See the World’s Craziest Lego Homes

Croatian National Theater building made of lego blocks

See the World’s Craziest Lego Homes

Sacred (@SacredBricks) does some of the wildest things with Legos. Nearly one million subscribers watch him build war scenes, superheroes, Minecraft items, and more. And in one of his latest videos, Sacred gets creative with some of the craziest Lego homes we’ve ever seen.

From a cabin on the Western frontier to your favorite food, the YouTuber builds a place for any Lego figurine to live. And to test his creations, Sacred gets destructive. Can his Lego homes withstand some of the worst natural disasters, including avalanches, earthquakes, and even meteors? Let’s see.

An Actual Log Cabin

Sacred builds the first of his craziest Lego homes for Bricked-Up Billy, a rough-and-tumble woodsman that likes it simple. The Log cabin includes a deck with rocking chairs, a bunch of random stuff, and even a firepit to burn his eviction notices. 

Bricked-Up Billy’s log cabin seems modest, but it does the trick. When an avalanche comes crashing down the mountain (Sacred’s plastic balls rolling down the stairs), only the roof comes loose. We didn’t expect that house to live through all those balls!

A Rich Man’s Paradise

For his next house, Sacred builds the most luxurious Lego house for none other than William Harold Jerimiah Franklin Cornelieous Archibald Maximillian Thames The III. He’s got it all: sports cars in the driveway, window walls, and tons of adoring fans. 

But when Sacred shakes his table to act like an earthquake, it turns out that the money is worth it. Only the cars rolled away, and one decorative tree fell over. It pays to be rich! Go Willy!

A Minecraft Fortress

The GOAT Bob has one of the coolest Minecraft Lego houses ever built. It’s totally furnished with crafting supplies, diamond weapons, and even lava. The Bobcave is the perfect place for the GOAT to practice combat skills, but what about meteor-blocking skills?

I’ll admit, Sacred went hard on Bob when he smashed a soccer ball into that Minecraft house. There were pieces everywhere! I wonder if William Harold Jerimiah Franklin Cornelieous Archibald Maximillian Thames The III’s house would have survived…

A Giant Hotdog

Finally, we get to see where Hotdog Man lives. We were absolutely surprised to see it was in a massive Lego hotdog! By far, this is one of the craziest Lego homes we’ve ever seen. 

The hotdog house is built tough, but can it withstand sandwiches? The answer is no, it can’t. When Sacred drives two Lego monster trucks into each side of the home, they leave it completely destroyed. Sorry, Hotdog Man.

Watch the Craziest Lego Homes

Sacred does an awesome job building the world’s craziest Lego homes. And the way he gets creative with his methods of destruction had us laughing hard! Will he get into Lego Harvard? You’ve gotta watch this video.

Summary Table

Lego HomeOwnerSurvived Disaster?
An Actual Log CabinBricked-Up BillyYes (Avalanche)
A Rich Man’s ParadiseWilliam Harold Jerimiah Franklin Cornelieous Archibald Maximillian Thames The IIIYes (Earthquake)
A Minecraft FortressThe GOAT BobNo (Meteor)
A Giant HotdogHotdog ManNo (Monster Truck Collision)

Frequently Asked Questions

Has anyone built a life-size Lego house?

A 20-foot-tall Lego house was built in the UK. It features over 3 million bricks and took over 1,000 people to build.

Who is SacredBricks?

SacredBricks (also known as Sacred) is an American YouTuber who uploads Lego videos. He creates content related to super heroes, Minecraft, war scenes, and more.

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