The 7 Absolute Best PlayStation 5 Real-Time Strategy Games of All Time


The 7 Absolute Best PlayStation 5 Real-Time Strategy Games of All Time

There’s never been a better time to be a PlayStation 5 gamer, with many choices available in every genre you can think of. When it comes to playing games that require quick decision-making, strategic thinking, and planning, no genre stands taller than real-time strategy games (RTS) games.

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, there has been an explosion of incredible new RTS games that have taken the gaming industry by storm and changed the way players think about strategy games on this new console.

With so many great titles to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which are the absolute best PlayStation 5 Real Time Strategy games available today.

In this guide, we’ll break down the best games available today for PS5 to make it super easy. Let’s jump in!

What is a Real-Time Strategy Game?

Real-time strategy games are a subgenre of strategy video games where the game does not progress incrementally in turns. Instead, both players can play simultaneously and take their actions simultaneously, which means both players have to be aware of what the other player is doing. They require faster reflexes, more alertness, and quick thinking than turn-based strategy games.

In a real-time strategy game, players do not need to wait for other people’s turns. Players can execute as many actions or moves as they want during their turn. The most successful real-time strategies typically involve constructing buildings or units (e.g., designing tanks) that give the player an advantage over opponents (e.g., access to advanced weaponry), then using them to overpower enemies and seize control of territory on the map.

With that in mind, here are the 7 best PlayStation 5 RTS games ever released!

The Diofield Chronicle - PlayStation 5
  • New Strategy RPG by Square Enix - An all-new Strategy RPG that chronicles an epic tale of war and honor; Featuring a unique and beautiful world that blends fantasy, medieval and modern-day influences,...
  • Deep, strategic, real-time tactical battles – Make real-time assessment of battlefield conditions and decisive orders that take advantage of your troops strengths and weaknesses; Make use of skills,...
  • Realistic diorama style battle scenes - Richly detailed depictions of the environments of the island of DioField combined with unique "diorama" style visuals as you command your forces like a general
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01/17/2024 04:26 pm GMT

The emThe DioField Chronicle/em is a real-time strategy game for the PlayStation 5 that was developed and published by Square Enix.

The main attraction of this game is its unique setting. It takes place on a planet that aliens have invaded and features gameplay that allows players to interact with different terrain, including forests, deserts, and more. With high-quality graphics and sound effects, this game brings you into a new dimension that you have never seen before.

It’s an RPG at heart but with an RTS twist. You’ll have to balance your resources and time as you progress carefully. A gritty, fascinating story brought to life using cutting-edge technology. “Real Time Tactical Warfare” (RTTB) is a new, highly strategic real-time battle system.

You can choose from various units, such as warriors and mages, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, depending on their class type. You also have access to some really powerful spells at your disposal if things get too rough for you or if you just want something extra special happening onscreen at any given moment during battle sequences. These are tough choices that give this strategy game its depth and replayability.

The gameplay is intuitive enough for newcomers yet deep enough for hardcore fans. Plus, thanks to the recent updates that bring new levels and challenges, this game just keeps getting better over time.

Buy this game for yourself on Amazon here.

DeveloperSquare Enix, Lancarse
PublisherSquare Enix
PlatformsPlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Release DateSeptember 22, 2022
Spacebase Startopia - PlayStation 5
  • The 10-mission, fully-dubbed single-player campaign will require all your skills as Commander of the space base Star top I A, as you strive to create One of the most attractive trade and tourism...
  • Each of the three decks will require your leadership skills, with the sub deck containing all of the rooms vital to survival, while the fun deck focuses on your visitors, and the bio deck provides...
  • Prevail against your competitors, for You are not alone on the space station - Sabotage your opponent's economy or attack them with your much units, conduct trade, and beware of space pirates eager to...
  • The dynamic narrator AI “Val” reacts to your decisions and is always at your side in both Word and deed - and the occasional extremely unqualified comment
  • In addition to the extensive single player campaign, an individually configurable sandbox mode, as well as both a competitive and a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players awaits you
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01/17/2024 02:47 pm GMT

In emSpacebase Startopia/em, you take on the role of a space station commander where you have to manage and maintain the various areas of your station: the power system, life support, food production, research labs, and more.

This is all balanced with managing the population by mining and trading resources. But, as soon as something goes wrong, you’ll need to act quickly to save your crew from suffocation or being burned alive. With very limited time to accomplish tasks in real-time, this game forces you to carefully balance each area without neglecting any of them.  

The game allows players to build ships and explore space to reach the center of a distant galaxy. Players can choose to play as humans or other races with unique abilities and strengths, such as flying at higher speeds or moving objects with their minds. There are also different modes, including skirmish and co-op multiplayer modes for up to 4 players.

The game received positive reviews from critics upon its release, with an average score of 68%, according to Metacritic, which praised its graphics, animations, and music but criticized its learning curve and lack of depth in terms of gameplay.

The game has great graphics and sounds that make it feel like you are really exploring space! The game’s soundtrack is amazing, too. There are 10 missions with different objectives, so there will be something for everyone to do.

