The 5 Best iPad Air Cases On Earth Today

Apple iPad Air 4th Generation with an Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

The 5 Best iPad Air Cases On Earth Today

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall iPad Air case is the Apple Smart Folio case. 
  • Ab iPad Air case can protect your device from physical damage caused by falls and other external factors like dust.
  • When shopping for the best iPad Air Case, consider the compatibility of the case, protectability, functionality, design, style, and price. 

iPad Air cases offer the perfect mash-up of style, functionality, and protection. These cases come in various attractive colors and designs, allowing you to pick your favorite style. Some feature classics like black or white or more vibrant ones like blue and pink. Others are more sophisticated, with a metallic or glittery finish that gives a shiny and glamorous look.

As for functionality, it goes beyond the basic access to ports, buttons, and cameras. The best iPad Air cases feature a kickstand and support the Touch ID function. One with a wallet or cardholder eliminates the need to carry cash. But if you don’t fancy extra slots, you can always opt for an alternative design. 

iPad cases typically offer some level of protection to your devices. They are made of materials that can absorb shock, like silicone, TPU, or polycarbonate. Some have raised edges around the screen and camera for additional protection against falls. A case with a textured surface or grip can be a good choice as it easy and safer to hold. As with any iPad Air case, some trade-offs are unavoidable. Here are our top five iPad Air cases in 2023:

Best Overall: Apple Smart Folio (4th and 5th Gen)

Best Overall iPad Air Case
Apple Smart Folio for iPad Air - Electric Orange
  • Adequate front and back protection
  • Automatically wakes up and sleeps with iPad use
  • Easily folds into different positions
  • Compatible with iPad Air (4th and 5th gens)
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02/28/2024 10:46 pm GMT

Nothing quite beats an iPad Air case designed and manufactured by Apple, a true definition of perfect form and function. The design is sleek, with colors ranging from black and deep navy to English lavender and white. But it’s not just the looks that make it an excellent fit.

The Apple Smart Folio packs a punch when it comes to functionality. One of its standout features is the automatic wake and sleep function. Open it, and your device springs to life and is ready to use. And when you flap to close the case, your iPad automatically sleeps. 

While this feature is common in most iPad cases, Smart Folio uses sensors that make it more effective. As such, you can squeeze more battery life beyond the 10 hours of juice. Did we mention you can charge the Apple pencil with the case intact?

The case is quite versatile too. Whether you want to read, type, make Facetime calls, or watch a movie, you can adjust the stand anytime. The tri-fold design folds into small bump that makes it easy to type. You can create an almost vertical stand ideal for watching videos. Not to forget, this case perfectly fits the 4th and 5th generation of iPad Air.

Another impressive feature is that the case attaches to the iPad Air magnetically. As such, you can easily remove or attach it to the iPad. Doing so doesn’t compromise security as the connection is strong enough to hold the case firmly in place. The only downside is that the magnetic case exposes the edges. For this reason, you may want to invest in additional protection against falls. 

While the features might justify the price, the Apple Smart Folio isn’t the cheapest case on the market. Depending on the color, you can get it for between $48 and $74. Black is the most affordable color, and electric orange is the most expensive.

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Pros Cons 
Front and back cover with a magnetic that ensures a secure attachment. Costs more than other comparable models.
You can charge the Apple pencil with the case intactInadequate edge protection from drops or falls
Slim, lightweight and portable case
Tri-fold design makes it handy for typing, watching, and reading. 

Best for Design and Style: iMieet New iPad Air Case

Best Design and Style
iMieet New iPad Air 5th Generation Case 2022
  • Versatile case with Pencil Holder
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Made of durable TPU
  • Support Touch ID and iPad 2nd Pencil Charging
  • Trifold Stand Smart Case (Sky Blue)
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02/28/2024 10:46 pm GMT

Design and style go hand in hand, and the iMieet New iPad Air case doesn’t slouch in either. This case is the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make a statement. The case comes in a range of 37 color options, some of which are vibrant.You can also find less pronounced colors like dark green, black, brown, and midnight green. 

Imieet’s precise cutouts give the iPad a sleek and polished look and perfectly fit its ports, sensors, cameras, and speaker. These cutouts ensure easy access to the ports and other accessories without compromising protection. Also, the case is lightweight and slim, so you can comfortably carry it around. 

