Specialized Globe Haul vs. Co-Op Cycles Cty: Which One Wins?

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Specialized Globe Haul vs. Co-Op Cycles Cty: Which One Wins?

When it comes to choosing the ideal e-bike for commuting or going on off-road adventures, there are numerous options available today in the ever-growing e-bike market. Two popular contenders in the world of versatile city e-bikes are the Specialized Globe Haul and the Co-Op Cycles Cty. Both bicycles offer features that tackle urban environments, handle longer rides, and provide a comfortable and efficient cycling experience.

The Specialized Globe Haul showcases itself with robust frame construction, multiple cargo-carrying options, and a focus on rider stability. On the other hand, the Co-Op Cycles Cty emphasizes versatility, maneuverability, and a sleek aesthetic, making it a compelling choice for urban cyclists looking for the added power of an e-bike. 

Today’s guide will dive into the specs and details to determine which of these e-bikes is on top. We’ll examine various factors, including the bike’s design, components, performance, and price value, to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences. 

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Co-Op Cycles Cty: Side-by-Side Comparison

SpecificationsSpecialized Globe Haul STCo-Op Cycles Cty e1.1
Motor700W500W (Peak)
Battery48V (772Wh)36V (418Wh)
Range60 Miles35 Miles
Speed28 mph24 mph 
Weight77 lbs. 54 lb. 
FrameShort Tail, Short Tail AluminumStep-Through Short Tail Aluminum 
HandlebarsRiser HandlebarsRiser Handlebars
BrakesTektro Hydraulic Disc, 203mm rotorsTektro Hydraulic Disc, 180mm Rotor 
TiresSchwalbe 20 x 3.5”Schwalbe 20 x 2.4”
This e-bike is designed to get you and heavy cargo around the city quickly. 

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Co-Op Cycles Cty: What’s the Difference?

The name “Specialized Globe” refers to a line of e-bikes and bicycles manufactured and marketed by Specialized Bicycle Components. It is a resurrection of the Globe brand, a defunct subbrand that designed short-distance city bikes during the 1990s. They are based in Silicon Valley and have been in business providing bicycles to riders for nearly 50 years. 

Specialized has brought Globe back and has designed the Globe series of bikes to offer a comfortable, stable, and efficient riding experience in cities. The Globe Haul ST is an e-bike that is focused on utility. Specifically, the Haul ST is focused on the bike’s utility as a cargo bike, featuring a short-tail aluminum frame with a powerful motor and pedal-assist function with a top speed of 28 mph.

On the other hand, Co-Op Cycles is a brand of bicycles and a few electric bikes that REI, the popular outdoor retail store, manufactures. REI is known for its focus on outdoor recreational activities and sustainable business practices, promoting camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Co-Op Cycles brand puts an emphasis on quality, durability, and, most importantly, affordability, making cycling accessible to as many people as possible. 

The Cty e1.1 from Co-Op Cycles is REI’s entry-level electric bike, but it is built with premium quality materials and high-end components for a good quality e-bike but at an affordable cost.

The Cty series is aimed at urban e-bike riders and features a simple design. This bike focuses on getting you to the other side of town quickly. But it doesn’t have the utility that the Haul ST from Specialized Globe has. You won’t be carrying much cargo with the Cty e1.1, but it provides a comfortable and fast ride. 


Starting with the Specialized Globe Haul ST, the e-bike features a sturdy design. The step-through frame design provides easy access to the bike and makes it more suitable for riders of different heights. The seat post is also adjustable based on height. The frame features an aluminum construction, providing both durability and stability when carrying heavy cargo loads. 

There are all the essential features you would want to see in a cargo bike, such as a front rack and mounting points around the bike for other cargo accessories. The Haul ST also features fenders to protect the bike’s frame and battery against road debris and wet conditions, making this e-bike suitable for all-weather riding. 

