TCL vs. Vizio: Full Comparison of TV Line-Ups

TCL TVs at a retail store

TCL vs. Vizio: Full Comparison of TV Line-Ups

Key Points

  • TCL and Vizio are popular choices for affordable televisions with good performance.
  • Both brands offer a range of display technologies, including LED, QLED, and OLED.
  • Vizio offers a stunning OLED display at an affordable price, while TCL is a top pick for QLED displays.
  • TCL has better interfaces with Google TV and Roku TV, while Vizio has its own SmartCast operating system.
  • Vizio is slightly better overall, but TCL is a good choice if you prefer a more user-friendly interface.

Which television brand is better TCL vs. Vizio? Both companies have been popular choices for users looking to get more bang for their buck.

It can be difficult shopping for a television, as there are so many viable options on the market that fit a variety of price points. If you’re in the market for a TV, it’s important to go in with an informed stance on your potential choices.

So, today’s shootout covers the offerings from both TCL and Vizio, how they stack up, and which brand is more deserving of your support. This isn’t going to go into intense detail about particular models, but rather inform on which brand is better overall.

TCL vs. Vizio: Side-by-Side Comparison

Image QualityGenerally good; the QLED models are exceptionalGood, the OLED model produced is a high-quality panel
Audio SupportAdequate, though there is some chance for harmonic distortion at higher volumesDecent, minimal distortion at higher volumes but a general lack of bass response is noticeable
InterfaceUses Google TV and Roku TV as its primary operating system choicesVizio typically uses SmartCast
Maximum Resolution Supported4K on most models, some 8K models are offered4K
Variable Refresh RateAvailable on select modelsAvailable on select models
HDR SupportYesYes
Motion TechnologyTypically uses PWM to prevent flickeringSome models on the low end have issues with flickering, newer models don’t have these issues
Viewing AnglesFairly narrow before you’ll experience image degradationUses Google TV and Roku TV as its primary operating system choices

Vizio and TCL both occupy similar price niches, with a reputation for providing lower-cost displays that punch well above their weight. That said, you’ll notice some immediate differences right away when comparing models with similar functionality.

TCL vs. Vizio: What’s the Difference?

Now that you’ve got a broader overview of what these two brands are doing, it’s time for a deeper dive. Models from the low end all the way up to the upper echelons will be compared, so you should have ample material for choosing your next TV set.

Build Quality

Built to Last
TCL 55″ Class 6-Series
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Led backlighting with contrast control zones
  • Dolby Vision HDR
  • Auto game mode delivers smooth action, low latency, and the best picture settings for gaming
  • 4 HDMI inputs (one with HDMI ARC)
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Generally, common thought would point to Vizio and TCL being of inferior quality to the likes of LG and Samsung. However, most users will be pleased with a set from either brand. The materials featured are durable, if unremarkable.

TCL typically produces televisions with slightly thicker frames. This is just splitting hairs, in all honesty.

Vizio does have thinner frames, which can make for an overall lighter weight.

Leg stands are a noticeable departure, with the Vizio take having slightly better construction. This is especially notable with the Vizio M-Series of televisions. These have wider legs that are spaced further about to allow for better support.

Compare this to the TCL 6 Series, which is a higher-end TV compared to the mid-range Vizio. It features a single-angled base, more asking to a monitor stand. This functions fine but could be an issue if you’re looking for better structural support.


Great Performance Below $1k
VIZIO 65-Inch P-Series 4K QLED
  • Next-generation QLED
  • Features a 120 Hz refresh rate
  •  Supports HDR10/+ and HLG formats
  • Very fluid gaming experience
  •  Over 8 million pixels and 1200 nits of peak brightness
  • Up to 144 local dimming zones
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Performance for both televisions is roughly the same in most regard. You get access to quite a few similar technologies, and higher-end models have support for the likes of variable refresh rates.

The TCL QM8 is one such TV, offering 4K resolution on a 65-inch screen. You get access to Dolby Atmos, HDR, and up to 240Hz for the refresh rate. If you’re looking for something low latency for gaming purposes, it is a super compelling choice.

Vizio offers comparable performance, especially when looking at the P-Series of TVs. The 65-inch P Series has a 120Hz refresh rate, 4K resolution, Dolby Atmos support, and Alexa integration.

Despite the price difference on both these televisions, you’re also getting access to Samsung’s proprietary QLED technology. Both Vizio and TCL license it from Samsung to provide high-quality displays at a far more affordable price.

