

The Original Nerf Crossbow (Purple Version) wins it with a $200 price tag. It is a fantastic toy that you can also customize.

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