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During its most recent financial reporting, Nintendo revealed that its Switch console has sold a massive 114.33 million units. That’s a big enough number for the Switch to sit firmly as Nintendo’s third best-selling console of all time and the fifth best-selling overall.

The Nintendo Switch and its hybrid hardware serve as both a home and portable console that has won over hardcore and casual gamers all over the world. 

Released in 2016, the Nintendo Switch initially competed against the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as part of the eighth generation of gaming. Today, it continues to compete against the ninth generation and the Xbox One X/S and PlayStation 5.

To be competitive, Nintendo needs to offer a deep lineup of titles across a variety of video game genres, and first-person shooters are no exception. 

Let’s dive into the best first-person shooter games the Switch has to offer.

What is a First-Person Shooter? 

First-person shooters have been a staple part of the gaming world since 1992 when Wolfenstein 3D was released for DOS-based computers. Since then, this genre has grown by leaps and bounds to be one of the most popular game types in the world.

The gameplay is seen from the eyes of the protagonist, so your field of view is more limited. If you move your character to the left, whatever they see from their field of view is exactly what you see as the player. The same goes for looking up, down, and left. The only part of your character you will see is likely their arms and hands or, depending on the game, just a weapon. 

Is the Nintendo Switch Known for First-Person Shooter Titles? 

The Nintendo Switch is home to a lot of fantastic games, first-person shooters among them, but it’s definitely not known as an FPS console.

For a company that has often outright avoided violent games, the Switch offers a solid library of first-person 2D and 3D first-person shooter titles. Some of those games are from independent game developers while others are AAA games found on both the Xbox and PlayStation libraries, as well.

The Switch will likely never be home to the same level of FPS gameplay as its ninth-generation console rivals, but there’s still a good selection of games to fill this genre niche for Switch owners. 

#7: Doom

Doom needs little introduction as one of the best-known historical titles in the first-person shooting genre. Playing through the original 1993 classic on the Nintendo Switch is magical on so many levels.

Even for a game that has had portable releases previously, there’s just something so great about the original Doom. The gameplay remains unchanged as demons from another dimension have made their way to your space station and it’s up to you to clear them out. Of course, when we say “clear them out,” we mean in the most violent, hardcore way you can think of. 

With games like Doom, often the biggest concern for any Switch owner is how a port translates to the console. As Doom has earned an 83 Metascore, there is little concern that the original Doom game has been ported over well. The pace is furious, the weapons are great (like the chainsaw), and there’s a whole lot of free content available to up the overall playtime.

Best of all, the original Doom for the Nintendo Switch costs about as much as a cup of coffee, so it’s an absolute impulse buy. 

Widely regarded as one of the best games ever, Doom is available on the Switch.

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One of the most unique first-person shooter games on the Nintendo Switch, SUPERHOT is an absolute must-play title.

Developed by SUPERHOT (yup, the same name as the game), the idea here is that you are taking out your enemy’s FPS style with a twist. Instead of being run-and-gun or finding well-placed ammo drops to refill your weapons, you are battling against a faceless enemy where one hit means certain death. 

What makes SUPERHOT so engaging is that, in this game, time only starts when you move, allowing you to plan all of your moves in advance. That means as your opponents fire weapons, you can stop and assess your next move so you can avoid being hit. 

Along with the unique style of gameplay, SUPERHOT adds a minimalist yet wonderful art style that is as basic as an FPS title can get. Your enemies are in red, available weapons are in black, and the environment around you is a mix of white and gray. That’s it — that’s the whole game — and yet, it works so well. That must be why critics gave SUPERHOT a Metascore of 88. 

Metro Redux - Nintendo Switch
  • Immerse yourself in the Moscow Metro - witness One of the most atmospheric worlds in gaming brought to life on Nintendo Switch
  • Brave the horrors of the Russian Apocalypse - equip your gasmask and an arsenal of hand-made weaponry as you face the threat of deadly mutants, human foes, and the terrifying environment itself
  • Two campaigns, and all DLC included - Metro Redux includes two complete campaigns that combine to create One epic solo adventure, plus a further 10 hours of bonus content
  • Two unique play styles: 'spartan' And 'survival' - approach the campaign as a slow burn survival horror, or tackle it with the combat skills of a spartan ranger in these two unique modes

Based on a novel with the same name, Metro: 2033 Redux is basically a game about a bunch of people who survived nuclear war and have found refuge in the Metro tunnels underneath Moscow.

