Super Duolingo Review (2024): How Much is It? Is It Any Good?

Super Duolingo Review (2023): How Much Is It? Is It Any Good?

Super Duolingo Review (2024): How Much is It? Is It Any Good?

Key Points

  • Super Duolingo offers unlimited lessons, allowing users to make steady progress without worrying about managing hearts or pausing practice.
  • When you make a mistake in Super Duolingo, it reveals the correct answer and customizes your lesson plan to focus on the question types you struggled with.
  • Super Duolingo subscribers enjoy unlimited attempts at conquering Legendary Level Challenges, which can include reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Super Duolingo removes ads, providing an ad-free experience for users to remain focused and move more quickly through levels.
  • The cost of Super Duolingo’s Family Plan is $119.99 per year, while the Individual Plan costs $6.99 per month and can be canceled at any time.
  • The decision to invest in Super Duolingo depends on whether you mind seeing ads and if the additional features and personalization are worth the cost.
  • Super Duolingo’s learning content is the same as the free version, and neither version alone will lead to fluency.

If your future vacation plans include travel to another country, language learning apps like Duolingo can make a big difference in helping you break down language barriers and communicate with native speakers.

Although Duolingo offers a free, basic version, it also offers a paid, premium version called Super Duolingo.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the extra features Super Duolingo offers and assess whether it’s worth the extra cost.

Free Duolingo vs. Super Duolingo: A Comparison

Super Duolingo is a paid upgrade to the free Duolingo experience. As a subscriber, you will receive the following premium features:

  • Unlimited lessons
  • Personalized lessons
  • Legendary Level Challenges
  • An ad-free experience

Let’s explore each one in further detail.

Unlimited Lessons

The free version of Duolingo requires that users take a break from lessons after answering 5 questions wrong. It uses a currency called hearts, allowing users to collect a maximum of 5 hearts at a time. For every missed question, the user loses a heart. To earn a heart, users can retake old lessons, spend gems (another type of Duolingo currency), or wait five hours.

In contrast, Super Duolingo users can take unlimited lessons, so they don’t have to worry about managing their hearts or pausing their practice after missing questions. This can be especially beneficial for those who want to make steady progress.

Personalized Lessons

Over the course of learning a new language, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. With Super Duolingo, when you make a mistake, it not only reveals the correct answer but also customizes your lesson plan to focus more on the question types you struggled with.

Legendary Level Challenges

All versions of Duolingo use mastery quizzes as a means to progress through levels. This motivates users by allowing them to earn badges symbolizing skill mastery.

The first five levels are more straightforward. However, the sixth Legendary Level Challenge is a harder challenge which can include reading, writing, listening, and even speaking.

While the free version of Duolingo requires users to spend gems to participate, Super Duolingo subscribers enjoy unlimited attempts at conquering a Legendary Level Challenge.

After successfully completing the challenge, all users receive a special badge in recognition of their skill mastery.

Ad-Free Experience

One of the main complaints about the free version of Duolingo is the frequent appearance of ads. The need to pause for ads can be time-consuming and potentially annoying when you’re trying to focus on learning.

Super Duolingo removes these ads, allowing you to remain focused and move more quickly through levels.

Foreign Language Lessons
Unlimited Lessons
Personalized Lessons
Legendary Level Challenges
Ad-Free Experience
Super Duolingo Review (2023): How Much Is It? Is It Any Good?
While learning foreign language skills can be helpful during travel, it can also enable more meaningful connections with people from different backgrounds.

What to Know Before Upgrading to Super Duolingo

Before downloading Super Duolingo, check out these key points to consider.

Subscription Costs

Depending on your budget, it may or may not make sense to upgrade to Super Duolingo. Although $9.99 may not sound like a lot, it can add up, especially if you get locked into a yearly plan.

Understanding the subscription costs and the corresponding cancellation policies can help you make more informed decisions about your spending.

Personal Goals

If you only need to acquire basic language skills, Super Duolingo may be suitable for you. However, for higher proficiency or fluency, you will need to evaluate other options.

Moreover, it’s important to assess your level of commitment to learning a foreign language. If you rarely practice, upgrading to Super Duolingo may not be a practical decision.

