The 7 Best Wireless Security Cameras Available in 2024

The 7 Best Wireless Security Cameras Available in 2024

Key Points

  • When choosing the best wireless security camera, there are many factors to consider, including storage and resolution, among others.
  • The Arlo Pro 4 was voted the best overall wireless security camera.
  • If budget is a concern, Anker eufyCam may be for you.

No matter the reason, security cameras do a fantastic job of providing peace of mind both inside and outside a house. There are things that can bump in the night, and a security camera will help you know whether it’s someone who wants to cause mischief or a child looking to sneak a piece of chocolate. 

The good news is that security cameras don’t cost an arm and a leg anymore, and there is no shortage of excellent options, no matter your use case. Thanks to advances in broadband connectivity over the past decade or so, using a wireless security camera is just as functional as the wired options of old. Not only are wireless models easier to install, but you don’t have to run any cables all over your home. 

Let’s take a look at the best wireless security camera models available in 2024. 

Best Overall: Arlo Pro 4

Flexible Installation Options
Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera - 3 Pack
  • 160° diagonal viewing angle
  • 2K HDR
  • Integrated spotlight and color night vision
  • Easy setup requires no hub or wiring
  • Two-way audio
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02/22/2024 09:35 am GMT

The battle over the best wireless security cameras in 2024 is a tough one, but in the end, the Arlo Pro 4 really stands out.

With its battery-powered cameras, easy installation, two-way audio, and color night vision, it’s just a fantastic choice. The 160-degree view angle lens makes it distinguish between animals, people, packages, and vehicles, all while capturing details in 2K video quality. 

Should you want to move the Arlo Pro 4 to another room or exterior of the home, detaching, the magnetic mount is a breeze, thanks to the lack of cables. It’s this freedom of movement that helps make the Pro 4 such an attractive offering. That, and the really loud siren for when there is an alert. 

As with all good wireless security cameras, you need to take advantage of Arlo’s subscription model to really get your money’s worth. Plans begin at $2.99 monthly for one camera and $9.99 for unlimited cameras and, with either price, you receive cloud recording, rich notifications, cloud activity zones, and advanced object detection among other features. 

Pick up the Arlo Pro 4 from Amazon. 

Best Budget-Friendly: Anker eufyCam

eufy security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life, HomeKit Compatibility, 1080p HD, IP67, Night Vision, No Monthly Fee
  • eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life, HomeKit Compatibility, 1080p HD, IP67, Night Vision, No Monthly Fee
  • Half-Year Security from 1 Charge - Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery and enjoy 180-day battery life from just one charge.
  • Detailed Night Vision - View recordings or live footage in crisp clarity, even at night, for a clear view of who’s there.
  • The Alerts* That Matter - Human detection technology enables your outdoor security camera to intelligently detect body shape and face pattern. Ensuring you are only alerted when a person, and not a...
  • Ready for Any Weather - With an IP67 weatherproof-rating, eufyCam 2C is built to withstand the elements.
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02/22/2024 05:08 am GMT

When it comes to budget-friendly wireless security cameras, you want to find the best combination of savings without sacrificing quality or features. The Anker eufyCam outdoor camera system does exactly that with complete wireless functionality for connecting back to its encrypted hub.

The cameras themselves offer 1080p video recording while lasting 180 days on a single battery before requiring recharging. A built-in spotlight helps illuminate any exterior area during the evening time if the cameras detect movement, all while properly differentiating between animals and people. IP67 waterproofing makes them ideal for dealing with the elements, no matter where you live around the world.  

Smart detection zones enable users the opportunity to double up on extra awareness of any specific area around their home. When you do have a recording you want to capture, the EufyCam hub captures up to three months of recordings, thanks to its 16GB hard drive. There are no additional costs after purchase which only adds to the benefits of the Anker EufyCam 2C series as the best budget option around. 

Grab the Anker EufyCam 2C camera system on Amazon. 

Best Indoor: Google Nest Cam

Best Overall
Google Nest Cam Outdoor or Indoor, Battery – 2nd Generation – 2 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Built-in intelligence and can tell the difference between a person, animal, and vehicle
  • Sends alerts directly through the Google Home app, no subscription required
  • Easily check in from anywhere 24/7 with 1080p HDR video with night vision
  • See what you missed with 3 hours of free event video history
  • If your Wi-Fi goes down or there’s a power outage, Nest Cam will store up to an hour of recorded events
  • Battery-powered so you don’t need to set it up near an outlet, and the magnetic mount makes installation simple
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02/23/2024 09:49 am GMT

Google's Nest Cam is an easy winner for the best indoor camera system.

Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can see what’s going on inside your home or office 24/7. With batteries that will last up to seven months, depending on the level of activity, you can expect great quality out of the 1080p HDR video recording plus night vision for clear video in the evenings. 

As a Wi-Fi-connected camera, if the internet goes down or a power outage occurs, the Google Nest Cam will continue recording for an additional hour. That’s on top of the three free hours of event history you get just by hooking up the system. Plus, Nest Cam owners are able to stream live video from a smartphone or tablet as well as using any display compatible with Google Assistant. 

