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Key Points:

  • Vrbo offers listings that include a long list of special features for your next getaway. Property amenities and search functions include, but are not limited to, pet-friendly, hot tubs, swimming pools, family size, weekend getaways, and waterfront views.
  • Agoda’s website includes New York, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Denver, and the list goes on. If you are looking for 5-star hotels, luxury vacation homes, private villas by the beach, tiki huts and massages, or cozy bungalows, Agoda is a great place to start.
  • With a trusted history dating back to 1927, Homes and Villas by Marriott definitely offers a reputation combined with rental choices for everyone. From the French Riviera to the Smokey Mountains, Croatia to the Rockies, Marriott has got you covered.

If you’ve used Airbnb and have had some mixed experiences, or you just want to see what other locations in the world are available and what variety of properties are out there, then look no further.

In this article, we have researched the best Airbnb alternatives to satisfy our own curiosity and yours. They are in no particular order—so read on and enjoy!

The Airbnb Legacy

Let’s be honest, most of us at some point were in the habit of just googling Airbnb when we were looking for a short-term rental for a quiet getaway, business trip, or family vacation. That’s totally understandable, as Airbnb has been the go-to site for over a decade.

But, like everything else in life, variety provides the “spice.” So, let’s look at some other options and see if we can find companies that can give us some different insights into the getaway rental market.

Things like specific geographic areas, rentals specializing in adult-only or kid-friendly, and an all-around larger pool of choices are available so we can see what fits our needs.

Let’s dig in and get ready to travel!

1.) Vrbo

Let’s start off with Airbnb’s biggest competitor in the rental booking biz. Boasting over 2 million properties available worldwide, Vrbo is one alternative to Airbnb for those looking for more than just a hotel room for their travel stay.

Vrbo offers listings that include a long list of special features for your next getaway. Property amenities and search functions include, but are not limited to, pet-friendly, hot tubs, swimming pools, family size, weekend getaways, and waterfront views.

These unique options come with a variety of property styles, from mountain cabins, beach houses, condos, luxury homes, and more. All with a range of pricing to fit anyone’s budget or length of stay.

The Vrbo website is easily navigated, and most listings have ample photos to give a good representation of the listing. Refund policies are set by property owners.

Vrbo is regarded as Airbnb’s top competitor, and for good reason.

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2.) Agoda

As one of the fastest growing alternatives to Airbnb, Agoda has a variety of offerings, from major destinations in the U.S. to exotic properties all around Asia and more. Whether your travels take you to Disney Orlando or a private beach in Bali, Agoda has a rental to suit your needs.

Some of the destinations you might want to check out on Agoda’s website also include New York, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Denver, and the list goes on. So, if 5-star hotels, luxury vacation homes, private villas by the beach, tiki huts and massages, or cozy bungalows sound good, then Agoda is a great place to start.

Although Agoda focuses on hotels and resorts, they have a great variety of destinations and properties to offer, so to get the full rundown by visiting their website: Agoda.com.

Agoda is known for its luxury travel destination properties.

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3.) Vacasa

With a focus on North America, Belize, and Costa Rica in Central America, Vacasa has one of the most diverse ranges of property types on our list.

Stretching from Canadian mountain lodges, beachfront condos, private luxurious homes in Costa Rica, and everything in between, Vacasa has all you could want. They also offer a special section on the website exclusive to the Hawaiian Islands. Vacasa has an impressive top-notch website that will give you the grand tour and the choices available at your easily accessible destination with the very cool interactive map.

Vacasa gets high ratings from customer reviews for its easy-of-use website and overall travel satisfaction.

Vacasa offers a diversity of property types available to rent.

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4.) Booking.com

Booking.com certainly holds its own with the other two global giants—Airbnb and Vrbo—in their ability to cover worldwide vacation rental needs.

With its website available in 44 languages and an estimated 6.4 million unique places to rent and stay, Booking Holdings can claim the second ‘biggest’ status on this list.

One area where they could use some improvement is the website itself. For such a huge company, the website is among the least impressive on our list. It’s functional but doesn’t give you that “away from home” urge like the other sites. It may feel different to you, so by all means take a quick tour and see for yourself.

Booking.com has a place for everyone with a very accessible website so you can find what you’re looking for easily.

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5.) TopVillas

This is a site mostly for the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous crowd, but we added it because it is a legit site if you have the money to spend. Also, there are some properties in the lower price spectrum that might work for a group splitting the expense. So, don’t overlook this as an option, even if you’re on a tight budget—you might find a golden nugget that fits your needs.

TopVillas’ website is also a great place to explore and plan that “trip of a lifetime” or wedding destination. They definitely have some awesome destinations available that could be quite affordable with a little advanced planning.

Our Next 5 Best Airbnb Alternatives (and a Bonus!)

As if the first five were not enough, the rest of our list is packed with more valuable information to get you set up in a great place for your next trip. The rest of the list also has some unique and interesting alternatives that you may not even have thought of.

6.) The Plum Guide

Founded in 2015, Plum Guide has a simple message: “We don’t list a lot of homes. Just the right ones.”

