The 7 Best Paying Tech Jobs in New Mexico

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The 7 Best Paying Tech Jobs in New Mexico

Key Points

  • Senior IT Specialists in New Mexico earn an average salary of $76,713, ensuring smooth computer systems operations.
  • System Analysts in New Mexico have an average salary of $83,998, solving computer problems and ensuring efficient daily operations.
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineers in New Mexico earn an average salary of $129,770, developing and implementing AI solutions.
  • Network Administrators in New Mexico earn between $56,083 and $69,821, managing computer systems and networks.
  • Software Developers in New Mexico earn between $68,570 and $89,920, creating and launching software programs.

Are you looking to leave a mark in the tech industry by working for the largest tech companies in New Mexico and enjoying competitive salaries? New Mexico is recognized for its breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and high-paying tech jobs.

From research institutions to big companies, New Mexico has many tech opportunities you need to try. Whether you are a tech wizard, computer expert, cybersecurity expert, or data wizard, New Mexico has unending opportunities for you.

So, if you are ready to start your new career and reach new heights, join us as we uncover the 7 best-paying tech jobs in New Mexico!

Senior IT Specialist

A Senior IT Specialist position is one of the best tech-paying jobs in New Mexico. Senior IT Specialists are responsible for keeping computer systems running smoothly in different organizations. Their main responsibility is installing new hardware, resolving computer issues, and maintaining other existing equipment.

Senior IT Specialists work closely with other IT specialists to handle big projects or solve complicated issues. They also do security audits to protect computer systems from cyber threats or attacks.

Average Salary

The average salary for a Senior IT Specialist in New Mexico is $76,713. The average range is between $71,492 and $81,234, but the range for this job can vary depending on the city. Other contributing factors include education, years of experience, skills, and certification.

Skills and Credentials Needed

  • Communication: This is a skill needed in all tech jobs, whether high-paying or low paying. As a Senior IT Specialist, you will need practical communication skills to help you convey messages. You must communicate with your co-workers, other professionals, and clients when solving problems.
  • Problem-solving: Problem-solving skills are needed as it helps you identify and solve issues. As a Senior IT Specialist, you will troubleshoot software glitches, computer errors, and network issues. Your ability to identify this problem and find a solution will save a lot of time and resources.
  • Project Management: This skill enables you to direct different IT projects. It includes planning, organizing, controlling, and monitoring a particular project. You can use your project management skills to help you run all the tasks smoothly.
  • Credentials: To qualify as a Senior IT Specialist in New Mexico, a bachelor’s degree in information technology, software engineering, computer science, or a related field is necessary.
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Senior IT Specialists are some of the most sought-after tech professionals in New Mexico right now.


System Analyst

A System Analyst or System Architect is responsible for solving computer problems, testing effective solutions, and ensuring daily operation runs efficiently in a network and computer organization.

Average Salary

The average salary for a System Analyst in New Mexico is $83,998. The compensation varies from different factors, and some may receive a higher salary. The System Analyst position has yearly bonuses and other benefits like insurance, and 401(K), depending on the company you are working for.

Skills and Credentials Needed

  • Technical: You need to be able to understand how computers, databases, data networks, and operating systems work. You also need to know both the limitations and potentials of these computer systems.
  • Management: You should be able to understand well the organization’s management needs. It includes risk management, change management, and project management. With this skill, it will be an easy task for you as a system analyst worker.
  • Analytical: You must be able to see things like systems and identify, analyze, and solve issues optimally.
  • Communication: To be a successful System Analyst, you must communicate well in written, verbal, non-verbal, visual, and electronic forms, as well as in presentations. To be a good communicator, you must also be a good listener.
  • Credentials: To become a System Analyst, you will need a bachelor’s degree in IT, mathematics, or computer science. Other certificates that improve your skill include CASP+, CompTIA Security+, and CompTIA A+.
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System Analysts are integral to organizations in many different industries.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

Artificial intelligence is taking the job market by storm. With the recent rise in AI technology, companies are on the lookout for Artificial Intelligence Engineers. The work of these AI Engineers is to develop and implement AI solutions in different organizations.  

Average Salary

In New Mexico, an Artificial Intelligence Engineer earns an average salary of $129,770.

Skills and Credentials Needed

  • Programming language: It’s not a secret, but knowledge of programming languages is a must to become an AI Engineer.
  • Models: You need to understand the machine learning algorithms and master when to apply them. For complex tasks, you will need more complex algorithms that are based on artificial neural networks.
  • Applied math and algorithms: Understanding the algorithm theory is essential in AI engineering. You must understand different subjects like LaGrange, summations, Gradient Descent, quadratic programming, convex optimization, and partial differential equations.
  • Credentials: An AI engineer needs to have a bachelor’s degree in data science, computer science, mathematics, or any other related discipline.
  • Other nontechnical skills: These include communication, problem-solving, and rapid prototyping.
AI Engineer jobs are becoming more and more widely available in New Mexico.