If you want longer video history, smart alerts, and even teaching your camera how to recognize frequent guests, you can pick up a subscription for Nest Aware, which starts at $6 per month. 

Pick up the Google Nest Cam at Amazon. 

Best Doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell 3

Easy Wired or Wireless Options
Ring Video Doorbell 3
  • 1080p HD resolution video doorbell
  • Playback from your tablet, smartphone, or PC
  • Enhanced motion detection, better privacy zones, increased audio privacy, and 5.0 or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Mobile push notifications when doorbell is pressed or motion sensors are triggered
  • Wireless model features rechargeable battery pack
  • Easy setup with mounting tools included
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02/22/2024 12:54 am GMT

Arguably the most popular video doorbell on the market today, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 serves as a great wireless security camera.

The 1080p HD camera offers 160 degrees of view which is more than enough to let you see, hear, and speak with anyone approaching your front door. 

With dual-band Wi-Fi, the Ring is completely wireless and since it runs on both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz networks, you are connected to whichever of the two is the strongest on your home network. Even with its wireless activity, the Ring’s battery packs last for months on end before requiring recharging.

Setup is a breeze as the Ring app concisely goes through every step just as soon as the doorbell is connected to a wall. Tools are included for mounting, and with a little bit of luck, you can get up and running in under 30 minutes. Once you are ready to go, you can record through Ring’s cloud service by purchasing the Ring Protect plan, which starts at $3.99 a month for one camera.

Find the Ring Video Doorbell 3 on Amazon. 

Best Floodlight: Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Best Mounting Options
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera
  • 1080p HD video 
  • Two-way talk
  • Real-time notifications
  • Quick-release battery pack
  • Countless placement options

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There are wireless security camera floodlights and then there is the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera.

For anyone who wants to illuminate a backyard, this is absolutely the wireless security camera for them. With 2,000 lumens of brightness, you get more than enough illumination to see any person, animal, or object in your yard with ease. 

Wireless setup is one of the easiest around and will have you actively monitor your yard or outside an office in no time. Once you are monitoring, you are able to hear and speak with visitors (or animals) outside the home with two-way audio. Viewing through the camera is with a 160-degree wide-angle view in 2K quality, so video recordings are crisp. 

Hot, cold, snow, rain? No problem, as the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is more than ready to tackle the elements. That all of these features work with Apple’s HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more smart home devices is all the more reason to give the Arlo Pro 3 a hard look. 

The Arlo Pro 3 can be purchased on Amazon. 

The best security systems are often the ones that nobody knows are there. That’s what makes the Blink Outdoor system so great.

The wireless cameras are small, offer two-year battery life, and are set up in minutes. Under three inches in length and width, the Blink cameras can all but disappear against a tree, garage, or backyard, so unwanted visitors don’t know they are on camera until it’s too late. 

The 110 wide-angle lens isn’t the widest in the space, but it’s a worthy tradeoff for such a compact camera. Even with its size, you still receive video capturing in 1080p HD quality, so the size of the camera has no impact on the overall quality.  

Blink’s outdoor camera system is built to withstand any type of weather so let the elements try and do their worst. The two-way audio works with your smartphone or tablet, but to get the most out of the Blink system, you’ll want the Blink subscription plan, which starts at $3 a month for live streaming, live recording, and 60-day unlimited video history. 

Get the Blink Camera system on Amazon today. 

Best Video Quality: Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera

Best 4K Video
Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera – 2 Camera Security System
  • Free local storage - Remotely access your locally secured smart camera footage from the included Arlo Smart hub (requires MicroSD card, sold separately)
  • Receive smarter notifications for people, vehicles, packages, and animals so you can react quickly, right from your phone’s lock screen
  • Fast and easy wire-free installation
  • Color night vision
  • The 4k security camera and wireless security camera system can automatically zoom and track moving objects with clarity
  • 2-way audio
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02/23/2024 02:50 pm GMT

When it comes to video quality with wireless security cameras, you are generally “forced” to use either 2K or 1080p quality. Both are good enough in their own right, and each will help you stay secure at home or in an office. However, if you want the absolute best quality out of a wireless security camera, look to the Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera

With the Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera, you can view and record in 4K HDR quality for the best wireless security camera quality. Details are sharper and crisper than ever before, and that’s true during daytime and evening hours. As with other Arlo products, you can utilize two-way audio, instant motion alerts, night vision, and smart home capability through HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant. 

Thanks to the 4K lens, you also get a fantastic ultra-wide 180 viewing angle that automatically removes fisheye distortion, creating an even sharper view outdoors. As a wireless unit, the cameras connect over your home network and work seamlessly with the “hub” which also doubles as local storage with a (purchased separately) microSD card. 

Pick up the Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera through Amazon. 

How to Pick the Best Wireless Security Camera: A Step-by-Step Guide

Choosing a wireless security camera system shouldn’t be a quick choice as you need to consider multiple factors before clicking on the purchase button. 

  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Resolution
  • Cloud or local storage
  • Smart home compatibility

Indoor or Outdoor Use

For the most part, many of the cameras on this list will be good for both indoor and outdoor use. There are some exceptions, but when buying an outdoor camera, in particular, you need to make sure it can handle the elements. Indoor cameras should include night vision but can often be lower resolution since they are more likely to have lighting to help offset nighttime conditions. 