Most iPad cases often feature low-quality materials that quickly develop scratches and stains. But that’s not the case with the iMieet New iPad Air Case. The TPU material stands out, and doesn’t develop stains even on the brightest color options like mint green, sky blue, and light purple. But that doesn’t mean you should expose it to the flaws. Because the material is scratch resistant, it will maintain its mint condition for a long time. 

Another exciting feature is the built-in pencil holder and side charging. Although it doesn’t come with an Apple pencil, the case is compatible with the 2nd generation Apple pencil. On the side is a magnetic attachment that firmly attaches the case to the iPad. This case has touch ID functionality, and like the Apple Smart Folio, it has auto wake and sleep capabilities. 

While this case has aesthetic appeal, it doesn’t offer the best protection. The corners aren’t reinforced for protection. For this reason, the iPad can easily crack in case the edge hits the ground in a fall. Moreover, the cutouts around the camera are not raised, thus exposing the lens to damage. 

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Pros Con 
Over 37 colors options for buyersLacks sufficient edge protection.
Made of scratch-resistant TPU material, which prevents the case from bumping.
The built-in pencil holder is compatible with the second-generation Apple pencil.

Best for Protection and Durability: OtterBox’s Defender Series (4th and 5th Gen)

Best for Protection
OTTERBOX DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPad Air (4th & 5th Gen) - BLACK
  • Versatile stand with touchscreen protection
  • Allows for hands-free viewing, comfortable typing
  • Multilayer protection for your device
  • Compatible with iPad Air (4th and 5th generation)
  • Keeps out dirt, dust, and debris from ports.
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02/28/2024 10:46 pm GMT

Only a few iPad cases come close to the OtterBox Defender Series in terms of protection and durability. With excellent protection, your iPad and case are bound to last ages. That’s precisely what OtterBox Defender offers, and the company backs each purchase with a limited lifetime warranty. 

OtterBox has excellent features that protect it from shocks, drops, and impacts. The case features multilayer protection, including an inner shell that works alongside the outer slipcover, a built-in screen protector, and a shield stand to provide maximum protection to your device. 

The case also includes port covers that block debris, dust, and dirt from getting into jerks. This helps keep the ports clean and ensures they function the right way. If you live in particularly harsh environments where dirt and debris are commonplace, this is the right case for you. It also has reinforced edges to protect the case from falls and impact. 

Want to watch movies? No problem. This case can convert into a stand for comfortable hands-free viewing and comfortable typing. However, it doesn’t have a three-fold design like other cases. Otterbox isn’t cheap, but does its job. 

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Pros Cons 
Multi-layer protection from dust, debris, and moisture.  Limited color options (only available in black)
Shield stands provides added protection and double up as a standCosts more than other models
High-quality design and construction
Raised edges protect the screen and camera.

Most Versatile: Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard Case

Most Versatile Case
Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard Case - Graphite
  • Sturdy case with a magnetic latch
  • Kickstand with foldable keyboard
  • View, type, sketch, and read
  • Large, well-spaced keyboard for typing
  • Spacious to hold your digital pencil
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02/28/2024 10:46 pm GMT

The Logitech Folio Touch iPad case offers more than just protection for your iPad. It has excellent features like a high-precision trackpad, an adjustable kickstand, and backlit keys.

This case is compatible with 4th and 5th-generation iPad Air models. A standout feature is the high-precision trackpad, which lets you use all the multi-touch gestures. You can scroll, swipe, and pinch to navigate the iPad even faster. Its backlit keyboard adjusts to your surrounding, allowing you to type in the dark. The laptop-like typing keyboard comes packed with a row of iPadOS shortcut keys that let you to type comfortably and accurately. 

Logitech Folio Touch has a 40-degree adjustable kickstand with four versatile use modes: type, sketch, view, and read. You can pair it instantly with your iPad through a smart processor. Moreover, it sources power directly from the iPad, so you don’t have to worry about wires. The only downside? It will draw your batteries much faster. 

As for protection, the case comes with a secure magnetic latch that ensures it stays shut while on the go. Moreover, the high-quality material further enhances protection against spills, scratches, and bumps.

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Pros Cons 
Comes with a backlit keyboard for use in low-light conditions.Keyboard feels to small for typing
Military-grade protection features to keep your iPade sageFeels heavier and bulk due to additional keyboard functionality
Adjustable kickstand with four use modesUses power from the iPad and drains it much faster.
Can hold Logitech Crayon, and even charge the second-generation Apple Pencil.
No messy wires

Best Budget Option: ProCase iPad Air Case (5th and 4th Generation)

Best Budget Option
ProCase iPad Air 4th & 5th -Navy
  • Superlight hardback design
  • Translucent back cover
  • Use multi-touch gesture controls
  • Quickly access cameras, ports, buttons, and speaker
  • Support Apple Pencil charging
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02/28/2024 10:47 pm GMT

If you are on a budget and want a functional and protective iPad Air case, the ProCase is the best option. Although cheap, it has features you’d only see in premium iPad Air cases. The case comes in different color options, so you have options. The back cover is made of hard material with minimal bulk, providing excellent protection against scratches and fingerprints.

