Tetris Speedrun by Koryan — Watch the Blocks Fly!

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Tetris Speedrun by Koryan — Watch the Blocks Fly!

More often than not, you can show someone any of the seven Tetris blocks without any context and they’ll probably know exactly what you mean. That’s just how ubiquitous this classic puzzle game has become. While the gameplay can be seen as simplistic, and rightly so, this is a big part of what makes the game so magical and addictive.

As with any endeavor that has relatively few moving parts, success largely comes down to skillful execution. There’s nowhere to hide when it comes to playing Tetris, so the challenge of Tetris speedruns leads on quite logically from this.

Although there isn’t really a defined endpoint in any variation of the game, this dependence on player skill has helped Tetris enjoy great popularity on the speedrunning scene. The fast pace of the gameplay and frantic button presses are very familiar to speedrunners who have invented ways to test their Tetris mettle competitively.

This usually involves reaching a specified number of cleared lines, such as 100, or obtaining a certain amount of points, which tends to be 300,000. Here, we’re going to look at an impressive run from one of the most renowned Tetris speedrunners, Koryan. Strap yourselves in for a blisteringly fast, record-beating run.

How Do Speedruns Work?

There’s a lot of skill and patience involved when it comes to speedruns. In addition, players must have a deep passion for the game they’re running. This is because of the huge amount of practice they must do, and also due to the nature of the speedrunning world.

Records can stand for many years, or be broken in a flash. This all depends on the competition and the discovery of new glitches. There are usually records for different kinds of speedruns, as well, each with its own rules.

The most common types are any%, low%, and 100%, with varying levels of completion allowed. But there are also glitchless runs and even insane blindfolded ones. All of them offer a substantial challenge to the player, as well as a huge accomplishment. Not only that; viewers love to watch along, too.

Koryan’s Tetris Speedrun: Highlights

Tetris is a puzzle video game created by the Soviet software engineer Alexey Pajitnov in 1985.

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Overall, this 300K point run is pretty short as far as speedruns go, coming in at just under 5 minutes. There are a few factors that contribute to making this run incredible:

  • The record has gone unbeaten for over 5 years
  • An insane number of four-line clears pulled off, netting a huge 12,000 points each time
  • Koryan never got closer than 4 rows to the top of the screen
  • 21 seconds faster than the 2nd-place run.

All in all, this is a great run, proved by the fact that it hasn’t been beaten in over 5 years. These types of runs are all pretty impressive. This is especially true considering there aren’t really any glitches that can be exploited during a Tetris game.

Pretty much every time an I block came on the screen, Koryan managed to execute a 4-line clear. This strategic placement delivers an insane 12,000 points on the Game Boy version of the game.

Being able to maintain these line clears without getting close to the top of the screen is an impressive feat. Skill and patience are required in spades to keep your cool and wait for the right moment.

It’s hard to really see anywhere that Koryan went wrong during this run. Lines were cleared virtually as quickly as possible. The only factor that could possibly shorten the finish time would be maneuvering the blocks even quicker. But considering he’s already placing them in the blink of an eye, there doesn’t seem to be much that can be done to make this run stand out even more.

The History of Tetris Speedruns

Tetris has been around for almost half a century, and Tetris speedruns have existed for almost as long. Platforms like Twitch have helped rejuvenate speedrunning and make it accessible. But Tetris has always seen much love in the competitive community.

The Game Boy version was pivotal in the development of Tetris contests, as was the introduction of the internet. There are many Tetris tournaments to participate in these days, both on- and offline. One of the most well-known is the Classic Tetris World Championship.

This has been held annually in Portland for the last 13 years. The puzzling title lends itself brilliantly to competitive challenges, and Tetris contests show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The Background on Koryan

Koryan has been competitively playing Tetris since 2010 and quickly made a name for himself. He’s achieved several world records across different versions of the game.

He currently holds 1st place records for the classic Famicom version, Super Tetris 3, and Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura, as well as for Game Boy Tetris. Koryan is a big lover of puzzle games in general and is a formidable player at all of these. You can check him out on his Twitch profile here.

Wrapping Up

Equal parts iconic and addicting, Tetris has stood the test of time; not only in the puzzle game genre, but in the competitive gaming arena, too. There are often no glitches to take advantage of.

This leaves success solely up to the skill and reflexes of the player. Koryan has an extremely impressive track record for Tetris speedruns. It’s likely his Game Boy record will stay strong at the top spot for quite some time.

Tetris Speedrun by Koryan — Watch the Blocks Fly! FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How are Tetris speedruns done?

As Tetris doesn’t have a specific endpoint, speedruns usually go by a standardized and accepted endpoint, usually a certain number of points or lines cleared.

Are Tetris speedruns difficult?

In one word, yes. Tetris is a relatively difficult game even during casual play, as swift movements and even quicker thinking are essential to place the blocks effectively. Speedruns take the challenge to another level, and many hours of practice are needed to gain a competitive edge.

Who holds the world record for Tetris?

Koryan holds the world record for 300K points in the Game Boy version, the record for 100% and 4 stage clears on the Famicom version, and the 999,999 points record for Super Tetris 3. For the NES version of Tetris, TegaMech holds the record for a 300K points run.

Are any glitches used in a Tetris speedrun?

There aren’t many glitches possible in a Tetris game, but one of the most known is called a “T-spin”. This involves quickly rotating the T block after it’s landed in position so that it fits into a tight space and clears a line.

There’s debate on whether this is truly a glitch, however, as it doesn’t involve exploiting any errors in the game’s code, just quick controls.

How many Tetris blocks are there?

There may seem to be 5 blocks, but there are actually 7 – the L, J, Z, S, I, T, and square blocks. S can be considered the mirror image of S, just as J can be considered the mirror image of L.

What are Tetris blocks called?

Not many people know that the blocks themselves are actually called Tetrominoes. The tetr- prefix refers to the 4 blocks that make up each shape, and the -omino suffix refers to a shape made of identical, smaller blocks. This word derives from “domino,” meaning a shape made of two blocks.

How many versions of Tetris are there?

There are almost too many versions of Tetris to count, but the game has been ported to at least 70 platforms.

Where can I learn more about speedruns?

Twitch and YouTube are great streaming platforms to watch speedruns and interact with the community. Discord is a messaging app primarily focused on gaming, which also has a collection of gamers who are usually more than happy to provide tips, tricks, and support.

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