The 6 Best Solar Companies in Minnesota to Save You Money

Solar panels in Minnesota

The 6 Best Solar Companies in Minnesota to Save You Money

Key Points

  • Rising electric bills in Minnesota due to increased fuel and delivery costs are a good reason to consider installing solar panels.
  • Solar panels harness the sun’s energy to provide clean and renewable electricity, saving money in the long run.
  • There are several reliable solar companies in Minnesota, such as All Energy Solar, MN Solar and More, Wolf River Electric, Centauri Systems, and Champion Solar Systems.
  • Installing solar panels can increase the value of a home and provide energy independence.
  • Solar panels do not produce pollution and help to keep the earth a better place to live.

There are a number of excellent reason to go solar for the home or business in Minnesota. Over the years, particularly the last several, the cost of electricity has skyrocketed. Minnesota homeowners have experienced a form of “sticker shock” when looking at their electric bills. While Minnesota used to supply relatively cheap electricity, that unfortunately is not the case now.

The events surrounding the covid pandemic, and current policies, have had a major impact on electric bills in Minnesota. Many homeowners and businesses in Minnesota have seen their electric bills double. This is not related to more usage, but to increased fuel and delivery costs. A “winter delivery fee” can add $100.00 to the average electric bill. This can take a proper bite out of the family budget. Rising electric bills are a good reason for those in Minnesota to consider installing solar panels. Few people will have the ability to pay for a solar system up front, as the average cost for an 8kW system (the average electricity use per household in Minnesota) is around $22,000 or $15,000 with the federal tax credit. However, it’s relatively easy to finance these systems. In addition to purchasing a solar panel system, it is also possible to lease them.

Why Go Solar in Minnesota

The sun is free, is the source of all energy on earth, and provides energy without cost. Mankind has been using electricity for over 100 years now. Oil, coal, natural gas, and water produce most electric power today. The first three, while reliable, can have negative impacts on your health and the environment. This is where the sun comes in. The sun shines everywhere on earth, and utilizing this renewable energy source to make electricity just makes sense.

Harnessing the sun’s energy using solar panels can provide the electricity needed by homeowners and businesses in Minnesota. Sometimes solar panels can supply all the electricity needed, and sometimes only part of it. However, even a partial supply can save money in the long run. Some utilities even buy excess electricity produced by solar panels, providing you with extra income. Those who are concerned about the environment will also like solar panels as they produce clean energy.

Solar panels on pitched metal roof. Home Renewable Energy Systems. Solar Rooftop System. Photovoltaic Roofing
In Minnesota, home owners might pay more for solar panels, but this is offset by their lower average power use.


The Best Solar Companies in Minnesota

There are a number of reliable solar companies in Minnesota ready to provide the systems needed for their customers. What follows are some of the best.

All Energy Solar, St. Paul, MN

Living in the north can result in special energy needs. During the summer, there is a wealth of sunlight as the sun rises early and sets late. The winter is another case. Winter means short days and long nights. When considering a solar panel system, it’s important to use a company that understands these needs. All Energy Solar is just such a company. Both residential and commercial customers can find the solar panel solutions perfect for their situation. All Energy Solar provides both professional and comprehensive solar panel installation. They work with the customer through every step of the process to provide the exact service needed.

All Energy Solar knows that each home is different and tailors their solar panels to your individual needs. Solar energy is also more affordable than previously. This company is happy to work with customers to access incentives to bring down the cost. With a lifespan of 25 years, panels provide dependable energy and add to the overall value of the house.

Commercial customers are also welcome at All Energy Solar. Whether dealing with a mom and pop store, a farm, or a corporate headquarters, this company has the solution. No job is too big or too small for All Energy Solar. In addition, around the clock businesses find their storage energy options very useful.

MN Solar and More

For those living within a two-hour radius of the Twin Cities, MN Solar and More may be the perfect company. Because this company restricts its service to this region, it allows for faster response times. It might be best to think of this company as being a “local company” offering services to their neighbors. They understand the requirements of those living in a challenging climate to provide individualized solar panel systems. MN Solar and More will provide solutions that fit your budget, and are open about the price of the project.

Dealing with a local company can provide additional attention to problems and details. MN Solar and More will help make arrangements with the power company for the purchase of excess electricity. Rooftops are not the only place for solar panels, ground mounts are also available from MN Solar and More. This will allow the home’s appearance to remain unchanged. An LG battery provides power when the sun isn’t shining. These batteries store energy during the day for use at night or during an outage. This is important for those who derive only a portion of their needs from solar panels.

Wolf River Electric

One of the biggest questions of those seeking solar panels is how they will pay for them. While savings may accrue over time, the initial investment still looms. Wolf River Electric can help address these concerns with their financial solutions. Their home solar panels can help reduce electric bills and provide a reliable source of energy. Wolf River technicians can help homeowners to determine their solar panel needs. While it is possible for a homeowner to install panels, a trained technician provides professionalism. Also, should anything need servicing, Wolf River Electric technicians will be there to do the work right.

Solar panel systems will last at least 20 to 25 years, sometimes longer. Because these systems are so reliable, they pay back the original investment in only a few years. Located in Isanti, MN, Wolf River Electrics is a local company that understands energy needs in the Upper Midwest. Wolf River does not limit their installations to residential, either, but offers solutions to businesses as well. One of the biggest expenses for commercial enterprises is energy costs. Reducing the cost of energy can really help make the bottom line more robust. Businesses that install solar panel systems could also find themselves getting a tax incentive to do so. In addition, solar panel installations help attract environmentally conscious customers. Doing their part for a cleaner world is a great incentive for many customers.