Any wireless security camera that has a resolution lower than 1080p should be a non-starter. It’s the absolute minimum you should consider. Buying a wireless camera that has 2K resolution is the current sweet spot right now, as you can zoom in without losing quality. 

blink vs nest
The absolute lowest resolution you should get is 1080p.

Cloud or Local Storage

Subscription services are the norm for many wireless security camera systems, and it’s an accepted part of any purchase. However, you don’t have to have cloud storage if you want just basic services, but you’ll also be very limited. Purchasing any wireless security camera means you are looking for monitoring or protection, and, to do so, you want file storage, hopefully unlimited. 

Local storage is nice, especially in the case of the Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight, where you can purchase large microSD cards, but local storage will never compare to cloud-based options. Just be prepared to pay upwards of $10 a month for all the necessary features. 

Smart Home Compatibility

Purchasing a security camera system might mean you want to dip your toe into the smart home lifestyle. Wireless security cameras that sync with Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant are the most popular, and this functionality allows you to control your system not just from the manufacturer’s app but from other devices. It’s definitely nice to have, and for many people looking to install wireless security cameras, video doorbells, and smart thermostats, having everything work seamlessly together is a major bonus. 

Using Wireless Security Cameras: What It’s Like

For anyone who wants peace of mind while at home, having a wireless security camera can go a long way to making you feel safe and secure. People who don’t want to worry about wires and have solid Wi-Fi connections available should feel very comfortable about purchasing one of these systems. 

If you have a big front or backyard, the Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera is going to be a major help in lighting up a large area once motion is detected. That it can detect between animals and people is just one more reason to feel safe while using one of these systems. 

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is a great addition to any front door. As someone who relies heavily on this doorbell to quickly determine if it’s an Amazon delivery person or someone trying to sell the latest knife collection, it’s a huge help. 

No matter which camera you choose, you’re going to get the benefit of live video, cloud storage (with a subscription), great resolution, and two-way communication. These are huge wins all around, as it’s so great to have two-way audio, so you don’t have to open the door if you’re uncomfortable. 

What’s New in Wireless Security Cameras

Recently, wireless security cameras have seen significant advances:

  1. Improved Image Quality: Newer models boast higher resolutions, better dynamic range, and enhanced low-light performance, resulting in clearer and more detailed images.
  2. Increased Range: Wireless security cameras now offer extended transmission range, allowing them to cover larger properties effectively.
  3. New Features: The latest wireless security cameras come with built-in AI, enabling object detection, facial recognition, and two-way audio communication for enhanced monitoring and safety.
  4. Improved Battery Life: Battery life has been significantly extended in newer models, providing weeks of usage on a single charge, particularly beneficial for outdoor installations.

Future of Wireless Security Cameras: What to Expect

Wireless security cameras are on the rise, offering several advantages over wired counterparts. In the future, we can anticipate various advancements:

  1. Improved Sensors: New sensors with heightened light sensitivity will enable wireless security cameras to capture better images in low-light conditions.
  2. Enhanced Image Processing: Advanced image processing algorithms will improve image quality by reducing noise and expanding dynamic range.
  3. Next-Gen Wireless Technologies: Utilizing cutting-edge wireless technologies, like 5G, will enhance the range and performance of wireless security cameras.
  4. Built-in AI: Incorporating AI capabilities will enable wireless cameras to perform object detection and automatically record events of interest, such as people or vehicles.
  5. Cloud Streaming: Adoption of cloud streaming will allow wireless security cameras to transmit live video to the cloud, granting users remote access from anywhere in the world.

These advancements will shape the performance and capabilities of wireless security cameras, making them even more versatile and efficient in safeguarding properties.

Final Thoughts

There is little question the wireless security space is fiercely competitive, with well-known names all vying for the title of “best of.” In the end, there can only be one, and it’s the Arlo Pro 4 that stands out. The overall quality of video recordings, battery life, and a moderately priced subscription service all make it an easy winner.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wireless security camera you can buy today?

The Arlo Pro 4 is a standout option that has fantastic reviews online, excellent recording quality and a subscription that won’t break the bank. It’s an easy winner in this space. 

How do wireless security cameras work without cables?

All of these wireless security cameras work off Wi-Fi while there are some that also work off Bluetooth. Between Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power, you’ll never need a cable with any of these options. 

How much should you spend on wireless security cameras?

This is a very subjective question that is determined by not just brand name but based on how many cameras you need. The more you need, the more you will spend. That said, anywhere between $200 and $300 for two wireless cameras is a pretty good price range to start. 

Can I add a cable later if I don’t want to change batteries?

No, these wireless cables are wireless forever. If you are concerned about changing batteries, many of these units don’t require battery changes outside of once or twice a year. 

Can these cameras be easily hacked?

Never say never but, generally speaking, wireless security cameras offer high-level encryption and are safe from hacking. It’s not an impossibility, but it’s likely akin to you winning the lottery four times in a row. 

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