The 7 Best Laptops Under $1800 You Can Buy Today

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The 7 Best Laptops Under $1800 You Can Buy Today

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall Laptop Under $1,800 is the Dell XPS 13 9310.
  • Laptops in the above price range are some of the best-performing laptops in the PC industry.
  • Consumers who typically spend such amounts on a laptop know they are guaranteed high-end features, specifications, and performance.
  • Always check the battery and processor capacities when buying laptops under $1800.
  • You should also determine the laptop’s use before making a purchase. Get a highly specialized laptop for specific functions and ensure the display size and technology are to your liking.

Forking out $1,800 for a laptop isn’t cheap. If you are willing to cough up that much, you better balance the design, specs, and performance. HP, Asus, and Dell have aggressively attacked the market with some neat models for that price, so you may have a dilemma on which laptop to buy.

Do you go for design and aesthetics, or is performance more important? Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer because no laptop is perfect. So, go for a computer that solves your immediate problem. For example, if you are a business owner, a laptop with a more official allure would suit you. Gamers need graphics, good processors, and batteries, so they may find certain laptops enticing.

After a week of sleuthing, we found the seven best laptops under $1,800 you can buy today.

Best Overall: Dell XPS 13 9310

Best Overall
Dell XPS 13 9310 Laptop (Silver)
  • 13.4-inch OLED touchscreen display
  • Intel Core i7-1185G7, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD
  • Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • Windows 11 Home pre-installed
  • 1-Year Premium Support
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11/25/2023 07:47 pm GMT

Kicking off our list of the best laptops under $1,800 is the Dell XPS 13 9310. Undoubtedly, it’s the perfect combination of price and performance, which we all seek in a laptop. This laptop is powered by a Core i7 processor and an Iris Xe graphics card. From video editing to light gaming, this Dell handles itself perfectly. The laptop’s 2TD SSD is also worth mentioning. More SSD means more speed, and the Dell XPS is faster than ever. You shouldn’t worry about multitasking, nor the laptop’s boot and loading speed.

The laptop’s OLED display is where it shines the most. Paired with Dolby Vision and a 13-inch display, you’ll immerse yourself in your content and movies all day. The laptop’s 52Wh battery is enough to give you 8 hours of non-stop Netflix streaming. But with some light usage, you could extend the usage time to roughly 12 hours, which is still impressive.

While the Dell XPS is the best Windows laptop you can buy, it doesn’t have many ports, but that’s a minor inconvenience.

The device has a powerful Intel Core i7 processor.It has insufficient plug-in ports.
The Intel Iris Xe graphics processor is equally impressive.The battery life could be better.
It has a 2 TB solid-state drive (SSD), which enhances performance and can accommodate numerous data files.
It has a 13-inch OLED display that supports Dolby Vision.

Check out the Dell XPS 13 9310 on Amazon.

Best 2-in-1: HP Spectre X360

Best 2-in-1
HP Spectre x360 Laptop
  • Warranty: 1 year (premium manufacturer)
  • CPU: Intel's 11th generation i7 (4.7GHz)
  • Storage: 1TB SSD, RAM: 16GB
  • Fingerprint reader included.
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11/25/2023 06:46 pm GMT

For less than $1,800, you could own a 2-in-1 laptop, most notably the HP Spectre X360. The 360 in the name is true, you can fold this laptop to 360 degrees, and you will have a tablet. Alternatively, you can hinge the laptop to tent mode. Thanks to its 13-inch display, streaming movies is convenient. HP also pairs this laptop with a Tilt Pen. So, you can draw and write on the screen. Weighing just 2.95 pounds, Spectre X360 is one of the portable 2-in-1 laptop.

Running a core i7 and 4.7GHz processor, this HP Spectre performs as well as it looks. HP wouldn’t have designed an editing laptop without incorporating the power it needs. Furthermore, the laptop has a 66Wh battery, enough to power its processors and support its performance.

Depending on how you see it, the lack of an HDMI port in this HP may be the one shortcoming. But with a wireless connection, this is a minor hiccup.

A 360-degree hinge converts the laptop into a tablet.It does not have a HDMI port.
Easier navigation using Stylus pen in tablet mode.
Easy to carry around.
Powerful Core i7 processor.
Reliable 66Wh battery pack.

Check out the HP Spectre X360 on Amazon.

Biggest Screen Size: LG Gram 17Z90N

Biggest screen size
LG Gram 17Z90N Laptop
  • Gorgeous 17-inch display IPS
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • 10th Gen Intel Core i7, 16GB-RAM, 1TB SSD
  • Up to 17 hours of battery life
  • USB-C, HDMI, headphone input
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11/25/2023 06:46 pm GMT

It’s hard to overlook the LG Gram 17Z90N when discussing the best laptops under $1,800. The laptop’s stand-out feature is the massive 17-inch screen and the IPS LCD type, giving you a superior viewing angle for streaming and working. Adding to the computer’s value is the DTS:X Ultra, which provides accurate surround sounds when streaming.

Also, the laptop’s slim design coupled with the Magnesium Alloy material is proof of LG’s boundary-breaking designs with their laptops. LG Gram 17Z90N has a slim design and weighs 2.98 pounds, which is surprising given its massive screen.

