The 6 Best Solar Companies in Hawaii to Save You Money

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The 6 Best Solar Companies in Hawaii to Save You Money

Key Points

  • Hawaii is among the best states for solar power with over 50 installation companies available.
  • RevoluSun Hawaii offers a 20-year roof leak warranty and exclusively sells top-tier solar brands like SunPower, Panasonic, and Tesla Solar.
  • Malama Solar, founded in 2017, has earned a reputation for providing top-notch customer service and uses brands like LG, Panasonic, Q cells, and Tesla.
  • SunPower produces some of the industry’s most efficient solar panels, allowing Hawaii residents to maximize the space on their roofs.
  • Rising Sun Solar, one of Hawaii’s largest and oldest solar energy companies, serves over 5,000 customers and offers a 25-year warranty on all products.

Hawaii is among the best states for solar power in the U.S. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), there are more than 50 installation companies in the Aloha State. So, if you’re in Hawaii, you’ll have a wide selection of providers available to you!

Although having more options is great, it makes finding the right one more challenging. It takes a lot of time to peruse the companies to find the right one for your needs. Luckily, we have saved you the hassle by reviewing the best solar companies in Hawaii.

Let’s get straight to it!

RevoluSun Hawaii

RevoluSun provides various services. The company not only installs panels and batteries, but it also offers energy efficiency improvements for your home. It’s regarded as a full-service firm for energy efficiency.

RevoluSun installs and repairs heating and air conditioning systems, solar water heaters, and other energy-efficient upgrades. These upgrades contribute to lowering Hawaii’s electricity costs, which are among the highest in the country.

The company makes residential solar affordable even though it exclusively sells top-tier solar brands like SunPower, Panasonic, and Tesla Solar. It advertises itself as Hawaii’s “only local lease provider” and provides a variety of financing choices, including cash, loans with no interest, or solar leasing.

A 20-year roof leak warranty is another amazing warranty offered by this contractor, in addition to 25-year product warranties. As a BBB-accredited company and a SEIA member, RevoluSun stands out among Hawaii’s most reliable solar installers. 

Although the company is more expensive than most competitors, its expertise and exceptional warranty coverage make up for it.

solar panels in Florida
Hawaii gets a ton of sunlight so solar panels are a great choice, and RevoluSun is here to help.

Malama Solar

Malama Solar has a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service and is committed to protecting the environment using solar and renewable energy sources. The Honolulu-based company was founded in 2017 as a modest, family-run firm, but it swiftly rose to the top of Hawaii’s fastest-growing companies.

Hawaii has seen a surge in solar providers to fulfill demand, but most installers are only in it for the money and offer subpar services. Despite being a young business, Malama has earned a reputation for providing top-notch customer service. 

Malama Solar provides a 25-year warranty on the manufactured equipment it installs. They use brands like LG, Panasonic, Q cells, and Tesla.

Currently, Malama only serves Hawaii Island and Oahu but plans for expansion are underway. Although the labor warranty is only valid for 10 years, the installers are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), making them a worthy alternative.

The company is suitable for households that only want solar panels and batteries. It does not provide auxiliary devices, such as EV chargers, or other services, such as solar monitoring. They accept financing options such as loans, solar leases, and cash purchases but don’t offer PPAs.

Ranchos de Taos valley green landscape in summer and solar panels during sunset with sun rays in New Mexico
Malama Solar is a great solar supplier for Hawaii Island and Oahu.


SunPower produces some of the industry’s most efficient solar panels. This is excellent news for people who live in Hawaii since they need to utilize the sun as much as possible to reduce energy costs, which are among the highest in the country. 

Hawaii also has, on average, the smallest houses in the country, which means fewer solar panels can fit on the roofs. But the high-efficiency solar panels provided by SunPower allow you to maximize the space on your roof. 

While a five-year craftsmanship warranty protects Eco Solar’s installation, all items have a 25-year product and production warranty. You have several options for paying for the service, including leasing through Eco Solar or taking out a solar loan.

SunPower is one of the most trusted sources for solar panels.

Rising Sun Solar

Rising Sun Solar is among Hawaii’s largest and oldest solar energy companies. It serves over 5,000 Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii customers. Since its founding in 1986, Rising Sun Solar has maintained competitive pricing, delivered exceptional customer service, and upheld ties with organizations like the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA). 

The locally-owned business offers several services, including installing and maintaining solar panels, custom designs, solar shingles, and batteries. Leading solar brands from Rising Sun include SunPower and Tesla. They offer a 25-year warranty on all products and a five-year warranty on installation work.  

This is an image of a solar panel array on a residential home
Rising Sun Solar serves over 5,000 customers in Hawaii!

