Sonos Sub Mini Brings Big Sound to a Small Speaker

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Sonos Sub Mini Brings Big Sound to a Small Speaker

Key Facts

  • Sonos’s Sub Mini is compact and cheaper compared to larger alternatives.
  • However, it is capable of delivering high quality sound. 
  • The Sub Mini can connect wirelessly to your existing Sonos system.

Rumors have swirled for quite a while now that Sonos is working on a compact subwoofer. But until now, information surrounding it has been relatively scarce. Recently, an image of the alleged Sonos Sub Mini leaked online, and Sonos still remained quiet.

Finally, Sonos made an official announcement in mid-September and revealed an October 6 release date. They also began taking preorders and announced a launch price of $429. While that is still a pretty hefty price tag for a subwoofer, it is drastically lower than the regular Sonos subwoofer that retails for $749.

The Need for a Mini Sonos Subwoofer

Sonos is a beloved brand by audiophiles because they make such high-quality listening devices. Their speakers are all top-of-the-line, which means that they are unfortunately not within reach of most consumers.

To try to get their products in the hands of more people, Sonos has introduced several cheaper speaker options. However, this is a difficult balance since they are known for high-end speakers. They cannot cut corners as they risk their reputation.

One of the ways to make cheaper speakers while also retaining quality is to simply make smaller ones. This is partly where the Sonos Sub Mini comes in. But another factor is that many people just don’t have the room for large subwoofers.

While you can pack a good bit of power into a soundbar or compact speaker, you can’t get that immersive low thump like you can with a subwoofer. Although there are some small subwoofers on the market, they typically don’t perform nearly as well as their larger counterparts.

Sonos Sub Mini

Sonos’s Sub Mini solves many of the problems found in other subwoofers. It is compact and much cheaper than the larger alternative while still delivering excellent, room-filling sound. But, equally important for a speaker in this price range is that it looks visually appealing, just like its larger counterpart.

Most subwoofers on the market are just big boxes, and while they do the job just fine, they look terrible in your house. Sonos believes the speakers should not only be functional but should also look good. That’s why it’s so important that the Sonos Sub Mini is capable of deep lows while having a stylish design.


Like most of Sonos’s other speakers, the Sub Mini wirelessly connects to your existing Sonos system. Inside its oval-shaped body, you can find dual 6-inch speakers facing each other. This is the same setup found in the larger Sonos subwoofer, which allegedly keeps the speaker from moving around. The subwoofer is approximately 9 inches wide and about a foot tall. It is also rated at 25 Hertz.


Sonos has a compatibility list that goes over all of the speakers that the Sub Mini is compatible with. But, in general, it’s compatible with nearly all Sonos wireless speakers, including some of the much older systems. It is also compatible with newer speaker systems such as S2.

The only downside is that it does not support dual subwoofers. Although most systems do support dual subwoofers, you cannot pair two minis together; instead, you’d have to pair a mini with a full-size Sonos subwoofer.

Why a Sonos System?

Sonos makes great products; from the look to the sound, everything about a Sonos speaker is exceptional. However, there are a number of other high-end speaker manufacturers in the market that make very good products. Although there are some great competitors, Sonos systems stand out for several reasons.

Couple dancing to a speaker system
The new Sonos Sub Mini is a whole lot more aesthetic than previous Sonos subwoofers, and almost looks like an art piece (nothing like the one shown above)!

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First, their sound is exceptional, with even the smallest Sonos speaker filling a room with sound. Unlike other “surround sound” or “home theater” systems, you only need one speaker to achieve great sound, and you can always add more later. Similarly, Sonos speakers work great for a multitude of uses. Whether you have them connected to a TV or just want to listen to music, Sonos sound will not disappoint.


The look is very important for Sonos speakers since the idea is for them to blend into a room. Unfortunately, many of Sonos’s newer, more affordable speakers use a more rectangular style which is a major shift from what Sonos usually sells. Thankfully, they did not go this route on the Mini Sub. Instead, they went with a stylish oval that looks more like an art piece than a speaker.


Finally, there is the connectivity factor. Sonos wireless speakers are well-known for their ease of setup. The speakers can easily connect together without the need for messy wires. However, another important factor is that the speakers can also wirelessly connect to your input devices, and they even support Apple Airplay. In fact, the only input besides power on the Mini Sub is an ethernet port.

Sonos Sub Mini Review

The Sonos Sub Mini pumps out some impressive sound, but it does have a few downsides as well.

First off, the Sonos Sub Mini looks great and arguably better than its larger counterpart. More importantly, it fits well even in apartments and small rooms, compared to traditional subwoofers. It is also a few hundred dollars cheaper, which makes it a great buy if you are in the market for a Sonos subwoofer.

The Sub Mini pairs well with an existing Sonos system, and it definitely adds significant lows that you miss out on with most standalone Sonos speakers. The ease of connectivity and compatibility with even old Sonos systems is great.

However, it is unfortunate that the options to connect it to other devices via a traditional wired connection are limited. This severely limits the ability to connect the Sub Mini to non-Sonos systems. There are also some complaints regarding the build quality, with some suggesting it is not as well-built as other Sonos speakers. While the quality is expected to be a little lower than more expensive options, it still should not have quality issues at this price.

Where to Buy

The Sonos Sub Mini is available for purchase on Amazon.

Best Customization
Best Customization: Sonos Sub Mini (Black)
  • Noise-canceling woofers reduce rattle and buzz
  • Easy customization via Sonos app
  • 5 GHz connectivity
  • Works well with movies, games and music
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Should You Buy the Sonos Sub Mini?

Whether or not you should buy the Sonos Sub Mini will depend on a couple of factors. Firstly, do you already have a Sonos system, or are you planning on getting one? Next, do you feel like you need a subwoofer? Finally, does a Sonos subwoofer fit your budget?

Since the compatibility of the Sonos Sub Mini is rather limited to existing Sonos systems, you’re going to want to have one already. If you are considering purchasing a Sonos system, make sure that it meets your needs and that the Sub Mini is compatible before purchasing.

Subwoofers are, without a doubt, a wonderful addition, but you should consider whether you actually need one. Although Sonos systems do not get very low without a subwoofer, you need to decide whether one will truly add to your experience.

It is important to also consider whether or not the Sub Mini fits your budget. While all Sonos speakers are relatively expensive, you should still consider whether the benefits outweigh the costs. If your Sonos system does not deliver enough bass and you want a compact subwoofer to go with your existing system, then the Sonos Sub Mini will surely be a great choice.

However, if you are pretty pleased with the sound you already get, then it may be a good idea to forego it. One final consideration is how large the room that you intend to use the subwoofer in is. While the Sonos Sub Mini will work perfectly in most living rooms, those with grand, open spaces or with very high ceilings may want to consider the full-size Sonos subwoofer.

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Sonos Sub Mini Brings Big Sound to a Small Speaker FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How big are the speakers in the Sonos Sub Mini?

The Sonos Sub Mini uses two 6-inch speakers.

When is the Sonos Sub Mini Available?

The Sonos Sub Mini launched on October 6, 2022.

How much is the Sonos Sub Mini?

The Sonos Sub Mini has an MSRP of $429.

Can you use the Sonos Sub Mini with other speaker systems?

No, there is no audio input as the speaker is designed specifically for use with Sonos systems.

Is the Sonos Sub Mini a standalone speaker?

No, the Sonos Sub Mini must be paired with a Sonos system in order to use it.

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