Regarding Haul ST’s overall appearance, we found it to be a simple and modern cargo bike. The black and gray color scheme gives the bike a sleek look, and the battery is integrated into the bike’s aluminum frame, giving a seamless and streamlined look to the e-bike overall. It’s a great option from a design standpoint for anyone looking for an electric cargo bike. 

Switching over to the Cty e1.1 from Co-Op Cycles, the frame is also designed with a simple look in mind, with a step-through short-tail aluminum frame. Most notable is that the Cty e1.1 is a very practical e-bike. Integrated lights, fenders, and a rear rack allow riders to carry cargo.

However, unlike the Haul ST, which can carry a combined weight of more than 400 pounds, the Cty e1.1’s fender rack is only rated to support a 68-pound cargo load and a total weight capacity of 300lb on the bike altogether.

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The step-through design means no top tube, so you can easily mount the bike.


Comfort is a critical factor when deciding to buy an e-bike. Luckily for potential buyers of both the Haul ST from Specialized Globe and the Cty e1.1 from Co-Op Cycles are both comfortable e-bikes that feature an upright riding position, reducing strain on the muscles in your neck and back. The step-through frame design on both e-bikes makes it easy to dismount them, enhancing rider comfort.

Also important to the bike’s overall comfort, the seat saddles on both the Haul ST and Cty e1.1 are cushioned and padded ergonomically, enhancing the comfortability of longer rides with both e-bikes. The handlebars are also comfortable and gripped similarly on both bikes. Both bikes offer riders the same level of comfort. These are two bikes that keep ergonomics and rider comfort in mind. 


Equipped with powerful components like the Bosh Performance Line CX 700W motor, the Haul ST offers riders a speedy yet comfortable, easy-to-use electric bike experience designed for casual and delivery riders alike.

The 700W motor makes short work of steep hills and gives riders a maximum speed of 28 MPH, making it one of the fastest e-bikes available. The pedal assist system is comfortable and easy to use, giving riders extra power for challenging terrain. 

Additionally, the Haul ST features a 48V 776Wh battery that supplies up to 60 miles of range on just a single charge. The battery also features some of the best water resistance we’ve seen on an e-bike battery, with an IPX7 rating. This means there are virtually no worries when riding this bike in the rain. It can even be submerged in water for around 30 minutes thanks to its high resistance rating. 

Switching gears over to the Cty e1.1 from Co-Op Cycles, we see a significantly less powerful e-bike. The Cty e1.1 comes with a Bafang 350W motor that produces 80 newtons of torque for smooth acceleration and impressive hill performance. While it’s not as powerful as the Haul ST, Co-Op Cycles has crafted this bike with high-quality components, and it shows in the bike’s overall performance. 

Everything about the Cty e1.1 lends itself to a smooth ride. It’s 20 x 2.4 tires are supplied by Schwalde. They roll smoothly and are resistant to rock punctures, bits of concrete, or other debris you’ll find on city streets.

Overall, it performs better than we expected, and we really appreciate the value-to-performance ratio of the Cty e1.1. It’s a great e-bike for anyone who wants a stable, fun-to-ride e-bike that is also capable of hauling some light cargo.


Taking a look at the brakes and starting with the Haul ST, we see Tektro hydraulic discs alongside 203mm rotors, which give this bike great stopping power. The levers are comfortably on the handlebars and are adjustable, so regardless of the rider’s hand size, they are easy and comfortable to reach and use. 

Similarly to the Haul ST, Co-Op Cycles also has opted for Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, but with the more common 180mm rotors paired with the Tektro on the Cty e1.1 While they’re smaller rotors and not as strong as the rotors found on the Haul ST e-bike, the Cty e1.1 has more than enough stopping power with the 180mm rotors.

This is largely due to the fact that the Cty e1.1 is nearly twenty pounds lighter than the Haul ST, and riders shouldn’t worry too much about not being able to stop the Cty e1.1.

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Tektro disc brakes provide superior stopping power for e-bikes.