Check it out on Amazon here.

DeveloperRealmforge Studios
PublisherKalypso Media Digital Ltd., Kalypso Media USA, Inc., Kalypso Media
PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch
Release DateMarch 26, 2021
ModeSingle-player, multiplayer
Evil Genius 2: World Domination (PS5)
  • Evil Genius 2 is a satirical spy-fi lair builder, where players take control of an Evil Genius and set their plans for world domination in motion.
  • When it feels this good to be bad, the Forces of Justice don't stand a chance!
  • Build your own unique evil lair and cover operation, Train a force of criminal minions, Defend your Lair from the Forces of Justice, and Dominate the world with a Doomsday Device in this direct sequel...
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01/17/2024 02:39 am GMT

If you’re a fan of the Evil Genius series, you’ll be happy to know that the game is making its way over to the PS5 with emEvil Genius 2: World Domination/em.

In this game, you will have to lead an evil genius and his minions in the quest for world domination. The game tasks players with building up their underground lair by generating electricity, researching new technologies, and training minions.

Players create a secret lair, hire henchmen and create weapons, traps, and research projects. You then use your resources to dominate the world. Also, you can employ an array of evildoers like mad scientists, ninjas, or pirates in your quest for world domination. You can also play with another player on the same screen or over the internet.

The variety of choices and missions will keep you playing this one for hours. Players can also create weapons of mass destruction and build secret labs to complete their plans for world domination.

It’s got everything you could hope for in a single-player game: amazing graphics, a compelling story, and tons of fun gameplay. The only thing it doesn’t have is online multiplayer, which would have been awesome.

Take over the world with emEvil Genius 2: World Domination/em on Amazon here.

DeveloperRebellion Developments
PublisherRebellion Developments
PlatformsXbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Release DateNovember 30, 2021
Worms Rumble: Fully Loaded Edition - PlayStation 5
  • You won't find any turn-based combat in worms rumble. Every round is in real time! If your enemy is raining Fire upon you, give them heck right back!
  • Play with friends online across Console and PC. With death match and last worm standing solo and squad battle royal modes available at launch!
  • Arm yourself with new and returning fan-favorite weapons! With classics like the Bazooka, Holy hand-grenade and sheep launcher and the all-new hammerhead, plasma Blaster and rocket SHIELD.
  • Take part in seasonal and community events, and daily challenges for additional XP and in-game rewards. And experiment with new gameplay mechanics and weapons in the lab. Each week brings new...
  • Earn XP and in-game currency to unlock and purchase weapon Skins, outfits, accessories and emotes! Mix and match to create your own personal style on the battlefield.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/17/2024 07:10 pm GMT

emWorms Rumble/em is a real-time strategy game heavily emphasizing multiplayer play.

The game allows players to take control of up to 32 worms in a variety of different scenarios, and it’s all about strategy and planning. The action takes place in a series of 2D stages with 2D sprites as your opponents.

You’ll get to use a variety of weapons, such as bombs, machine guns, and grenades while trying to rack up points by killing your enemies using explosives. The game also features multiple modes, including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, where players can join forces against AI-controlled bots.

The game’s story mode involves creating a team of worms and fighting against the other teams that are creating their squads. You’ll be able to customize your team with different personalities and abilities so that you can have fun with the customization options available in emWorms Rumble/em.

With more weapons and gameplay modes than any other game in the series, it’s sure to provide hours of explosively-fun entertainment. And, for those that like a little strategy with their action, there are also some deep and complicated battle maps to enjoy as well. Plus, with cross-platform multiplayer on the PS5, you can challenge your friends on Xbox One. The fun never ends when you have a console capable of playing these top-quality strategy titles.

You can buy it on Amazon here.

PlatformsPlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S
Release DateDecember 1, 2020
worms rumble
Worms Rumble is loads of fun to play alone or with friends!
Crusader Kings 3: Console Edition - PlayStation 5
  • Lead a medieval dynasty through the generations, as history swirls around you
  • Rule a small realm or a major empire, encountering a dazzling number of characters with unique personalities and priorities in this award-winning strategy game from Paradox Interactive
  • Arrange marriages, champion the faith, and establish new empires in this modern classic - unlike any other strategy game you've ever played on console
  • Recruit men-at-arms' units and powerful knights to supplement your royal levies
  • Gather information for blackmailing purposes or call in favors whenever your plans need an extra bit of influence
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/17/2024 12:49 am GMT

emCrusader Kings III: Console Edition/em is one of the most ambitious and detailed real-time strategy games in a long time.

It’s a complex, open-world game that lets you play out the life of your own dynasty, and it rewards you for doing so with an engaging storyline that you’ll want to see through to its conclusion.

The game lets you play as a feudal lord in medieval Eurasia, focusing on realistic gameplay and historical accuracy. You can create your world, set it up however you want, and then interact deeply with the people around you.

emCrusader Kings III: Console Edition/em is a strategy game that was released for PS5 in 2022. This game edition is a console exclusive and features DLCs, in addition to all the content from the original release. The goal of this game is to get rulers on your dynasty line on the throne by any means necessary. You must fight wars, make allies, bribe people, and you can even play as someone trying to overthrow your family. It’s challenging but well worth it if you love strategy games with twists.

