The global transportation industry has experienced multiple changes over the years, particularly within the last five (5) to eight (8) years. This includes driving experiences, carsharing, and beyond. One major change is autonomy – the major influence of cars with self-driving capabilities into the EV market.

There are several brands manufacturing electric vehicles, and Tesla and General Motors (GM) happen to be two of the leading companies. But which of the two companies is better? Let’s take a deep dive to find out!

Tesla vs GM: Side-by-Side Comparison

What Is It?Tesla is an automobile manufacturing company focused on creating electric vehicles. Their primary objective is to ensure a zero-emission future. Additionally, the company believes that EVs can provide as much – or even more – speed and positive driving experience as gasoline-powered vehicles.GM is the oldest and largest manufacturer of automobiles in the United States, and it is amongst the top five (5) largest globally. The major products are trucks and automobiles as well as automobile components, including engines. The GM headquarters is located in Detroit.
Full NameTesla, Inc.General Motors Company
Year of EstablishmentJuly 1, 2003September 16, 1908
Influential FoundersElon Musk, Martin Eberhard, JB Straubel, Marc Tarpenning, Ian WrightCharles Stewart Mott, Frederic L. Smith, and William C. Durant
SubsidiariesMaxwell Technologies, Tesla Energy, Gambit Energy Storage, LLC, Tesla Grohmann Automation, etc.Cadillac, GMC, ACDelco, GM Canada, Chevrolet, Ultium Cells LLC, ACAR Leasing Ltd, etc.
Production CapacityTesla struggles with mass production because of its business model.GM manufactures its models on a larger scale.

Tesla vs. GM: 4 Must-Know Facts

  • General Motors created the popular Moon Buggy used during the Apollo 15 mission.
  • Tesla is the second oldest publicly-listed American automaker. The first is Ford.
  • Tesla’s Model S has the largest cargo space amongst cars in its class. For instance, the car’s front trunk can fit a person inside of it.
  • An average Tesla can go over 170 miles without charging the battery. Some Tesla models double that figure.

Tesla vs GM: The Full Comparison

For a more precise comparison of these two EV manufacturing giants, we’re reviewing the most recent models head-to-head and analyzing their pros and cons as well as their similarities and differences. For comparison purposes, we looked at the Chevy Bolt by General Motors and Tesla Model 3 by Tesla Inc.

Model 3 by Tesla

We chose these particular EVs because they were recently launched, and they are positioned to become the first mass-market electric vehicles.

Chevy Bolt by General Motors

The Brand

Tesla is most likely the first brand that comes to your mind when you think of electric vehicles. The company undoubtedly dominates the market and enjoys “press advantage,” particularly because of its marketing brilliance and the success of its previously-released models.

Comparatively speaking, GM has experienced some rather unfortunate circumstances in the recent past, as the company shut down a factory due to swelling inventory. With that said, Chevy’s new release, the Bolt, is garnering great reviews — this might just be the turning point Chevy needs.

Charging The Car

Tesla offers a complete solution with the Model 3, whether on the road or at home — you can purchase a solar roof or Powerwall for your house to ensure energy storage and production to charge your home and car. Tesla also provides consumers with a charging network of superchargers covering most of Europe, South Korea, Japan, China, and the entire United States, allowing you to charge your Tesla while on the road.

On the contrary, GM has no provisions for solar panels or any battery storage solution for their consumers looking to charge their Bolt at home. The only option is the 120-volt home outlet. Similarly, Chevy Bolt owners can only charge their car on the road using third-party charging networks — and they are often unreliable. Noteworthy, Chevy Bolt also charges quite slowly.

Repairing The Car

How easy is it to repair the Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt?

Tesla has software for over-the-air updates. You can also explore the remote diagnostics options to prevent problems. Should you eventually require major repairs, you can access mobile vans with technicians available to work on your car immediately — this doesn’t come expressly, though, as the number of cars available is scarce, especially in Asia. Nonetheless, Tesla has confirmed that they are working on it.

GM presently has no over-the-air updates, but they are planning to launch that program in the future. They also have certified service centers where you can easily get repairs. Interestingly, the repairs tend to cost more than Tesla repairs.

The Chevy Bolt also features an OnStar Basic Plan, free for the first three (3) years. With the OnStar Basic Plan, you only need to push a button to elicit swift roadside assistance.

Tesla vs GM: Which One Is Better?

Based on our research, we lean toward Tesla as the better option — despite the automaker’s current struggle with production and delivery. Generally speaking, we find that Tesla possesses EV models with better features, while GM remains the king of production and delivery between the two.

Tesla vs GM: Which EV Dominates? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are Tesla and GM known for?

Tesla and GM are known as American manufacturers of electric vehicles. They both serve the global EV market.

Who’s more successful, Tesla or GM?

This may be somewhat hard to compare. However, presently, Tesla’s sales are increasing rapidly – it suffices to say they are currently more successful than General Motors Company, despite the latter being in the industry years before Tesla.

Which is better, Tesla or GM?

Tesla has more sophisticated features than GM. Check out our full comparison of both companies’ most recent EV models explored earlier in this article for more details.

How long do Tesla cars last?

Tesla electric vehicles are built to last at least ten (10) years.

What are the weaknesses of Tesla?

Limits on Manufacturing, Market Limitations, Limited Supply Chain

Which is faster, Tesla or GM?

Tesla has the fastest electric vehicle in the world, the Roadster 2020.

Why are Tesla motors so fast?

Their batteries. The batteries used in Tesla allow more power and longer ranges, ultimately resulting in a faster car.

Is Tesla bigger than GM?

Tesla has the biggest market capitalization, valued at about $900 billion.

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