See This Man Build LONDON… Out of Legos

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See This Man Build LONDON… Out of Legos

Key Points

  • YouTuber Half-Asleep Chris built impressive models of the city of London entirely out of Legos.
  • He constructed the Lego sets in over a dozen different locations throughout the city, including the London Eye Ferris wheel.
  • In addition to lifelike sets, he also built pop culture-themed Lego sets based on movies, TV shows, and music moments.

Imagine how much time it would take to build a massive city entirely out of Legos. Enormous skyscrapers, cozy shops, passing vehicles, and bustling streets filled with people… all recreated with little plastic bricks. As it turns out, you don’t have to imagine this scenario for long. YouTuber Half-Asleep Chris actually did it. With the help of some real-world settings and his own creative ambition, this online creator built impressive models of the city of London entirely out of Legos. Prepare to be amazed by the video below. It’s truly a sight to see!

Watch Half-Asleep Chris Build London Out of Legos

It all started with a single London Bridge set from the LEGO Creator line. That’s all it took to inspire YouTuber Half-Asleep Chris (a.k.a. Christopher Burton) to singlehandedly recreate the city of London using only Legos. To make matters more interesting, Chris didn’t take the normal route and built these sets from the comfort of his home. Instead, he went out to the real locations the sets were based on and constructed them there. All in all, Half-Asleep Chris hits over a dozen different locations throughout the city.

Huge pile of colorful lego bricks with childrens hands
Half-Asleep Chris takes building with LEGO toys to the next level.

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The London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben… Chris even built the London skyline set while inside the gigantic London Eye Ferris wheel! Half-Asleep Chris didn’t limit himself to lifelike sets or locations, either. He also constructed several pop culture-themed builds, including Lego sets revolving around Spider-Man: Far From Home, James Bond, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, the books of Charles Dickens, The Beatles, and more. Have you ever seen anything like it? Who knew London was home to so many iconic movie, TV, and music moments?

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Lucky for fans of Half-Asleep Chris, this incredible video is the first in a new series of Lego travel videos from his channel. Where will Chris head next? And what’s he going to build while there? With nearly two and a half million subscribers in all, there’s no doubt fans will be thrilled to find out the answers to these questions when Half-Asleep Chris returns with another exceptional Legos-themed video. Watch the full video here and subscribe to Half-Asleep Chris to catch his next Lego travel video!

Summary Table

Half-Asleep Chris (Christopher Burton)Building London out of LegosLondon Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, London Eye Ferris wheelSpider-Man: Far From Home, James Bond, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Charles Dickens, The Beatles

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Legos?

Legos are small plastic building blocks that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The Lego Group sells their plastic bricks in the form of themed sets. They have interlocking studs and tubes that allow them to be connected and stacked together to create all sorts of structures, from simple towers to intricate models. Legos are designed for imaginative play and are loved by children and adults alike.

Is it okay to mix Lego sets together?

Yes, it is completely okay to mix Lego sets together! Compatibility is one of the greatest things about Legos. You can freely mix and match pieces from different sets to create your own unique creations. The only limit is your imagination. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your sets and let your creative juices flow!

Why are Lego sets age-restricted?

While Legos are generally suitable for all ages, some sets are too complex for younger builders to work with. While Lego sets are commonly associated with children, many adults find joy and relaxation in building with Legos too. There are many sets specifically designed for older age groups and younger age groups alike. No matter your age, building with Legos can be a fun and educational way to engage your motor skills, boost your creativity, and work on your problem-solving abilities.

Can you buy replacement Lego parts if you lose a piece?

Yes, you can buy individual Lego bricks or replacement parts directly from Lego. Their website offers a service called “Pick a Brick” where you can select and purchase specific bricks by color, shape, and size. Additionally, Lego provides a “Bricks & Pieces” service, which allows you to order specific pieces or replacement parts for sets you already own. No one wants to find out they’re missing an important piece, but at least Lego is willing to help amend the problem.

How do you wash Legos?

Over long periods of time, Legos have been known to accumulate dust and become dirty. To clean them, you can place the bricks in a mesh bag or pillowcase and wash them in a sink or a washing machine on a gentle cycle with mild soap. (Make sure to remove any delicate or electronic parts beforehand.) After washing, let the Legos air dry completely before storing or using them again.

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