What Channel Is TBS on Xfinity? (2024 Update)

TBS and Xfinity logos.

What Channel Is TBS on Xfinity? (2024 Update)

From sitcom reruns to classic films, and hilarious comedies to reality competitions, TBS is home to some of the most entertaining movies and TV shows on television. In recent years, it’s even become a hub for live sporting events. Satellite subscribers get to enjoy the luxury of having one fixed station for TBS from coast to coast. Cable subscribers, however, are not so lucky. TBS’s channel number changes from city to city and state to state. Here’s what Xfinity subscribers need to know so they can enjoy all TBS has to offer.

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TBS Channel Guide

City and StateTBS Channel Number on Xfinity
Albuquerque, NM43
Alexandria, VA35
Atlanta, GA39
Augusta, GA7
Baltimore, MD31
Boulder, CO18
Cape Coral, FL62
Charleston, SC12
Chicago, IL47
Colorado Springs, CO25
Denver, CO18
Detroit, MI24
Eugene, OR55
Fort Wayne, IN25
Fresno, CA24
Fremont, CA38
Grand Rapids, MI30
Indianapolis, IN29
Jacksonville, FL17
Knoxville, TN34
Las Cruces, NM33
Little Rock, AR27
Memphis, TN27
Miami, FL43
Minneapolis, MN7
Nashville, TN23
Oakland, CA38
Orlando, FL49
Philadelphia, PA20
Pittsburgh, PA24
Portland, OR55
Provo, UT32
Sacramento, CA35
Salem, OR55
Salt Lake City, UT32
San Francisco, CA35
San Jose, CA35
Santa Fe, NM43
Seattle, WA55
Shreveport, LA15
Spokane, WA55
Stockton, CA35
Tacoma, WA55
Tallahassee, FL63
Vancouver, WA55
Washington DC66
West Palm Beach, FL49

The History of TBS

TBS on Dish Network
From syndicated comedies to network originals to live sports, TBS has a little something for all.

TBS derives its name from Turner Broadcasting System, an American media conglomerate that ruled the airwaves in the latter half of the 20th century. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the company eventually merged with Time Warner (and later Warner Bros. Discovery) to form a supersized TV titan. Before all that transpired, however, TBS played a foundational role in the early success of the company. As a matter of fact, it was one of the nation’s first superstations back in the 1970s. (This means it used special broadcast signals to reach a wider audience than other networks.)

At its start, TBS was nothing more than a local television station for folks in the Atlanta area. But, as technology evolved and Turner continued to revolutionize broadcast television, the station was soon offered to viewers nationwide. It was at this point in 1979 that TBS fully embraced the type of programming we know today. From classic films to syndicated shows to live sports, TBS was a big hit from coast to coast. (Not just for those in Atlanta.) Access came at a higher cost than traditional broadcast television, but for those who could afford it, the price was well worth it.

TBS continued to grow throughout the 1980s. The company acquired the entire Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists catalog of films (as well as a library of classic cartoons). By the mid-90s, Turner had built an empire large enough to be acquired by a giant. Time Warner purchased TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, CNN, and other properties from Turner for more than $7 billion. The ’90s and 2000s were a lucrative time for TBS, with the network leaning more into original and syndicated comedies. It has continued to see decent viewership even after Warner Bros. Discovery’s takeover.

TBS Sister Stations

American Heroes Channel
Animal Planet
Cartoon Network
Cooking Channel
The CW
Destination America
Discovery Channel
Discovery Family
Discovery Life
Food Network
Investigation Discovery
Magnolia Network
Oprah Winfrey Network
Science Channel
Travel Channel

TBS Programming

Young Sheldon on TBS.
TBS airs episodes of

The Big Bang Theory


Young Sheldon

in compressed syndication.

Despite new ownership by Warner Bros. Discovery, TBS has kept a firm grasp on the kind of programming that made it a hugely popular network in the first place. From hit films to classic sitcoms to contemporary comedies and live sporting events, TBS is (and pretty much always has been) a TV channel with a little something for everybody. Here’s what you can expect to see on a typical day on the station.


Dating all the way back to the late 20th century, TBS has been home to a great selection of films. This remains a key part of its daily programming blocks today. Some recent examples include Ella Enchanted, Two Weeks Notice, The Wizard of Oz, and Beauty and the Beast. It’s an eclectic mix that truly spans decades.

TV Shows

TBS also has a selection of original productions in the mix. This includes the network’s reboot of Wipeout, a reality competition show where contestants try to finish an over-the-top obstacle course. On the scripted side of things, TBS also has Miracle Workers: an anthology sitcom starring Daniel Ratcliffe, Steve Buscemi, and Geraldine Viswanathan.


Of course, TBS has lots of love for syndicated shows. Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Family Matters, Young Sheldon, Modern Family… these classic sitcoms (both new and old) make up a huge part of the network’s daily schedule. These syndicated programs are compressed, which means they’re slightly sped up with certain scenes shortened to make more room for more commercials.


Lastly, TBS offers a roster of live sporting events for you to enjoy. The current list of coverage includes Major League Baseball, NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball, E-League sports, the NBA All-Star Game, NHL, and AEW Dynamite wrestling. TBS will occasionally air other sports simultaneously with sister station TNT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TBS?

TBS is one of many cable and satellite broadcast networks in the Warner Bros. Discovery catalog. The channel airs a mix of originals, syndicated shows, films, and live sports.

Is TBS available on Xfinity?

Yes, TBS is available to Xfinity subscribers. The network is a basic channel included in most entry-level cable and satellite packages.

Does TBS still air sports?

Yes, TBS still plays a variety of live sports events. Its primary focus is on Major League Baseball, but it also offers NCAA basketball, e-sports, hockey, wrestling, and more.

Who owns TBS?

TBS is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD). It originated under Turner Broadcasting back in the mid-20th century, then got bought out by Time Warner, then AT&T, and, most recently, WBD.

What channel is TBS on Xfinity?

TBS’s channel number varies from city to city with Xfinity. This is because cable networks are never offered on one set channel like they are with satellite providers. It’s a regional thing.

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