The 10 Absolute Best PlayStation 4 MOBAs of All Time

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The 10 Absolute Best PlayStation 4 MOBAs of All Time

MOBA — short for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena — is a fast-paced team game with objective-oriented gameplay. With the proliferation of MOBAs, everyone is playing some form of this game. MOBAs have come a long way since their early days. Many people have probably played a MOBA of some kind, whether it’s League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, or DOTA 2.

If you’re looking to try out a new MOBA on PS4, there’s no shortage of titles to choose from. With so many games in the genre, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are worth your time and money, especially since some are free-to-play and others are paid releases.

Here’s an overview of some of the absolute best PlayStation 4 MOBAs we think you should try out if you haven’t already.

What is a MOBA?

MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, is a video game genre that pits two teams of five players against each other in a competitive game. Each player on the team controls one hero character, who fights intending to destroy the enemy team’s base. This genre has gained popularity in the last few years, with games like League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and DOTA 2 being some of the most popular MOBA games. The goal for each team is to destroy their opponent’s main building or structure, called a base.

There are predefined lanes on which your team will have to travel from one side of the map to the other to attack your opponent’s base. Along the way, you will be fighting enemies. You can also use towers scattered throughout the map and mercenaries (which can be purchased) to help give you an advantage over your enemy while they try and do the same thing to you.

Was the PlayStation 4 Known for MOBA Games?

The PlayStation 4 was released in November of 2013 and immediately became the best-selling console of that year. It had some stiff competition but still sold more than any other console in its first year. The PlayStation 4 was also known for a few things: it had a sleek design, included a built-in Blu-Ray player, and had a pretty good selection of exclusive games. These features were enough to make Sony an attractive target for developers looking to create new games for their platform — and they did just that.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been a tremendous success for the company, but it may not be known for the same genre of games as Microsoft’s Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. There is no question that Sony has established itself in the world of first-person shooters with games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Doom, and Destiny 2. Moreover, they are also home to some amazing MOBA games. Although MOBA games are not as well-known for being on the PS4, there are still some great games in this genre available to play on the console.

The 10 Best PlayStation 4 MOBAs

Here are the 10 best PlayStation 4 MOBAs of all time.

#10. Games of Glory

Games of Glory is a free-to-play MOBA video game developed and published by Lightbulb Crew. The game was released on April 25, 2017.

In this game, the player controls a clone. There are 16 of them, each with three different skills and a range of different effects, including slows, damage, stuns, and healing. One of these three skills, termed Ultimate Skill, is only available after reaching level 6. A clone can reach a level of 20 at most. The player gains a skill point for each level they reach, which they can use to enhance one of their skills. Additionally, the clone’s attributes automatically improve with each level up. Then, this one gains greater health, damage, and armor.

The game includes a weapon equipment system that is not unique to each clone. As a result, the player can select a ranged weapon from a selection of pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, or shotguns, as well as a melee weapon from a selection of swords, daggers, hammers, or brass knuckles. Using credits earned during the game, completing objectives, or destroying opponents, the player can boost the damage of their weapons and change them to add extra effects. As a result, it gains power during the game and might alter strategy depending on the upgrades picked.

#9. Pirates: Treasure Hunters

Pirates: Treasure Hunters is a MOBA in which action dominates battles thanks to dynamic and intuitive character control.

You can choose from various Hunters, each with its own set of weapons and abilities. Take them to combat and pit them against the opposing team in spectacular online matches for up to 12–6vs6 players. Use cooperation vehicles to demolish your opponents and win. Demonstrate that you are up to the task.

It also includes a variety of different units with differing abilities, meaning that players won’t always play the same type of hero and can build their squad as they please. There’s still lots to do in this brilliantly deep and engaging game, so for those looking for a new and rewarding experience on PlayStation4, Pirates: Treasure Hunters is an essential download. The way it merges action, strategy, and RPG elements into one addictive package has been done by a few games and never quite as successfully. The varied missions mean there’s something for everyone, and the multiplayer component provides endless hours of entertainment.

Dead Alliance: Day One Edition - PlayStation 4
  • Day One Edition includes Eagle Eyes, Veteran, and Demolition Man packs, each containing a high powered weapon, attachments, and perks that will give you the edge on dominating enemy troops
  • Frenzied Multiplayer Action - Play tight-knit 4v4, Capture and Hold, King of the Hill, Free for All, Team Deathmatch and more
  • Seize the Dead - Strategically use zombies to distract, disable and attack your opponents; Utilize a variety of zMods including lures, pheromone grenades, and traps to get the zombies working for you
  • Zombie-MOBA - Capture your opponent's home base to win, maneuvering between lanes in a zombie jungle
  • Solo Survival Mode - Face off against endless hordes of ravenous zombies, unlocking new maps as you progress
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02/18/2024 02:08 pm GMT

emDead Alliance/em is one of the best PlayStation 4 MOBAs games set in a zombie apocalypse.

