Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera: Which One Wins?

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera: Which One Wins?

Today’s article will compare the Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera. These are two of the most recent developments in e-bike technology, and each one brings something unique to the table.

The Aventon Soltera is designed basically to get you around town. It focuses on personal transportation rather than a workhorse that can haul stuff around in circles like it’s nothing. That workhorse has arrived in the form of the Specialized Globe Haul.

With a thick frame and a low-riding piece of hollow aluminum tubing (where they hide the battery), it has a dominating presence. The Specialized Globe Haul is truly monstrous in the best possible way.

So, how do the two e-bikes compare? And which one is best for your needs? Let’s dive in with a full comparison.

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera: Side-by-Side Comparison

FeatureSpecialized Globe HaulAventon Soltera
Range60 miles on a full charge41 miles on a full charge
Motor and number of speeds700W; 9-speed350W; 7-speed
Wheel size20”27.5”
NavigationNoneLCD + mobile app
Maximum speed28mph: Class 320mph: Class 2 
Braking systems for each modelHydraulic disk brakes for a fast, yet controlled, stop (aided by the small wheels)Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes, 160mm Rotors
Hauling capacity419 pounds (including driver)300 pounds (including driver)

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera: What’s the Difference?

At first glance, you can clearly see a big difference between the Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera. Both e-bikes are of an entirely different breed. The Aventon Soltera is a sleek and slim bike with a “racing elegance” to it. Most at home on the city streets, this bike is designed to give you an efficient commute and an effortless ride.

The Specialized Globe Haul is definitely a heftier bike. It can pull about 120 pounds more, so you could attach storage equipment to the bike and run daily errands with the e-bike rather than using a gas-powered vehicle. This bike has a motor twice the strength of the Aventon Soltera, so it brings a little more speed and range to the table compared to its counterpart.

Other points of difference between the two models include braking systems, electronic integration, wheels, and a lot more. Let’s break down each of these factors in more detail.


This one is pretty intuitive: weaker motor means limited range. The Aventon Soltera clocks in at 30 to 40 miles per charge on average, while the Specialized Globe Haul has a range of up to 60 miles per charge. That’s a 50% increase, with the same motor power to battery power ratio intact.

Something else about its engineering must have given it a way of conserving power. It could be the torque sensors on either side, but I’ll go a little more in-depth on those a little later. Right now, we need to sit down and address something that you may find shocking.

Battery Strength in Watts

The Aventon Soltera features a 360-watt battery that powers its 350-watt motor. Interestingly, this battery is the same as the one found in the single-speed model. In comparison, the Specialized Globe Haul boasts a considerably more powerful 772-watt lithium-ion cell, which could potentially contribute to its longer-lasting performance on the road.

This significant difference in battery capacity between the two models might be a deciding factor for some riders. The Globe Haul’s 772-watt battery, combined with its 700-watt motor, provides a wider margin of power compared to the Soltera’s 360-watt battery. While the Soltera’s battery capacity might be enough for short commutes, the Globe Haul is going to carry you faster and further.

Wheel Size

This is one that caught my attention because of the massive disparity between the two e-bikes. The Aventon Soltera has tires that are 27.5” in diameter, which is pretty standard for its style of e-bike. The Specialized Globe Haul has tires only 20” in diameter. The wheels are a whopping 3.5” in width, which means they’ll grip the ground better and be less likely to roll or get thrown off it.

However, the smaller, thicker tires mean this beast will be significantly harder to pedal on your own if you run out of battery power. The larger, skinnier wheels on the Aventon make it much easier to keep moving if your battery runs out.

Aventon wheels
The Aventon Soltera has slim tires and 27.5″ diameter wheels.


On-Board Electronics

The Specialized Globe Haul does not come with built-in navigation or smartphone integration features. For riders who prioritize advanced technology and connectivity, this might be a drawback. However, the lack of built-in navigation does not necessarily mean that you will have difficulties finding your way around, as long as you plan your route and take necessary precautions.

In contrast, the Aventon Soltera is equipped with a backlit LCD display that syncs to a mobile app, offering enhanced functionality and convenience. This feature allows riders to access navigation, track their rides, and even find their way home after nightfall.

Considering the price point of the Specialized Globe Haul, some potential buyers might expect similar technological features to be included. If you still prefer the Globe Haul, you can always buy a phone mount and just use your phone for navigation, but given the higher price point, we feel like it’s missing a little something.

Maximum Speed

Aventon Soltera’s maximum road speed is actually capped mechanically with a governor, so they can’t move at car speeds or use some roads even. Still beats walking, though. Now that Specialized Globe Haul can rip it. It topped out at 28 miles an hour, and it continued to hit that consistently throughout the trials.                

aventon soltera
The Aventon Soltera cruises along at around 20 mph, while the Specialized Globe Haul reaches up to 28 mph.