Network Administrator

One of the high-paying tech jobs in New Mexico is a Network Administrator. The role of these professionals is to manage computer systems or networks in an organization. They work with both the computer and people who use these computers.

Average Salary

The average salary of a Network Administrator in New Mexico is between $56,083 and $69,821. Most of these tech jobs’ wages in New Mexico vary depending on the city. Skills, education, and certifications are some of the other factors used to determine the salary you can earn.

Skills and Credentials Needed

  • Technical: This is a tech job, so technical skill is necessary if you are looking for a network administrator role in New Mexico. You need skills related to routing, computer systems, information security, and software and hardware configurations.
  • Problem-solving: In any other tech field, problem-solving is necessary for a network administrator. From time to time, you will be experiencing different problems with hardware, software, and network, which must be solved.
  • Critical thinking: This skill is necessary since it will help you in examining different topics thoroughly. You have to understand how the systems work together and how they impact each other. Network administrators use this skill in analyzing various situations at work and utilize the available resources and knowledge to find a solution.
  • Credentials: To become a network administrator, you will need a graduate degree in network administration, computer science, or system engineering.
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Network Administrators are becoming more and more in-demand in New Mexico.


Software Developers

Software Developers are innovative and creative minds behind software programs. This is one of the best-paying tech jobs in New Mexico today, as companies are increasingly looking for Software Developers for their products and services.

The main task of a Software Developer is creating and launching software programs, primarily for consumers. It includes mastering the consumer’s needs, making the needed program, monitoring how it works, and updating its programs.

Average Salary

The average salary of a Software Developer in New Mexico ranges between $68,570 and $89,920. This can vary depending on factors like experience, skills, and city.

Skills and Credentials Needed

  • Coding languages: It is suitable for a software developer to specialize in at least one coding language like JavaScript, Python, C++, CSS, or HTML.
  • Source control: Source control or SCM is a system that assists the software development team to keep track of updates or any changes that have been made to a coding language. It allows everyone in the group to work on a specific code separately and then merge their result into one.
  • Debugging knowledge: Most of the time, a software developer will be working with codes; thus, it is necessary to have debugging knowledge. It helps in addressing and removing coding language errors.
  • Credentials: The needed certificate for this role is a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science.
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Software Developers are some of the most needed professionals today in all kinds of industries.

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Data Engineer

Data engineering is one of the best tech-paying jobs in the U.S. The primary responsibility of a Data Engineer is to design and manage the infrastructure that makes access to different types of data accessible. Your task as a Data Engineer will be designing, building, installing, testing, and maintaining system architecture.

Average Salary

The average salary of a Data Engineer in New Mexico is $132,183, but depending on various factors, the pay can vary.

Skills and Credentials Needed

  • Database systems (SQL and NoSQL): As a Data Engineer, you must deeply understand the database systems and data warehousing solutions. You have to be able to extract data from different sources, turn them into useful information, upload them in a usable format, and present the results.
  • Machine learning: In an AI era, most companies use machine learning techniques in some forms. You need this skill because you will be responsible for creating models that help run machine-learning applications.  
  • Algorithms and data structures: You have to master how various algorithms and data structures work in order to select them appropriately.
  • Credentials: You must have a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, or software engineering.
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Data Engineers are integral to the analytical integrity of organizations in New Mexico.


PC Build Technician

PC Build Technicians are responsible for installing and repairing various physical computer components. You need to be familiar with working with both desktop computers and laptops.

Average Salary

The average salary of a PC Build Technician is between $29,819 and $43,216.

Skills and Credentials Needed

  • Software management: Understanding how to implement various software programs for company use and troubleshooting purposes is vital.
  • Technological Proficiency: Knowledge of all specialized applications like tables, computers, system diagnostic programs, phones, and online platforms.
  • Device inspection: You need to be able to inspect any technology device and find potential problems and find a solution to fix that issue.
  • Credentials: To become a PC Build Technician, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science.
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PC Build Technicians must build and repair various computer hardware components.

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The 7 Best Paying Tech Jobs in New Mexico FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the best-paying tech job in New Mexico?

The best-paying tech job in New Mexico is data engineering, with an average salary of $132 183.

Which tech job is in demand in New Mexico?

With the rise of AI, one of the major in-demand tech jobs is Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

What are the average salaries in New Mexico?

Most people in New Mexico’s average salary is between $47,177 and $81,750. However, this salary will vary with your experience, occupation, and skills, among other factors.

What is the job market like for tech professionals in New Mexico?

The job market for tech professionals in New Mexico is generally positive, with opportunities available in various sectors.

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