ProCase boasts a tri-fold front cover that lets users view and type comfortably. Like other cases on the market, it also features wake and sleep functionality. You can even use it to charge second-generation Apple pencils. While the cutouts are precise, the case has no raised edges. It can easily crack or break if it falls on its edge. 

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Pros Cons 
Affordable and has excellent featuressLacks reinforced protection on the corners
Precise cutouts give full access to ports, cameras, and speakers.It doesn’t have raised edges for the screen and camera.
It features an auto sleep/wake function.It can easily get damaged in case of a fall. 
Attractive design, several color options. 

How to Pick the Best iPad Air Cases: Step-by-Step Guide

When choosing the best iPad Air Case, there are four crucial considerations for buyers.

  • Compatibility 
  • Protection 
  • Functionality 
  • Design
  • Price


The latest iPad Air models have slightly different dimensions than earlier models. It’s good to ensure your favorite case perfectly fits your iPad Air. Fortunately, most of these cases fit 4th and 5 generation iPad Air. However, some cases fit only one of the generations, so confirm the case is compatible with your iPad Air.


Consider how you want to use your iPad Air. In this regard, you must ensure the case has all the necessary features. For instance, if you intend to use the iPad for work or school, you may want a case with a keyboard for typing and an adjustable stand for practical viewing. One with a built-in slot for the Apple Pencil is ideal for drawing and taking notes. 


Next, consider the level of protection you want for your iPad Air in relation to how you intend to use it.  For example, if you will walk around with it, get a case with adequate drop protection and raised edges to protect the camera and screen from scratches. Also, consider the material of the design. TPU and polycarbonate provide maximum durability. 


iPad Air cases come in different designs and styles, ranging from sleek and minimalistic to colorful and bold. Make sure the design you choose matches your style. If you fancy dull colors, brown or navy blue can be good options. But if you like bright colors, yellow and red are good options. 


iPad Air cases are available at different rice points, depending on the case functionality and design. The cheapest can go for low as $12, while the most expensive will set you back $150. Cheap doesn’t always means poor-quality. It’s possible to find low-cost models with pretty good features. 

What to Know Before Buying 

Before buying an iPad Air case, ensure the iPad can perfectly fit the case. You should also ensure the case is lightweight enough so it won’t weigh you down when carrying it around. Try to pick a case that fits your style. While the most recommended material is TPU or polycarbonate, you can also try out leather iPad Air cases because they are more durable. 

Using iPad Air Cases: What it’s Like

A good iPad Air case enhances the overall experience of using your device. The case protects the iPad Air from dings and scratches caused by accidental drops or everyday use. Besides protection, the case offers the extra functionality with features like adjustable stands and credit card slots, making them versatile. 

Most cases fit the devices snugly and feature precise cutouts for ports and other buttons. Overall, using the iPad Air case to protect your device is straightforward. All you need to do is slide your iPad Air onto the case and ensure it aligns with ports, cameras, and other accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of iPad case is best?

The best iPad case perfectly balances function, protection, and style. It also has features that make it easy to use, including stands, slots, a keyboard, and Apple Pencil storage. A protective case protects the iPad Air from damage caused by falls and other external elements, whereas a stylish one is aesthetically pleasing.

Which iPad Air is the most recent?

The most recent iPad Air is the 5th generation iPad Air. Apple released this gadget on March 18, 2023.

What is the strongest cover for iPad?

The strongest iPad cover is designed with high-quality materials like reinforced edges (plastic or polycarbonate) that offer maximum protection without sacrificing functionality.

Is a hard case or soft case better for iPad?

A hard case typically provides better protection against drops and other types of impact. However, this type can add bulk to the device, making it less portable. On the other hand, a soft case is lightweight and comfortable for long time use. Ultimately, your choice comess down to your preference.

Why is an iPad case so expensive?

Not all iPad cases are expensive. However, the high cost usually reflects premium quality materials used in construction.  A case’s design and additional features like a keyboard also add to the price.

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