TCL Q6 vs. Q7: Which QLED is the Better Buy?

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TCL Q6 vs. Q7: Which QLED is the Better Buy?

Telephone Communication Limited, or TCL, is a pioneer in the quantum dot TVs sector. The Chinese tech company unveiled the world’s first big-screen QLED TVs in 2014 and launched several quantum dot TV series over the years. The last one, TCL Q7, was announced at CES 2023. What improvements does it bring to Q6? Is it worth waiting for, or would last year’s models suit you? Our TCL Q6 vs. Q7 comparison can help you figure it out.

TCL Q6 vs. Q7: Side-by-Side Comparison

While not as famous as LG, Sony, or Samsung, TCL affordable QLED TVs. Its most popular series is the Q6, which includes four TVs. Yet, with the announcement of the TCL Q7 Series, you might wonder whether it’s worth the wait. Here’s how the two compare:

Q6 TV vs Q7 TV comparison infographic
FeaturesTCL Q6TCL Q7
Release year20202023
Screen size55” to 85”55” to 85”
Display typeQuantum Dot Mini-LEDQuantum Dot Mini-LED
Brightness~ 1,500 nits~ 3,000 nits
Resolution4K and 8K4K
Screen thickness3.6”2.9”
Color accuracyTrue-to-lifeTrue-to-life
Refresh rate120Hz240Hz
Smart OSGoogle TV, RokuGoogle TV
Built-in cameraNoYes
Price rangeLess expensiveMore expensive
TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K Roku Smart TV
  • Excellent mini-LED QLED picture quality with strong brightness and contrast
  • Includes voice command controls for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • THX Certified for Game Mode, which makes for a great gaming experience
  • Four HDMI inputs for multiple device connections
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TCL Q6 vs. Q7: What’s the Difference?

Recently announced TCL Q7 Series was not released on all markets, but the new televisions are here and promise to improve user experience compared to Q6. Yet, they only come in limited size and resolution options right now.

Image Quality

TCL Q6 and Q7 Series include a range of QLED televisions, all of them sporting the brand’s signature quantum dot mini-LED HighBright displays. These displays can increase brightness by about 66 percent compared to the brand’s non-QLED TVs.

Q7 has an upgraded version of the HighBright, called HighBright PRO. This new display doubles the brightness and dimming zones compared to the displays used in the Q6 Series. Specifically, the PRO display features a brightness of around 3,000 nits. Individual models have between 480 and 720 dimming zones (Q6’s TVs have either 240 or 360 dimming zones), a feature that further improves picture quality.

Full-array local dimming is also upgraded in the Q7 Series. So, in addition to more dimming zones, the actual dimming management enhances the user experience. A similarity between Q6 and Q7 is the refresh rate; televisions in both series feature a refresh rate of 120Hz during normal streaming. However, the Q7 televisions actually feature a variable refresh rate (VRR) of up to 240Hz.

The difference isn’t so distinct during streaming, but it can make or break the deal if you’re an avid gamer. In fact, the Game Accelerator 240 feature can provide blistering-fast gaming.

Color Accuracy

TVs in both Q6 and Q7 series feature quantum dot technology. It is similar to the NanoCell seen in LG televisions, but the nanoparticles added to the liquid crystal display (LCD) typically have different sizes. Each size corresponds to a specific color, and how each particle reflects light can drastically improve color accuracy.

QLED televisions deliver higher brightness and contrast, achieving almost true blacks. In the Q6 and Q7 Series, the colors are accurate and true-to-life. This comes as no surprise considering these displays have over one billion colors.

However, QLED displays can’t achieve true black and are inferior in quality to OLED displays. So, if you want the best large-screen TV, you might want to consider another brand altogether. TCL has no line of OLED televisions at the moment.


When choosing a big-screen TV, most of us want the biggest screen possible. And in this department, neither the Q6 nor the Q7 series disappoints. Both range in size from 55 to 85 inches, suiting living rooms of all sizes.

One difference between the series is the resolution. Launched in 2020, the Q6 Series includes a range of four televisions with 4K and 8K resolution. At the moment, the Q7 series only includes 4K TVs. We expect this to change in the future. If you want a TCL Q7 right now, you’ll have to settle for what’s available.

Because 8K content is scarce on TV channels and streaming services, you should hold on the decision to buy an 8K TV until 8K content becomes the norm. You may save a buck by opting for a 4K television.

Smart Operating System

With few exceptions, most smart TVs come with Google TV or Roku smart systems. Google TV is Android-based, while Roku is an entirely different platform. Both are worthy choices, but fidelity towards a brand or content options might make you prefer one.

However, you can only choose your favorite platform in the TCL Q6 Series. These televisions come in both Roku and Google TV versions. TCL Q7 Series only use Google TV, which can be a plus if you want an “Android TV,.” However, it has less content compared to Roku. Both Roku and Google TV only have 4K or lower resolution content. So, investing in an 8K TV is an overkill.

Remote Working

New features on the Q7 Series might make it a better choice if you work from home. These features include a built-in camera that records high-quality footage and enhanced connectivity options.