We are always on the lookout for how e-bike companies are starting to integrate tech into the bikes’ design. Starting with the Haul ST from Specialized Globe, riders will have an integrated display and controller on the left handlebar.

The display is black-and-white and simple, but it does display useful information regarding your ride, time elapsed, level of battery, and miles traveled. Additionally, we are happy to report there are LED lights integrated into both the front and rear fenders for increased visibility and safety on the road. 

Cty e1.1 from Co-Op Cycles features a similar range of integrated tech. Bafang provides an LCD display. It’s a simple display that’s very similar to the one on the Haul ST. It displays basic information about your ride, such as current speed, miles traveled, and the battery’s charge level.

Much like we were with the Haul ST, we are happy to say that Co-Op Cycles included front and rear integrated LED lights for improved visibility and rider safety. 

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Co-Op Cycles Cty: 8 Must-Know Facts

  • The Haul ST from Specialized Globe includes integrated rear and front lights built into the aluminum frame. 
  • The Co-Op Cycles Cty e1.1 features a 36V/418Wh battery from Bafang.
  • The Cty e1.1 features a combined weight capacity of 300 lbs. 
  • The Haul ST has a combined weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • The Cty e1.1 features a stable aluminum short-tail frame design and weighs 54 lbs.
  • While the Haul ST is an incredibly compact and stable cargo bike, it is heavy, weighing 77 lbs. 
  • The overall average mileage range of the Cty e1.1 is 35 miles.
  • The overall average mileage range of the Haul ST is 60 miles.

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Co-Op Cycles Cty: Which is Better? Which Should You Choose?

Based on an in-depth comparison and weighing all the different aspects, if you’re in the market for an e-bike that offers high functionality, robustness, and higher performance, Specialized Globe Haul ST comes out on top.

The Globe Haul ST, with its 700W motor, a long-range battery of 60 miles, and impressive weight capacity, makes it a powerful contender. It shines as an ideal option for those who often carry heavy cargo, has longer commute distances, or face challenging terrains on their journeys. This e-bike embodies what it means to be an urban workhorse, promising reliable performance ride after ride.

However, the Co-Op Cycles Cty e1.1 is also a solid contender. This e-bike scores points with its sleek aesthetic and agility, not to mention it’s lightweight and more affordable.

If you need an e-bike for regular commuting or casual riding around the city and don’t require carrying heavy cargo, the Cty e1.1 is an excellent fit. It makes a strong statement in the urban e-bike scene, balancing performance and style in an attractive package.

Remember, the best e-bike is not just the one with the highest specs but rather the one that serves your needs and wants in the most efficient way. If you choose the Specialized Globe Haul ST, you opt for high performance, range, and utility. But by picking the Co-Op Cycles Cty e1.1, you’re opting for maneuverability, aesthetic, and a lighter ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Haul ST weigh?

The Haul ST from Specialized Globe is a heavy e-bike weighing 77 lbs.

Q: Can the Specialized Globe Haul ST and the Co-Op Cycles Cty e1.1 handle off-road trails?

The Specialized Globe Haul ST and Co-Op Cycles Cty e1.1 are primarily designed for city riding. Even still, both bikes can handle light off-road trails thanks to their durable frames and high-quality tires. These are not mountain bikes, and extensive off-road use might cause unexpected issues or malfunctions. So, keep them on the street if you can.

How much torque does the Cty E1.1 have?

The Cty e1.1 e-bike has 80 newton-meters of torque.

What is a Class 1 E-Bike?

E-bikes such as the Cty e1.1 e-bike from Co-Op Cycles are considered Class 1. This means that they have pedal assist only, and the motor only propels the bike to a maximum speed of 20 mph.

Do e-bikes require a lot of maintenance?

Like any bicycle, regular maintenance is crucial to keep your e-bike in optimal condition. The maintenance for e-bikes involves regular checks and upkeep of the tires and brakes. Unlike non-electric bikes, you also need to think of the battery and motor. Luckily, these components don’t require constant maintenance. Instead, batteries can be easily replaced every few years.

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