It’s played from the third-person perspective, and you control one of the survivors attempting to make it through the quarantine zone. There are five other players on your team, and each is trying to work together to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The game features fast-paced action with a focus on teamwork. You can customize your character with different weapons and abilities to ensure each match differs from the last.

You’ll face off against rival armies and nasty, human-eating murderers while seeking to seize and control as many bases as you can, armed with a variety of loadouts ranging from firearms to pheromone bombs. The world is a wasteland, and your only chance of survival is to employ the dead or become one of them.

The game also allows players to roam around the map while they fight, which adds another level of strategy to the game because it gives them more options when trying to get into a position or when they want to fight nearby enemies. Players will also have access to vehicles like tanks or hovercrafts so they can use these tools at their disposal during gameplay.

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#7. Dungeon Defenders II

Dungeon Defenders II is a fantastic game that’s easy to pick up and learn. It’s got many of the same elements as its predecessor, but it also adds new mechanics and features that make it stand out from the crowd.

The best thing about Dungeon Defenders II is that it’s incredibly accessible. You can jump into the game with just a few minutes of practice, and you’ll be able to get a good sense of what’s going on in the world within minutes — even if you’ve never played any MOBA before.

You will have access to five different heroes, each with different abilities and skill sets that allow them to play differently from one another. As you progress through levels, you’ll unlock new equipment for your heroes so they can better suit your current needs or build up their skills in new ways.

The game also has an extensive single-player campaign mode, including unique gameplay elements like boss battles and treasure hunts, along with the level selection at the beginning of each level. So, players can choose which difficulty level they’d like to play on based on their skill level or comfort with certain mechanics.

#6. AirMech

AirMech is an incredible MOBA that combines the best of both worlds: it’s fast-paced and action-packed, with tons of strategy involved.

The game has several different modes for players to choose from: solo play against AI opponents, cooperative play with friends in local Wi-Fi matches, or online games against other players at any time (no matter where they are). If you want something more competitive but don’t have anyone close by who wants to team up with you for some cooperative action, there are also ranked matches where you can earn points for winning matches against AI opponents or other players.

A large part of AirMech‘s gameplay is based on player-versus-player combat. Players can customize their armies with various units, structures, and the like to battle against other players in one-on-one matches or team games. The game also features a leveling system that allows players to customize their play style as they level up.

Super Fun Gameplay!
Awesomenauts Assemble! (PS4)
  • PlayStation 4
  • MOBA game
  • Fight for territorial supremacy!
  • 3 vs. 3 battles
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emAwesomenauts Assemble/em is one of the best 2D MOBA games for PS4 and one of the most accessible.

The game has a simple premise: you play as one of the Awesomenauts in a team of three characters. Each character has its own unique abilities, and you must work together to defeat your opponents. Computer-controlled opponents will be utilized to fill up a team; if a player quits out of a match, a computer opponent will take their place.

The gameplay is easy to pick up and play, but there are enough elements in this game that make it hard to master. For example, each character has different abilities that they can use against their opponents. You can also customize your character’s abilities using upgrade points earned through playing matches or purchasing them with real money. This adds another level of strategy to the game because you need to think about what upgrades will help you win more often than not.

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Please Note: As of July 16, 2023, the Awesomenauts Assemble! game for PS4 is currently unavailable on Amazon. If you cannot find the product elsewhere, please check back later.

#4. emOverwatch/em

Overwatch - Origins Edition - PlayStation 4
  • Experience the extraordinary
  • Play as heroes, not classes
  • Fight for the future... together
  • The world is your battlefield
  • Games requires PlayStation Plus to play
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emOverwatch/em is a team-based FPS MOBA game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

The game was released in May 2016 for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. With its fast-paced, 6v6 team battles, emOverwatch/em is a blast to play. Not only does it have some of the best graphics in a game in recent years, but it also has a diverse cast and an enjoyable gameplay system that offers plenty of variety with different heroes to choose from. Whether you’re new to the MOBA genre or not, there’s something for everyone in this fast-paced FPS.

emOverwatch/em was generally well-received by critics upon release and has since accrued numerous updates that have added various new features, including the ability for users to craft their game modes with a limited set of scripting tools and additional maps for competitive play. The worldwide player base for the game has reached over 10 million players at its peak, and it has been praised for its unique take on team-based multiplayer games with a focus on character variety rather than classes or roles within those classes.

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Overwatch game
Overwatch has become extremely popular on the PS4 and other consoles!

