Silverado EV vs Electric Ram: Which One Wins?

Chevrolet Silverado EV

Silverado EV vs Electric Ram: Which One Wins?

Truck lovers are always excited about new EV truck models but are also wary of poor mileage, low towing, payload capacity, and hefty price tags. The Silverado EV and the Electric Ram have much to prove to their dedicated customer base to keep them happy. Ram 1500 EV is slated for release in the fall of 2024. In our head-to-head comparison of the Silverado EV vs. the Electric Ram, which wins?

Ram series trucks are the third best-selling trucks in the United States. There’s nothing Ram wouldn’t like to do more than slip past the Silverado and Ford to claim the number one slot. Ram has taken a slow and systematic approach to introducing the 1500 EV by collecting as much consumer preference data as possible.

The Silverado 2024 First-Edition RST, due for release in the summer of 2023, has already filled all available automobile purchase reservation slots. Consumers may place an order for a Silverado 2024 EV, model to be identified by the dealer) that is expected to be ready for delivery in the summer of 2024.

Does the Silverado EV have a competitive edge with an earlier release than the Dodge Ram EV? Will the Ram EV manage to outperform and outsell the Silverado EV? Let’s look at the side-by-side specifications and see if we can spot a winner!

Ram EV vs. Silverado EV: Side-by-Side Comparison

Silverado 4WT – 2024Ram 1500 REV – 2025
Dimensions (inch)233.1 (L) x 81.6 (W) x 78.0 (H)232.9 (L) x 82.1 (W) x 77.5 (H)
Wheelbase 145.7  inches135.62 inches
0-60 mph (Seconds)4.54.4
Torque (lb-ft)510620
Towing capacity8,000 lbs14,000 lbs
Payload capacity1,300 lbs2,700 lbs
Trunk9 cu Ft15 cu ft
Range (miles)400+500+
Battery pack212 kWh/2168 kWh/2 or 229 kWh/2

Silverado EV vs. Electric RAM: What’s the Difference?

While the Silverado EV and Electric RAM seem similar on the surface, both models offer spectacular interior designs and innovative exterior spaces. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the specifications for each EV and see which model is the best fit for you!

EV Truck Models

The Silverado will have two trim levels available at launch (WT and RST) and two options (First Edition and Trail Boss) available later. The Ram 1500 EV has five different levels of trim packages; Tradesman, Laramie, Limited, Tungsten, and Big Horn/Lone Star (Only Available in Texas!). The plan for the XR is to develop an internal gasoline engine. The gasoline engine will power a generator, which will recharge the batteries. Think in terms of “unlimited range.” No estimated delivery dates.


Both EV trucks have a similar seating configuration, but there is a difference. The Silverado EV seat four passengers and one driver. The rear seat is a 60/40 split. The split allows one seat to be laid flat. With one seat flat, the Silverado’s “mid-gate” may be opened to allow for even long lumber, PVC pipes, or rebar to be fit into the truck bed and the cab.

The RAM EV may have a trick up its sleeve. The RAM EV also seats four passengers and one driver but has hidden seats behind the second row. The concept version of the RAM EV contains two “Jump Seats” that make up a third row of seating. Yes, the seats look silly and relatively tiny. Yet, they could work for a quick run with all the kids to the local DQ for a summer treat.

Ram EVSilverado WT/RST
Head Room Front (Inches)N/A41.9 / 43.9
Head Room Rear (Inches)N/A39.7 / 38.7 
Leg Room Front/Rear (Inches)N/A44.8 / 44.3
Shoulder Room Front/Rear (Inches)N/A64.9 / 63.8
Hip Room Front/Rear (Inches)N/A62.0 / 61.5

Autonomous Driving

Both EV trucks will have automation packages available. The Silverado EV provides a Level 2 experience. Hands-free Super Cruise is available on the RST trim level. Super Cruise uses Global Positioning System (GPS), high-precision maps, and cameras to control the steering on the roadway. Real-time monitoring determines the truck’s exact lane position and adjusts the steering accordingly.

Adaptive Cruise control will accelerate or decelerate the truck to maintain a safe distance from the automobile traveling in front of the truck. You determine the safe space. An internal camera tracks your head position to ensure you’re paying attention and not surfing the web on your cell phone. (We recently rode in a new EV Cadillac with Adaptive Cruise control. The brakes are automatically applied when the software determines that the driver isn’t paying attention. We were on the freeway!

The Ram EV provides Level 3 Autonomous Driving. A slick feature of the prototype allows the driver to tell the track to “follow me.” The truck will automatically follow the driver as they walk down a road. The feature isn’t so handy in the city, but super convenient when exiting the truck to open a gate, drive through the gate, and then close the gate. (Suddenly, we’d love to try out this feature!)

Driving Range

Chevrolet is notoriously tight-lipped concerning upcoming product specifications. Chevrolet confirms that the WT models will release with a 200-kWh battery pack. There has yet to be an accountment if the smaller battery pack will be available as a release option.

Battery PackDistance (miles)
Silverado EV Work Truck200-kWh450
RAM EV168 kWh (Standard)350
229 kWh (Option)500


When it comes to the checkbook, and your bottom line, an internal combustion engine (ICE) or Electric Vehicle (EV) will cost a lot of money.

The Silverado will launch in late 2023 with two models available. The WT is the “budget-friendly” option but lacks many of the “oh wow!” features included in the Trail Boss.

