The 6 Best 4K Webcams on Earth Today

External webcam with high definition resolution for a desktop monitor

The 6 Best 4K Webcams on Earth Today

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best 4K Webcam is the Logitech Brio 4K Webcam. 
  • As you look at the different best 4K webcam options, you want to find one with great microphones and downloadable software. 
  • With the best 4K webcams, you will get a much better picture and sound than a built-in webcam on a laptop. 

If you have purchased a laptop, of any make and model over the last few years, there is a good chance it has come with a built-in webcam. Unfortunately, these built-in webcams are just not very good, at least when compared to the best 4K webcams. For desktop users, it’s the same story as most monitors do not include a built-in webcam, so you don’t even have the option of a good or bad one. 

Well, with the rise in remote work and video calls, having one of the best 4K webcams has quickly become a vital tool to stay in touch with colleagues and family. Yes, you can use your smartphone as a webcam but the most straightforward option is often the best one, and that’s where the best 4K webcams on Earth come into play. 

Let’s look at our top 6 options and see which is going to help you look your absolute best: 

Best Overall: Logitech Brio 4K Webcam

#1 Best Overall
Logitech Brio 4K Webcam
  • Ultra 4K HD resolution
  • Auto light adjustment
  • Noise-canceling technology
  • 3 fields of view presets (90°, 78° or 65°)
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02/22/2024 07:15 pm GMT

As is the case with many of the computer accessories they make, Logitech’s Brio 4K Webcam laptop is an easy favorite among the best 4K webcams.

With four times the resolution of a typical HD camera, it’s going to be difficult to look anything but your best, even for those early morning agile meetings that really need to happen an hour later. 

Should you need it, you also have a 5x HD zoom available in case you want to really get virtually up close and personal with your colleagues. Plus, you have three different fields of view with 90, 78, and 65 degrees, so you can show off a little more or a little less of the messy closet behind you. 

Should you want to record something instead of video calls, the Logitech Brio still shines as one of the best 4K webcams with up to 90 frames per second. Working well with nearly any ambient lighting conditions, you’ll look good as Logitech includes its RightLight 3 technology to automatically adjust to your lighting conditions. 

Logitech also includes a secure mount so you can attach the webcam to nearly any type of laptop or monitor and easily remove it when not in use. 

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Overall the best 4K webcam on the market as far as quality and priceOnly offers three different field-of-view presets
Offers 5x HD zoom so you can get up close and personal while on a video callWindows Hello integration doesn’t always work as well as promised

Widely regarded as one of the best 4K webcams on the market, the Insta360 Link is a favorite for use in nearly any type of environment.

Working with a half-inch sensor, call and recording quality on the Insta360 Link is really top-notch and anyone talking with you will see everything, including your dog sitting behind you in fantastic detail. One of the Insta360’s best features is its AI tracking, which utilizes the Link’s gimbal design to help rotate and track your movement as you shift around while presenting, talking, or recording. 

Another major reason the Link is so popular is its hand gesture control, which enables three different hand gestures to help track, zoom, and start-up whiteboard mode. Another highlight of the link, and this is great for those of you with kids in the background, are the dual noise-canceling microphones that help reduce background noise as you come off mute. 

Last but not least is the Insta360 Link’s desktop software that allows you to tweak features like exposure and brightness to help make sure you look as good as possible. 

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Uniquely designed to take advantage of hand gestures, which is just coolHDR mode sounds better on paper than it does in practice
Dual noise-canceling microphones really help block out background noiseDoes not specify if it’s good with both Windows and macOS

Best Video Quality: Dell UltraSharp HDR

Best for Video Quality
Dell UltraSharp HDR 4K Webcam
  • Includes a 4K Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor
  • Available with 65, 78, and 90-degree fields of view
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • Premium aluminum finish
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02/21/2024 10:04 pm GMT

It’s not at all surprising to see a Dell webcam on any list of the best 4K webcams available today, which says just how good the Dell UltraSharp HDR really is .