This remaster of the original Metro: 2033 title has been rebuilt from the ground up for current console generations. The developer, A4 Games, has somehow placed the entirety of the game on the Nintendo Switch, which is a feat you should be absolutely thankful for.

What you find when you begin the game is the protagonist, Artyom, who is on a life-and-death hunt to help his home station. To survive, Artyom will call on all of his skills and even a bit of luck to take down mutant-infested tunnels as well as angry humans. As much as the game is a first-person shooter, stealth elements play heavily into deciding your next moves. This is no run-and-gun but don’t worry, there are still plenty of firearms for you to choose from. 

Ammo on the other hand isn’t so plentiful, which is why stealth plays such a central role. Should you take on the challenge that is Metro: 2033 Redux, you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic FPS that has well earned its 86 Metascore. 

Pick up your copy of Metro: 2033 Redux on Amazon here

Metro Redux - Nintendo Switch
  • Immerse yourself in the Moscow Metro - witness One of the most atmospheric worlds in gaming brought to life on Nintendo Switch
  • Brave the horrors of the Russian Apocalypse - equip your gasmask and an arsenal of hand-made weaponry as you face the threat of deadly mutants, human foes, and the terrifying environment itself
  • Two campaigns, and all DLC included - Metro Redux includes two complete campaigns that combine to create One epic solo adventure, plus a further 10 hours of bonus content
  • Two unique play styles: 'spartan' And 'survival' - approach the campaign as a slow burn survival horror, or tackle it with the combat skills of a spartan ranger in these two unique modes

The sequel to Metro: 2033 Redux, Metro: Last Light Redux is A4 Games’ next iteration of the Metro series, and it’s just as delightful as the prequel.

Like its predecessor, Last Light Redux is another post-apocalyptic first-person shooter that includes elements of stealth. Once again you pick up with Artyom, the same protagonist as the first title, who is still living in a metro station underneath Moscow. You will find there are a handful of missions that bring you above ground and between both environments, and you’ll battle against both mutants and other humans who do not want to see you survive. 

Like the first Metro game, you must consider every round you dispense from your firearms as refilling your bullets is never a guarantee. The same goes for the batteries in your flashlight. Basically, play this game as if resources are not plentiful and conservation is the ultimate key to survival. 

No matter your playstyle, Metro: Last Light Redux takes advantage of the Switch hardware and more than deserves its 86 Metascore. 

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Quake: Standard - Nintendo Switch [Digital Code]
  • Enjoy the original, authentic version of Quake, now with up to 1080p* and widescreen resolution support, enhanced models, dynamic and colored lighting, anti-aliasing, depth of field, the original, atmospheric soundtrack and theme song by Trent Reznor, and more. There’s never been a better time to play Quake.
  • You are Ranger, a warrior armed with a powerful arsenal of weapons. Fight corrupted knights, deformed ogres and an army of twisted creatures across four dark dimensions of infested military bases, ancient medieval castles, lava-filled dungeons and gothic cathedrals in search of the four magic runes. Only after you have collected the runes will you hold the power to defeat the ancient evil that threatens all of humanity.
  • Expand your experience with free, curated, fan-made and official mods and missions such as Quake 64, which is available to download and play now. More fan-made and official mods and missions coming soon.
  • Play the campaign and all expansion packs cooperatively or go toe-to-toe in multiplayer matches with your friends regardless of platform! Crossplay is supported among PC (controller-enabled), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.
  • Improve your gunplay with an option that allows you to aim using gyro controls. The option can be used in conjunction with the control stick for the perfect blend of immersion and accuracy.

What can you say about Quake that hasn’t already been said? One of the original first-person shooters from the 1990s has been remastered, and so Quake Remastered was brought to the Nintendo Switch.

Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch takes what is otherwise a near-perfect game and does little to change it, leaving it as the first-person shooter masterpiece it already is. 

The available version for the Nintendo Switch is essentially the same game as the original but with modern improvement, two extended mission packs, plus two additional episodes with Dimension of the Past and Dimension of the Machine. The single-player campaign has you facing down monsters at nearly every turn while urgently trying to find the exit and move on to the next level. Multiplayer mode is just as fun with a number of excellent ways to play online or in co-op mode. 

