Starlink Business vs. Residential: How Do They Compare?

Starlink Business vs Starlink Residential

Starlink Business vs. Residential: How Do They Compare?

  1. Starlink operates small satellites that orbit the planet and use the radio signal from the vacuum of space to deliver high-speed and low-latency Internet.
  2. It offers four Internet service plans: Residential, Business, RV, and Maritime.
  3. Residential and Business Internet plans differ in terms of speeds, prices, and antenna design.
  4. The antenna of the Starlink business plan is larger.
  5. Residential Starlink has a download speed of 50-200 Mbps; on the other hand, Starlink Business has a download speed of 100-350 Mbps.
  6. Residential Starlink has an upload speed of 10-20 Mbps, while Starlink Business has an upload speed of 20-40Mbps.
  7. Starlink Business delivers a more consistent, stable, higher-speed Internet and 24/7 service.
  8. Starlink Business is more expensive than Starlink Residential. The one-time satellite hardware dish costs $2500, and the monthly service fee costs $500.
  9. Residential Starlink has a one-time cost of $599 and a monthly fee of $110.

In today’s digital world, getting the right Internet service provider is more important than ever. The internet has no borders or limitations, and it is a very powerful tool that helps you stay connected with the rest of the world. This is why we’ve prepared this Starlink Business vs. Residential comparison.

Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX and the developer of many innovative projects, came up with a satellite Internet service different from the existing ones. Namely, Starlink satellites deliver high-speed and low-latency Internet by traveling on a low Earth orbit. 

Starlink offers four internet services: Residential, Business, RV, and Maritime. However, Starlink Business and Residential are the two most popular satellite Internet plans. So, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re interested in finding out more about these two plans. Let’s dive in.

Starlink BusinessStarlink Residential
DefinitionStarlink Business is a satellite Internet service provider ideal for businesses. It delivers higher speeds, throughput, and 24/7 support.Starlink Residential is a satellite Internet service provider ideal for homes. It delivers high-speed and stable Internet.
Main UseInternet access in a businessInternet access in-house
OwnerElon Musk, SpaceXElon Musk, SpaceX
Year of establishmentFebruary 2022October 2020
Cost$2500 Starlink satellite hardware, $500 Internet service cost$599 Starlink satellite hardware, $110 Internet service cost
Latency20-40 ms20-40 ms
Download Speed100-350 Mbps50-200 Mbps
Upload Speed20-40 Mbps10-20 Mbps
Installation FeeFree (Self-Installation)Free (Self-Installation)
Watch Elon discuss space-based internet
After equipment installation, it may take 12 hours for the Starlink system to attain optimum performance.

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Starlink’s Internet service works on a satellite system that uses radio signals from the vacuum of space to transmit Internet data. In comparison, some Internet providers use fiber optics to deliver high-speed Internet.

This satellite system consists of thousands of small satellites that orbit the planet at about 550 km, or 341 miles, and cover the globe. The satellites are in a low orbit. As a result, the latency is low. So, yes, gaming is not a problem anymore for satellite users.

Starlink offers four Internet services in total:

  • Residential: Ideal for home use.
  • Business: Provides faster internet speeds for the entire business team.
  • RV: Stable and high-speed Internet wherever you travel.
  • Maritime: An Internet plan to use while at sea.

Below, we will take a look at the Residential and Business plans. What’s the difference, and which should you choose based on your needs?

1. Design

The Residential Starlink kit and Starlink Business Kit come with a Starlink dish, a dish mount, a Wi-Fi router base unit, a power cable, and a connecting cable. However, the Starlink Business has a larger antenna, which means a better router, cables, power supply, base, and Internet delivery. It also can endure rough weather conditions better.

2. Speeds

Starlink vs Dish internet
Starlink is a project of SpaceX that provides satellite Internet access.

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One of the significant differences between these two plans is the Internet speed. The Residential Starlink has a download speed of 50-200 Mbps and an upload speed of 10-20 Mbps. This Internet plan is typically created for family use only.

