See Why the Model Y is the Safest Car to Ever Be Tested (with Video)

Tesla Model 3 vs Model Y

See Why the Model Y is the Safest Car to Ever Be Tested (with Video)

Key Points

  • The Tesla Model Y is a fully electric mid-size SUV.
  • The Model Y holds the title of the safest car, according to Euro NCAP, Australia’s ANCAP, and NHTSA in the USA.
  • The Tesla Model Y scored 97 percent in adult occupant protection and 98 percent in safety assist.

Tesla is well-known for its electric cars, but did you know that they are also one of the premier automakers when it comes to one special category? In fact, Elon Musk himself has explained that this one thing is what they design around (and it isn’t being a “green” company).

Let’s find out what Elon Musk values so heavily in his cars that he would risk everything else for!

What is the most important element that Tesla engineers have in mind when designing a car? Safety. Just listen to this quote from Musk:

“I don’t think there’s a CEO on this planet that cares more about safety than me,” he told the FT.

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In another interview with Joe Rogan, he said this:

“We go way beyond the regulatory requirements. We got the lowest probability of injury of any cars they ever tested. We get five stars in every category and subcategories. And if there was a sixth star, we would get a sixth star.”

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It’s clear that the company values safety, and it’s coming from the top down. But, just how safe are these cars?

Well, the data doesn’t lie. Tesla’s SUV, the Model Y, was tested and currently holds the title of the safest car in the history of testing, according to Euro NCAP, Australia’s ANCAP, and NHTSA in the USA. If you value safety, the Model Y may be just the car for you!

Even still, knowing a car is safe is one thing, but knowing why a car is safe is another. When you look at the scores, there is one thing in particular that stands out: the Adult Occupant Protection. In fact, the Model Y scored a near-perfect score of 97% in this category—the highest car to ever do so. What makes this car so safe?

It’s a combination of technology and physics. When it comes to technology, Tesla is really advanced. One example of this is their AEB system. AEB stands for Autonomous Emergency Braking, and it’s essentially a system that detects when a collision could occur and initiates the brakes. In nearly all situations, this system is so fast that it triggers well before a human would be able to react. In car crashes, those mere moments are enough to make a massive difference. Futuristic technology like this is present in nearly every aspect of the car, from the airbags to the autonomous driving system.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Ys are known as incredibly safe cars with a perfect 5-star rating.

Aside from technology, the Model Y also has a physical advantage. In electric cars, the heaviest component is the battery pack. In a Model Y, this pack weighs around 1,700 lbs and is placed along the floor of the vehicle. On a physical level, this makes the car extremely hard to tip over, since the center of gravity is so low. Statistically, cars that roll or tip over during an accident are much more likely to result in serious injury or death. Simply through intelligent placement, Tesla makes their cars nearly impossible to roll over.

Knowing how safe these cars are is great, but make sure you check out these videos of a real-life test of a Model Y. Despite ramming into the concrete barriers, the car absolutely takes the beating like a champ and still earns top marks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y is the smaller, more affordable SUV that Tesla offers (the other one being the Model X).

Are Tesla cars safe?

Tesla cars, notably the Model Y and Model X, are some of the safest cars on the market today, according to multiple testing agencies around the world.

What makes a Tesla so safe?

Teslas are safe because of their advanced technology (like their automatic braking) and their physical design. Since the heavy batteries are on the floor, their cars are almost impossible to tip over.

What safety rating does the Model Y have?

The Model Y has a 5-star safety rating from multiple national and international safety rating agencies.

Are Teslas dangerous cars?

No, Teslas have some of the highest safety ratings of any car on the market, with only 320 total deaths since recording began in 2013.

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