The 5 Biggest Complaints About The Logitech G920

Logitech G29 vs. G920

The 5 Biggest Complaints About The Logitech G920

When shopping for a racing wheel, the Logitech G920 is always one of the first wheels to come up. From beginners to avid sim racers, the G920 has a large following. A major selling point is that the wheel delivers respectable value. However, the Logitech G920 also gets some rap that you should also know about before purchasing.

Because the G920 is so cheap, you shouldn’t expect it to deliver the most realistic racing experience. Most of the complaints are fairly minor, and some of them are even fixable through various mods. The major complaints revolve around noise and force feedback. Similarly, the G920 works only with Xbox consoles and PCs, so there are limitations.

G920 is great for the price, but has some minor usability issues.

The Logitech G920 Has Unrealistic Braking

Probably the most common complaint you will hear about the G920 is that the brake pedal feels stiff or unrealistic. Now, it’s pretty hard to pin down what the proper pressure for a brake pedal should be. Every car has a little bit of different pedal stiffness, and racecars are obviously no different. For instance, older cars without power brakes had extremely hard brake pedals.

But that’s not what Logitech was going for with the G920. The gas brake and clutch pedal should all require different pressure to apply fully. The accelerator will always be the easiest, followed by the clutch. Both of those pedals feel fine on the G920, but it seems they made the brake pedal stiffer, which is correct. Logitech went a little too far as it take some effort to press all the way down.

On the bright side, there is a fix for the stiff brake pedal. A common workaround is to disassemble the pedals and either replace the brake pedal spring or add a shim. Alternatively, you can upgrade the pedals to the Logitech Pro pedals, which are expensive but more realistic.

Force Feedback is Not Strong Enough

Another complaint about Logitech G920 is that it’s force feedback is insufficient. The force feedback on a racing wheel provides resistance when going into turns or when losing control of the car. It’s definitely a nice feature as it recreates the experience of driving a real car, but the G920 is lacking.

Unlike premium servo wheels, the Logitech G920 uses an indirect drive system. This allows the manufacturer to save money by taking advantage of a gear reduction system. Belts connect the force feedback motor to the steering wheel, and a set of gears increase the motor’s power. In contrast, a servo wheel has a motor attached directly to the steering wheel.

Servo wheels require significantly larger motors and that’s why they are expensive. Unfortunately, weak force feedback is a tradeoff for buying cheap racing wheels. Unlike some of the other G920’s complaints , there is no fix for underpowered force feedback. So, if this is a major concern for you, then consider a better wheel like the Logitech Pro or even a Fanatec.

Tempermental Paddle Shifters

The next Logitech G920 complaint may actually impact your gameplay, but there are some workarounds. This racing wheel has paddle shifters which are a nice addition. Most racing games feature cars with manual transmissions. To simulate this, the G920 has a clutch pedal and paddle shifters. The metalic paddle shifters look and feel great.

However, you will quickly notice a major problem when you pull back on them. The paddles have a decent amount of resistance, which is good, so you don’t accidentally bump them. Additionally, the tension feels realistic. But when you pull a paddle back, there is a long range of travel before it hits the internal switch that tells the game to shift.

While this isn’t a major issue, it quickly becomes annoying when playing a game. You have to make a conscious effort to pull the shifter back all the way rather than just bumping it to engage. This can cause you to miss gears, which is really frustrating in a race. The solution? Simply to upgrade to the Logitech stick shifter.

The Logitech G920 is Noisy

When you think of gaming accessories, noise probably doesn’t come to mind. Unfortunately, it is a major complaint of the Logitech G920. Because this racing wheel uses an indirect drive system for its force feedback, a significant amount of noise generated. More specifically, the belts and gears all rub against each other, creating a distinct mechanical sound.

The motor itself also quite noisy, but it’s nothing compared to the sound of the belts. In contrast, servo steering wheels also make noise. However, the noise isn’t as loud as there are no belts and plastic rubbing. Additionally, servo wheel motors are enclosed in a metal frame which helps dampen the noise.

d While the G920 is a great wheel, its noise can be a real pain for some. Mainly because the motor can drown out the game’s sound. There is no easy fix, other than getting a high-quality wheel or simply using headphones. However, if you must silence the wheel, you can unplug its power cord. While this will quieten your driving experience, it will also disable force feedback.

Limited Compatibility With Other Consoles

Xbox One
G920 is compatible withe Xbox One and the Xbox S.

Logitech G920’s steering wheel has iconic Xbox buttons and logos on the front. This brings us to the final major complaint about the G920, which is pretty obvious at the time of purchase. Logitech wheels, like many of their competitors, only work with one brand of gaming console.

The G920 works with the Xbox One and Series consoles. It easily connects to the console with a USB cable. The G920 also works with PCs, giving you options for gameplay. However, if you just want to race on a PC, then the G920’s limited compatibility won’t be a problem.

If you have both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, then you can use the G920 with either unless you purchase a controller adapter like the Ras1ution. If you own a PlayStation, then you can purchase the Logitech G29. G920’s limited compatibility mirrors the situation with other wheel on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the G920 work with PlayStation consoles?

No, the G920 only works with Xbox One and Series consoles. You can also use it with a PC, which opens the door for plenty of sim racing games. There is an option to use the G920 with  a PlayStation, but you need to purchase Ras1ution adapter, which also lets the wheel work with the Nintendo Switch.

What is force feedback on the G920?

Force feedback is the feeling of the wheel turning while you are driving. The most common use of the technology is in games like Forza, where you will feel the wheel pulling against you when going into a turn. It also creates resistance to make racing feel like driving a real car.

Are Logitech wheels better than Thrustmaster?

Not necessarily, Thrustmaster and Logitech have great options, which often overlap. That said, Thrustmaster only makes racing wheels. So they have a lot more options, including cheaper and more expensive wheels.

What is a good alternative to the G920?

The Logitech G29 is a good alternative for PlayStation owners, but the Logitech Pro wheel is a major step up. However, if you want a professional racing wheel, look at servo wheels from Fanatec.

Can you adjust or disable force feedback on the G920?

You cannot adjust the force feedback on Xbox consoles. The only option is to unplug the wheel’s power cable, which will turn off force feedback. However, on a PC, there is an application to adjust various settings, such as sensitivity and force feedback.

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