Add in 60 frames per second which is as solid as the Nintendo Switch can deliver, and the console does its absolute best with the remastered edition. The 87 Metascore comes as no surprise as Quake sticks to the adage: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. 

Quake Remastered is available as a digital download from Amazon right now here

Quake game
Quake Remastered brings everything you love about the original game to the Nintendo Switch.


DUSK Standard - Nintendo Switch [Digital Code]
  • In addition to the main campaign, DUSK also features an Endless Survival Mode, putting you front and center against wave after wave of merciless enemies.

One of the best independently developed first-person shooter titles on the Switch, Dusk is a retro-style FPS that was created by just one person, which makes the 88 Metascore even more of an achievement.

If it takes you more than a minute to realize that Dusk is awesome to play, we’d have to wonder if you’re playing the same game. It feels much like a game right out of a DOS PC, and that’s okay, as it immediately reminds you of the joy that is Quake, Half-Life, Doom, and so many other classic titles. 

The game takes place in a fictitious town in Pennsylvania where a series of ruins have been discovered, which of course means the government is now interested. What happens next won’t be much of a surprise, as demons take hold of the city, eventually leading your protagonist who has the incredible name of “DuskDude” to seek out any treasures that live within these ruins. That means you have to not only search every level but survive all of the hazards Dusk throws your way, and there will be many hazards. Those hazards carry right over from the single-player campaign into multiplayer mode and its (up to) 16-player deathmatch. 

Dusk is available as a digital download from Amazon here

Neon White - Standard - Nintendo Switch [Digital Code]
  • Uncover Heaven’s mysteries by getting to know the other assassins… did you know them in a past life? A Nintendo Switch Online membership may be required for online play. Please check the game detail page on Nintendo.com for membership requirements.
  • 2020-21 Little Flag Software, LLC. Developed by Ben Esposito. Under Exclusive License by Annapurna Interactive. All rights reserved.

Released on the Nintendo Switch in June 2022, Neon White has quickly become the absolute best Nintendo Switch first-person shooter.

Annapurna Interactive is no stranger to the video game space, having made hugely popular titles like Donut County and The Pathless. What makes Neon White Annapurna’s next great game is that there is nothing else like it on the Nintendo Switch. 

The game emphasizes speed-running through each level in your role as a Neon, a demon hunter who has come to heaven from hell in the hopes of earning a place in the sky above. To survive, your Neon will need to run through each level as fast as possible using parkour-like moves all while running and gunning down enemies. Throughout each level, “Soul Cards” can be found after gunning down enemies, granting you special abilities to help make completing each level easier. 

There’s just nothing like Neon White on the Nintendo Switch, especially its art style, which is what makes it a truly refreshing game to play. Earning an 88 Metascore, Nintendo Switch owners are well served with Neon White as the absolute best first-person shooter on the Nintendo Switch. 

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Final Thoughts

Even if the Nintendo Switch will never be known as a first-person shooter console, this list is proof that there are still excellent options for fans of this genre.

That’s even more true when you consider games that didn’t make the top seven, like PowerSlave: Exhumed, Doom Eternal, or Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Still, it’s going to take a lot to dethrone Neon White, thanks to its unique style of gameplay art direction. The combination of the two is just that good!

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The 7 Absolute Best Nintendo Switch First-Person Shooters of All Time FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

When did the Nintendo Switch launch in North America?

The Nintendo Switch launched worldwide on March 3, 2017, and had already sold more than 14 million consoles by the time its one-year anniversary came around.

How many Nintendo Switch consoles have sold so far?

As of September 2022, Nintendo indicates that the Switch has sold more than 114 million consoles. That’s a large enough number to rank as the fifth best-selling console of all time.

What is the best first-person shooter on the Nintendo Switch?

Neon White is the current title holder of the absolute best first-person shooter on the Nintendo Switch with a Metascore of 88.

What is the current best-selling game on the Nintendo Switch?

As the Nintendo Switch is still available for sale, the top spot could change in the future. However, as it stands in November 2022, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the current best-selling game with over 48 million copies sold. 

How many more years will the Nintendo Switch be in the market?

This is a tough question as nobody really knows the answer. However, Nintendo has hinted multiple times over the past year the Switch is only halfway through its lifecycle. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Nintendo Switch could be around for at least another five years.

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