T-Mobile Unlimited Plans: Full Comparison & How to Decide Which One Is Best

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T-Mobile Unlimited Plans: Full Comparison & How to Decide Which One Is Best

Key Points

  • T-Mobile offers three competitive unlimited plans with options for additional lines and access to a fast 5G network.
  • The Essentials plan has a 50GB cap on premium data, while Go5G offers 100GB and Go5G Plus has no cap.
  • The Essentials plan is the most affordable, while Go5G Plus is the most expensive but offers the most data and perks.
  • All T-Mobile Unlimited plans include hotspot support, with varying data limits and speeds.
  • There are no annual fees or service contracts associated with any of the plans.

Which of the T-Mobile Unlimited Plans is the best? T-Mobile offers up three highly competitive unlimited plans for most consumers. You get options for adding additional lines, access to one of the fastest 5G networks, and a whole host of other great features.

With that in mind, it could be a bit tough to discern which of these monthly plans is the best for your household. Shopping for phone plans is always rather daunting, as you have a whole slew of considerations to keep in mind.

However, T-Mobile has fairly flexible options and fair rates when adding additional lines. So, if you’ve been considering T-Mobile as your mobile service provider, it is worth exploring three of the most popular plans it carries.

T-Mobile Unlimited Plans: Side-by-Side Comparison

EssentialsGo5GGo5G Plus
Premium Data50 GB100 GBUnlimited
Data Networks Supported5G & 4G LTE5G & 4G LTE5G & 4G LTE
Additional Lines SupportedUp to 6 lines on a single planUsers can have 5 lines on a single planUp to 5 lines on a single plan
Cost Per Additional LineAdditional $30 for the second line, and $15 per line for lines 3-6Additional $55 for up to three lines, $80 extra for four lines, and $105 extra ($180 in total) for 5 linesAdditional $60 for up to three lines, $95 extra for four lines, and $130 extra ($220 in total) for 5 lines
Base Cost of Plan$60 a month$75 a month$90 a month
Hotspot Support?YesYesYes
International SupportYesYesYes

T-Mobile Unlimited Plans: What’s the Difference?

T-Mobile offers up quite a few plans for unlimited usage, but the aforementioned three cover most bases and remain fairly affordable. For most households, you’ll likely not need any of the more intensive business support.

Premium Data Available

t-mobile unlimited plans
T-Mobile offers up three great plans for users looking for unlimited access to the mobile web, talk, and text.

The Essentials plan has the overall lowest cap when comparing premium data. What is premium data? Premium data is provisioned data per user, which allows access to T-Mobile’s high-speed mobile networks. Once the premium data is depleted, users still get access to the mobile internet.

However, these rates are greatly reduced. The Essentials plan starts with a fairly generous 50GB allotment per month. This should get you through with web searches, navigation, and music streaming. If you keep to 480p on video streaming, you could probably binge around ten hours or so of a show.

Go5G offers up to 100GB of premium data a month, which is more than enough for most use cases. You’ve got ample room for streaming media, within moderation of course. You could stream video at higher resolutions if desired.

Go5G Plus is the deluxe option, and there is no premium data cap. Given the higher rate you’re paying monthly, this is the likely choice for media buffs. If you’re constantly in need of a show or film on your commute, Go5G Plus is the plan of choice.

Monthly Rates

The Essentials plan comes with the lowest overall monthly cost. To get a single line, you’ll be looking at $60 a month. It is a lower-cost plan, and adding up to four lines isn’t terribly expensive.

Go5G is more expensive, as you’d expect. You can have monthly rates starting at $75 a month. This is definitely on the pricier side of things, but given what you get with the plan, it isn’t terrible.

Go5G Plus is the most expensive overall, coming in with a base cost of $90 a month. If you’re looking to have four lines of service, it is $185 a month. Given all the data and perks of Go5G Plus, this isn’t a terrible deal.

Essentials would be the better choice, overall at least, if you’re trying to keep costs down. Media buffs will likely bite the bullet and go for Go5G Plus.

Hotspot Support

T-Mobile Unlimited Plans
The T-Mobile Essentials plan gives you unlimited 3G hotspot access.

All T-Mobile Unlimited plans come with hotspot support. There are some key differences in how the hotpots operate on each plan, however.

The Essentials plan has unlimited hotspot support, which is great. However, the plan restricts hotspot data to 3G speeds. This works in a pinch for things like sending emails and other forms of communication. You could probably put up with slower web browsing if absolutely needed.

If you’re looking to use it to stream media, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Go5G has 15GB of premium data available for hotspots. You get access to 5G speeds readily if you have a supported hotspot. That data will go quite quickly when using a laptop or some other device, however. You could realistically get away with a few Zoom calls on your laptop using it, however.

Go5G Plus has 50GB of premium data for hotspots, which is plenty for most tasks if you’re on the road a lot during the month. It isn’t unlimited, but you could always send other communications through your device if absolutely necessary.

Annual Fees and Service Contracts

Now, you’ll naturally have tax with each T-Mobile plan. Thankfully, this is bundled into the overall cost you’re paying monthly. The rates quoted for each monthly plan also account for autopay.

All three plans covered in this comparison have no annual service contracts or fees associated with them, however. If you need to terminate and move to a different provider, you can readily do that. Just make sure you cancel before your payment period so you don’t have an extra month of coverage.


Essentials and Go5G don’t really have any luxury perks to speak of. Go5G Plus bundles Apple TV+ and Netflix in with the overall cost. Apple TV+ does allow for streaming from multiple devices, but the Netflix account provided is a single-user or device subscription.

You could realistically add these plans on your own to Go5G or Essentials, but having the option and fewer bills to keep track of is always a net plus.

The perks on offer aren’t quite as substantial as the mix-and-match nature with AT&T or Verizon, but it is nice to see other providers sweeten the pot when looking at mobile plans.

T-Mobile Unlimited Plans: 5 Must-Know Facts

  1. The Essentials plan only covers basic coverage, with minimal premium data.
  2. The Essentials plan has unlimited hotspot data.
  3. Go5G has better premium data but comes with no perks.
  4. You get access to premium hotspot data with Go5G.
  5. Go5G Plus comes with Netflix and Apple TV+ subscriptions included in the monthly cost.

T-Mobile Unlimited Plans: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

It is always somewhat tough to gauge which plan is best for any household. Go5G occupies an odd place between Essentials and Go5G Plus, but is certainly usable.

Households with budgetary concerns should opt for the Essentials plan. It has what you need at the bare minimum to function with mobile coverage while out and about. It also offers up international coverage, along with the rest of the Unlimited plans.

Go5G is great if you need more premium data per line, but don’t want to splash out for the deluxe option. Getting access to premium data on your mobile hotspot is just a great bonus when considering this plan.

Go5G Plus should be chosen if you’re using tons of data every month. Having unlimited premium data is a massive boon for users who are in constant need of high-speed internet. T-Mobile packaging Netflix and Apple TV+ with the plan is a great bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Go5G Plus have additional perks?

You can upgrade devices every two years, thanks to this particular plan. Most users would likely stick with their current device for as long as it is still usable. Still, if you need the latest and greatest, it is a solid plan to carry.

Do all T-Mobile Unlimited plans come with hotspot support?

Yes, there are provisions for hotspots on all T-Mobile Unlimited plans.

Does Essentials allow users to have iPhones?

Yes, any phone T-Mobile supports you can carry on Essentials.

Does Go5G have Netflix added on?

No, it comes with zero additional perks to speak of.

Which plan offers the most?

Go5G Plus has more unlimited premium data, mobile upgrade paths, and streaming subscriptions with Netflix and Apple TV+.

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