Tesla Model 3 Long Range Vs Performance: What’s The Difference?

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range Vs Performance: What’s The Difference?

Key Points:

  • With the addition and infrastructure of charging stations growing everyday, electric vehicles seem to be here to stay.
  • Long Range Model 3 is perfect for long-distance driving as it offers more traction and more mileage between charges.
  • Model 3 Performance is built for speed, through and through.

The Tesla Model 3 is an agile electric vehicle with an impressive driving range per charge and more attractive pricing than other similar EVs. It’s no wonder these cars are so popular. Altogether, there are three trims of Model 3, all with specific use-cases and features. So, what separates these trims, and which model is the best? Stick around as we explore the differences between the Model Long Range vs Model 3 Performance editions below. Ultimately, we’ll show you where our money would go.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range vs Performance: Side by Side Comparison

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Long Range is perfect for people who want more traction and a greater mileage per charge.
Model 3 Long RangeModel 3 Performance
PriceStarts at $55,990Starts at $61,990
Range358 miles315 miles
Top speed145 mph162 mph
0-60 time4.2 seconds3.1 seconds
Body styleModel 3 body style (2022 variant)Model 3 body style (2022 variant)

Tesla Model 3 Long Range vs Performance: What’s the Difference?

The Model 3 is generally the most affordable of all of Tesla’s car options. Along with the Model S, X, and Y, the Model 3 completes the “S3XY” vehicle lineup. The Model 3 offers three trim levels: the standard RWD model, the Long Range, and the Performance. All three variants have similar body types but different electric motor layouts and battery sizes.

So, how does the Long Range stack up against the Performance version?


One of the major differences between these two trims is their range capacity.

For many, electric cars aren’t compatible with a lifestyle full of travel. But Model 3 seems to be the answer to their concerns. The Long Range can go for 358 miles on a full charge. It’s up there with other electric cars with a long range.

It is perfect for those who want a car with an extended range. A combination of smaller wheels, higher battery capacity, and a few motor tweaks make this possible.

The Performance version lags behind the Long Range in terms of mileage capacity. At full charge, the Performance submodel can travel for around 315 miles. That’s 43 miles less than the Long Range.


Aside from range, the actual performance of a vehicle is a huge selling point. EVs typically have better 0-60 times as they have electric motors, which are super responsive.

The Long Range features a top speed of 145 mph and a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds, while the Performance features can hit a top speed of 162 mph and scoot from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. The Performance model comes out top, staying true its name.

Tesla vehicles have swiftly become a status symbol for individuals looking for an eco-friendly, high-performance vehicle.


Overall, there are few hardware changes between the Long Range and Performance because they are still the same model. Still, there are some slight differences worth noting.

The Long Range offers two-wheel sets: the 18″ Aero Wheels and the 19″ Sport Wheels. It weighs 4,034 lbs, slightly less than its sibling. On the other hand, Performance only offers one wheelset, the 20″ Überturbine Wheels. Weighing 4,048 lbs, the performance is the heavier variant.

The Performance also features “Performance Brakes,” although details of these specialty breaks are scanty on the official Tesla website. Both vehicles offer Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive and include the Premium Interior trim package.

Track Mode

Another difference between the Model 3 Long Range and Performance is the track mode. Track mode is only available on Performance cars and is designed to improve the performance capabilities of the vehicle during aggressive driving on closed circuits. Track mode is designed to improve the traction control, stability control, braking, and cooling systems to provide improved performance and handling. The cooling system is also designed to work at a higher level both during and after these driving sessions to help the car to cope with the increased heat that is generated.


One of the other main differences between the Long Range and Performance is the price.

The Long Range starts at $55,990, although it has plenty of other customizable trims and packages that can bring that base price up substantially. The Performance starts at $61,990, making it a bit more expensive than the Long Range. That said, you get larger wheels and some tangible performance upgrades.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range vs Performance: 10 Must-know Facts

Model 3 Long Range:

  • Longer range than the Performance (358 miles vs 315 miles)
  • Slightly less performance in the 0-60 and top speed
  • Smaller wheels (18″ or 19″ options)
  • Around $6k cheaper than the Performance
  • Identical body/chassis to all other Model 3s

Model 3 Performance:

  • Shorter range than the Long Range (315 miles vs 358 miles)
  • Better performance in the 0-60 and top speed
  • Larger wheels
  • Most expensive Model 3 option
  • Identical body/chassis to all other Model 3s

Tesla Model 3 Long Range vs Performance: Summary

White Tesla Model 3 White on a hilly road with trees in the background
Tesla model 3 is an entry-level EV with three trim levels: RWD, Long Range, and Performance


Model 3 is a fantastic option for anyone shopping for an affordable EV. Within the Model 3 lineup are three trims, the Rear-wheel, Long Range, and Performance models. The Long Range is in the middle for price and performance and has the furthest range. The Performance is the most expensive, but delivers the best performance, and has the second highest range.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range vs Performance: Which One Is Best for You?

Long Range and Performance are fantastic cars and are intended for different people. The Long Range is perfect for long-distance driving as it offers more traction and more mileage between charges. Additionally, it’s cheaper and more comfortable.

If you value speed, and some thrill, go for the Model 3 Performance. It’s faster off the line but costs a little more than the other trims.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tesla Model 3 performance package worth it?

The Model 3 performance is designed for people who don’t mind paying a little extra for boosted performance features like top speed and 0-60 times.

Why is the model 3 performance faster than the long-range?

The Performance is faster because it’s lower, has bigger wheels, and is specially tuned for speed and acceleration, not energy conservation.

Does Model 3 performance have ludicrous mode?

None of the Tesla Model 3s have Ludicrous mode, a feature only available on the Model S. It may be added in the future.

How do you tell if a Tesla Model 3 is a performance?

The Performance trim package has red brake calipers, larger wheels, and metal pedals on the interior.

Is a Tesla Model 3 long-range worth it?

The Model 3 Long Range is worth it for anyone looking to get the maximum range out of their Tesla and isn’t as concerned with getting maximum speed.

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