Centauri Systems

This past year has often brought shock to those opening their electric bills. Even people cutting back on electric use have found their bills going up and up and up. The reason for this is that the cost of producing electricity has also gone up. Customers pay for these costs. Centauri Systems may be able to provide a solution to this problem. When most people think of solar panel systems, they see dollar signs swirling around. While it is true that the initial installation will be a significant investment, Centauri can help to lessen the bite. Tax incentives and even grants are available in many cases. This will help to lower the cost and make solar panels more affordable. Tax credits of up to 30% are available this year.

Minnesota is home to many farms, and solar panels can help them run more efficiently. Dairy farms use a lot of electricity, so high bills will affect the price of milk. Centauri Systems is ready to offer advice and insight into how solar panels can help. The expansive roofs on barns are just crying out for an array of solar panels. Whether dealing with a residential, commercial, or agricultural installation, Centauri Systems is ready. They will come out, asses the situation, discuss solutions, and work on financing. Plus, their trained technicians will install and maintain the panels. Battery backup is also an option for those who never want an interruption of power.

Champion Solar Systems

Making the decision to “go solar” is a major one. Regardless of anything else, it requires a large financial commitment. Choosing a reputable company is important, which is why many have turned to Champion Solar Systems. Champion never uses subcontractors for their services, all employees are “in house”. This helps to set this company apart from some of their competitors. It also helps to ensure that each customer receives personal service and attention. Champion provides an assessment to detail what systems will work best. Their proposal then makes your decision easy.

An attractive service that Champion Solar provides is to give the customer an estimate of how much they will save. Whether choosing Champion for a residential, agricultural, or commercial installation, the company makes the process as easy as possible. Champion handles the paperwork, permits, and other details. Those who require financing will find that Champion will assist in that as well. Those who have to rely on power companies deal with constant rate increases. Champion Solar System panels pay for themselves in only a few years and then the electricity is free. It’s also possible to sell surplus electricity to the local power company in some cases.

Live Wire Solar & Electrical

Plenty of electric customers have dreamed of having their own source of electricity. A couple of hefty bills usually bring these thoughts up. Solar panels provide energy independence. Life Wire Solar & Electric installs solar panels to achieve this. Renewable and clean energy is the way to go. Solar panels bring about energy independence and even allow for off-grid living. Fourteen years of solar installation experience make Live Wire Solar & Electric a dependable, professional choice. Live Wire provides residential, agricultural, and commercial solar panel systems, designed for individual needs. Live Wire uses the best components for their installations. For those with EVs, the company provides charging stations.

One of the benefits of installing a solar panel system is that it increases the value of the home. Solar panel installations pay for themselves in a few years. Live Wire understands that not every homeowner or business can afford to purchase the system outright. Therefore, they offer incentives that help to take the bite out of the cost. Live Wire can help not only with the incentives, but with information about loans and grants. Converting to a solar panel system from Live Wire improves quality of life and promotes energy independence.

solar panels under a blue sky
Solar companies in Minnesota cater to both business and private customers with a wide range of solar options.



There are plenty of good reasons to upgrade to solar energy. Solar energy photovoltaic panels are perfect for installation on residential, agricultural, or commercial properties. Solar panels also take maximum advantage of available sunlight to produce electric power. Ground installation is an alternative to roof installation, depending on your specific needs. Companies that install panels work with their clients to find the best solution for them. Solar panels on a residential home can add up to 20% to the home’s value. The long lifetime of panels (20 years or more) ensure that they will pay for themselves in a few years. Further, solar panels provide independence from electric bills.

Selling excess electricity to the local power company is another benefit. Besides the financial bonuses, solar panels help to keep the earth a better place to live. Dependent on clean sunlight to produce power, panels don’t need oil, gas, or coal to operate. Solar panels do not produce any pollution, so environmentally conscious homeowners can feel comfortable about using them. The five solar companies covered in this article give their clients good, reliable service. All use highly trained and motivated staff to install the panels. Plus, these solar companies, grounded in Minnesota, are familiar with the sometimes challenging weather conditions.

All of these companies are familiar with the ins and outs of the permits, incentives, loan requirements, and tax breaks available. They work with the homeowner, farmer, or business owner to give the best outcome. Because all of these companies are local, they are present, should any problems arise and will provide assistance quickly. Reliability, expertise, knowledge, and professionalism are the hallmarks of these solar panel companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a solar power system cost?

A system can be as low in cost as around $3,000 all the way up to $35,000. The average cost runs in the neighborhood of $22,000 in Minnesota.

Can a solar panel installation provide for all my home’s power needs?

Yes, it can. It depends on how many panels you have and how much sun your area gets. If both are sufficient, you can power your home completely with solar energy.

Can solar panels be a DIY project?

Yes, someone who is handy and knowledgeable could do the installation. However, should something go wrong, it wouldn’t be covered by a service contract with an installation company. Note that most people do not have the skills or knowledge to install their own solar system successfully, so be sure you meet the requirements before starting your DIY project.

Is it possible to make money with solar panels?

Yes, excess power can be sold to the local power company. This is also called net metering. Note that in Minnesota, not all utility companies support this.

Are storage batteries a good idea?

Storage batteries are a very good idea. Storage batteries will store electricity that is not immediately used. During power outages or if the weather is disagreeable, power can be drawn from the batteries to provide uninterrupted service.

Will solar panels charge an EV?

Most Minnesota solar panel installers also provide charging stations for EVs.

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