Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic Could Travel From New York to Delhi in Just 7 Hours


New York to Delhi in just 7 hours could be a reality by 2029! It sounds like an impossibility that the 16-hour flight time from New York to Delhi could be slashed by more than half, but Boom Supersonic, a US aerospace company, is poised to transform commercial aviation with the return of supersonic air […]

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Supersonic plane

The 6 Most Expensive Supersonic Planes Ever Built


Key Points Supersonic planes are airplanes that can fly at supersonic speeds. This means they travel faster than the speed of sound, or Mach number 1. Supersonic planes were invented in the second half of the twentieth century for military and research purposes. The Concorde was the most expensive supersonic plane ever built, at 2.8 […]

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