The Symbols and Icons on Twitter (X): What Are They?

symbols and icons on twitter x

The Symbols and Icons on Twitter (X): What Are They?

Key Points

  • Twitter has undergone significant changes, including rebranding to ‘X’ and introducing Twitter Blue.
  • There are various symbols and icons on Twitter, which differ between the web browser and mobile app.
  • Symbols and icons on Twitter allow users to customize tweets, add media, create polls, use emojis, schedule tweets, tag locations, and format text.
  • Symbols and icons on other people’s tweets allow users to comment, repost, like, bookmark, and share tweets.
  • The symbols and icons on the Twitter mobile app differ between iOS and Android devices.

We’ve seen a lot of changes on Twitter over the past few months. Even Twitter’s symbols and icons have changed drastically. From the introduction of Twitter Blue to Twitter’s rebranding to ‘X,’ even seasoned users may find it challenging to navigate the symbols and icons.

There are a lot of different symbols and icons on Twitter. What’s more, they vary depending on whether you’re using the desktop site or the mobile app. Regardless of how long you’ve been a Tweeter (we aren’t sure what to call you after the site was rebranded), it’s helpful to learn about all of Twitter’s symbols and icons.

Note: We will be using X and Twitter interchangeably in this article due to the recent rebranding. But the two are the same platform. If you want to learn more about Twitter, check out our complete guide here.

Twitter Symbols & Icons on the Web Browser

While the X (formerly Twitter) website and mobile app have the same features, the placement of icons and symbols varies. So, we’ll cover the symbols and icons on a web browser first.

There are so many X symbols and icons that we had to break them down into sections. Feel free to scroll to the section that piques your interest, or read all of them and get a well-rounded understanding of Twitter’s (X’s) symbols and icons.

Symbols & Icons: Tweet & Reply Creation

You’ll see a few symbols and icons during the tweet creation process. Essentially, these allow you to customize your tweets and add value to them. If you want to start tweeting, check out what these icons do:

1. Media

The first icon at the bottom of the tweet pop-up is the Media icon. Click on this to add pictures and videos.

2. GIFs

symbols and icons on twitter x
The GIF icon.


X’s GIFs are legendary. If you have no words, you can insert a GIF. Tap the second icon and scroll through the GIFs on the initial page, or type a keyword and find the perfect one.

3. Polls

symbols and icons on twitter x
The poll icon.


The third icon represents Polls. If you want to get an idea of what your followers and other Tweeters think, tap the Poll icon and input the choices. Then, hit Post to publish it.

4. Emojis

symbols and icons on twitter x
The emoji icon.


Web browser users will see an emoji icon in the fourth spot from the left. Click on the icon and choose your emoji. You can choose one or many.

5. Scheduling

symbols and icons on twitter x
You can also schedule your posts.


Twitter has peak times for posting. If you want to type up a tweet in the morning and have it posted around 3 pm, click on the fifth icon. It looks like a calendar and lets you select a date and time for your tweet to go live.

6. Location

symbols and icons on twitter x
Select this icon to tag your location.


If you have location services enabled and want to tag your current position, click on the sixth icon. This is a great way to promote restaurants, stores, and any other location you enjoy.

7. Bold

symbols and icons on twitter
You can also bold and italicize your text.


The seventh and eighth icons are pretty self-explanatory. If you want to make a statement, click on the Bold icon. If you want to add emphasis to a word, tap the Italics icon.

Twitter Symbols & Icons: Other People’s Tweets

So, what can you do with the symbols and icons you see on other people’s Tweets? Fortunately, the icon and symbol list isn’t nearly as long as the one above. If you’re curious about the symbols and icons on other people’s Tweets, this section will teach you everything.

Note: The symbols and icons you see will vary depending on whether you’ve expanded the tweet or not. We’re showing the expanded view because it covers all of the options. If you don’t see the one you need, click on the tweet to expand it.

1. Comment

symbols and icons on twitter
Select the chat bubble to comment.


The first icon you see looks like a chat bubble. Click on that to reply to a tweet. If you want to respond to someone else’s reply, tapping the chat bubble will ensure your response appears under the correct reply.

2. Repost

symbols and icons on twitter
You can repost the tweet here.


Next, you’ll see the Repost option (formerly the Retweet option). Click on this to Retweet or Quote Retweet a post.

Note: Quote Retweet means you get to add your own text to the OP’s post.

3. Like

symbols and icons on twitter
Select the heart icon to like.


Naturally, the third icon (the heart icon) is the Like button. Tap this to show your support for a post.

4. Bookmark

symbols and icons on twitter
You can bookmark someone’s tweet here.


If you see a tweet you want to save, tap the fourth icon. This is the bookmark icon and allows you to revisit the tweet in your Bookmarks folder (explained further in the next section).

5. Share Outside of Twitter

symbols and icons on twitter
Select this icon to share the tweet.


If you want to share a tweet on another platform or messaging service (or you want to retweet it in someone else’s comments) click on the fifth icon. Then, you can choose which app you want to share it with or copy the link to that tweet.

Bonus: Analytics

You’ll see a little graph if you don’t expand the tweet. This graph icon represents the tweet’s analytics. Click on it to reveal how many impressions (views) the tweet has.

Symbols & Icons: Twitter Menu

Here’s where things get really intense. On the left side of the X webpage, you’ll see many icons and symbols. These are the action icons that help you moderate your account and access menus. Here’s what these symbols represent, starting from the top to the bottom:

1. Home

symbols and icons on twitter x
The home icon.