Independent Energy Hawaii

Despite Independent Energy being one of Hawaii’s newest solar contractors, it has already demonstrated that it can offer top-notch customer service. The company hires installers that have received extensive training and expertise. The technicians employed by this company are SEIA and ASES-affiliated and also NABCEP-certified.

Currently, it only offers a few solar panel brands, notably Tesla. However, their superb performance makes them excellent choices for Hawaii residents. The business also sells Tesla Powerwall and Generac PWRcell solar batteries, enabling you to benefit from Hawaii’s battery installation incentives.

Its products have a 25-year equipment warranty, but they don’t offer a warranty for their workmanship. Overall, this is a fantastic choice for dependable, cost-effective solar equipment.

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline
Independent Energy is a reliable, cost-effective option for residents in Hawaii.

Pacific Energy

Pacific Energy is a solar installer located in Kihei, Hawaii. It provides some of the most reliable equipment brands and excels at providing excellent customer service. 

Although the company’s services are expensive, their value is well above average. The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty on Tesla Powerwalls, a 25-year warranty on SolarEdge inverters and optimizers, and a 25-year warranty on SunPower panels.

Pacific Energy only deals with solar panel and battery installations. Their financing options include solar loans, cash purchases, PPAs, and solar leases, so clients have enough options to choose from.

Pacific Energy is a favorite amongst residents in Hawaii!

What to Consider When Looking for a Solar Company in Hawaii

The following points should inform your decision when choosing the best solar company in Hawaii.

Services Offered

All solar firms can set up solar panels. However, some won’t be able to help you if you want other services and add-on products such as batteries, EV chargers, system monitoring, solar water heaters, and energy audits. 

Hawaii is prone to power disruptions because of the ongoing strain on the aging electrical infrastructure. Go for businesses that can combine solar batteries with panels to supply electricity during regular outages.

Equipment Warranty

Although Hawaii’s weather is typically not extreme enough to damage solar panels, warranties are always a good idea because solar solutions are expensive. Solar warranties can protect you from subpar solar panel installation work, guarantee a particular amount of energy production, and cover malfunctions and damage. The best warranties also protect against roof leaks. 

Cost and Installation

Look at the price of the solar power system you intend to purchase. System costs can vary depending on labor costs and equipment quality. Find the best equipment within your price range.

Financing Options

While some people pay cash for solar panels, others opt for solar loans, solar leases, or power purchase agreements (PPAs). Not all companies offer these payment options. Choose companies based on the financing options that you require.

How to Reduce Solar Installation Costs in Hawaii

The following tips can help you reduce solar installation costs.

Install Solar Batteries

Batteries can substitute net metering, and many Hawaii residents can benefit from the battery rebate program to reduce costs. With net energy metering (NEM), you can utilize your solar panels to create more energy than you need and use the credits you earn to reduce future electric bills. 

Many jurisdictions require this billing practice. Sadly, since NEM is no longer required in Hawaii, few utility companies provide it. However, you may save your extra energy for later use.

Use High-Efficiency Panel Brands

There are various panel brands available for home solar systems. However, high-efficiency solar panels reduce utility costs, maximizing your long-term savings and hastening the payback of your system.

Utilize Hawaii’s Benefit Programs

Utilizing the incentive packages offered is the greatest way to lower your conversion to solar in Hawaii’s upfront and ongoing costs. These include rebate programs, tax credits, and tax exemptions that reduce the overall solar installation cost.

Wrapping Up

In Hawaii, solar power is quickly gaining popularity. The state rose from 32nd to 18th in the U.S. in 2021 for adopting solar energy.

Be cautious of fly-by-night businesses that spring up while business is booming to take advantage of the need. Selecting a business with years of experience filters through the clutter and guarantees quality installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How popular is solar energy in Hawaii?

Solar energy is quite popular due to high electricity costs and sufficient sunlight in Hawaii. It is projected that solar adoption will increase over the next few years. The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) aims to have the entire state run on renewable energy by 2045.

Will installing solar in Hawaii raise the value of your home?

Yes, installing PV panels is an excellent way to increase the value of your home because, according to estimates from Zillow, a standard solar system will increase the value of your home by 4.1%. 

Does Hawaii offer solar tax credits?

Yes, Hawaii’s solar tax credits are among the best in the U.S. The Renewable Energy Technologies Income Tax Credit (RETITC) offers tax credits of up to 35% of the system cost. The maximum is $5,000.

What’s the main benefit of converting to solar in Hawaii?

The cost of electricity in Hawaii is 43.11 cents per kWh, the highest in the country. Therefore, you stand to save a lot from going solar. The fact that the state experiences 240 days of sunshine annually makes converting more enticing.

What is the average energy requirement for Hawaii homes?

An average residential home requires 5.5kW of energy. That means a home requires 13-22 solar panels to produce enough power for a household.

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