Take it home from Amazon here.

DeveloperParadox Development Studio
PublisherParadox Interactive
PlatformsXbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
Release DateMarch 29, 2022
ModeSingle-player, multiplayer

#2: Tinykin

Tinykin is a relatively new game that was released in 2022 and has since been a top seller on the PlayStation store.

It’s an online strategy game that puts you in control of a small group of virtual creatures, each with their unique abilities. You must use these abilities and build an army to defeat your opponent.

Tinykin is set in an original universe where humans and robots coexist as rivals. The game takes place on a single planet with four factions fighting each other to control the planet’s resources. Each faction has unique units, buildings, and structures that allow them to conquer its enemies differently.

The game is incredibly fun because it gives you various ways to play. You can focus on building your army and trying to defend yourself, or you can take the riskier route by attacking your opponent and stealing their resources in hopes of winning the game. Tinykin has several different maps to play on, each with unique features and challenges. The missions you complete on each map will unlock more maps for your enjoyment.

You’ll find yourself fighting against other players in competitive matches or co-op missions, trying to collect resources while building up your base. You can choose between three different classes: the Scientist, who can build turrets; the Ranger, who can use stealth; and the Warrior, who can attack from afar using arrows. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses — and some might even be better than others, depending on which map you’re playing on!

The graphics are really impressive for a tiny game — they feature great shading effects and detailed textures that look nice when combined in an environment like this one.

DeveloperSplashteam, Splashteam S.A.S.
PlatformsPlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Release Date2022
SpellForce 3 Reforced for Playstation 4 with Free Playstation 5 Upgrade
  • Innovative Mix: Unique gameplay blending RTS and RPG naturally together
  • Streamlined for consoles: Intuitive gamepad integration and tailor-made UI to smoothly control a strategy/RPG mix with complex mechanics
  • Create & Customize: Create your own hero and choose between distinct skill trees
  • Choose your side: Strengthen and command one of three factions - Elves, Orcs and Humans. Prepare your troops and fight the mother of all battles. Play strategically, taking advantage of terrain, troop...
  • Experience an epic tale: Enjoy a fully-voiced 30+ hour campaign on your own or with friends in the campaign coop mode. Face opponents of all skills in the online battles
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/17/2024 02:50 pm GMT

emSpellForce 3 Reforced/em is the third installment in the SpellForce series and it occurs in a medieval fantasy world, where the player controls a customizable hero as they defend their nation from various threats.

The story follows the player’s heroes as they embark on an epic quest to save their country from destruction at the hands of an evil wizard.

The game features many unique features that set it apart from other real-time strategy games. These include a dynamic campaign system that allows you to customize your hero’s abilities and progress through missions with different characters, an online multiplayer mode that lets you play against other players, and an editor that allows players to create custom maps with their unique settings and challenges.

It allows players to take control of one of three races (humans, elves, and orcs). Players can choose between several different classes, such as Knight and Mage. Each race has different strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to customize your character’s abilities for each situation you encounter.

Players must build their base by gathering resources from nearby townships or mining them from nearby mountainsides using their workers. They can also upgrade their buildings with buildings like farms that provide food for your troops or training centers where your soldiers can practice their skills before going into battle against other players’ forces.

Get it for yourself on Amazon here.

DeveloperGrimlore Games
PublisherTHQ Nordic
PlatformsPlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4
Release DateJune 7, 2022
ModeSingle-player, multiplayer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RTS game?

RTS stands for real-time strategy and refers to gameplay where players strategically command structures and player units in real-time, with all players and enemy forces acting simultaneously.

Why are real-time strategy games popular?

Real-time strategy games are popular because they’re fun, competitive, and challenging. They also reward players with a sense of accomplishment when they succeed in battle or complete a goal. Additionally, you can play with friends or family in real-time, which will make it more fun and immersive.

Do PS5 games have better graphics than PS4 games?

PS5 games are an improvement over PS4 games, as the new console has more advanced graphics and processing power. However, this does not mean that PS4 games are obsolete. Many people are still playing these older titles and don’t want to trade in their consoles for new ones. Plus, many developers won’t release their next game on the newest platform until it has been out for at least a year or two.

What's the best thing about PS5?

PS5 is more powerful than PS4, so you can expect much better graphics and smoother gameplay. Its proprietary game catalog makes excellent use of the DualSense controller, 3D Audio, and the console’s lightning-fast SSD. However, it may be too large for some setups, and a few flaws keep it from being perfect.

Are RTS games hard to play?

RTS games are not hard to play. They have a different learning curve than other game genres because they have rules and conventions. The key is to keep on practicing. The more you play, the better you’ll become. Don’t worry if you keep losing or making silly mistakes. If you keep playing and learning from your mistakes, you’ll get better over time.

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