The 7 Best Paying Tech Jobs In Alabama Today

The 7 Best Paying Tech Jobs In Alabama Today

Alabama may not seem like a top state to live in and work a tech job. But you might be surprised to learn that cities like Huntsville are fast-growing tech hubs. This makes Alabama a new up-and-coming state for workers in the tech field. As it stands, here are seven of the best paying tech jobs in Alabama

What are the Best Paying Tech Jobs In Alabama?

Alabama has a low cost of living, and salaries are fairly low. The average employee in Alabama makes just around $48,000 a year. However, the best paying tech jobs in Alabama make almost twice as much, if not more!

IT Specialist – $62,457 per year

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Smiling IT Specialist Using Tablet Computer in Data Center.

As an IT Specialist in Alabama, you’ll typically earn around $62,000 a year, although IT supervisors can make more, around $80,000.

In this role, you manage, troubleshoot, and even set up computer and software networks. Some other responsibilities may include tracking data and communications used on your network, fixing hardware issues, and updating system software.

As an IT specialist, you can pursue two career paths. You can work for an outsourcing IT company that other people or companies hire to manage their web and software requirements. Or work as part of an organization’s IT department. Either way, you’re expected to maintain internet access, back up data, and fix hiccups and other issues.

A career in IT can be rewarding as it makes it easier to break into the IT field. Some firms hiring in Alabama right now include Auburn University, Mercedes-Benz International, and the University of Alabama.

Software Engineer – $88,818 per year

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Software engineer design and create computer systems and applications for personal and commercial use.

You can expect to make $90,000 a year working as a software engineer. While a bit lower than the national average, this salary is still higher than Alabama’s annual average by far.

As a software engineer, you will develop web applications, mobile applications, robots, and operating and network systems. A key part of your job is creating software products to satisfy the needs and requirements of your employer.

Your typical day as a software engineer will most likely include a large amount of coding. Depending on your experience, you’ll also manage software projects and work with colleagues to find solutions. Sometimes, you’ll have to take the time to review and rewrite other people’s code, as well as work with the customers of your company.

SAIC, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing are all hiring multiple software engineers right now.

Full-Stack Developer – $75,221 per year

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A full-stack developer designs user interactions on websites and apps.

If you prefer to work on the back end of things and not be client-facing, you could still make a solid $75,000 a year as a full-stack developer. You could make double the amount as a senior or lead developer.

As a full-stack developer, you’ll work on the back end, or server side, of a program. But you may also work on the front end for clients, although you won’t necessarily be client-facing. Strong coding or programming skills are crucial for this role. Some knowledge of graphic design and UI/UX is helpful too.

Some of your other duties may include assisting with software development and design, software testing and bug fixing, and constructing servers and databases for the software’s back end. However, there is plenty to do. As a full-stack developer, no two days will be the same for you.

Uber, Cisco Systems, and SLK Group are all popular companies in Alabama, and they’re hiring full-stack developers as of the writing of this article!

AI Engineer

AI is a fast-growing field, and you can capitalize on the work and earn upward of almost $100,000 a year as an engineer.

As an AI engineer, you’ll build AI models using machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks to draw business insights. The models you build typically help managers and decision-makers make smart business decisions. You may also create weak or strong AIs, depending on what goals your company wants to achieve.

You’ll need to have a deep understanding of programming, software engineering, and data science to excel in this role. Since you’ll use different tools and techniques to process data, as well as develop and maintain AI systems, you’ll want to learn those as well.

Although AI engineering is still a young field, it has the potential to lead to a wide range of career opportunities. But you’ll want to have a relative degree, whether in information technology, computer engineering, statistics, or data science.

Saxon AI, Meta, and even the state government are hiring for this job in Alabama.

Data Scientist – $110,233 per year

Data scientists extract meaning, patterns, and insights from raw, unprocessed data.

If you have impeccable analytics skills, you can work as a data scientist earning over $100,000 a year in Alabama. Keep in mind that you’ll also need programming skills, statistical and mathematical skills, SQL knowledge, and machine learning knowledge.

Data scientists determine the questions their team should ask and figure out how to answer those questions using data. You’ll most likely spend your time trying to develop predictive models for theorizing and forecasting. You’ll also work on finding patterns and trends in datasets to uncover insights and create algorithms and data models to forecast outcomes. Python, R, SAS, or SQL will be the tools of your trade.

If you want to grow in this field, you have to stay on top of innovations in data science. Shipt, COLSA, Boeing, and Telligen are all hiring data scientists right now.

UI Designer – $81,944 per year

A UI designer will earn, on average, around $80,000 a year in Alabama. A lead position can earn you around $40,000 more each year, which is a great raise opportunity.

As a UI designer, you’ll design the graphical user interface of apps, websites, or devices that consumers interact with. UI designers also create and optimize interactive elements such as buttons, menus, breadcrumbs, progress bars, and accordions that facilitate specific user actions.

Although designing visually appealing interfaces is crucial, UI goes beyond aesthetics. An app or website should be straightforward to use, which means you should know what will happen if you click a button or toggle a switch. In other words, you’ll need to be able to pick up on visual cues easily.

Working as a UI designer allows you to mix technology with design and art. So, if you like using both parts of your brain on a regular basis, this is the perfect tech job for you.

A few companies currently hiring UI designers include Auburn University, Pearson, and Hunter International.

Network Security Engineer – $97,266 per year

network panel switch and cable ethernet internet connection network
Network security engineers monitor and protect systems from cyber threats, including malware, spyware, and bugs.

As a network security engineer, you typically earn $97,000 a year, and this can go up to $200,000 a year — and that’s just in Alabama!

In this role, you’ll be in charge of every area of data security within a network, making sure there are no major security gaps. You’ll also implement the latest technologies to thwart malicious cyberattacks. This typically includes maintaining system backups, putting security architect-prepared network security blueprints into practice, and controlling access to information and data. You may also maintain and update firewalls and test your company’s network and systems

A network security engineer uses routers, firewalls, and network monitoring tools to protect the network from internal and external risks. You’ll have to stay current with trends and keep up with developments as viruses, malware, and spyware are constantly changing. Some of the companies hiring include Lockheed Martin, Oasys, and Boeing.

Best Paying Tech Jobs In Alabama Wrap Up

See? Alabama has some great tech opportunities for IT guys. And these are just some of the best paying tech jobs in Alabama. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced IT professional, we are sure you’ll find a rewarding job with the best remuneration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tech field is in demand?

AI machine learning is currently the fastest-growing tech field.

What area of tech pays the most?

Data engineers and software developers easily make over $100,000 a year.

Does tech really pay that well?

Yes, it does. In fact, many people in tech can make 6-figures a year after working for a few years in the industry.

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