Silverado EV Trim LevelEstimated Cost
WT (Available at Launch)$41,595
Trail Boss (Available at Launch)$85,000
High Country$90,000

The RAM will launch in 2024 with two models available. The Tradesman, the entry model, will hit the scales at slightly over $58,000.

RAM EV Trim LevelEstimated Cost
Big Horn/Lone Star (Texas purchase only!)N/A
Laramie N/A
Tungsten $100,000+

Silverado EV vs. Electric Ram: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • The Silverado EV advanced order registrations for 2023 are complete. Chevrolet will begin sending out Silverados to commercial and Fleet customers in 2023. The rest of us will need to line up for (Hopeful) delivery starting in the summer of 2024. You can still place a reservation for 2024/2025 delivery.
  • The RAM 1500 EV advanced order registration closed less than a week after opening in February 2023. Did registration close due to crazy high customer demand? Lack of interest? We don’t know, and RAM isn’t telling us either. It seems a reasonable extrapolation that demand was sky-high for the new Ram 1500 Rev EV, but lacking the actual order numbers, we may be going on a marketing ride. Reservations are closed.
  • A great deal of marketing mayhem is floating through the air about the Silverado EV and the Ram EV. As each vehicle is closer to an actual release, we’ll be able to separate features and functionality that only exist in a marketing realm versus the real features in the truck you’re buying.
  • The Silverado EV and the Ram EV will each launch with two different trim levels. A “budget-friendly” model (cough cough cough) and a higher-end model with increased battery size and “whoa!” features.

Chevrolet Silverado EV vs. Electric Ram: Which One Is Better?

Choosing between two unreleased EV trucks isn’t easy! We’ll have a much better idea of which model is better once we have an actual truck to look at, but for today, here are our recommendations.

Consumers with prior ownership experience of either model may tend to lean into “what they know.” Once the EV prototype models were cleared from our collective consumer imaginations, both trucks appeared very similar to their well-known siblings; the internal combustion engine configuration of the Silverado and the Ram 1500.

Ram 1500 Rev EV edges out the Silverado EV by at least 50 miles per charge. We love the practical aspect of more distance per charge, but we also know that the bigger the battery bank, the higher the vehicle’s cost. We’ll wait to see how the dust settles before making a final choice, but the greater miles per charge of the RAM 1500 EV look very enticing.

The Silverado EV has published dimensional specifications in terms of interior space, so it’s a clear winner. Ram has yet to release any internal dimensions, so there’s not much to compare! When looking at the interior cabin images, both cabins appear approximately the same. (You know what you’re buying; a truck with a smaller back seat.)

We have a clear preference when we use the trucks as “trucks” and not as commuting cars. The Electric Ram dominates in both towing capacity (14,000 lbs vs. 8,000 lbs) and payload capacity (2,700 lbs vs. 1,300 lbs.) Towing is what you’re hauling behind the truck (like a camper), and hauling is what you’re putting into your truck bed (like gravel or bark for your home project.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Silverado EV right now?

No. You can place yourself on a reservation list for 2024.

May I purchase Ram EV right now?

Nope. Reservations are closed. Ram will begin sales for the 2025 calendar year at some point late in 2024.

Are there any Electric Vehicle trucks available for purchase today?

Yes! There are three different EV trucks available today. An additional three models will be available by the end of the year.

The Rivian 2022 RT1T has a payload capacity of 1,760 lbs and a towing capacity of 11,000 lbs. The Rivian has three models, priced from $75,000 to $89,000. That’s good news for buyers seeking to take advantage of the inflation reduction act rebates. You’ll need to haggle a lower price from the dealer, but we know you can knock off $9,000. The dealer knows you need to take advantage of the rebate, so they know this is coming.

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup has a payload capacity of 1,300 lbs and a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds. The Hummer EV has three models, with a price tag falling between approximately $85,000 and $105,000.

The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning has four models in the EV lineup, running in price from $56,000 to $97,000. Only two models (the more expensive ones) are currently available for purchase.

The F-150 Lightning LARIAT can tow 7,700 lbs and haul 2,235 lbs. The driving range is 320 miles (not towing or hauling!)
The F-150 Lightning Platinum can two 8,500 lbs and haul 2,000 lbs. The driving range is 300 miles (again, not towing or hauling.)

Will the Inflation Reduction Act impact the purchase price of my new truck?

Maybe yes, maybe no. We wish we had a better answer, but it’s a bit complicated. The Inflation Reduction Act has quite a few hoops that car, van, sport utility vehicles, and truck manufacturing companies must meet. Pay close attention to the cost of the truck ($80,000 is the cap) and the potential rebates based on the country of manufacturing for the truck and the batteries. We strongly recommend that you investigate carefully before making a purchase.

What is the driving range of electric truck batteries?

The Ram 1500 Revolution (Rev) will have the highest range of any pickup truck at approximately 500 miles. Ram is rumored to be working on a modification that will include a gasoline generator. The engine would kick on to recharge the batteries but not to power the truck.

A better question concerning the range of electric pickup trucks may be what’s the driving range when they’re hauling a truck bed full of gravel or hauling a heavy fifth wheel?

Is autonomous driving useful on a truck?

It’s a truck, so how much autonomous driving do you think it will be doing? Trucks live on farms and haul manure, cattle, and crops for short distances. Right?!? Maybe not!

Strategic Vision, an automotive research and consulting firm, interviewed over 250,000 car owners. Do you want to guess what they discovered? The most common use of a pickup truck is commuting to work! Suddenly, an autonomous driving truck sounds like a good idea!

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