One of the biggest computer manufacturers on Earth, Dell has made sure that it has a 4K webcam that works well with its products. The Dell UltraSharp HDR 4K webcam hits hard right off the bat with a built-in Sony STARVIS CMS sensor, which means you should expect nothing less than super crisp video clarity. Similar to the Insta360 Link, Dell also incorporates smart AI technology to make sure you are staying in the frame even if you shift around during a call. 

As if the Dell UltraSharp wasn’t already proving itself a leader in image quality, adding Digital Overlap HDR adds a lifelike color experience, so both 3D and 2D noise reduction is automatically eliminated. Gone are the days of grainy video calls with poor lighting and say hello to the days of looking great on camera.

No matter what kind of monitor you use, Dell or otherwise, the UltraSharp is universal for all monitor types including those that are nearly borderless without damaging the screen. 

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Excellent form factor takes up little space no matter the monitor sizeThe low light function is good but not great
Dell’s inclusion of three different field-of-view options is great

Best Compact Size: Obsbot Meet 4K

Best Compact Size
OBSBOT Meet 4K Webcam
  • Integrated Sony CMOS sensor
  • Ultra-wide 86-degree field of view
  • One tap background blur
  • Works with Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams
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02/21/2024 10:04 pm GMT

While the Obsbot Meet won’t carry the name recognition of Logitech or Dell, writing it off because of that would be a disservice.

Instead, this very well may be the best compact 4K webcam around. Integrating a 1/2.8-inch sensor, the Meet is capturing details in an extremely vivid and crisp way, even when light is less than perfect. Additionally, the Obsbot Meet offers up to an 86-degree field of view so you can see a really wide frame, which can come in handy if you need multiple people in one shot or video call. 

Like Logitech and Dell, Obsbot also includes auto-framing for a single person in a frame using artificial intelligence. The main purpose is to keep you centered in the frame so you have a little flexibility to shift around and be comfortable. 

Separately, the Obsbot Meet also receives high praise as one of the best 4K webcams thanks to the inclusion of a single button to blur your background. On the top of the camera, just one tap and your background blurs which is great if someone is walking by behind you or you totally forgot to clean up your closet. 

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Adds an 86-degree field of view which is on the higher end of the best 4K webcamsThe Obsbot lacks the name recognition of Dell or Logitech
One tap of a button instantly blurs your background

Best Audio: Poly Studio P15

Best for Audio
Poly Studio P15
  • Premium 4K video experience
  • Multi-microphone away for excellent voice pickup
  • Integrated speaker with acoustic suspension and a passive radiator
  • Adaptable for different uses
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02/21/2024 10:04 pm GMT

Undoubtedly one of the most unique shapes on any list of the best 4K webcams, the Poly Studio P15 is a great choice for those who value audio above all else.

Whereas most of the webcams on this list strive for compact build size, the Poly Studio P15 adds a wide speaker around the camera that gives you a serious increase in sound over a built-in laptop or desktop speakers. The integrated speaker includes both acoustic suspension and a passive radiator plus a multi-microphone array, which results in the best audio quality among all 4K webcams. 

Beyond audio, the intelligent AI of the P15 incorporates NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fencing for removing background noises like barking dogs, lawnmowers, or screaming kids. 

The intelligence of the P15 also extends to its desktop software where you can customize your webcam for adjusting brightness, sharpness or properly framing the camera. Best of all, the 4K resolution includes a shutter for privacy, so you can only be on video when you absolutely want to be. 

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Offers an excellent way to get better audio from your webcamMight be considered oversized for some people 
Includes one of the best downloadable software experiences in the webcam spaceThe audio quality is good but not amazing

Best for Minimalism: Lumina Webcam

Best for Minimalism
Lumina 4K Webcam
  • Ultrawide 4K camera
  • Wide-angle 95-degree field of view
  • Included Lumina Studio App includes 30 different settings
  • Made of aerospace-grade aluminum
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/21/2024 10:04 pm GMT

When you want a seriously compact option in the category of best 4K webcams, the Lumina Webcam should be your first option.

