The 4 Best Calendar App On Earth Today

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The 4 Best Calendar App On Earth Today

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overal Calendar App is Google Calendar
  • A calendar can help you keep track of events and share them with friends, family, or co-workers.
  • What makes a good calendar app is its ease of use. It should have the best design, be packed with features, be simple to share, and be compatible with multiple devices.

Calendar apps help keep you productive at work and lead a fulfilling life. So, whether at the office, freelancing, or on your entrepreneurial journey, you need a calendar app to plan your day intentionally. Take your time as money and your calendar app as the budget. Both should work together.

In addition to helping you plan events, calendar apps can note important information, such as meeting locations or anticipated attendees. If you are looking for a good calendar app for your smartphone, consider these four awesome apps.

History Computer’s Top Picks for Best Calendar Apps

Best Overall Calendar App: Google Calendar

Google Calendar app can be used to track events and set reminders.

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A free productivity tool, Google Calendar helps you keep track of your events and share them with friends, family, and colleagues. You can set reminders, send event invitations, and track your RSVPs.

Google Calendar is easy to use, so you don’t need a manual to maneuver the application. Simply select a day and start adding events. You can view your calendar by day, week, or month based on your preferences.

One thing you will love about Google Calendar is its sharing ability. You can share meetings, appointments, or birthdays from a web browser or the app. You can access your Google Calendar online or even offline. The calendars have multiple colors to help differentiate various items in the calendar. 

Google Calendar lets you import events in iCal or CSV formats. You can sync your Google Calendar with Outlook, and Apple iCal, among other programs. You can also change when your week should start through the settings and print your events to use offline.

Google Calendar might not be a flashy option, but it is free to use, simple, reliable, and worth trying.

 Excellent for multitasking.Cluttered interface
 Flexible with an excellent user experienceLacks built-in task management
Integrates with Google MeetDoes not work seamlessly with non-Google tools
Create a schedule for the week  
100% free to use 

Best Calendar App for Microsoft Users: Microsoft Calendar

Second on our list of the best Calendar apps on earth, today is Microsoft Calendar. Microsoft Calendar helps you access multiple time zones, especially if you do business in more than one time zone. It features an easy-to-use design with a simple and intuitive interface.

Its simple design lets you quickly update your entries, adjust schedules, or manage accurate timesheets for your daily tasks. And as long as you have an Outlook email, you can easily use Microsoft Calendar.

Microsoft Calendar is free but has a subscription model if you wish to use its premium features. The subscription model lets you access Microsoft Calendar offline with more customization options.

Microsoft Calendar scheduling feature fully integrates with Outlook email and contacts, among other features. Once you click on any time slot on the calendar, quickly start typing your event details as you would write in a notebook.

You can create appointments and events and organize meetings through Microsoft Calendar. When you send an event invite, attendees will receive an email notification. They can accept, tentatively accept, or decline.

If your event request collides with other events on your recipient’s calendar, Outlook will notify you. And if you allow, your invitee can suggest a later date for your meeting. 

A diverse, useful toolFew customization options. Not adaptable to most third-party programs. 
Color coordination helps you organize eventsFree version requires Internet
The free version requires InternetSo many confusing controls
Share the calendar with friends, family, or colleagues 

Best Calendar App for Keeping Teams Organized: Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar offers event scheduling, appointment booking, and calendar sharing.

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Another excellent Calendar app worth trying is the Zoho Calendar. The app fully has event scheduling, appointment booking, and calendar sharing and embedding features. The free-to-use app is instrumental in keeping your business and teams organized.

This app lets you categorize events into personal or work. You can create events by typing in phrases and choosing the free or busy schedule to know if all your invitees will turn up. If you don’t get responses, you can follow them up with reminders.

You can keep your team in the loop with Zoho Calendar by sharing as a group or public. Simply embed your calendar online for everyone to see or share the calendar URL with a small private group. 

Zoho Calendar simplifies resource booking through collaboration. If you are looking for a meeting space, add all conference rooms available at your organization to Zoho’s Resource Booking. Your team can then book their preferred meeting rooms for a specified time, create the events they intend to host, and send out invites to target attendees from one place.

Friendly interface supports collaboration.Limits calendar sharing to 50 users.
Multiple users can create and modify events. 
Seamless integration with Zoho Apps, iCal, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.  
Easy to use 

Best Calendar App for Apple Users: Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar, or iCloud Calendar, helps you organize your time on any Apple device. It might not be the perfect solution, especially for those looking for more customization options, but it is worth trying for its simplicity and ease of use.

Apple Calendar has all you need in an e-calendar. Its design is simple. Just select today, week, or month to get started and input your event details. One aspect you’ll love about this calendar is that it seamlessly syncs with Apple Maps to factor in travel times for your upcoming events.

It also syncs with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendars if you wish to use multiple calendars for various reasons. Apple Calendar helps you keep track of your schedule. You can create separate calendars for home use, work, or more.

As mentioned earlier, Apple Calendar works seamlessly with Google, iCloud, and Yahoo, among other platforms. For this reason, any change you make on one device is affected across different devices. You can also add a unique calendar for birthdays, anniversaries, or any significant occasion.

Clean and smooth design Lacks in-depth customization options
Seamlessly integrates with Apple operating systems. Fewer features than other calendar apps.
Native experience on multiple devices.  

How to Pick the Best Calendar Apps: Step-by-Step Guide

With multiple apps available today, making a correct pick on the app that suits your needs can be overwhelming. A calendar app is an organizational tool. It is necessary to consider what motivates, distracts, or frustrates you as you endeavor to stay productive.

Basic calendars

Basic calendars are simple and minimalistic. They are ideal for simple and static schedules. This type is good if you don’t need specialized features. Ensure the app can streamline your work with preset templates, is flexible, and integrates with other apps.

Schedule calendars

This type can help you manage complicated appointments and events. It gives you a minute-by-minute planner view to avoid double bookings and over-commitment. Such calendars are also flexible and should integrate with multiple apps.

Project calendars

If you are looking for a calendar app to handle project management, you need one that accommodates detailed plans. Such an app should allow you to attach files, locations, web links, and more. You should also rank tasks based on priority and size.

Using Calendar Apps: What it’s Like

Before anything else, a calendar app is a scheduling tool that lets you plan your day. It’s perfect for managing business meetings, events, appointments, work blocks, daily reminders, and more.

Using a calendar app makes sharing information easy and is a great coordination tool for managing various schedules and availability. You can access calendar apps from anywhere and add or change your events and appointments anytime.

Calendar apps bring in AI capabilities. For instance, a calendar app can predict recurring/colliding events, understand your scheduling patterns, and prevent repetitive scheduling. But one of the top reasons to have a calendar app is its time and productivity management.

Summary Table

Calendar AppBest For
Google CalendarBest Overall Calendar App
Microsoft CalendarBest Calendar App for Microsoft Users
Zoho CalendarBest Calendar App for Keeping Teams Organized
Apple CalendarBest Calendar App for Apple Users

The 4 Best Calendar App On Earth Today FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the best way to manage multiple calendars?

The best way to manage multiple calendars is by sharing them with a single master calendar to create a central location for viewing and managing tasks.

How do I make my Calendar app more effective?

Prioritize your time and guard your focus; you only need time to focus on the most important things. You can also automate your calendar management.

Can a calendar app help me become punctual?

Yes, the app quickly lets you identify when you have commitments and are free. It also makes planning events and special occasions easier when you know your availability.


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