Sent a Snap vs. Sent You a Snap: The Meaning on Snapchat

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Sent a Snap vs. Sent You a Snap: The Meaning on Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular social media platform. If you’re new to using Snapchat, then you may be feeling slightly confused about its various notifications.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the difference between the “Sent a Snap” and “Sent You a Snap” notifications. Let’s break it all down!

Understanding Snapchat

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to send photos and post things to their stories. Images that are sent between users are referred to as “Snaps.”

Snapchat is similar to other social media platforms in some ways but varies greatly in other ways. One of the biggest differences between this platform and its alternatives is how long images are available. Other apps allow images to stay up indefinitely (until the creator deletes it), but Snapchat messages disappear after a certain amount of time (usually a few seconds).

Viewing Snapchats

If you receive a Snap from someone, you’ll want to pay close attention to it because you may not be able to view it for long.

When an individual sends a photo to someone else, that photo then disappears after the receiving individual views it. However, the individual who viewed the photo may have the opportunity to replay it for a limited time after the initial viewing.

Another important thing to understand about Snapchat is the color of its notifications within the app. If you’ve used Snapchat before, then you may have noticed that the notifications can be purple, red, or blue. An icon that is purple indicates a Snap that is a video with audio, red notifications indicate Snaps that are just photos, and blue notifications are for chats.


Snapchat isn’t for just sending individuals messages. Users can also add photos to their Stories. Stories stay active for 24 hours after they’re posted.

Which users can view someone’s story will depend on what settings they have applied. However, many people have their settings configured so that only people they’ve connected with on Snapchat can view their Stories.

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Snapchat notifications inform users of when they’ve just received a message.

Snapchat Icons

There are a variety of different icons present within the Snapchat app and it can be confusing to understand all of them at first. Here’s a quick guide.

  • Arrows: Sent Snap
  • Boxes: Received Snap
  • Double Arrow: Recipient Took a Screenshot
  • Circle with Arrow: Recipient Replayed the Snap
  • Filled-In Arrow: Unopened Snap
  • Empty Arrow: Opened Snap

Once you feel comfortable understanding what the icons indicate, it’s time to begin deciphering the various notifications that you’ll receive when you use the app.

Snapchat Notifications

Users will receive a variety of different notifications while using the app. It’s important to understand what each of these notifications means so that you can respond appropriately.

Some people will receive more notifications than others, depending on the settings that they’ve selected within their phone and app.

Let’s go over one of the most popular questions that many people have about Snapchat’s notifications.

“Sent a Snap” vs. “Sent You a Snap”

If you’ve been paying attention to your Snapchat notifications, then you may be wondering what the difference is between the “Sent a Snap” and the “Sent you a Snap” notifications.

Some people have speculated that the “Sent You a Snap” notification is reserved for when there’s only one recipient, whereas the “Sent a Snap” notification is for when someone sends a Snap to multiple people. While this certainly makes sense with the specific wording difference, it’s not something that has been officially confirmed.

Some people were excited when the notification variation was released as they felt it added more individualism to the platform. However, some felt confused because of the extreme similarity between the two notifications.

It’s likely that the “Sent You a Snap” notification is triggered when there’s only one recipient of a Snap. The “Sent a Snap” notification is likely received when there’s more than one recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn off my Snapchat notifications?

Yes, it is possible to turn off your Snapchat notifications. You’ll be able to turn them back on at any point.

When will I receive a notification?

You’ll get a Snapchat notification when you receive a Snap.

How can I know if I'm receiving media or a chat?

If you’re receiving a photo or video, then the icon within the app will be purple or red. However, if you’re receiving a chat, then you can expect for the icon to be blue.

Does the "Sent a Snap" notification mean that the Snap was sent to a group?

Yes, it’s likely that the “Sent a Snap” notification is reserved for when a snap is sent to a group, instead of being sent to an individual.

Is Snapchat easy to use?

While Snapchat’s many different notifications and icons can be confusing at first, many people find that it’s an easy social media platform to use.

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