The 5 Best Dell Laptops in 2024

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The 5 Best Dell Laptops in 2024

Dell computers and laptops are some of the best on the market. Their expansive range of laptops spans personal use to the most advanced professional and business applications.

If you are searching for a new laptop, don’t click the Buy Now button until you’ve seen what Dell has to offer. In this article, we share the best Dell laptops today, including some of the most innovative models on the market. 

Let’s get started! Just take a look at our roundup of the five best Dell laptops:

Best Overall: Dell Inspiron 15 3520 Laptop

Best Overall
Dell Inspiron 15 3520 Laptop
  • 15.6" FHD (1,920 x 1,080p) 120Hz Display
  • Core i5-1235U Processor
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Iris Xe Graphics
  • Windows 11 Home
  • Carbon Black
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01/16/2024 10:32 am GMT
Processor12th Generation Intel Core i5-1235U
Graphics CardIntegrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Storage TypeSSD
Operating System Windows 11 Professional 
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) and Bluetooth
Ports1 x Full-size SD Media Card Reader, 4 x USB-C (Thunderbolt 4), Headphone and Mic Combo jack
Screen Size15.6 inches (39.6 centimeters)
Dimensions9.27 x 15.6 x 0.74 inches (39.6 cm x 23.5 cm x 1.87 cm)
Weight4.19 pounds (1.9 kilograms)
Battery Life6 hours max
Warranty‎‎Minimum of 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

If you had to choose one mid-priced computer that packs in the very best of the Dell brand, it would have to be this latest Dell Inspiron 15 3520 LaptopDespite being under $1,000, Dell has not scrimped on the processing power and performance of this laptop. The 12th Generation Intel Core i5-1235U is a respectable processor and pairs well with advanced graphics from Intel Iris Xe.

It is suitable for business and personal use. Features like the roomy keyboard and trackpad make it comfortable to work on for many hours. Sturdy and reliable, this laptop will keep you productive on the move. Check out the Dell Inspiron 15 3520 Laptop on Amazon.

Best Budget-Friendly: Dell Chromebook 11 3100 Laptop

Best Budget-Friendly
Dell Chromebook 3100 Celeron Laptop
  • 2.6 GHz
  • 4GB 32GB eMMC
  • 11.6" HD display
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01/16/2024 09:52 am GMT
ProcessorIntel Celeron N4000
Graphics Card‎Intel UHD Graphics 600
Storage TypeSSD
Storage0GB (Cloud storage)
Operating System ChromeOS
Connectivity Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac) and Bluetooth
Ports2 x USB, Audio jack, a microSD Card Reader
Screen Size11.6 inches (29.46 centimeters)
Dimensions8.2 x 12 x 0.8 in (30 cm x 20.8 cm x 2.03 cm)
Weight3.36 pounds (1.5 kilograms)
Battery Life 14 hours
Warranty‎Minimum of 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Dell is one of the best manufacturers of Chromebooks because they are exceptionally sturdy with rounded and rubberized edges that maximize longevity, and the Dell Chromebook 11 3100 Laptop is no exception. Seriously, Dell has tested this Chromebook to ensure it can survive 5,000 free-fall micro-drops and even a 30-inch drop onto steel!

This great-value Dell Chromebook also has a water-resistant keyboard, ensuring that it can handle anything you throw at it. With 14 hours of battery life, it can do a full day at school or work. Also, best of all, Dell has upped its gain on the power ports which are covered and reinforced so they don’t come loose no matter how many times you connect and disconnect them. Check out the Dell Chromebook 11 3100 Laptop on Amazon.

Best Foldable: Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 Laptop

Best Foldable
Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 Laptop (Renewed)
  • 2-in-1 laptop
  • 13.3" FHD WVA (1,920 x 1,080p) Touchscreen
  • Intel Quad-core i5-8350U
  • 16GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Renewed
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01/16/2024 09:52 am GMT
Price$298.90 on Amazon
Processor1.7 GHz Intel Quad Core i5-8350U
Graphics CardIntel UHD Graphics 620
Storage TypeSSD
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ac) and Bluetooth
PortsHDMI1 x Multi-Format SD Media Card Reader, 2 x USB Type-A, audio jack
Screen Size13.3 Inches (33.7 centimeters)
Dimensions8.3 x 13.3  x 0.8 inches (21 cm x 33.7 cm x 2.03 cm)
Weight2.58 pounds (1.17 kilograms)
Battery Life10 hours 
Warranty‎‎Amazon Renewed Guarantee

The Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 Laptop is a quality renewed 2-in-1 laptop/tablet that features a high-resolution screen that rotates 360 degrees. The Dell Latitude 7390 is primarily designed as a business machine. Its 2-in-1 function also means that you have the portability and dynamism of a tablet for presentations or brainstorming while retaining the everyday functionality of a decent laptop. 

