The Symbols and Icons on Threads: What Are They?

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The Symbols and Icons on Threads: What Are They?

Key Points

  • Threads is a social media platform similar to Instagram but with a more personalized vibe.
  • The navigational icons on Threads help users find their way around the platform.
  • Symbols on Threads include a heart for liking posts, a dialogue icon for commenting, and a recycle symbol for reposting.
  • The search symbol allows users to find and follow new people on Threads.
  • The heart symbol provides a breakdown of activity on the user’s account.

If you’re new to Threads, you may wonder what some symbols and icons mean. The social media platform hasn’t been around long, but Meta made things simple for their users. The UI is a breeze to navigate, and once you understand the meaning behind Threads icons, you will be able to zip around the platform like a Pro.

What the Symbols and Icons on Threads Mean

Threads is a social media platform similar to Instagram but with more personalized vibe. That means it’s easy to use, especially for Instagram fans, considering the location of the Symbols and Icons in the Threads app.

When you open the Threads app, there is a row of navigational icons across the bottom of the screen. These symbols will help you find your way around the platform. The first Threads Icon to familiarize yourself with is the Home symbol.

The Home Icon takes you back to the main page on Threads.

When you press Home, you’re taken back to the main page, where you can see recommend threads along with those you follow. Each “Thread” has its own set of symbols, which is how you interact on the platform. If you use social media, you will be very familiar with all of the Threads icons.

There’s a heart that allows you to like or favorite a post on Threads and a Dialogue icon. That’s what you’ll select when you want to post a comment on a thread and express your thoughts. When you choose the Dialogue icon, a new row of options appears beneath the area where you’ll post. From here, you can choose a symbol to add an image, GIF, record an audio clip, or start a quick poll.

You can find people to follow with the Search icon.

Want to repost a thread to your feed? Use the Recycle or Reverse symbol next to the Dialogue option. This allows you to repost anything on the platform or pull a quick quote from a thread. You can also share a thread through Instagram, copy a link, or send it to other apps with the Paper Plane icon on the far right.

Whether you’re new to Threads or a seasoned user, the best way to add friends on the platform is with the Search symbol. Located next to the Home icon, this symbol allows you to hone in on people you want to follow on Threads. You can scroll through the company’s recommendations or use the search box to find new people to follow.

Tap on the Heart icon to save a Favorite.

You can post a message on Threads in seconds by choosing the Writing Icon in the center of the navigation row. You can attach GIFS and other flair to your posts, the same way you can when you respond to a thread. If you’re setting up an account on the platform, you’ll spend a lot of time in this section.

When you want to check your activity on Threads, choose the Heart. This Threads symbol gives you a breakdown of things happening around your account. There are four sections to choose from with Mentions, Replies, Requests, and All. You can confirm or deny followers from here or see if you’ve been mentioned in a Thread. Tap on the Person icon when you want to get an overview of your account and settings.

Account Settings

This is where you can alter your profile, whether you want to change your photo or bio. You can also set your Threads profile to private through the Edit Profile section. The Share Profile button is self-explanatory, but you’ll want to select the Double Line symbol in the top right to access your account settings. This is where you’ll adjust notifications or your privacy settings.

The former comes in handy if you’re following a thread that blows up during the day and notifications become annoying. You can pause everything or tailor things to suit your needs and schedule. The Account section lets you delete your profile, deactivate it, or change your personal information. Other areas of interest include Security, Supervision, and Media Quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you access Instagram from the Threads app?

Yes, as long as your accounts are linked, you can access your Instagram account by choosing the Instagram icon under the Profile section on the app.

Is Threads better than Twitter?

That depends on your needs. Threads is similar to Twitter and provides a social experience, but Twitter has a much larger user base.

Can you use Threads from the web?

You can log in and access your Threads account from the company’s official website.

Do people still use Threads?

Threads is still a popular choice for people who enjoy Instagram or are interested in a Twitter alternative.

What’s the Threads logo?

The Threads logo was designed to represent the @ symbol, which is commonly associated with usernames.

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