Alternative Apps

Although many people agree that Duolingo is an amazing language-learning platform that provides effective lessons, it may not appeal to everyone.

Rosetta Stone and Babbel also offer similar apps that cater to different learning styles. Since many language-learning apps offer trial periods, we recommend doing your research to decide which app works best for you.

Using Super Duolingo: What It’s Like

Super Duolingo offers courses in 39 languages for English speakers. Regardless of the language you choose, the core exercises will teach you how to greet people and form basic sentences such as “Where is the bathroom?”

As you progress, you’ll learn more complex language skills that will help you order food, ask for directions, describe your family, and shop for clothes.

With just a few short daily lessons, you’ll gain critical foreign language skills that will help you navigate common travel situations. This app is designed to be engaging, using gamification to keep you motivated. Furthermore, without ads, you’ll breeze through lessons with uninterrupted focus.

As a result, you’re more like to stick with it. In the long run, consistency in your daily practice will lead to improved language proficiency and greater confidence in real-life travel scenarios.

Super Duolingo Review (2023): How Much Is It? Is It Any Good?
Learning basic language skills can help you confidently request the bill in cultures where it’s customary for the customer to do so.

How Much is the Super Duolingo Subscription?

Super Duolingo offers two pricing plans: the Family Plan and the Individual Plan.

Family Plan

The Family Plan allows the primary account holder to share their subscription with up to five other users. Notably, users don’t have to be related or even live in the same location.

While the cost is advertised as $9.99 per month, it’s important to note that the Family Plan is a 12-month commitment, making the actual cost $119.99 per year.

Individual Plan

If committing to an annual plan isn’t right for you, you can also opt for a monthly subscription with the Individual Plan. This costs $6.99 per month.

Unlike the Family Plan, the Individual Plan can be canceled at any time. However, subscribers should note that both plans auto-renew unless canceled.

Super Duolingo Review (2023): How Much Is It? Is It Any Good?
Super Duolingo allows subscribers to take courses in dozens of languages, making it a great option for travelers who want to learn the basics of multiple languages.

Is Super Duolingo Worth Paying For?

One of the biggest perks of Duolingo is the absence of ads. For dedicated language learners, the decision to invest in Super Duolingo for ad removal may make sense. However, if you don’t mind seeing ads from time to time, the upgrade may not be justified.

Additionally, the extent of personalization in the lesson plans isn’t particularly substantial. Although it can be beneficial to focus on your weakest areas, the free version of Duolingo already provides correct answers, making it challenging to find enough additional value to warrant the costs.

It’s crucial to note that Super Duolingo lessons are the same as the lessons in the free version. Because of this, overall learning outcomes are the same.

Furthermore, it’s not possible to attain fluency by using any version of Duolingo. If that’s your goal, you will need to supplement your subscription package with additional resources or invest in alternative learning methods.

Without ads, you’re likely to move through levels at a faster rate.Super Duolingo’s learning content is the same as the free version of Duolingo.
You can learn skills that will help you communicate in a foreign language.Neither the free nor the paid version alone will lead to fluency.
Super Duolingo helps you focus on your weakest areas.The additional level of personalization isn’t significant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What languages does Duolingo offer?

Duolingo offers language courses in 39 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hawaiian, Hebrew, High Valyrian, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Klingon, Korean, Latin, Navajo, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish, and Zulu.

Duolingo also offers foreign language instruction for non-English speakers, but these options are more limited.

How do you cancel a free trial of Super Duolingo?

On the app’s home screen, tap the Super Duolingo icon, proceed to Settings, and then select Manage Subscription. Here, you can opt to Cancel Subscription.

What are Duolingo Legendary Challenges?

These are extra-hard challenges that help you reinforce the skills you previously learned by presenting them in a new way.

What's the difference between Duolingo Plus and Super Duolingo?

Duolingo has phased out Duolingo Plus and rebranded it as Super Duolingo, maintaining the same service without any meaningful differences.

How do I enable Unlimited Hearts?

Once you subscribe to Super Duolingo, you can open the app and tap the Super Duo icon at the top right corner of the screen. Under Unlimited Hearts, click TURN ON.

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