This laptop is a great buy but it isn’t for everyone. If you do a lot of typing, the keyboard may be a little cramped and you may need more than 256GB for more advanced professional applications. Check out the Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 Laptop on Amazon.

Best Touchscreen: 2022 Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop

Best Touchscreen
Dell XPS 17 9720
  • Intel Core i9-12900HK
  • 32 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD capacity
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • 17-inch touchscreen display
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01/16/2024 12:57 pm GMT
Model/SeriesInspiron 15
Price$2,829.97 on Amazon
Processor12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900 HK 
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB
Storage TypeSSD
Operating System Windows 11 – Professional
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) and Bluetooth
Ports1 x Full-size SD Media Card Reader, 4 x USB-C (Thunderbolt 4), Headphone and Mic Combo jack
Screen Size17 inches (43.18 centimeters)
Dimensions9.76 x 17 x 0.77 inches (24.7 cm x 43.18 x 1.9 cm)
Weight5.34 pounds (2.42 kilograms)
Battery Life7.5 hours max
Warranty‎‎Minimum of 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

The 2022 Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop is one of Dell’s finest laptops with the latest high-specification features that would suit anyone serious about multimedia creativity. The Dell Inspiron 15 is an extremely powerful computer, driven by the formidable combination of a 12th Gen Intel Core processor and  NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics.

This computer has the spec to go toe-to-toe with even the most advanced software applications you choose to run. With 1TB of SSD storage and 32GB of DDR5 RAM, the Inspiron is built to deliver complex multimedia projects. Images are displayed on an ultra-high-definition touchscreen display.

Also, if you are into studio production or just high-quality audio, the Inspiron 15 can generate an immersive 3D soundscape using quad speakers and audio technology tuned by the multi-Grammy Award-winning producer. Check out the 2022 Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop on Amazon.

Best for Gaming: Alienware m15 R7 Gaming Laptop

Best Hidden Gem
Alienware m15 R7 Gaming Laptop
  • 15.6" inch 240Hz 2ms QHD display
  • Intel Core i9-12900H
  • 32GB DDR5 RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics
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01/16/2024 01:18 pm GMT
ProcessorCore i9-12900H
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
Storage TypeSSD
Operating System Windows 11 Home 
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) and Bluetooth
PortsHDMI 2.1,2x USB-A, USB-C, Ethernet (RJ-45), global headset jack
Screen Size15.6 inches (39.6 centimeters)
Dimensions15.6 x 0.81 x ‎10.73 inches (39.6 cm x 2.05 cm x 27.25 cm)
Weight5.93 pounds (2.68 kilograms)
Battery Life6 hours max
ColorDark Side of the Moon
Warranty‎‎Minimum of 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Smooth is the best way to describe the gaming experience on this premium Alienware m15 R7 Gaming Laptop. This laptop is earning rave reviews online for its power and reliable performance, which make it an excellent selection for a serious gamer. It features a powerful 12th Gen Intel Core processor coupled with market-leading NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics for exquisite responsiveness. Dolby Atmos audio technology guarantees you an immersive audiovisual experience that is perfect for group gaming.

This Alienware not only has great looks but is designed to keep cool while working extremely hard. Its hexagonal-shaped vents and powerful fans, ensure its performance stays optimal as you put it through its paces.

The m15 R7 gaming Laptop is also highly customizable with AlienFX settings that allow you to take control of power management, thermal settings, sound, lighting, and overclocking. Its advanced ARGB tech can be used to create custom lighting effects and detailing. Check out the Alienware m15 R7 Gaming Laptop on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best Dell Laptop Today: Step by Step

Dell laptops aren’t the cheapest on the market, so if you want to own one, it’s wise to know the features and specifications that indicate a great-value purchase. One of the hassles with choosing a laptop is the industry jargon and metrics you have to wade through to work out if it is a great buy.

To make things simpler for you, here are 8 priority areas to look out for when choosing your new laptop.

Operating System

Dell laptops are primarily sold with Microsoft Windows on board unless you opt for a Dell Chromebook. However, Dell is responding to increasing demand for Linux OS computing and has begun to ship laptops with Linux Ubuntu instead of Windows. 


Your computer’s processor is its nerve center, making it essential to get the best CPU you can for your money. Processor spec can be intimidating but a simple rule is the more you have of a particular processor feature, the better the performance you can expect. So, look for the fastest CPU clock speed (measured in GHz), the largest number of cores and threads, and the maximum amount of memory you can get for your cash!

Graphics Card

Graphics cards or GPUs are going to become an important consideration if you intend to use your computer for graphic design, computer-aided design, or gaming. If you need a high-powered graphics card on your laptop, look out for GPUs from brands like AMD, Intel Iris Xe, or NVIDIA. 


RAM complements the processing power of your laptop, so having as much RAM onboard as possible will help you get the best out of your computer.

