7 Streaming Services to Avoid in 2024


7 Streaming Services to Avoid in 2024

With each new streaming service that emerges, there’s a massive debate that gets reignited: Which ones are worth subscribing to, and which are the streaming services to avoid? We all know where we stand with the top names in the business — names like Netflix, Hulu, and Max — but what about the rest of the bunch? Which streamers deserve our time and money, and which ones should be overlooked? The answer might not be as cut and dry as you’d think.

It’s not outrageous to say that not all streaming platforms are created equal, and some might leave you less than satisfied. Before you head out into the ever-expanding realm of streaming services on your own, let’s point out the contenders that probably don’t deserve your attention. From limited libraries to bad interfaces and every downside in between, these are the seven streaming services to avoid today.


MGM+ home page.
MGM+ is a newcomer to the streaming space that hasn’t proven itself just yet.

One of the newest offerings in the streaming space today, MGM+ has not yet proven itself to be worth anyone’s time. (Or money, for that matter.) For the time being, it really struggles to compete with the top names in streaming. This can always change, of course, but MGM+ lacks the must-watch exclusives to truly make a name for itself.


Paramount+ home page.
Of all the streaming services to avoid, Paramount+ is one of the biggest no-brainers.

Once called CBS All Access, Paramount+ has had a decent amount of time to convince us if it’s worth it or not. Sadly, with an overwhelming reliance on reboots, a mediocre back catalog, and a lack of fresh or original programming, Paramount+ just doesn’t cut it. It would behoove the service to merge with another streamer sooner rather than later.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ home page.
Apple TV+ lacks a back catalog, and that hurts it in the long run.

One of the biggest selling points for any streaming service is a catalog of shows and films from years past in addition to an ever-growing selection of originals. That’s why it’s so strange that Apple TV+ has such a restricted content library. It doesn’t have anything even resembling a back catalog, and its current slate of original shows isn’t impressive enough to compensate. Their original films are pretty great, but they can frequently be found in theaters or on VOD.


Discovery+ home page.
Thanks to Max, Discovery+ is now one of the streaming services to avoid.

Ever since Warner Bros. Discovery put Discovery+ content on Max, standalone Discovery+ subscriptions have gotten a lot less valuable. Most — but not all — of the shows you’d find on Discovery+ can also be found on Max, and the titles that don’t overlap are not exactly worth double-dipping on Warner Bros. Discovery streamers for. As it stands, Discovery+ relies a bit too heavily on non-exclusive programming you can also find on Max.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video home page.
Amazon Prime Video suddenly seems very overhyped when you consider its flaws.

It might sound controversial, but Amazon Prime Video is one of the most prominent streaming services to avoid today. Sure, it comes with your Prime subscription, but that doesn’t mean you should use it. (Especially with the new rule that adds advertisements in between shows and movies on the service.) What’s more, the Prime Video interface is difficult to navigate and its library contains heaps of content streaming in terrible quality.


Crackle home page.
Crackle might not be worth your time — even though it’s free.

It’s very possible you’ve never even heard of Crackle. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a streaming service to avoid, though. From its outdated interface to its extremely limited library to its disruptive ad breaks, Crackle is an all-around mess. There are far better FAST (or free ad-supported TV) streamers to consider in its place, such as Tubi or Freevee.

Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream home page.
Curiosity Stream is one of the top streaming services to avoid.

Here’s another you may not be familiar with: Curiosity Stream. Nevertheless, it stands as one of our top streaming services to avoid. Filled with niche documentary films and obscure edutainment TV shows, the streaming service isn’t really enough to appeal to the masses. Its content lacks appeal, and what it does offer isn’t exactly defined by the same high-quality programming you’d expect from a Netflix or Hulu rival.

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