This motto is based on a self-purported rigorous vetting process used prior to partnering with a property host. After taking a close look at their listings, there doesn’t seem to be any reasons to argue. The company offers excellent vacation destinations worldwide and has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for seclusion and budget-friendly, or downtown on the upper end of the price scale, Plum Guide has a rental for you. They also offer luxury homes and villas that go to extremes, much like TopVillas.

With great reviews from the likes of the New York Times and Forbes, you should check out Plum Guide for your next getaway and Airbnb alternative.

7.) Homes and Villas by Marriott

Another fine choice as an alternative to Airbnb is the private rental arm of Marriott. From the French Riviera to the Smokey Mountains, Croatia to the Rockies, Marriott has got you covered. If you had to tell friends about a site that literally “has it all,” you couldn’t go wrong with a recommendation of Marriott.

If you travel a lot, you may already be familiar with the Bonvoy membership plan. With multiple tiers of membership, travelers can earn points to get some amazing perks.

With a trusted history dating back to 1927, Marriott definitely offers a reputation combined with rental choices for everyone. Visit Homes and Villas by Marriott to book your next adventure now.

Sandbox beach toys
Most of the sites on our list include beachfront properties.


8.) FlipKey

Coming in as one of the smaller choices on our list, with 300,000 properties worldwide, this subsidiary of TripAdvisor is another little gem that you should check out.

FlipKey has been rated by Travel and Leisure as one of the best travel websites. Although they do list properties worldwide, the majority appear to be destinations in the United States. Their website is professional, and with the connection to TripAdvisor, they offer some good deals and package bonuses.

They also have a cool blog section on the site called, “Featured Destinations” and “Trip Ideas,” that look at different destinations and will really give you a ton of great information.

9.) Homestay

This is where things get unique—and inexpensive!

Homestay offers short or long-term accommodations, and instead of your own private space, the host is on-premises to help with all your needs. There’s no doubt it takes the right kind of person (guest or host) to fit this model, but there are a lot of perks if you fit the mold.

Homestay could be a great choice for people traveling alone, students, or those thinking about moving to a certain area. Checking out a city or neighborhood before making the move and having a local to give you the ins and outs isn’t a bad idea.

10.) Sonder

For the traveler looking for more than a hotel room without dealing with an amateur host, Sonder offers urban rentals focused on North America, Europe, and Dubai. If you’re looking for a secluded getaway, then Sonder is not for you.

On the other hand, the client looking to explore some of the best cities in the world will be a perfect fit. Sonder also focuses on a mobile-first experience, giving you access to the amenities you need with just a tap. Their top-notch app gives you hotel-type services 24/7 for your loft, apartment, or condo.

Hipcamp: A Quirky Bonus We Couldn’t Leave Out

Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, this back-to-nature Airbnb alternative is where the fun begins. This site offers unique stays, like tent camping, RV parks, cabins, glamping, and even treehouses. Glamping is a combination of “glamorous” and “camping” and refers to having amenities not normally associated with camping. Does a yurt with a hot tub and full resort amenities sound like a fun way to get out in the wild? Then visit Hipcamp and see what’s available. If you love nature, you won’t be disappointed.

Hipcamp is perfect for nature lovers and those looking for a very unique experience.

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Airbnb Alternatives at a Glance

VrboVrbo | Book your vacation rentals: beach houses, cabins, condos & more
AgodaAgoda Official Site | Free Cancellation & Booking Deals | Over 2 Million Hotels
VacasaVacasa | Vacation Rentals | Vacation Rental Management | Real Estate
Booking.comBooking.com | Official site | The best hotels, flights, car rentals & accommodations
TopVillasLuxury Villa Rentals and Vacation Homes | Top Villas (thetopvillas.com)
Plum GuideBook a stay in one of the world’s best homes | Plum Guide
Homes and Villas by MarriottVacation Rental Home | Homes & Villas | Marriott International
FlipKeyVacation Rentals – Beach Houses, Cabins, Condos, Cottages, Vacation Homes & Villas | FlipKey
HomestayHomestay accommodation worldwide for short and long-term stays
SonderSonder | A better way to stay.
HipcampHipcamp | Outdoor Stays: Tent Camping, RV Parks, Cabins & Glamping

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The 10 Best Airbnb Alternatives FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are the best alternatives to Airbnb?

With so many alternatives available it’s hard to say. To get started, you can check out sites like Vrbo, Booking.com, Vacasa, and the others listed above.

How do other booking companies compare to Airbnb?

Some other booking websites use a very similar model as Airbnb, while others like Homestay and Hipcamp are in an entirely different genre.

Is there a vacation rental booking company that's better than Airbnb?

You can certainly argue that Vrbo and some of the other huge websites are better than Airbnb. The bottom line is that satisfaction is a very subjective thing when it comes to vacation rentals. Airbnb, like all its competitors, have good and bad reviews. Do some research before using any booking website to make an informed decision.

Are the alternatives to Airbnb reliable?

All of the websites on our list are monitored by consumer protection entities and are subject to the same rules as other businesses. Make sure, if you have any concerns, to read the fine print and ask questions you may have before you book your trip.

Which Airbnb competitor has the widest range of choices?

From our research, Booking.com has the widest variety of properties in the vacation rental market and is a close second to Airbnb!

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