Should You Really Use Blue Light Glasses?

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Should You Really Use Blue Light Glasses?

Key Points

  • Computer glasses, also known as blue light-blocking glasses, protect the eyes from strain, prevent eye dryness, and improve sleep by blocking artificial blue light from screens.
  • Blue light-blocking glasses can improve sleep quality and regulate circadian dysregulation, according to a case study.
  • Computer glasses can reduce screen glare, headaches, and eye irritation, and they work with any type of screen.
  • There are many different styles of computer glasses available, making them indistinguishable from prescription glasses.
  • Computer glasses are an affordable solution for protecting against blue light and can be used with any device that has a screen.

Computer glasses are also known as blue light-blocking glasses and are designed to protect the eyes from strain, prevent eye dryness, improve sleep, and more.

But how useful are blue light-blocking glasses and should you buy one to protect your eyes? This product has always been controversial and there are many debates about it, but we will clear up all the myths and misconceptions.

We’ll show you the possible benefits of computer glasses and the reasons why you should get them, so let’s break it down!

What are the Benefits of Computer Glasses for Blue Light?

Some of the biggest benefits touted by manufacturers include preventing eye strain, reducing the risk of eye disease, improving sleep by not allowing the blue light to suppress your melatonin, eliminating eye dryness, and more. Computer glasses block much of the blue light on the screen, ensuring that computer users are not seeing too much artificial blue light.

Since we get enough natural blue light from daylight, more blue light than necessary can suppress melatonin and mess with our sleep patterns. There is also artificial blue light that is not of the same quality as natural blue light. Blue light computer glasses help our eyes by allowing us to work on the computer for hours without the risks of overexposure to artificial blue light.

7 Reasons to Use Computer Glasses for Blue Light

Given the many benefits that computer glasses can bring, there are several reasons why you should get computer glasses. Below are some of the most common ones, so keep reading!

Improved Sleep

One of the biggest benefits demonstrated by studies like the NIH’s is that blue light computer glasses can improve sleep. Participants in the case study experienced better sleep, improved mood, and higher activity levels due to improved sleep quality. The study even considers computer glasses as an affordable solution for regulating circadian dysregulation.

If you spend a lot of time at the computer, as well as in front of other screens, computer glasses can help you reduce the stress and melatonin suppression you would otherwise have to deal with. However, this is just one case study, and while there are other case studies, there is still no scientific evidence for computer glasses for blue light.

Better Eye Protection

Blue light computer glasses can help reduce screen glare and headaches, improve vision through coated lenses, and even help with itchy or dry eyes. Most of these benefits are interconnected, so you can expect to experience more than one benefit. Although scientific results are lacking to prove that computer glasses can eliminate and prevent eye diseases, they certainly have some of the benefits that have been proven through case studies.

What’s also great is that blue light computer glasses work with any type of screen, so you can use them even if you plan on working with your smartphone for hours on end. The glasses aren’t beneficial in direct outdoor light, but they’re ideal for indoors, especially if you spend many hours at a stretch in the office.

Plenty of Styles

Some of the first blue light computer glasses came in only a few frame styles and most glasses had yellow-coated lenses. Today, there are many different frames, styles, and even lens coating types, so you don’t have to deal with yellowish lenses anymore. It’s hard to tell today if a person is wearing prescription glasses or computer glasses because they look pretty much the same.

Affordable Solution

In the National Library of Medicine case study mentioned earlier, blue light glasses were cited as an affordable solution to some of the problems related to blue light, such as melatonin suppression. Computer glasses are not too expensive and are affordable for almost everyone, so anyone can test them and try them out to see the benefits for themselves.

Of course, the price still depends on the quality of the glasses, options, style, and some other factors that you should keep in mind. But even with some of the best computer glasses manufacturers, you can often find a good deal.

Ideal for Various Devices

Although blue light-blocking glasses are often referred to as computer glasses, they are not just for computers, they are great for any device that has a screen. This is because all screens emit artificial blue light. These computer glasses can block out much of the blue light without distorting the colors of the image. Even if the colors look a little different, you can still see the blue color.

woman using blue light glasses in bed on tablet phone
Blue light glasses are a great solution for eye strain caused by staring at a screen for too long.

You Can Work Longer

With all of these benefits, you can work longer with blue light computer glasses because your eyes won’t get sore, itchy, or watery, and you won’t have to deal with glare that could put extra strain on your eyes. The biggest difference in using computer glasses shows up after hours of sitting in front of a screen. If you have to sit in front of a screen for hours at work or while studying, computer glasses for blue light can relieve your eyes and protect them from various computer vision syndrome symptoms.

Improved Focus and Productivity

Another benefit on top of all other benefits of blue light computer glasses is the improvement of concentration and productivity. Computer glasses can also minimize computer vision syndrome by eliminating the standard symptoms that result from overexposure to artificial blue light.

Computer vision syndrome symptoms include eye irritation, itchy or dry eyes, red eyes, and even headaches or migraines related to prolonged computer use. By minimizing these symptoms, computer glasses help you focus, resulting in greater productivity.

Wrapping It Up

Even though there are still debates about blue light-blocking glasses, it is safe to say that certain case studies have shown positive results. Of course, you should also keep in mind that there are no scientific results yet to prove the benefits. But with the affordable prices of computer glasses, it’s best to try them out and test them for a few days to see if you can notice any benefits yourself.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that everyone experiences different benefits because not everyone suffers from the same symptoms of computer vision syndrome. It’s always a good idea to protect your eyes from damage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do computer glasses actually help?

Yes, computer glasses can actually help. Benefits and help will be different from person to person, but almost everyone will experience at least one or two of the most common benefits, such as eye strain reduction and improved visuals.

What makes computer glasses different than other glasses?

The main difference lies in the coating of the lenses. The coating can block out a great portion of blue light to still make blue colors visible without exposing your eyes to unnecessary artificial blue light.

Should you wear computer glasses if you need reading glasses?

Yes, you can still wear computer glasses even if you need your reading glasses. It’s important to find a quality pair of computer glasses that come with an optional magnification functionality. All you then need to choose is the magnification power.

Can you combine computer glasses and prescription glasses?

Yes, when ordering your prescription glasses, you can coat prescription lenses with a blue light blocking coat. This way, your prescription glasses will successfully block artificial blue light coming from screens.

How come blue light-blocking glasses are so affordable?

The making of computer glasses isn’t too expensive because it consists of a decent lens, a quality frame, and a coating that’s added to the clear lens, making the computer glasses accessible to almost everyone.

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