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If you searched for this article, chances are high that you are considering switching to solar power. This article guides you on the top six solar companies in Connecticut to work with, plus some understanding of federal and state incentives and the tentative process.

Connecticut is a chilly yet calm state in the New England region of the United States. It is best known for its beautiful mountains, yacht-dotted harbors, and high-ranking universities. It is also the beautiful Constitution State, and it’s an excellent place for residents who wish to adopt solar power.

Connecticut ranks at #22 in solar adoption in the United States. More households now opt for solar energy due to the high electricity rates and favorable solar policies. While there are plenty of solar companies, here is our updated list of 6 companies to save you money.

Green Power Energy

Green Power Energy is one of America’s residential solar energy installation companies worth considering. The company has been around for over 14 years, with a reputation for offering residential solar energy options tailored to each household’s needs.

Green Power Energy offers premium solar installation, storage, and EV charging solutions, with energy systems that are great for the environment and save money. The company has its own installation team and consultants who are professional in what they do, low-pressure, and educational.

Homeowners hail Green Power Energy for its turnkey process. From design to installation, the company works with you side-by-side. It also offers a 25-year warranty, supported by a full-time service department.

Green Power provides financing that guarantees you up to 5 years of return on investment. The financing also comes with a 30% tax credit, local tax incentives, increased property value, and an industry-leading warranty of 25 years.

Solar panels wind turbines
Green Power Energy is one of the best options for solar energy in Connecticut.

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Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar is another excellent solar company dedicated to building a better solution by providing unique solar energy solutions. For over a decade, the company has served Connecticut households with trusted services, including home consultations, comprehensive plans and product reviews, and friendly answers to all queries.

A solid and distinctive culture of growth, innovation, and outstanding performance guides the Momentum team. Hence, it is dedicated to offering excellence all year round. Momentum only uses high-quality materials and components and customizes them for your needs.

Momentum is a fully accredited company with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Customer reviews on BBB are positive, with most users praising the company for offering peace of mind and significant savings.

The company also offers financing with affordable monthly payments. You can enjoy tax credits, incentives, and solar panel ownership without upfront costs.

However, a few users fault the company for their endless sales calls and occasional scheduling issues. Overall, Momentum is a worthy company to work with. Its mobile app simplifies tracking and monitoring processes, while its warranties cover equipment and workmanship.

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Momentum Solar has been serving Connecticut for over a decade.

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SunPower is a leading solar company that designs and integrates solar electric systems for commercial and residential spaces. SunPower is on a mission to provide cost-effective, high-performing, and environmentally responsible energy solutions.

The company believes that solar power should be accessible to all. For this reason, the company strives to offer all-in-all residential solutions backed up with excellent customer service and industry comprehensive warranty of more than 25 years.

SunPower has been around for 35 years, with its headquarters in Silicon Valley. It has a mobile app, MySunPower, available on the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store to help you monitor your home solar, storage, and power use.

The app seamlessly integrates with SunPower solar and battery solutions to monitor performance and control settings. Its warranty covers the entire system, including performance, labor, and performance.

SunPower has simplified how you can acquire solar power in Connecticut. Their dedicated team will do all the legwork, including determining if your home is the best candidate for the system, matching you with a local installer, and providing customer service. SunPower also offers flexible financing with zero down options. The company offers three payment options; cash, lease, or loan. The best part of SunPower financing is that you may qualify for federal solar tax credits.  

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Homeowners in Connecticut turn to SunPower for their great customer service and long warranty.

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Sunlight Solar Energy

Most people believe that the sunniest states, such as Arizona and Florida, are the best candidates for solar power in the U.S. Sunlight Solar Energy was created to dispute such claims and position itself as an industry leader in powering the future of energy in Connecticut.

If you are at a crossroads on which company to choose for your upcoming solar project in Connecticut, Sunlight Solar could be the best fit. The company has over 30 years of experience and has done over 4,000 nationwide installations.

Sunlight Solar Energy is located in New Haven, Connecticut. It serves residential, RVs for powering your road trips, and electric vehicle charging. Apart from determining the energy viability of your home, the team will offer you information on the total costs of going solar, financing options, and incentives for your home or business project. Upon request, the Sunlight Solar Energy team can also perform complimentary on-site evaluations.

