Stick to these 5 TV Brands Next time You Buy

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Stick to these 5 TV Brands Next time You Buy

You should stick to these TV brands before you buy your next one. Buying a television is something with quite a few decisions behind it. You might find yourself going for the cheapest or the most expensive, depending on your budget. However, that doesn’t get exactly what you’re after. Instead, take a look at why these 5 brands are worth your time and money.


LG makes incredible televisions.

We might as well get the elephant out of the room when talking about TV brands. LG is one of the most popular choices you’ll find when it comes to high-end televisions. LG is the one to beat when it comes to great televisions and is arguably one of the most consistent brands on the market today.

OLED Excellence

If you’re buying an LG, go for the OLED display.

LG is most known for its OLED displays. Televisions like the C3 and G3 bring something special to the table when looking at the picture quality. You’re getting some of the finest motion support in the business. Blacks and contrast support are likewise fantastic when looking at LG as one of the top TV brands.


Samsung makes fantastic TVs for the money.

There are few manufacturers with the same scope and breadth of products as Samsung. If you’re looking for one of the top TV brands on the market, however, they are hard to deny. Samsung makes a wide variety of televisions. You’ve got several options for display types as well, so there is a little something for everyone.

Stellar Quality

Samsung is always innovating, but maintain consistent output.

When I think of Samsung, I think of consistency. The television offerings from Samsung come in many different shapes and sizes, from budget-friendly models to statement pieces that dominate a home theater. As such, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to your selection of Samsung televisions.


TCL TVs are affordable and dependable.

You might not know TCL, and that’s alright. It is a fairly unsung brand when it comes to televisions. However, if you’re looking for budget-friendly choices, TCL is the way to go. They won’t wow you when it comes to features. That said, if you want a 4K TV without breaking the bank, TCL won’t steer you wrong.

Sensible and Dependable

They might not come with all of the fancy features of its competitors, but TCL is a great choice.

TCL isn’t going to blow your mind when it comes to quality. However, you’ll notice a difference in your bank account. These televisions have HDR10, 4K resolution, and standard refresh rates. It won’t blow you away when watching big-name movies, but it is a great choice for anyone in need of an upgrade.


Sony’s pedigree when it comes to TVs is still unmatched.

It is hard to mention any TV brands without Sony coming into the equation. You’re looking at a company with well over 50 years of experience when it comes to crafting great electronics. The modern Sony television is no slouch and gives competitors like LG and Samsung a run for their money.

A Legacy of Excellence

The Bravia line comes in several configurations, the OLED models give LG’s flagships a run for their money.

Sony does quite a bit right with its Bravia line of televisions. These are some of the best TVs you’ll find available today. Users looking for a great upgrade would be well-served by a Sony TV. You have a litany of standard features and a reputation for stellar image quality during playback.


Vizio won’t blow you away with extras, but they are worth using.

Rounding out our list of top TV brands is Vizio. Much like TCL, Vizio can be thought of as a budget brand. Most models come with standard features. This can be a great choice for potential users looking for a TV that does everything without breaking the bank.

Budget Friendly

If you want affordability, Vizio is hard to top.

Vizio TVs are cheaper than offerings from competitors. As such, you can get quite a steal when looking at higher-end televisions from the brand. You’ll pay similar prices to a low-end LG, but you’re getting better value for your money.

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