How to Sync a Roku Remote Without a Pairing Button in Four Steps, With Photos

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How to Sync a Roku Remote Without a Pairing Button in Four Steps, With Photos

Key Points

  • Roku remotes without a pairing button use automatic pairing with the help of infrared technology.
  • To sync a Roku remote without a pairing button, remove and replace the batteries, point the remote at the device, and test its functionality.

If you have a Roku remote without a pairing button, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to make it work with your Roku device. Thankfully, syncing these remotes is incredibly easy and requires very little effort on your part. Turns out, you don’t need that extra button at all. Here, we’ll show you a fast, straightforward method to connect your Roku remote to your Roku device without the use of any buttons. Follow along with the steps and photos below to learn how to sync a Roku remote without a pairing button.

Why Doesn’t My Roku Remote Have a Pairing Button?

Roku on tv streaming with remote
Not every Roku remote has a designated pairing button.

The Roku voice remote is the most feature-heavy Roku remote in the brand’s catalog. It comes equipped with a microphone and voice controls, channel shortcut buttons, a headphone jack, and even hands-free voice features. This list also includes a pairing button found on the back of the remote near the battery compartment. Roku owners can press and hold this pairing button to connect their Roku voice remote to their device. Once paired, the remote and its full list of features are ready for you to use.

However, an increasing number of Roku remotes lack this pairing button. These are the Roku simple remotes. They don’t need the pairing button because they use a technology called automatic pairing. With the help of invisible infrared (IR), these remotes can connect to your Roku device without the help of a button. They’re pre-programmed to work together with the IR receiver on Roku devices. As soon as you insert the batteries, the Roku simple remote automatically searches for and connects to your Roku. No need for a pairing button!

How to Sync a Roku Remote Without a Pairing Button

Without a pairing button, how can you possibly sync your Roku remote with your device? As it turns out, it’s even easier to pair one of these Roku simple remotes that lack pairing buttons than one of the Roku voice remotes that require you to press and hold a pairing button. Let’s walk you through the steps to sync a Roku remote below. Make sure you have your Roku device or Roku-enabled smart TV powered on before you begin.

Step One: Remove Batteries

Back of Roku simple remote with batteries removed.
Remove the batteries from your Roku remote.

First, turn your Roku simple remote over. Slide off the back cover to reveal the battery compartment. As you’ll see, there’s no pairing button on the remote. Instead, you’ll only see a couple of batteries. Pop these out, but don’t let them roll too far — we’ll need them again in the next step.

Step Two: Replace Batteries

Back of Roku simple remote with batteries exposed.
Place the batteries back into the Roku remote.

Now, take the removed batteries and place them back into the battery compartment. Pay close attention, as some Roku simple remotes require you to place both batteries in the same direction — not in opposite directions like other devices.

Step Three: Point at Device

Roku remote aimed at Hisense Roku TV.
Point the Roku remote at the device to sync.

Next, place the remote close to the Roku device. Point the top of the remote toward the device’s receiver. This will allow the IR light to communicate with the Roku player, effectively pairing them quickly and easily. It’s best to keep the path between the two clear to streamline pairing.

Step Four: Test Remote

Red light blinking on Roku Hisense TV.
A blinking red light will confirm a successful sync.

Lastly, give the Roku simple remote a little test. Press the directional keys on the remote’s face and see if the device responds to it. Look for a blinking red light or listen for the iconic Roku clicking sound to confirm the remote has successfully paired with the device. That’s it! You’ve successfully learned how to sync a Roku remote without a pairing button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync a Roku remote without a pairing button?

To sync a Roku remote without a pairing button, open the battery compartment and remove and replace the batteries. This initiates the pairing process. Automatic pairing may fail sometimes due to battery issues or interference. Make sure the batteries have juice and nothing is blocking the signal between the remote and the device.

Can I use my smartphone as a Roku remote?

Yes, you can use your smartphone as a Roku remote. Download the official Roku mobile app and connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku device. Without being on the same network, your smartphone will not be able to communicate with your Roku device.

Why is my Roku remote not working after syncing?

If your remote is not working after syncing, check for obstructions between the remote and the Roku device. Make sure there’s a clear line of sight. You should also double-check to make sure the batteries were placed properly (and that they still have life left).

What should I do if my Roku and remote aren't responding?

If your Roku and remote aren’t responding, try restarting your Roku device and replacing the remote batteries. This often resolves issues with unresponsiveness.

Do I need an Internet connection to sync a Roku remote?

No, the remote sync process occurs locally between the remote and the Roku device using invisible infrared. It doesn’t require an active Internet connection. It’s all done through communication between the remote and the device.

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