Nicknamed an office computer, the LG Gram can handle your daily tasks with its Core i7 and 3.90GHz processor. Moreover, the computer’s HD Webcam ensures you won’t miss Zoom meetings. You get up to 17 hours of usage with its 80Wh battery. So you don’t have to worry about the charge.

Unfortunately, the LG Gram isn’t a touch-screen laptop, which is unexpected. We are paying almost $1,800 for the computer; the least LG could do was incorporate a touchscreen feature.

17-inch LCD that produces crisp, sharp images.It lacks a touchscreen feature.
It supports the surround sound feature, DTS:X Ultra.
Light, magnesium alloy build
Up to 17 hours of battery life.

Check out the LG Gram 17Z90N on Amazon.

Best for Gaming: Asus Rog Zephyrus G15

Best gaming
ROG Zephyrus G15 (2020) laptop
  •  Ultra slim gaming laptop
  • Sleek 15.6” 144Hz FHD screen
  • 16GB DDR4, 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS
  • Windows 10 comes pre-installed
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11/25/2023 06:50 pm GMT

Next on our list is the Asus Rog Zephyrus G15. Arriving with an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS processor and NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, this laptop has sufficient power to handle most, if not all, games. Aided by the laptop’s 1TB SSD and 16GB DDR4 memory, you don’t have to worry about lagging while gaming. Furthermore, this Asus’s 165Hz refresh rate allows you to see more in-game visuals, and you can track your gaming actions faster.

Its 15.6-inch screen size with anti-glare display allows you to game even in bright rooms or outside without worrying about the ambient light hitting your screen. The laptop’s 90Wh battery is customary for gaming laptops. But the Asus Rog’s slim design isn’t conventional in gaming. We are used to heavy gaming laptops, but having an ultra-slim laptop weighing 4.2 pounds is welcome.

A webcam is essential for video game streamers. Unfortunately, the Asus Rog fails doesn’t have one despite being a high-end laptop.

Powerful AMD Ryzen 9 central processor and graphics processor.No built-in webcam.
Lightweight at 4.2 pounds.
90W battery pack
Large 15.6-inch display.

Check out the Asus Rog Zephyrus G15 on Amazon.

Most Portable: Asus ZenBook S Ultra-Slim

Most Portable
ASUS ZenBook S Ultra Slim Laptop
  • 13.9" touch display (3300x2200)
  • 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD storage
  • Intel Evo Core i7-1165G7 processor
  • Windows 10 Pro installed
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/25/2023 06:50 pm GMT

The Asus ZenBook S Ultra-Slim is one of the best portable laptops for under $1,800. Weighing 2.98 pounds, this ultra-slim computer can fit in most bags, especially since it’s 15.7mm thick. 

For such a small laptop, it’s not short of performance. Packing a Core i7 processor and a 2.8GHz CPU speed, Asus ensured that the ZenBook could handle light coding and run many Chrome tabs concurrently. Coupled with the laptop’s Iris Xe Graphics, you can use it for light gaming and play at 1080p.

Asus also packed this laptop with a 13.9-inch screen and a 60Hz refresh rate. The computer’s on-screen media is very realistic due to the high refresh rate, and with such a screen size, you get a good viewing angle for your movies. Furthermore, the ZenBook’s 1TB SSD is enough storage for your videos, games, and photographs.

Adding to the computer’s value is a 67Wh battery that lasts 12hrs. You can video call for hours on a single charge, thanks to the laptop’s HD camera, which has an IR function.

Unfortunately, this laptop lacks a headphone jack. The numbered touchpad also seemed a bit peculiar, even though it’s still innovative.

Sleek 15.7 mm thick design.It does not have a headphone jack.
Lightweight frame makes it portableThe 2.8 GHz processor could be better.
13.9-inch screen support 1080p resolution.
Up to 12 hours of battery life.

Check out the Asus ZenBook S Ultra-Slim on Amazon.

Best for Business: Lenovo ThinkPad E15 G2

Best for Business
Lenovo THINKPAD E15 G2 Laptop
  • Gorgeous 15.6 (1920X1080) display
  • Sturdy, well-built
  • 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD storage
  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life

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11/25/2023 06:50 pm GMT

Next on our list is the Lenovo ThinkPad E15 G2, one of the best business laptops for under $1,800. With a Core i5 and a 2.40GHz processor, this laptop is ideal for routine business tasks, research, and online marketing. You get 256GB SSD of storage, enough to hold your business files and apps. Lenovo packed this laptop with the NVIDIA GeForce graphics card to boost the CPU’s performance; so it doesn’t lag.

Adding to the specs is a 720p HD camera that is clear enough for Zoom meetings. And with a 45Wh battery, your sessions may last for roughly 8.4 hours on a single charge. This laptop weighs 3.74 pounds, which makes it easy to carry to work daily.

Even though a Core i5 processor is fairly decent for a business laptop, an upgrade is overdue. Moreover, the laptop’s 720p HD camera is underwhelming, but it’s understandable because Lenovo had to scale down the specs to make it affordable.