Hauling Capacity

The Aventon Soltera can only handle about 300 lbs total weight, so if you had some storage device mounted to the back, there’s enough left to get some groceries and get home safely. The Globe Haul can pull up to 419 pounds, so more than enough space to pack for a road trip or other adventures. That’s a whole extra person it can carry!

This additional hauling capacity could make it an appealing option for those who need to transport more cargo regularly, such as during road trips or longer adventures. The extra weight capacity could justify the initial investment, especially for riders who require a versatile e-bike to accommodate their specific needs and activities.

Pricing Information

If you want to save some money or don’t want to spend a lot on your first e-bike, the Aventon Soltera is the better choice. Similar to other bikes in this class, like the Rad Power RadMission1, the Soltera is only $1,199. That’s a bargain for a bike with this level of features and stylish design.

The Specialized Globe Haul will set you back more than double. At $2,699, you’ll be making more of an investment in your transportation. If you need extra power, this is still a relatively good price for such a capable e-bike.

Aventon disc brake
Mechanical disc brakes provide superior stopping power for e-bikes.


Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera: 5 Must-Know Facts

  1. Motor Strength: The Specialized Globe Haul has a substantially more capable 700-watt electric motor, compared to just 350 watts with the Aventon Soltera.
  2. Battery Strength and Range: The Specialized Globe Haul has a greater range, at up to 60 miles, compared to the Soltera, which can only get up to 40 miles.
  3. Charging Time: Charging time for both bikes is similar, ranging from 3 to 7 hours, with the Soltera charging slightly faster.
  4. Cargo Capacity: The Specialized Globe Haul is a superior hauling machine, compared to the Aventon, which has no cargo capacity. You can haul quite a bit, thanks to the towing capacity and the included rear rack.
  5. Cost: The Aventon Soltera is the budget-friendly option at just $1,199, whereas the Specialized Globe Haul will demand a bit more from your pocket at $2,699.

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera: Which One Is Better? Which Should You Choose?

Choosing between the Specialized Globe Haul and Aventon Soltera ultimately comes down to what you want to do with your new e-bike. You should also check your budget since the Specialized Globe Haul costs roughly double what the Aventon Soltera costs.

The Aventon Soltera is a sleek, efficient commuter bike, perfect for navigating city streets with ease. At the lowest price point that you’re likely to find in an e-bike, you get a ton of features for the money. It offers a backlit LCD display that syncs with a mobile app for navigation and ride tracking, making it an attractive option for riders who value connectivity and advanced technology. 

On the other hand, the Specialized Globe Haul is a robust workhorse, designed for those who require additional power and hauling capacity. With its more powerful motor and battery, this e-bike is ideal for longer road trips, adventures, and heavy-duty use.

Although it lacks built-in navigation and smartphone integration, the Globe Haul compensates with its impressive performance and versatility. However, this additional capability comes at a higher cost, making it a more significant investment.

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera: Which One Wins? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do you need a license to drive the Specialized Globe Haul?

Most e-bikes, including the Aventon Soltera and Specialized Globe Haul, fall under the same legal status as regular bicycles. So you do not need a license to operate one.

Should I charge my ebike battery after every ride?

You should keep your e-bike charged between 20 and 80 percent for maximum longevity, but you don’t necessarily need to charge it after every ride, especially if you only went for a short cruise.

What does a person need with 9 speeds?

It may seem unnecessary or over-engineered to have 9 speeds on a bike, but it’s not going to negatively affect anyone here. There is something to be said for optimization, and nine gears allow you to compensate in real time between the throttle and changing gears. You’ll really appreciate the extra gears when it comes to climbing hills. Lowering your gear allows you to maximize your leverage and make it up the hill with less effort, on yourself and on the electric motor.

How do the maximum speeds of the Specialized Globe Haul and Aventon Soltera compare?

The Specialized Globe Haul has a maximum speed of 28 mph, while the Aventon Soltera is capped at 20 mph.

What are the charging times for the Specialized Globe Haul and Aventon Soltera?

Both e-bikes have similar charging times, ranging from 3 to 7 hours. The Aventon Soltera charges slightly faster than the Globe Haul.

How much does Specialized Globe Haul weigh?

The Specialized Globe Haul ST is 78 pounds, which is noticeably heavier than the Aventon Soltera (43 pounds).

What class is the Aventon Soltera?

The Aventon Soltera is a Class 2 e-bike since it comes with a throttle and can go up to 20mph.

Are Aventon e-bikes good quality?

While they are not as pricey as other brands like Specialized Globe Haul, or even Rad Power, Aventon still makes great quality e-bikes. The only sacrifice is a shorter range and lower top speed. But for the price, you get excellent features and a durable bike.

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