#3. emBattleborn/em

Fantastic Gameplay
Battleborn (PlayStation 4)
  • Story Mode: Battleborn’s Story Mode is a narrative experience that can be played entirely single-player and is even better when it’s played cooperatively with friends
  • Multiplayer: Battleborn’s team-based competitive multiplayer action can be experienced by up to 10 players online in 5v5 matches, and includes three distinct multiplayer modes
  • Persistent Progression System: All experience points, whether earned through playing Battleborn’s Story Mode or Competitive Multiplayer modes, contribute to leveling up individual Character Rank, as well as player profile Command Rank.
  • Battleborn Heroes: Battleborn has a deep roster of 25 playable heroes and no two are the same. Every hero has their own personality and comes equipped with their own unique weapons and powers.
  • Helix System: Battleborn’s accelerated character growth system allows players to level up a character from 1 to 10 and fully experience each hero’s unique weapons and powers in a single-story mission or multiplayer match.
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emBattleborn/em is a third-person MOBA that was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games.

The game was released on May 3, 2016, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Battleborn features both PvP and PvE modes. The game features 25 unique playable characters, which can be customized with different weapons, skills, and cosmetic items. The game features a unique cast of characters with special abilities and weapons they can use during combat. There are also different heroes with different classes that can be used to strengthen your team’s performance in battle.

During battles, players receive experience to progress their character along the Helix Tree, choosing one of two new skills or boosts with each advancement step, allowing them to design a custom loadout for that character for the length of that match. Furthermore, as the player completes matches, they collect randomized gear (similar to the randomized weapon feature in the Borderlands series). The weapon can be attached as part of the loadout to grant additional buffs and abilities or purchased through microtransactions.

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#2. Paladins

Paladins is a free-to-play, fast-paced, team-based shooter.

Players take on the role of a powerful Champion equipped with unique abilities and an arsenal of deadly weapons — Champions battle in teams across various maps to defeat the opposing team’s guardian to achieve victory. The first team to bring their opponent’s health points down to zero or capture their opponent’s base wins.

The game features both Player vs. Environment (PvE) missions against AI opponents and Player vs. Player (PvP) matches with friends online, including ranked matches, Siege, and Onslaught mode. Champions are split into four distinct classes: Front Line, Damage Dealer, Support, and Flank. Each class has strengths and weaknesses to balance gameplay based on the situation. Players will also have access to six Champions upon starting the game. These are more basic champions, and more experienced players will have an opportunity to collect new ones by playing through PvE levels or spending Shards in the in-game store.


SMITE is a third-person MOBA developed by Hi-Rez Studios. The game was released in 2014 and has become one of the most popular games on consoles.

Unlike other popular MOBAs such as League of Legends or Dota 2, SMITE is set in a mythological setting where players can choose from different gods (or deities) to play as. Each god has its own set of capabilities and abilities that can be used in combat, but they may only be used once per match (with some exceptions).

Players must work together and cooperate to defeat the opposing team’s guardian, who is protected by towers and waves of minions. There are currently three modes of play: Conquest, Joust, Slash, Matchmaking, Assault, and Arena. In Conquest Mode, players are tasked with capturing resource points on the map by killing opposing enemies or neutral units such as chests or mercenaries.

Resource points grant rewards such as gold which can then be used to buy items like armor or potions, which give players special powers during battle, such as increased health or damage dealt to enemies over time. With its fast-paced gameplay and ease of use, SMITE is considered one of the best MOBAs on PlayStation 4 today.

Final Thoughts                                           

These are the most popular PlayStation 4 MOBAs, many of which are free. They’ve got everything you could want from this genre, and then some are challenging, fast-paced, deep, and fun. If you want to try out a MOBA on your PS4 but don’t know where to start, look no further than these games. With both modern and classic MOBAs readily available on PlayStation 4, there’s never been a better time to get into MOBAs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MOBA game?

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and is a genre that has grown in popularity in recent years. In these games, players are pitted against each other in team-based combat, where they must destroy the other team’s base while defending their own. The gameplay typically consists of three lanes that lead from one’s base to the enemy team’s base, with a jungle area between them.

What is the number 1 MOBA in the world?

League of Legends is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, with over 100 million players per month. It has a low barrier to entry, the champions are diverse and offer lots of strategic choices, it’s free to play, and Riot Games releases frequent updates that shake up gameplay.

What is the number 1 MOBA game for PS4?

In terms of MOBA games, the number one game for the PS4 is SMITE. It was released in 2014 and has an ever-growing community. SMITE is optimized for the PS4 and for players new to MOBAs. It has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn the basics.

The game features a wide range of characters from different mythological cultures in a competitive environment. Multiple game modes, including conquest, allow you to team up with your friends against AI opponents or other players online. The gameplay features fast-paced action combined with excellent graphics. It provides an immersive experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

What is the most balanced MOBA game?

DOTA has been and will continue to be the most balanced MOBA available. This is because you do team setups rather than just picking broken heroes and winning.

Is MOBA good for brain?

If you play MOBAs regularly enough, you’ll improve your critical thinking and take more accountability for your actions.

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