Solar Panels in Oklahoma: Cost, Savings, and Rebates

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Solar Panels in Oklahoma: Cost, Savings, and Rebates

Key Points

  • The average cost of solar panels in Oklahoma is $2.62/W, which is around $15,720 for a 6kW system before incentives.
  • Homeowners in Oklahoma use around 35.9kW of electricity per day, resulting in larger solar panel systems.
  • IntegrateSun and Starry Solar are two recommended solar installers in Oklahoma with quality equipment and warranties.
  • Homeowners in Oklahoma have a good opportunity to save thousands with solar panels, with a return on investment of around $15,613 to $23,420 over the lifespan of the system..

With just over 100MW of solar energy, Oklahoma is one of the last states to adopt the technology. Even with great sunlight and high electricity bills to offset, there’s little support in the Sooner State. Still, those that make the switch can save thousands with solar panels in Oklahoma.

You may wonder how to start budgeting for a system. In this article, we cover all the important information. From average prices and factors to possible savings, here’s what you need to know about purchasing an array.

Average Cost of Solar Panels in Oklahoma

While solar panels in Oklahoma cost slightly more than usual, they’re not as expensive as in some states. Homeowners in the Sooner State can expect to pay about $2.62/W, which equals around $15,720 for a 6kW system before incentives. 

While this might seem like a high price to pay for renewable energy, it’s actually a pretty good deal when considering the rate for electricity. Oklahomans use some of the most power in the country at about 1,078kWh a month. Even with the surprisingly affordable price of energy, utility bills run more than $130. This suggests a great return by switching to a solar array.

The cost of an installation can drop by taking advantage of the federal solar tax credit. This program provides a 30% discount on all solar purchases, including equipment, labor, and sales tax. Residents that utilize this return could watch the cost of a 6kW system go from $15,720 to $11,004.

How Much Solar Do Oklahomans Need?

Now, the above example gives a general idea of the price of solar panels in Oklahoma, but it might not reflect the actual size array you’ll need for your power requirements. Homeowners in the Sooner State use quite a bit of electricity, resulting in larger systems. To find the right amount of wattage for your array, divide your daily power usage by the amount of sunlight you receive.

We’ll show you how to do that using Oklahoma’s averages.

Homeowners in the Sooner State use around 35.9kW a day. When divided by Oklahoma’s average peak sun of 5.59 hours, we learn that a solar panel system needs to produce 6.4kW an hour. This size array would cost Oklahomans around $16,768 before incentives, which is nearly $1,000 more than the average cost.

Having demonstrated how to find the right wattage for your household, you can more accurately budget for a solar panel system. Because sunlight differs depending on location, use this Oklahoma sun chart to find the average peak sun for your nearest city.

Oklahoma Solar Cost Factors

A variety of factors can influence the cost of solar panels in Oklahoma, and sunlight plays a huge role in that. While homeowners in the Sooner State use a lot of power, the incredible amount of sun offsets that fact nicely. To learn more about how sunlight affects the overall cost of a solar array, compare Oklahoma to its surrounding states.

Homeowners can also save money by installing the appropriate type of solar panels. In general, monocrystalline equipment is more efficient, but also more expensive, than polycrystalline. Fortunately, because of the good amount of sunlight in the Sooner State, Oklahomans don’t have to invest in high-efficiency equipment.

Finally, it’s worth considering the quality of the installation you receive. While some may try to save money on a solar installer, you don’t want to skimp on aspects such as labor or warranties. With 16 companies in Oklahoma to choose from, you’ll at least have an opportunity to pick quality.

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Solar panels in Oklahoma might cost more than in other states, but the overall savings might surprise you.

Best Solar Installers in Oklahoma

When it comes to recommending companies that install solar panels in Oklahoma, we rely on EnergySage’s pre-screening qualifications. With endorsements from the Department of Energy and the SEIA, this reviewer earns our trust. Before recommending solar installers, EnergySage checks them for: 

  • Years of industry experience
  • Contractor transparency
  • Quality of equipment
  • Length of warranties
  • Certifications and licenses

Here are the two Oklahoma solar installers that we support the most.

Established in 2006, IntegrateSun provides some of the best solar installation services in the region. Originally from Houston, Texas, the company has an office in Oklahoma City as well. The installers use only the best equipment and back their service with 25-year warranties. 

However, if you’d prefer a local company, you can’t go wrong with Starry Solar. While the installers only have five years of experience, they’re quickly making a name for themselves. Offering similar equipment and warranties, as well as a bi-annual cleaning and inspection, this company provides all the benefits of a large installer with in-depth knowledge of the local area.

Can Solar Energy Save Oklahomans Money?

While arrays might run more expensively than in some states, the high cost of electricity balances that out. As a result, homeowners have a good opportunity to save thousands with solar panels in Oklahoma. Let’s break down how much of a return you can see from utility offsets.

First, we’ll have to figure out how long it takes to cover the price of a system. Let’s say we use the average annual electricity bill in Oklahoma of $1,561.32 to offset the cost. When applied to a 6kW system, homeowners could pay it off in about 10 years. This is about as average as it gets.

Now that the solar array is paid off, all the utility offset comes back as a net return on the investment. Considering that a system in Oklahoma has an average lifespan of about 20 to 25 years, homeowners could expect a total saving of around $15,613 to $23,420. That’s higher returns than many states in the country.

Solar Panels in Oklahoma: Rebates, Credits, and Incentives

Generally, homeowners can save even more money using financial incentives and government regulations within their state. For example, Oklahomans that apply the federal solar tax credit to their installation can save 30% on all costs. When utilized with a 6kW system, that’s over $4,500 off.

However, Oklahoma has some of the fewest solar incentives in the country. Where other states offer benefits such as net metering and tax exemptions, the Sooner State does not. For a deeper understanding of the lack of solar support, check out this Oklahoma incentives guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is solar worth it in Oklahoma?

While solar panels in Oklahoma cost slightly more than average, the high electricity rate helps offset it. And although homeowners in the Sooner State use more power than usual, they also receive more sunlight than in most states. Therefore, Oklahomans have an opportunity to save thousands with solar. In fact, those that install a 6kW system could earn back over $23,000 or more on utility offsets.

How much does solar cost in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, homeowners can expect to spend about $2.62 per watt on solar energy. This equals around $15,720 for a 6kW system before incentives. Factors such as wattage, sunlight, location, equipment, and installation can cause this price to change, however.

How long does it take for solar panels to pay back in Oklahoma?

Using an average annual electricity bill of $1,561.32, Oklahomans could cover the price of a 6kW system in about 10 years. This is average compared to other states, and results in a decent overall return.

Can you get a federal tax credit for solar panels in Oklahoma?

Homeowners in Oklahoma can utilize the federal solar tax credit to save 30% on all purchases made toward an array. When applied to a 6kW system, Oklahomans can cut the price by over $4,500.

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