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Sunlight Solar Energy is a top choice among Connecticut residents.

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PurePoint Energy

PurePoint Energy is the right choice for you if you are looking for a reliable solar company to plug into the sun. PurePoint was established in 2007 and continues to serve customers throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY, with custom installations and storage solutions.

The company uses environmentally sound panels with the best industry equipment warranty. It guarantees you a durable solar energy system, plus you get to enjoy federal and state tax credits to offset your initial costs of going solar. PurePoint’s clean energy is customized for your unique needs and is determined to add value to your property.

One thing that stands out about PurePoint Energy is that it cares for the community around it. The company boldly gives back to the community through local charities and events, such as the American Cancer Society, Live Green Connecticut, and Surfrider Foundation.

PurePoint Energy is loved in Connecticut for its custom solar solutions.

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Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar has provided Connecticut with residential solar energy since 2011. Palmetto believes that solar energy is a long-term solution that needs a long-term approach. The company provides end-to-end energy solutions that guarantee smart solar savings with detailed energy insights.

Palmetto promises to walk with you from designing and financing to tracking. Leave it to Palmetto to offer high-end maintenance, resources, and support. Their sophisticated solar feasibility and energy-modeling framework ensure you get what is suitable for your energy needs.

Palmetto takes a concierge-style approach to deliver outstanding customer service, which ensures that customers receive the best support at all times. It offers online tools to estimate potential savings with three years of active system monitoring.

Palmetto also offers solar panel system inspection in Connecticut for $350. The assessment takes 2-3 hours and is ideal for residents purchasing a home with pre-installed rooftop solar panels or users who have owned a solar system for a long time.

A solar system inspection can help you determine the overall health of your system. Palmetto’s qualified technicians thoroughly evaluate inverters, panels, electrical systems, and wiring. The team will also analyze the historical and current energy production levels and search for existing vulnerabilities to identify upgrade possibilities.

Palmetto offers financing and protection plans in multiple tiers to enhance your system’s protection. These plans include:

  • A 25-year warranty on solar panels
  • A 12-year inverters warranty
  • 10-year warranty on workforce
  • A 5-year warranty on roof penetration

Working with Palmetto also guarantees benefits such as remote professional monitoring and troubleshooting services, monthly operational insights, and detected system problems. While the company only offers two payment options, full payments, and solar loans, the options are sufficient for maximum savings on your monthly energy costs.

Save money solar Maine
Palmetto Solar offers fantastic customer support to guide you through every stage of the process.

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The 6 Best Solar Companies in Connecticut to Save You Money FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is switching to solar energy in Connecticut worth it?

More Connecticut residents are choosing solar systems to power their homes than ever before. Given the high cost of electricity and excellent incentives that lets homeowners install solar power with minimal upfront costs, the number of solar-powered homes can only go up. So, switching to solar energy is well worth it — apart from just saving you money, it also improves your home value, has low maintenance costs, and is great for the environment.

Does the solar panel I select matter when choosing an installer?

Absolutely! Solar panel selection is crucial for converting your home to solar energy. A reputable solar installer will guide you in choosing the right panels for your home. Remember, all solar panels are not the same. Some are small, some big, and some are more efficient than others. High-energy efficient solar panels are the best, but they are costly.

How much will solar panels cost me in Connecticut?

On average, a solar panel will cost you $3.23/W as of May 2023. Energy Sage also reports that solar panel installation costs range from $13,728 to $18,572.

Is Connecticut a good location for solar panels?

Investing in solar panels in Connecticut is worth every dollar. On average, Connecticut receives 194 sunny days per year out of the 205 sunny days in the United States. Switching to solar energy in Connecticut also means saving on upfront costs and annual electric bills, thanks to the state’s numerous incentives.

What impact does solar energy have on the environment?

On average, your solar system will produce clean energy for over 25 years. You would have prevented tons of carbon dioxide from reaching the atmosphere during this time. Going solar means taking care of the environment.

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