  • For personal computing, you’ll only need 4 to 8GB of RAM.
  • For business computing, consider having up to 16GB of RAM onboard.
  • For gaming, a RAM module of 16GB or more in size can boost performance. 
  • Advanced applications like CAD and virtualization will benefit from 32GB of RAM or higher.

Storage Type

Storage for most laptops is available in one of two formats:

  • Hard disk drives (HDD) which write data mechanically to a spinning disc
  • Solid-state drives (SSD) that use electrical circuits for long-term data storage

Of the two, SSDs are recommended because they are non-mechanical (therefore more robust), faster, and a newer technology. 

Storage Amount

The storage you choose for your drive will be determined by the applications you intend to run on your laptop. The most advanced laptops now come with at least a terabyte of storage. 

Battery Life

Battery life is super-important if you want to be able to use your laptop on the go. Look for a laptop that delivers at least seven hours of battery life to ensure that you can use your new laptop confidently wherever you are. 


One strong point of Dell laptops is that they have plenty of ports that are vital for connecting your laptops to other devices, peripherals, and consoles for work or play. At a minimum, a good-quality laptop should have the following ports:

  • Audio jack
  • SD card reader (ideally multi-size)
  • HDMI port
  • Ethernet port
  • USB ports

What to Know Before Buying the Best Dell Laptop

Dell Technologies is America’s third-largest computer vendor and is known for its comprehensive approach to computing. Dell was founded by Michael Dell in 1984 while he was a student at the University of Texas building generic PCs from stock components. Almost four decades later, his startup is now a $50 billion multinational tech company headquartered in Texas. 

Not only does Dell manufacture and sell computers, but it also provides all the repairs, support, spare parts, and servicing that you could ever want. Dell has built up a strong reputation for its computer hardware with laptops available in the following popular ranges:

  • Inspiron an all-in-one range that is geared toward personal use
  • Latitude laptops are great value, efficient business machines
  • XPS laptops are Dell’s finest and deliver the performance required for advanced applications like computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Alienware is the gaming range from Dell
  • Vostro laptops are smart business machines that are aimed at the small biz market
  • G Series laptops also deliver powerful gaming

Dell is also a master of direct selling and building machines that have the specs you want or need. When you buy Dell you can be assured that you are accessing innovative computing that is influenced by the company’s expertise in IT services and networking. 

Using the Best Dell Laptop: What It’s Like

This video from Dell explores some of the great features and functionality that you can expect from the Dell XPS 13 range of laptops.

Check out this video for some important information!

Rounding Up

Dell is one of the world’s best laptop manufacturers with innovative machines and builds quality that makes them a great investment. These five outstanding laptops from Dell demonstrate that you can own a performance laptop from Dell whatever your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Amazon Renewed laptops reliable?

Amazon Renewed laptops provide the opportunity to own a high-specification laptop at an incredibly low price. All Amazon Renewed laptops are pre-owned or open-box laptops that have been restored to “as-new” condition by a dedicated technical team.

The laptops come with their own guarantee from Amazon and have been tested to ensure that they are fully functional and will perform reliably.

Do Chromebooks have storage?

Chromebooks have extremely limited storage, instead relying on Google Drive’s cloud-based storage. Most devices have up to 64GB of internal storage, but it is shared by the operating system, system files, and applications. You can download programs or upload files to a Chromebook, but the OS manages the storage and, once it becomes full, it will automatically start deleting files in a similar manner to an Android phone. 

Does Dell offer solutions for laptops with a limited number of ports?

Yes. The form factor of many laptops means that it is impractical to locate a wide range of ports on the computer. Dell has addressed this issue by producing the Dell USB-C Mobile Adapter. This ingenious palm-sized USB-C adapter can be connected to a laptop to become a multifunctional port that includes HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet, and even a power adaptor. It is an essential accessory for any high-spec Dell laptop.

What are the main disadvantages of a 2-in-1 laptop?

2-in-1 laptops are practical but also have the following well-known limitations:

  • The small form factor of the laptop means that the keyboard and trackpad are extremely cramped. 
  • The rotating screen can make the 2-in-1 laptop bulkier than a conventional model. 
  • These devices may have smaller batteries and less processing power and storage than a regular laptop.

Can you run multiple operating systems on a Dell laptop?

Yes. You can create a dual booting setup using a bootable USB allowing you to run either Windows or Linux on a Dell computer via the BiOS settings. Learn more about this in our article, How Can You Run Linux on Windows?

What's the best Dell laptop for someone on a budget?

For a whopping $97, the Dell Chromebook 11 might be one of the best budget-friendly laptops on the market. Despite it’s low price tag, the Dell Chromebook 11 has a screen size of 11.6 inches, an Intel Celeron N4000 processor, and a battery life of 14 hours.

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