At 3.74 pounds, this laptop is easier to carry than other business laptops.Lenovo could do better than a Core i5, 2.4 GHz central processor. 
The 45 Wh battery pack offers almost 9 hours of usage time.Lenovo could also do better than 256 GB of internal storage, especially for a business laptop.
It has an Nvidia GeForce graphics processor.

Check out the Lenovo ThinkPad E15 G2 on Amazon.

Best Value: HP Envy x360

Best value laptop
HP Envy X360 Laptop
  • Alluring 15.6" FHD IPS Touchscreen
  • 2-in-1 Laptop
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD storage
  • WiFi 6, Thunderbolt 4 Backlit keyboard
  • Win 11 Pro comes pre-installed
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/25/2023 06:50 pm GMT

Rounding off our list of under $1800 laptop is the HP Envy x360, with a Core i7 and a 4.7GHz processor. This HP laptop includes Intel Iris Xe Graphics, which supports light editing.

Envyx 360 laptop has an impressive 15.6-inch screen with an FHD display that delivers cinematic experiences. You can stream 1080p movies in either tent mode or as a folded tablet, which are the perks of using a 360-degrees laptop. Adding to the movie excitement, the laptop’s 51Wh battery gives you roughly 13 hours of playback time.

It’s not all play because you can use this HP’s tilt pen for working. This pen is useful for content creators and artists, especially when using the laptop in tent or tablet mode. On the downside, this HP laptop doesn’t come with a tilt pen. 

Watch movies in 1080p resolution.The stylus pen is not included in the package.
The laptop can also function as a tablet.
Up to 13 hours of usage time.
Impressive 4.7 GHz Core i7 central processor.

Check out the HP Envy x360 on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best Laptops Under $1,800

When choosing a laptop under $1,800, there are several things to consider, including the following:

  • Battery
  • Performance
  • Screen size and display
  • Usage


Battery life is essential if you are paying $1,800 for a laptop. For this price, you want a computer that gives you more gaming and playback time for your streams on a single charge. It should also handle itself properly during your Zoom meetings to avoid charging disruptions. The LG Gram is the best buy for a battery-life computer, but you should look at other models that offer more in one laptop.


Looking at the different laptops on our list, we now have an idea of a high-performance laptop. A Core i7 computer with a high CPU speed qualifies as a powerful laptop that can game, edit music and videos, and code effortlessly. But then, you shouldn’t invest in such laptops if you need a machine for basic use; a Core i5 laptop should suffice.

Screen Size and Display

Screen size and display are imperative for viewing and other entertainment purposes. A big screen gives you a better watching experience, but a good display ensures the content is presented clearly and smoothly. An OLED display paired with Dolby Vision on a large screen should be the standard if you want the ultimate watching experience.


Don’t spend $1,800 on a laptop if you haven’t decided on its use. On this list, it’s clear that even though most laptops are versatile, some perform better when used for a specific purpose. For instance, you can browse, type, and store documents using the Asus Rog, but it’s more of a gaming laptop. Even though it costs less than $1,800, it’s still more expensive than your average laptop, so you don’t have to spend much if you only need a computer to handle your basic uses.

What to Know Before Buying Laptops Under $1,800

Remember that no laptop is perfect, even one that costs $1,800. Every laptop is different, and manufacturers usually scale down the specs to price it at a specific range. So, you must balance the specs with the price to avoid overpaying for a laptop.

Due diligence is also essential. Check online reviews and ask people about the laptops to ensure you get a good model. Paying $1,800 for a computer is pricey, so you must get it right from the get-go to avoid having a machine that doesn’t meet your needs.

Last but not least, consider the laptop’s use. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to spend $1,800 on a laptop for basic use. Invest more money in a computer only if you want to run intensive programs.

Using a Laptop Under $1,800: What It’s Like

You should have high expectations if you are willing to pay $1,800 for a laptop. Performance-wise, the lowest processor to expect in such laptops is a Core i5 processor; it should handle most basic tasks and light gaming. The Core i7 processor, on the other hand, has sufficient power to handle most games, editing software, and coding programs. Furthermore, these laptops are faster than expected for less intensive tasks like typing and browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best laptop for under $1,800?

The Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop that won’t cost you more than $1,800. It’s the perfect combination of performance and design, thanks to its Core i7 processor and slim design. Adding to the laptop’s value is its OLED display and 2TB hard drive, making it a worthy investment.

Can you get a gaming laptop for under $1,800?

Absolutely! The Asus Rog Zephyrus G15 is one of the best gaming laptops within this price range. You don’t have to worry about the specs because this computer has everything you need for gaming.

Will you get an HD display in laptops under $1,800?

Yes, but not on all laptops. Most laptops within this price range have HD display but don’t be surprised to find others without, so be vigilant in your search.

Can you find a laptop with a good battery for under $1,800?

Yes! This is one of the benefits of purchasing such laptops. Most laptops falling under this price tag have a usage time of approximately 8 to 17 hours, depending on the use.

Is spending $1,800 on a laptop worth it?

Absolutely! This amount is sufficient for a good processor laptop with an amazing display and a long-lasting battery.

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