The first icon in the menu list is the home button. Click on this to refresh your X feed or leave a page and go back home.

symbols and icons on twitter x
Search with the magnifying glass.


The second symbol is the magnifying glass. Click on this icon to search for other people, tweets, topics, and more.

3. Notifications

symbols and icons on twitter
The bell icon represents notifications.


Next, the bell icon symbolizes your notifications. Click on this if you have a small red number next to it to see responses, likes, and reposts.

4. Direct Messages

symbols and icons on twitter
You can find your DMs here.


The fourth icon looks like a piece of mail. Click on it to check your direct messages.

Note: Some messages may be hidden depending on your settings.

5. Lists

symbols and icons on twitter
Find your lists here.


If you have a list of people, click on the fifth icon. You can see all of your lists and the people you’ve added to them here.

6. Twitter Communities

symbols and icons on twitter x
Next up are Twitter communities.


Twitter Community is a subsection of Twitter that lets users communicate with other, like-minded individuals. Click on the sixth icon that looks like two people to join communities.

7. Verified Organizations

symbols and icons on twitter x
You can find Twitter’s Verified Organizations here.


The seventh icon helps verified users apply for badges and reach more people on Twitter. If you’re verified and want to pursue going further, click on the Verified Organizations icon and follow the prompts.

Note: Even if you don’t have Twitter Blue, this icon will appear along with the rest of the symbols mentioned in this section.

8. Profile

symbols and icons on twitter x
View your profile here.


Near the bottom of the page, you’ll see an icon of a person. This takes you to your Twitter profile. Click on the icon to view your profile, as well as edit your bio, username, profile picture, etc. You can also view all of your followers, likes, and replies by clicking on this symbol.

9. Settings Menu

symbols and icons on twitter x
Find settings here.


The three-dot icon on the left takes you to bookmarks, follow suggestions, drafts, monetization opportunities, and more. You can click on this to change your privacy settings, account settings, and your Creator Studio. If you have Twitter Blue, you can even access your premium features here.

10. Create a New Tweet

symbols and icons on twitter x
Select the blue feather to tweet.


You’ll also see a blue feather icon. You can click on this to create a new tweet.

11. Profile Image

symbols and icons on twitter x
Switching between accounts.


Finally, you can click on your profile image at the bottom. This button will let you switch between your X accounts. It also gives you the option to sign out of Twitter.

Twitter Symbols & Icons: The Mobile App

Now, if you’re an X mobile user, this section is for you. Most of the icons and symbols have the same functions as those above, so we won’t make this section incredibly detailed.

The only difference is that some of the symbols and icons have different locations. So, let’s get to know the Twitter (X) symbols and icons on the mobile app.

Twitter Symbols & Icons: iOS

symbols and icons on twitter x
Twitter on iOS.


The symbols for the iOS mobile app are a bit different than those for the Android app. If you use an iPad or iPhone, here are the symbols and icons:

  1. The Home button
  2. The Search button
  3. The Twitter Communities button
  4. The Notifications icon
  5. The Direct Message icon
  6. The Comment icon (to make comments)
  7. The Repost or Quote Repost icon
  8. The Like icon
  9. The Analytics icon

These are the basic icons that you’ll use most often. However, if you need to access any settings, tap your profile icon in the top left corner.

Twitter Symbols & Icons: Android

symbols and icons on twitter x
Twitter on Android.


Android users have nearly identical symbols to iOS users. However, there is one that is different. Here is the list of Twitter symbols and icons for our Android readers:

  1. The Home button
  2. The Search button
  3. The Twitter Spaces button
  4. The Twitter Communities button
  5. The Notifications icon
  6. The Direct Message icon
  7. The Comment icon (to make comments)
  8. The Repost or Quote Repost icon
  9. The Like icon
  10. The Analytics icon

As you can see, the third icon from the left is the Spaces button. If you want to listen in on conversations from your favorite Tweeters, tap this option and you’ll find them there.

Twitter Symbols & Icons: The Wrap-Up

Twitter’s symbols and icons represent different actions. Knowing what these icons do is imperative to your ability to enjoy the app. These symbols and icons are current in 2023, but with so many changes happening with X right now, who knows how many there will be in the future?

Fortunately, if you’re on a computer, you can hover your cursor over any icons you don’t recognize to reveal their action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Twitter rebrand to X?

Twitter (now X) owner Elon Musk wanted to rebrand the site to reflect his goals for its future. Rather than being a simple social media platform, the owner wants to make it a place for enterprise and free speech.

As such, the owner made statements regarding the platform’s original intention which was to have users communicate in short text, much like the tweets of a bird.

What does the blue number next to the bell mean?

If you look at the bell icon and see a blue dot with a number it in, this means that you have notifications. The number represents how many notifications you have. Although, it only goes to 20.

Those who have more than 20 notifications will see 20+.

What is the three-dot icon in the top right corner of a tweet?

The three-dot icon is where you can manage your tweets and other people’s. Tap or click it to report tweets, mute conversations, and more.

What do the different colors of verified badges mean?

Ever since Twitter Blue came about, there are a few additional symbols next to some users’ profiles. The blue checkmark is for those who are verified but pay for verification. These are common users.

The Gold checkmark is for businesses and official organizations. The grey checkmark is for public officials.

Where did the sparkle icon go?

The sparkle icon in the top right corner used to be where Twitter users could toggle between the For You and Following pages. Now, the options appear, so the company removed the sparkle icon.

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