Starlink Business has a more consistent service and speed. It has a double download speed of 100-350 Mbps and an upload speed of 20-40 Mbps. The Business plan manages the speed reduction during peak hour usage better. That’s why Starlink Business is a good deal for all businesses.

Starlink Business and Residential have a latency of 20-40 ms and no data caps. Since you don’t have a data limit, you can play and do whatever you want.

3. Cost

Starlink Residential costs less than Starlink Business. To get the former, you should make a one-time payment for satellite hardware, which costs $599. The Internet service has a monthly fee of $110.

On the other hand, if you want to get the Starlink Business plan, you should pay $2500 for the satellite hardware and a monthly fee of $500. In terms of costs, the Residential Starlink is more affordable than the Business one.

Pros of Starlink ResidentialCons of Starlink Residential
Unlimited Internet data and fast speedExpensive satellite Internet hardware
No need for a contract and no cancellation feesLow earth orbit technology can affect the Internet service
Low monthly cost of Internet serviceLimited Availability
Easy self-installation
Lower Latency
Pros of Starlink BusinessCons of Starlink Business
Unlimited Internet data and fast download and upload speedVery expensive satellite Internet hardware
No need for a contract and no cancellation feesLow earth orbit technology can affect the Internet service
Perfect for business and government offices due to consistent speeds and serviceLimited Availability
Easy self-installation
Affordable monthly cost of Internet service
Lower Latency
Unlimited users at the same time


From cost to speed and everything in between, we’ve covered a lot of ground. So, what’s our verdict on Starlink Business vs. Residential? It depends on your needs! 

Starlink Residential is the way to go if you just need a simple Internet connection without fuss or fanfare. With no installation or equipment required, it’s the easiest way to get online without any problem. 

On the other hand, Starlink Business would likely suit you if you have an IT department at work. It has additional features like network security and unlimited device connectivity that might be precisely what you need for your Business. In either case, both offerings from SpaceX are solid choices for businesses and residential users alike.

Starlink Business vs Starlink Residential

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Starlink Service?

Starlink is a satellite Internet service provider developed by Elon Musk’s Company, Space X. This service uses low-earth orbit satellites to deliver Internet at a faster speed, with more data, and lower latency.

Where is Starlink Available?

Starlink covers about 48 states with limited areas. By the end of 2023, SpaceX plans to cover the rest of the U.S continent. On Starlink’s map, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are upcoming countries. At this moment, Starlink doesn’t offer Internet service to many countries worldwide, including China, North Korea, Cuba, and Russia.

What are the cons of Starlink?

Starlink’s disadvantages are lack of coverage, price, and consistency; all of which are subject to change.

What is the difference between Starlink and Starlink Business?

Starlink Business is more stable and offers 100-350 Mbps speeds. In comparison, Residential Starlink Internet provides 50-200 Mbps speeds. Another key difference is the price of the hardware. Namely, the Business one costs $2500, and the Residential one costs $599.

Is Starlink better than fiber?

At the moment, Starlink cannot compare with fiber optics regarding speed, consistency, and capability. Fiber optics provide them all in a better way. 

How to get Starlink Internet where I live?

All you have to do is go to the Starlink website, enter your address, and Starlink with show you the available data in your city.

Does a storm affect the Starlink working?

No, it delivers the same Internet performance under bad weather conditions such as storms, rain, and snow, except for heavy snow or rain, which can cause regular Internet problems.

Do you have to lock in any contract with Starlink?

No, you don’t need to sign a contract with Starlink. Any customer can cancel Starlink Internet at any time.

How many devices can you connect by using the Starlink router?

You can connect up to 128 devices at the same time. However, satellite hardware doesn’t limit the number of devices, so you can wire as many devices as you wish. 

Is Starlink's Internet portable?

At this moment, it is not portable. However, Elon Musk plans to expand Starlink Internet services to cars, RVs, and boats.

How many active Starlink satellites are in orbit?

Elon Musk stated that about 1915 active satellites are in orbit from March 22, 2022.

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