Carefully crafted, the Lumina features an aluminum frame while still only being 11.6 ounces in total weight. Even with such a tight space, the Lumina team was able to include an ultrawide 4K lens that offers a best-in-class 95-degree field of view. With the proprietary AI tech also built right into the Lumina’s frame, you also stay in the frame every call and can easily blur your background so hide your messy closet or bed. 

As soon as you download and install Lumina’s desktop software, you can tweak over 30 different settings including saturation, background blur, field of view, exposure, and white balance. For a $200 price, the aerospace-grade aluminum on the Lumina feels more premium than any other 4K webcam on this list. 

Dual noise-canceling microphones help block out your pets and there is even a privacy cover you can drop over the lens when not in use. One final bonus with Lumina is that they offer a one-on-one onboarding call for every new customer to help set up the camera exactly as you need it. 

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One of the best for offering a minimal experience The price point might scare off some would-be buyers
The aluminum body is the most sturdy-feeling webcam on this listThe onboarding call isn’t immediate so you might need to start setup on your own

How to Pick the Best 4K Webcam: Step-by-Step

As you start thinking through picking one of the best 4K webcams, you need to consider a few things before you do. 

  • Field of view
  • Good microphones
  • Privacy block
  • Additional software

Field of View

Looking at the field of view as part of your 4K webcam is more important than many people might consider. For starters, you might want a wider field of view like the one found in Logitech Brio if you need to add more than one person into the frame at a time. A tighter field of view might be more in line with what you need if you don’t want to show off too much of your background. This is true whether you’re in an office where you don’t want to show people walking by as frequently or at home where a closet is behind you. 

Good Microphones

The best 4K webcams were partially chosen because they pick up solid sound but also block out noise. The noise-canceling feature in many 4K or even 1080p webcams can be middling at best. The options on this list were all selected because they offer strong noise-canceling functionality with their microphones but can also pick up your voice while making sure a barking dog isn’t overwhelming your presentation to your boss’s boss. 

Privacy Block

While it’s unlikely that someone is directly going to gain access to your computer and activate your webcam, it’s not entirely impossible either. Therefore, you want a webcam like the Lumina that comes with a privacy-blocking cover that ensures no matter who gains access to your computer, they won’t be able to see you, your room, office, etc. 

Additional Software

The best 4K webcams from brands like Logitech, Dell, and Poly Studio all work best when you install the downloadable software and start making tweaks. Within this software, you can adjust any number of settings from exposure to lighting to autofocus, and make sure you look and sound your best. Having this software can be an invaluable tool for getting the most value out of any of these webcams. 

Using the Best 4K Webcams: What It’s Like

Even if you are on a webcam twice a week or twice a month, having good picture quality is invaluable. The last thing you want is to be on an important call only to look like you have a computer from ten years ago with a VGA camera. 

Instead, using one of the best 4K webcams will make you look and sound good, and now you have to impress your boss or your audience. There is no one perfect 4K webcam but the options on this list will help you make sure that you have a level of future-proofing even as newer and faster computers come out. 

You are still likely to have a better camera than any laptop well into the next few years as built-in 4K webcams in computers are still a ways off. For this reason alone, using one of the best 4K webcams can make a huge difference in how well you come across at work or to your fans. The last thing you want to do is learn the 720p camera on your computer is subpar when you are giving a big presentation in the hopes of winning that big promotion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 4K webcam available today?

As of May 2023, the Logitech Brio 4K Webcam is the best 4K webcam available on Earth today. 

Do you need a wide field of view or a narrow one?

How large or small a field of view you need is based on whether you think more than one person might be in a frame. If so, a wider FOV is important, but if it’s just you, go more narrow. 

Does the AI tracking on these webcams really work to keep you in the frame at all times?

For the most part, yes, the AI built into all of the webcams on this list do a great job of tracking you as you move around in a chair. 

Will you need additional lighting with the best 4K webcams?

In some cases, yes, you will need more lighting as that’s solely dependent on the room in which you are taking or making video calls. 

Can you use a phone or a camera instead of a 4K webcam?

You can absolutely use a phone or dedicated camera as a webcam, but they are heavier, more cumbersome, and take more work to set up. 

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