northrop b-2 spirit bomber aircraft

Why Did Flying Wings Fail?


Media houses are prone to making prophecy-sounding statements when referring to new products or ideas. The New York Times made one in November 1941 when it wrote, “Perhaps the day is not far distant when flying-wing types will dominate the entire field of military, commercial, and private flying.” That phrase has found itself immortalized in […]

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Airplane in the sky

The 10 Largest Aircraft Leasing Companies in the World, and What They Do


Key Points: Air Lease Corporation offers worldwide aircraft lease, management, and financing solutions to airlines, government agencies, and commercial users. BBAM’s services include aircraft management and maintenance, aircraft leasing and financing, aircraft purchases, aircraft origination and disposition, and other related services. SMBC delivers mid-term and long-term aircraft leasing and management services to airline companies seeking […]

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