Screen Types

Both manufacturers offer up differing display technologies depending on the price bracket. You’ll find typical standard LED displays, QLED, and OLED displays all on offer.

There are some differences in the lower-end of televisions from both manufacturers, however. The Vizio V Series presents a great buy, thanks in part to the full display backlighting. This gives any user access to better colors, which is beneficial for HDR content.

The closest comparable TCL is the 4-Series. It is a perfectly adequate lower-cost TV, but it does suffer from a few drawbacks. You don’t get access to local dimming, so HDR content doesn’t fare too well. It does have great contrast and color reproduction.

Obviously, the higher-end displays have far greater features at play. The lower-end offerings from both do quite well, however.

Image Quality

Stunning Picture Quality
TCL 65-Inch QM8
  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • 4K resolution
  • Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support
  • Alexa compatible
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Image quality between both brands is going to greatly differ when looking at various models. Obviously, the high-end selections are going to have better picture quality. However, as previously mentioned, the 4-Series and V Series fare quite well for lower-end TVs.

So, for fun, why not take a look at the best offerings from both brands? The TCL QM8 QLED TV is a stunning display and features an array of Mini-LEDs to help let your HDR content shine. It comes with all the standard bells and whistles you’d expect from a company like LG or Sony, too.

Stunning OLED Display
VIZIO 55-Inch OLED Smart TV
  • Screen: 55 inches,4K resolution
  • Over 8 million pixels and 1 billion colors
  • Frame has zero bezels and a 4mm profile, making the TV almost ephemeral
  • HDR10+ and HLG supported
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It directly compares to the Vizio OLED55-H1, which has an absolutely stunning display. You’re getting great color reproduction, an infinite contrast ratio, and support for HDMI 2.1 for under $1,000.

It’s hard to go wrong with either of these displays. However, the edge has to go to Vizio for simply providing a superb display for such an affordable cost.

Interface and Navigation

Best Budget-Friendly Option
TCL 85" Class 4-Series 4K
  • 4K UHD HDR
  • Supports Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube
  • Simple, customizable home screen
  • Advanced 4K upscaling
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The final category under consideration is just the interface and how easy it is to navigate. Vizio typically uses its own SmartCast operating system.

This is a perfectly fine operating system, though some users may find it less than responsive. It is easy to navigate, with an attractive interface, clear icons, and a plethora of streaming apps.

TCL gets the clear edge thanks to utilizing both Google TV and Roku TV. Google TV operates quite similarly to a comparable Android smartphone and features Google Play for downloading additional apps.

Roku TV functions identically to its streaming device counterpart and is an absolute joy to navigate. You’re getting mandatory ads on both, but that’s the norm as you’ll find with most smart TVs on the market.

TCL offers better interfaces that are far smoother in terms of overall user experience.

TCL vs. Vizio: 6 Must-Know Facts

  1. TCL offers affordable TVs with Roku TV or Google TV interfaces.
  2. TCL’s high-end panels offer great contrast ratios and superb local dimming zones.
  3. TCL’s low-end are serviceable, but lacking in features.
  4. Vizio’s high-end OLED display is one of the best buys on the market.
  5. Vizio offers slightly better bases for their televisions.
  6. Vizio’s interface isn’t the best but is perfectly usable.

TCL vs. Vizio: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

So, which of these TV companies should you choose? Honestly, it’ll really come down to preference. Vizio offers slightly better products in many regards but is hamstrung by its less-than-responsive operating system.

That said, it does offer up one of the most affordable and stunning OLED displays on the market. TCL has plenty of great television sets to choose from and is a top pick if you’re looking for a QLED display.

The lower-end models on offer do suffer from less peak brightness, but they certainly won’t break the bank. So, Vizio wins, but only by a slight edge. If you’d rather have a more friendly user interface, TCL is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TCL televisions good?

Generally speaking, yes, they’re quite nice for the price. They aren’t a premium brand, but they make great televisions for all price points.

Does Vizio have any 8K television sets?

Not currently, the highest resolution Vizio supports is 8K. That may be subject to change in the future. TCL does offer 8K television sets.

Which brand is better for gaming?

Both brands feature variable refresh rates and lower input latency on select models. Really, it just comes down to preference as to which you prefer.

Does Roku TV have streaming apps?

Yes, it is compatible with any channels you might use on your Roku streaming device normally.

Does TCL make OLED displays?

No, its higher-end displays tend to use QLED and Mini-LED backlights.

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