You can use the TV and integrated voice control to open and edit files and pair the TV to a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse for seamless online working. Moreover, you can make or answer calls on Zoom and similar services. Q6 Series has most of these features, except a built-in cam.


TCL Q7 TVs are not yet available on the US market, but they will likely be more expensive than the Q6 Series. The actual price of TCL Q6 televisions varies from around $650 for the 2022 55-inch 4K TV to around $2,199 for a 75-inch 8K TV released in the same year.

TCL Q6 vs. Q7: 6 Must-Known Facts

  • TCL Q6 Series launched in 2020, but the original models were improved and received updates in the past years. The latest models in the Q6 Series were released in 2022, but the brand didn’t confirm whether production will continue in 2023.
  • TCL announced the Q7 Series at CES Innovation Awards 2023 and is already available in selected countries, except the US.
  • TCL Q7 televisions bring improved brightness, full-array dimming, and variable refresh rate. They are a better choice for gaming and other demanding applications, including remote working.
  • A surprising add-on in the Q7 Series is the built-in camera located on top of the TV frame. This camera is designed to improve the user experience when working remotely.
  • TCL Q6 Series includes several 4K and 8K TVs with Roku or Google TV smart operating systems. The Q7 Series currently includes only 4K TVs with Google TV.
  • Televisions in both series feature edge-to-edge view displays, easy voice control through Siri, Alexa, or Google Home, auto-game mode, and an integrated cable management system.

TCL Q6 vs. Q7: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

Picking the best big-screen TV can be challenging, but at the moment, the TCL Q6 Series could be a better choice. Televisions in this series vary from affordable to expensive, depending on their release year. However, they all share similar features and characteristics, including similar image quality.

You can also choose between 4K and 8K resolution and the desired smart platform, Google TV or Roku. Meanwhile, TVs in the Q7 series only come in 4K resolution and with Google TV. You’ll get a built-in cam, though, and better overall performance. The problem is that this series hasn’t yet reached the U.S. market. So, if you want a TCL Q7, you will have to wait patiently.

TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K Roku Smart TV
  • Excellent mini-LED QLED picture quality with strong brightness and contrast
  • Includes voice command controls for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • THX Certified for Game Mode, which makes for a great gaming experience
  • Four HDMI inputs for multiple device connections
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/16/2024 03:33 pm GMT

TCL Q6 and Q7: Technology Updates

Recently, there have been no recent technology updates on the TCL Q6 and Q7 televisions.

TCL Q6 and Q7: Looking Forward

Anticipated updates for the TCL Q6 and Q7 televisions in the upcoming six to 18 months include:

  1. Enhanced Processor: Speculations suggest that TCL is developing a new processor, potentially the MediaTek MT9904, to replace the current MediaTek MT9607. This upgrade is expected to deliver notable performance enhancements, resulting in a more seamless and responsive user experience.
  2. Advanced AI Upscaling: While the TCL Q6 and Q7 already employ AI upscaling to convert lower resolution content to 4K, there are indications that TCL is refining this technology for the upcoming TV versions. This improvement aims to enable the TVs to upscale content to an impressive 8K resolution, leading to a sharper and more detailed visual output.
  3. Innovative Smart TV Features: Upcoming iterations of the TCL Q6 and Q7 TVs are rumored to incorporate additional smart TV functionalities. These potential enhancements may encompass the integration of new streaming applications, expanded voice control capabilities, and improved web browsing experiences, offering users a more comprehensive and versatile entertainment hub.
  4. Enhanced Gaming Capabilities: While the TCL Q6 and Q7 TVs are already esteemed for their gaming performance, rumors suggest that TCL is working on introducing advanced gaming features in the upcoming models. This could entail support for variable refresh rate (VRR) and automatic low latency mode (ALLM), contributing to smoother gameplay and reduced input lag.
  5. Redesigned Aesthetics: The prospective TCL Q6 and Q7 TVs could showcase a revamped design, featuring a sleeker profile and a modernized appearance. This potential update might include a thinner bezel design, contributing to a more immersive viewing experience and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TCL QLED as good as Samsung?

Considering similar options, TCL QLED TVs have a higher refresh rate and wider color gamut. However, Samsung TVs have lower input lag and better out-of-the-box color accuracy. When compared side-by-side, Samsung provides higher image quality.

Where are TCL TVs manufactured?

TCL is a Chinese company that manufactures most of its displays and TV parts in Shenzen.

Is TCL a cheap brand?

TCL is an affordable brand compared to companies like LG or Samsung. However, their QLED televisions aren’t exactly cheap. Prices range from over $600 to over $2,100.

Is any TV better than QLED?

Yes, OLED televisions are better than QLED, regardless of what TCL says on its website. QLED TVs have higher image quality and better color accuracy than all other TV types.

Should I buy TCL Series 6?

TCL Q6 televisions are a worthy and budget-friendly choice of QLED TVs.

Is TCL a reliable brand?

Despite its lower popularity compared to Samsung or LG, TCL is a reliable brand. Their televisions bring balanced value for money.

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